Words of advice to those who have read the information presented on this website and believe I am opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ for the positions taken with regard to the churches and/or other positions.  I established through the evidence that churches are what Jesus Christ the Lord calls Synagogues of Satan.

Light is truth, truth is light.  Jesus Christ brought grace and truth.  Examine the evidence and accept the truth.  Those who are of God will accept the truth (tab "Apostle John").  To love mother or father more than Jesus Christ, such that they would disobey Jesus in deference to a mother or father who does not obey Jesus, makes one unworthy to have Jesus (Matthew 10:37).   How much more someone who loves an evil doctrine, a ritual instituted by evil men more than Jesus Christ is not worthy of him.  The truth is the churches preaching the gospel of Pharisee Paul are evil institutions, Synagogues of Satan,  founded by and on the doctrine of Pharisees (Rev. 2:9, Romans 2:28-29). 

The Pharisees are Jews.  They are descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

                                     Matthew 3:9  "and think not to say within yourselves that we have
                                     Abraham as our father; for I say to you that God is able to take these
                                     stones and raise up children unto Abraham."

God can turn stones into a body that has the same genetic makeup as those who are the physical descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.   The Pharisees are descendants of  Abraham, but what is that to God when God can make a Jewish body for another spirit.  God wants the soul of a man not to be in strife with him and every soul is a unique individual.  Just because a man is a descendant of Abraham does not make him right with God if he does evil.  The Pharisees refused to give up evil deeds, therefore, they are at constant odds with God.  The Pharisees are evil (Matthew 23, Romans 7:19).  Counseled by John the Baptist, the Pharisees are told:

                                       Matthew 3:8  "Show in your deeds that you have repented.

The people of Nineveh showed in their deeds that they repented:

                                     Jonah 3:10  "And God saw their works that they turned from evil ...."

God wants people to show in their deeds that they have turned from evil.   A person who does evil has not turned to the Lord.  

The Pharisees' gospel to Gentiles lies saying:    Do evil and you can still be with the Lord (Romans 7:16-7:25). The alleged reason one can do evil and still be accepted by God is because sin dwells in the flesh and it does the sinning (Romans 7:17).   But that is a lie for a man is responsible for his actions, and those who refuse to turn to the light by giving up evil deeds will go to hell.

The Pharisees say Jesus Christ died to take away God's law because the body is filled with sin and cannot help but do evil (Colossians 2:14).  But that is not true, it is a lie.  The people of Nineveh turned from evil!   See the foregoing quote from Jonah 3:10 where God says the people stopped doing evil deeds.  Do I have to even explain this to someone reading that people CAN give up evil deeds!!!  But that is the lie being told by the Pharisees in Romans 7:16-7:25 that it is impossible not to do evil deeds, that flesh is captive to sin and such premise is the entire basis for the false gospel of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.

What is founded by men of Satan does not become something of the light, no matter how much time has passed by or how good it may now appear to be or how loving it may seem and I speak of the churches.   Who told you to bow before an altar?  It was not Jesus Christ, it was men of Satan, the Pharisees (Hebrews 13:10).  That is an altar that not even Moses is welcome at for he served and helped construct the Tabernacle.  Who told you to take bread and wine at the altar?  It was not Jesus Christ.  It was men of Satan who established the Eucharist which signifies the death of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 11:26).  Does Jesus Christ look down upon Eucharist ritual performers to bring wrath upon those who he deems unworthy to be performing the ritual?  No!  Yet, that is what the Pharisees claim (1 Corinthians 11:30).   It is not Jesus Christ who is striking people down!  The evil that comes upon Eucharist ritual performers is from evil spirits because the ritual was instituted by men of Satan. 

The churches, which are Synagogues of Satan, preach the gospel of the anti-Christ, the false apostle Pharisee Paul/Saul of Tarsus.  There is one gospel  for all and that is the gospel preached by the Lord Jesus Christ while on the earth, in the flesh and the same gospel is confirmed by Jesus in Heaven after his death and resurrection, as recorded by apostle John in the Book of Revelation (Matthew 28:19-20, Rev. 14:6). 

People come out of the churches for they are founded on doctrine from men of Satan.   Trust the Lord and obey him (2 John 1:10).  The doctrine you are to follow is that recorded by apostles John and Matthew.

The lie of the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul is that Jesus Christ presented  another gospel to be preached. This alleged second gospel is only for Gentiles and was allegedly given by Christ to the Pharisee after Christ had died and was resurrected, a gospel that Pharisee Paul terms the gospel of uncircumcision.
                           The gospel of uncircumcision - anti-circumcision, anti-God's commandments,
                           anti-Christ doctrine from the anti-Christ, false apostle Pharisee Paul:

                                          Galatians 2:7  "The gospel of uncircumcision was committed
                                          to [Paul] for the Gentiles and the gospel of circumcision was
                                          committed to Peter for the Jews ...."

                                           Romans 15:8  "Jesus Christ is the minister of the circumcision ...."

To be for the Lord Jesus Christ is to be for the gospel of circumcision.

To be against Christ is to be against the gospel of circumcision.

                                                          False Apostle Pharisee Paul's

                                                          gospel of UN-circumcision or
                                                          gospel of ANTI-circumcision

                                                          and the founder of the anti-circumcision doctrine
                                                          is the anti-Christ!

The Synagogues of Satan are what Gentiles erroneously believe to be churches of God.  Come out of them people of the Lord.   You have no standing before the Lord to justify church institutions established on Pharisee doctrine and to love evil doctrine more than Jesus Christ is wrong.  The anti-Christ is a Pharisee (Acts 23:6).  It is evil to preach a gospel opposite to that which the Lord Jesus Christ preached while on the earth in the flesh and also from Heaven, as recorded by apostle John in the Book of Revelation.  And it is insane to believe the lie of Pharisee Paul that Christ allegedly tasked the Pharisee with presenting an opposing gospel to the Gentiles to that which Jesus preached while on earth, in the flesh and to that which Jesus preaches from Heaven, as recorded by John in the Book of Revelation!

Gentiles mock Jews who believe the lie spread that the body of Jesus had been stolen, therefore he was not resurrected from the dead (Matthew 28:11-15).  Yet so many Gentiles readily believe that a Pharisee received a whole new gospel from Jesus Christ after his death and resurrection and it is a gospel just for Gentiles and the gospel is opposite that which Jesus preached while on the earth, in the flesh and opposite that which Jesus preaches in Heaven as recorded by apostle John in the Book of Revelation!
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