Romans 5:13 "... where there is no law, there is no transgression of the law and therefore no sin."

My Bible for Dummies version of Romans 5:13.  Pharisee Paul claims where there is no law of God there is no imputation of sin; no one is accused of committing sin, no one is guilty of committing sin, apart from God's law.

I believe a Pharisee, I believe a Pharisee.  Take everything Pharisee Paul says as being the absolute truth!  Don't look beyond what he says to find out if he is telling the truth, even though Pharisee Paul is an admitted liar:

Romans 3:7  "But Jews who follow God's law I ask you:  is not my lie spreading truth about God?"

My Bible for Dummies version of Romans 3:7.

So is any nation that does not have the law of God free to sin and God looks the other way?  In times past, no God did not look the other way.  God sent prophets to warn repent or destruction.  But as of the time of Jesus on earth in the flesh, no judgment of the nations until Jesus sends judgment that ends in victory (Matthew 12:20, Revelation 22:11, Revelation 6:10-11).

See the entire writing of Jonah.  Nineveh did not have the law of God.   With no law of God, yet their sins were seen by God and God warned Nineveh stop their violence (sin) or be destroyed.

And there is that minor event a few thousand years ago, Noah's flood, where sin was imputed without God's law.  The law of God was given to Moses and he wasn't alive during the time of  Noah's flood.  No law, but yet punishment for sin, punished with death for their sins.

So how many more lies from Pharisee Paul do you require before you give up on the liar and go with Jesus Christ as recorded by his true apostles, Matthew and John? 

Really, moron Pharisee Paul - no sin imputed where there is no law of God?  Just doesn't hold up to the facts being that there was no law of God and yet God counted the people too great of sinners to continue living at the time of Noah's flood.  And the Gentile folks of Nineveh not having the law of God, yet God imputed sin on the Gentile nation of Nineveh and threatened to destroy them for their sins.  The people of Nineveh repented of their sins and so God did not destroy Nineveh.

Pharisee Paul is a pathological liar.  No surprise there, Jesus says Pharisees are of the Devil and the Devil is a liar (Matthew 23, John 8:44).
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