Romans 15:27 "... [Pharisee Paul says] I have taught the Gentiles that it is their duty to give their wealth to us because we are bringing to them the word of God."

The context of the above passage is:  evil Pharisee Paul is reporting to his fellow Pharisees in Jerusalem that he has accomplished the goal of the Pharisees:  The Gentiles have been indoctrinated to turn over their wealth to the Pharisees!

The evil Pharisees made merchandise of the Gentiles.  They taught the Gentiles that God declares they must hand their wealth over to the Pharisees (the false apostles) for the privilege of having the Pharisees teach the Gentiles the alleged word of God.

And to reinforce the doctrine that Gentiles are to hand over their wealth to the false apostles (the Pharisees), there is a neat story in Acts 5 - the story of Ananias and Sapphira:

Acts 5:3-4  "...[the false apostle says] why did you hold back some of the money Ananias? ... you have not lied to us, you lied to the Holy Spirit ... and Ananias hearing those words fell down dead."

Hmmm, God strikes down dead those who lie to him?   And if God is going to strike down dead those who lie to him, what about striking down dead Pharisee Paul who lies ABOUT God? In the first instance, the lie is between a person and God; in the second instance, the lie is to others to deceive them about who God is by telling lies about God!  Which is more worthy of death on the spot, as with Ananias? Surely, the second instance and yet Pharisee Paul did not suffer the alleged fate of Ananias!  God did not kill Ananias and Sapphira. 

Romans 3:7  "[Pharisee Paul says] if the truth of God is being spread by my lie, then why am I judged a sinner ...."

So there you see the story in Acts 5 is a lie insofar as claiming that God killed Ananias and Sapphira for lying!  Those who make a lie and those who love a lie get their judgment later when they end up in Hell:

Revelation 22:15  "... those who make a lie and those who love a lie have their place in Hell."

If Ananias and Sapphira were killed by God for lying to God; how much more should Pharisee Paul be killed by God for lying about God! 

God asks Cain:

Genesis 4:9  "Where is your brother, Abel?"

Cain answers God:

Genesis 4:9  "I know not"

But of course Cain knew Abel was dead because Cain murdered Abel.  Did God struck down Cain with death on the spot for lying to him?  No, and this involved the heinous act of murder!  So there you have it, no way does God strike down dead those who lie to him!

 Evil Pharisee Paul - cornered by the truth, as the true Jews of God win the intellectual battle with Pharisee Paul in Romans 2, - says: "if the truth of God is spread by my lie".  The pathetic evil creature of Hell, Pharisee Paul, refuses to acknowledge the truth that he is committing a sin by lying about God, but rather puts forth the insane proposition that truth comes from his lie. 

Romans 3:7  "[Pharisee Paul says] if the truth of God is spread by my lie, then why am I judged a sinner?"

Pharisee Paul is rightly judged a sinner because truth does not come from a lie!  Does not Pharisee Paul realize that truth does not come from a lie?  Is he insane or just so evil that, like Cain, he can do nothing but lie? 

The false apostle Pharisee Paul is a pathetic, evil creature of Hell, a man who is of the Devil as are all Pharisees.  And the converts to a doctrine of Pharisees are twice the children of Hell than the Pharisees (Matthew 23:15, 23:33, 23:35, John 8:44).  Just as Cain lied to God and said "I do not know where Able is", the evil Pharisee Paul lies to the true Jews of God and says but my lie is spreading God's truth!

Any one who believes that ugly story in Acts 5 that God struck down Ananias and Sapphira for lying about having turned over to the false apostles all of the sales proceeds from the sale of their property is of that spirit of error (1 John 4:6).

Either the story is entirely made up or the false apostles (the Pharisees)  murdered Ananias and Sapphira and claimed God is the one who struck them down in order to generate that income flow from the suckered and duped Gentiles who believed the story.   The Pharisees spread the story of Ananias and Sapphira among their Synagogues of Satan (the Gentile churches) and report that:

Acts 5:11  "Great fear came upon all the churches and as many others who heard the story."

Yeah man, you Gentiles do not dare withhold money you pledge to us Pharisees (the false apostles) or God will kill you!

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