Romans 11:28 "The Jews are the enemy of my gospel for the sake of Gentiles, but concerning their election, they are beloved for the fathers' sake."

Romans 11:32 "God has made all the Jews to be in unbelief, that he might have mercy on all."

The evil Pharisee Paul tells his duped and suckered Gentile subjects that God has made all Jews to be in unbelief so that they will not follow the gospel of Pharisee Paul.  Now what is the gospel of Pharisee Paul:

Galatians 2:7 "... the gospel of uncircumcision was committed to Paul for the Gentiles..."

It is a gospel of uncircumcision, which means do not follow the written commandments of God.

What is the gospel of Jesus and did his apostles teach the same gospel:

Romans 15:8 "...Jesus Christ is the minister of the circumcision ...."

Galatians 2:8 "...the gospel of circumcision was given to Peter ...."

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of circumcision, which means follow the written commandments of God.  His apostle Peter taught the same gospel, as well as the fellow apostles of Peter, with the exception of Judas who betrayed Christ.

Brilliant, you moron Pharisee Paul - for you clearly establish that the gospel of Jesus that he taught while on the earth in the flesh is the enemy of your gospel and so too the enemies of your gospel are the true apostles of Jesus for they taught the gospel of circumcision and your gospel is a gospel of uncircumcision.  Is that clear enough for you folks reading this who think that Pharisee Paul teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is the gospel taught by Christ while in the flesh on earth?  Pharisee Paul claims that he received a new gospel from Christ (just for Gentiles) after Christ died and was resurrected.  Yeah, the Pharisee claims that Jesus called out to him from heaven - Yo Pharisee!  I need you, you child of Satan!  I got a lot of mysteries to tell you.  You are going to be my apostle to the Gentiles.  Yeah man I lied to the Jews when I was on earth but it's cool, just my Father's way of showing mercy on everyone (Romans 11:32). 

The Satanic Pharisees call their gospel the gospel of uncircumcision, which is to say do not follow the written commandments of God:

Colossians 2:14 "Jesus Christ nailed the written commandments of God to the cross, taking away the handwriting of laws that were against us."

Do you believe a Pharisee or do you believe Jesus Christ who says the complete opposite of what Pharisee Paul proclaims - and that is follow God's written commandments; while Pharisee Paul screams at the Gentiles do not follow God's written commandments -- it is the letter that kills, death written and engraved in stones!   But then Paul does not dispute the fact that the gospel of Jesus that was laid down while Christ walked the earth in the flesh is opposed to his gospel, any dummy can see that.  No, Paul doesn't make such a claim, Paul says Jesus lied to his Jewish people so that God the Father could have mercy on everyone, Jew and Gentile (Romans 11:32).  Get it, the evil Pharisee Paul is saying everything Jesus taught while on the earth in the flesh is a lie, but a lie for a good purpose - that being so that the Father could have mercy on everyone.  Yep, you'd have to be really stupid to believe that lie of Pharisee Paul that Jesus in the flesh taught nothing but lies and it needed to be so in order that God the Father could have mercy on everyone. 

The Pharisees put a fire wall in front of the Gentiles making it clear that the Jews are the enemy of Pharisee Paul's gospel, but you Gentiles do not dare touch those Jews because God has put them in blindness for the sake of you Gentiles, and they are the elect of God.

Of course, that fire wall has long been broken down and Gentiles persecute Jews believing they are indeed the enemy of the true gospel of Jesus; when the fact is the Jews are not the enemy of the gospel of Jesus because the Jews (like Jesus) teach that we are to follow God's written commandments.  And Pharisee Paul admits Jesus is the minister of the circumcision, Romans 15:8, which means a minister of:  follow God's written commandments.

So there you have it! 

Wow, that takes a great leap of dummy faith to believe that Jesus Christ in the flesh lied to his people the Jews, which is what evil Pharisee Paul wants the Gentiles to believe.    The Pharisees cannot account for Matthew 28:19, where Jesus instructs his apostles to take his gospel to all nations and the Pharisees cannot account for Revelation 14:6 which states that there is one gospel for all nations. 

Pharisee Paul's plea to the Gentiles goes something like this:

I, Pharisee Paul, tell the truth to you Gentiles, I do not lie - just as my father, Satan, told Eve that God is a liar by saying:

Genesis 3:4 "And the serpent said to Eve, you surely will not die."

-- I too tell you Gentiles that Jesus was lying to his people, the Jews, because Jesus wants to throw the Jews off track, have the Jews follow the lies Jesus laid down while on the earth in the flesh so that God the Father can have mercy on us all!

Oh my dear Eve - I, Satan, love you so.  Did God tell you that you will die if you eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?  Oh my dear Eve, don't listen to him - you won't die! 

Did Jesus say until heaven and earth pass away, not anything of the law shall pass away (Matthew 5:17-20), oh no my dear Gentiles, I, Pharisee Paul, love you all so very much and I'm here to tell you Jesus told lies to the Jews because he has put them all in disbelief so that he can have mercy on us all, oh happy day!  Please, you Gentiles do not follow God's written commandments.  Trust me, Pharisee Paul, Jesus was lying to the Jews to keep them in unbelief and all so that God can have mercy on us all (Romans 11:32).  

Still love your Pharisee Paul?  Still want to spread his lies!
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