Having come across an article claiming that Masons are encouraging people to leave the Gentile churches, I feel compelled to let people know that that is a lie.  The Masons want people enslaved in the Gentile churches!  Freemasonry is a doctrine concocted by Pharisees.  See images at bottom of page.

First off, Masonic lodges located in Pauline Christian nations always have a Bible in their lodges, so it is utterly ridiculous to claim that Freemasons/Masons want people out of the churches!  Yet there is information being put out on the internet that Masons are trying to get people to stop attending church. 

Masonic lodges located in Islamic countries always have a Koran in the lodges.  The reason Mary is held in such high esteem in the Koran doctrine is because the doctrine of the Koran is a lie of the Pharisees.  From what I've heard, where there is a Mosque in Islamist countries invariably a Catholic church is nearby.  Apparently, in coming up with the doctrine known as the Koran, the Pharisees envisioned a time in the future when they would pit Gentiles of the false gospel of Pharisee Paul against Gentiles of the Koran in a cataclysmic war, as stated by Albert Pike, a Freemason whose statue is in Washington, D.C.:  thesis - antithesis - synthesis, the third world war.

Masons  want people in the Gentile churches, as Freemasonry is a damned-to-hell doctrine established by Pharisees, just as the Gentile churches are of the Pharisees ~ that unholy altar, the Eucharist of Death.  The Pharisees are wise as serpents, they are of the Devil (John 8:44) and they leave no stone unturned to further the churches established by Pharisees for the Gentiles.  The Gentile churches  with that:

1.  Unholy altar (Hebrews 13:10) to mimic the altar that was in God's Temple;

2.  The Eucharist of Death (1 Corinthians 11:26, 11:30), a ritual that signifies Jesus is dead.   The mother Synagogue of Satan, the Roman Catholic Church, takes the Eucharist a step further down the path toward Hell by claiming the wine in the cup is transformed into the blood of Christ (Transubstantiation).  The Lord God forbids drinking blood (Leviticus 17:10-11), albeit the men of Hell are not conjuring up Christ's blood in the cup at Mass they just fancy the idea of drinking the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Lord God!

3.  The gospel of iniquity/lawlessness of the Pharisees that teaches Gentiles that Jesus Christ  nailed the law of God to the cross (Colossians 2:14).

In the case of Islam, the Pharisees established a false form of worship for those Gentiles, the Mosque, the Koran. 

Billy (the goat) Graham is a Freemason, so too Pat Robertson - from all the evidence I have seen.  William Randolph Hearst, a Freemason, was the owner of a publishing empire who through his publications pumped up Billy Graham.  The Masons sought to get as many in the churches as possible.  The Billy Graham Crusade organization would funnel people off to churches.  Same with Pat Robertson and many other children of Hell in the Synagogues of Satan who counseled get yourself in a church and make that church your place of worship of the Lord!    It is part of the Freemasons' pyramid of slavery,  secular and spiritual slavery.  The New World Order is secular slavery and  the Gentile churches are spiritual slavery.

Today's corporate media is owned by Freemasons, all heads of publishing empires, such as Rupert Murdoch, are Freemasons and publishing giants such as Freemason Henry Luce who founded what is now Time Inc. and Freemason Randolph Hearst back in their day were out to get as many Americans as possible in the Gentile churches. 

So there was Billy The Goat Graham, who claims the entire Bible is the infallible word of God, given prime time major network exposure for decades.  The same evil Freemasons that have locked up big media since not long after the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, are the ones who put out Billy The Goat Graham for the masses.   Oh yeah, Freemasons want people in the Synagogues of Satan.  Yet another truth that confirms the Gentile churches are not of the Lord, they are Synagogues of Satan founded by Pharisees:  Freemasons promoted Billy Graham Crusade ministries by providing him a place on their turf, corporate owned media.  ABC used to run Billy Graham Crusades Ministries for decades!  By 1949 Graham was treated as a celebrity thanks to High Level Freemasons, Hearst and Luce, pumping up Graham through their media outlets!  An ABC affiliate carried the first Graham crusade in 1947.  NBC offered Graham a $5 million contract back in the day, but due to commitments, Graham declined the offer. 

It is said the head of worldwide Freemasonry (same thing Freemason, Mason) is the Black Pope who is General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The Jesuits take an oath  to do any evil deed necessary to further the interests of the mother Synagogue of Satan, the Roman Catholic Church.   The doctrine of Freemasons was devised by Pharisees.    The Pharisees' Gentile churches evolved into the Roman Catholic Church and then later  spread under other denominational names, particularly when the agent of Hell, Martin Luther, reconquered Gentiles with the false gospel of Pharisee Paul.  Martin Luther burns in Hell because he is a convert to the doctrine of Pharisees (Matthew 23:15).  Luther swallowed up with fervent glee that gospel of  uncircumcision of Pharisee Paul, the very gospel that the elect of the Lord Jesus Christ rejected (Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:15)!  

The Pharisees are the ones who have always comprised and to this day comprise the members of the Roman Catholic Holy Synod, the real power of authority  behind the Roman Catholic Church. 

I am glad to hear that churches are losing members, probably mainly due to economic conditions.  The plea being made that Masons want people out of the Gentile churches is a lie.  People of the Lord Jesus Christ, come out of these Gentile churches.  The very elect of the Lord rejected Pharisee Paul, so should you too (Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:15).

The pyramid.  It is on the USD with the all-seeing eye of their god, Lucifer - his former name, now known as Satan or Devil.  The Gentile churches (Synagogues of Satan) are part of the pyramid structure.  Secular and spiritual enslavement is the well-on-its-way goal of Freemasons.    The Freemason heathen have as their goal a Third Temple, these are the Pharisees and their converts - the Freemasons.  The Jews of the Lord also want a Third Temple and God foretells through Daniel at Chapter 11 that there will be a Third Temple.

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