1 Corinthians 11:29-32  " those judged unworthy bring damnation on themselves ... some are sick, weak and dying ... because the Lord has chastened you."

People, it is
NOT the Lord Jesus Christ that brought trouble on those people for performing the Eucharist, it was evil spirits!  And the evil is not limited to physical harm to oneself, but includes harm to others and other troubles.  Evil spirits over so many gives permissions for evil leaders to arise.  See tab 'Eucharist of Death'.

To the extent that society is engaging in the Eucharist of Death, is the extent to which society is blanketed by evil spirits such that the rulers that come on the scene are evil.

Think about this fact:  the corporate media that lies to the American people these days and is trying to make a grab for guns, to quash the Second Amendment, is the same media back in the time of Billy Graham Crusades on major networks insofar as it was then and is now owned by Freemasons, owned by the elite.  The elite wanted and got far too many Americans to go into voluntary slavery to Gentile churches and with that came the re-establishment of diplomatic ties to the Vatican under Reagan.  Diplomatic ties that had been broken as of the murder of Abraham Lincoln because America's Federal leaders then believed the Vatican was behind the murder of Lincoln.

And to the extent the people have evil spirits over them for performing the Eucharist of Death, is reflected in today's society with children tasered, touched inappropriately by TSA, murdered, raped, kidnapped, made merchandise of by Google, Microsoft, Pfizer, the Department of Education, etc.  Former President Bush signed into law that no student debt can ever be extinguished except through repayment of that debt - that is their move to enslave people into an Obama army, if they go that way.  Obama is on record stating he wants a civilian army equal in power to the military.

The deterioration of a society as the majority of its people engage in ritual that opens doors to evil spirits, the Eucharist of Death established by children of Hell so that Gentiles can pretend that the Lord Jesus Christ is dead; to perform a ritual instituted by men that the Son of God declares to be of their Father, Satan, is insane (John 8:44).  Why are you people who claim to love the Lord so beholden to a ritual established by men of Hell?  Why are you people who claim to Love the Lord so beholden to that which the Elect of the Lord rejected (Rev. 2:2, Acts 21:30, 2 Timothy 1:15)?

Why do you people who claim to Love the Lord bow before an altar to partake of a ritual that signifies Jesus is dead?  Anyone who reads the information on this website and continues to attend the Gentile churches does not know the Lord Jesus Christ; they are in love with a false christ, the one presented by Pharisee Paul.  They will be among those who Jesus says I never knew you, depart from me workers of lawlessness (Matthew 7:21).  All the Synagogues of Satan, the Gentile churches, preach the gospel of lawlessness of Pharisee Paul (Colossians 2:14).

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