Revelation 2:9  "... I know the blasphemy of those who claim to be Jews but are not; they are of the Synagogue of Satan."

Romans 2:28-29  "A true Jew is not one who is physically a Jew ... a true Jew is a Gentile who has been circumcised in his heart."

Gentiles are taught by the Pharisees that they are the true Jews. 

Follow the logic of Pharisee Paul:

1.  Jews are blinded by God to the truth of Paul's gospel (Romans 11:32).  Therefore, Jews can never become circumcised in their hearts because they reject Paul's mysteries revealed by Christ in Heaven, the gospel of uncircumcision, and to believe on said gospel is necessary in order to be circumcised in the heart; therefore those who are physically Jews can never become a true Jew;

2. Pharisee Paul alleges that only Gentiles are permitted by God to see the alleged truth of Pharisee Paul's gospel of uncircumcision:

Romans 11:30-32   "In times past you Gentiles would not believe God; but now God has put the Jews in unbelief and God has caused you Gentiles to believe in order that God can have mercy on you Gentiles through the unbelief of the Jews."

3.  Therefore, only a Gentile can ever become a true Jew because to become a true Jew one must be able to believe in evil Pharisee Paul's gospel of uncirumcision and Jews are unable to believe in said gospel because God has blinded them so that they will not believe in said gospel; and therefore Jesus in the flesh deliberately deceived, lied to the Jews by teaching them the gospel of circumcision (Romans 15:8) in order that God can have mercy on us all.

Now seeing that the teaching of Pharisee Paul that Gentile believers are the true Jews comes from the men who established the Gentile churches, and Jesus says such teaching comes from the Synagogue of Satan - ergo, the Gentile churches established by the Pharisees are the Synagogues of Satan! 

Any church with an altar, the Eucharist ritual and preaches the gospel of uncircumcision is a Synagogue of Satan. 

Do right by yourself, your friends, your family and God and stop attending these Synagogues of Satan, stop giving them your time and money.  Do not bow (kneel) before that idol - that unholy altar.  Do not take that Eucharist of Death, where the Pharisees say the unworthy who partake of the ritual are struck down by God with sickness and death (1 Corinthians 11:30).  Truth is, they are struck down because they open themselves up to evil spirits because they are participating in a ritual established by children of Hell (1 Corinthians 11:26, Matthew 23:15, 23:33). 

Use your time and money in accordance with Matthew 25:31-46.  

Remember, Jesus says:

Matthew 7:21  "Many shall say to me Lord, Lord we did many wonderful works, cast out demons in your  name and prophesied and the Lord shall say, I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity."

That is the way it shall be for many of the people in these Synagogues of Satan.  The Synagogues of Satan approve of monogamous homosexual relations, they approve of the gospel of Pharisee Paul that teaches do not follow the written commandments of God (Colossians 2:14) and so much more iniquity they do!  And the mother Synagogue of Satan, the Roman Catholic Church, is responsible for the murder of millions, and untold millions more that suffered pain and so many more that are dying, that are suffering and that will die and will suffer at the hands of the agents of that whore of Babylon!  But Jesus will bring judgment upon the Pharisees and though they now sit as Queen with their power being their Synagogues of Satan spread throughout the world, they think they will never see sorrow, never to be a widow, their god Satan always with them (Lucifer, as they prefer to call their Father); that they shall always maintain their power - well God is going to utterly destroy them and their god, Lucifer.

The Pharisees' god, Satan, has already been judged and lost and the day marches closer when the whore of Babylon goes down too!

Revelation 1:18  "I am he that lives and was dead; but behold I am alive forever more and have the keys of Hell and of Death."

Zechariah 8:23 "ten Gentiles shall latch onto one Jew saying we have heard the Lord is with you."

Jesus restores the preeminence of Israel among the nations when he returns to rule from Jerusalem.  The Synagogues of Satan are among those things which are an offense to God and they shall be no more when Jesus returns (Matthew 13:41).

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