It is my understanding that in the Hebrew language, the term used for Satan tricking Eve into eating the forbidden fruit is "beguiled" which means wholly seduced.  Okay, Satan wholly seduced Eve.  But these people who teach that Eve and Satan had sex and conceived Cain thereby think the term "seduced" applies only in a sexual context.

The term "seduced" applies in other contexts such as to seduce one from loyalty to another.  For example, loyalty of a spy to his country.  Loyalty of a king's servant to the king.  To seduce someone does not necessarily mean the seduction was sexual, it could be to seduce away from a belief, etc.

Genesis 4:1 "Adam knew Eve and she conceived and bare Cain."

That is very clear, Cain is the offspring of Adam and Eve, not Eve and Satan.  So where an implied meaning of a word does not fit with explicit statements in scripture that tell otherwise, you drop the implied meaning and figure something is amiss with your implied meaning.  So those hung up on: "Satan wholly seduced Eve",  need to adjust their meaning applied to seduced to include the fact that to seduce someone is not necessarily a sexual matter.  To seduce someone could mean to turn someone away from a belief, a loyalty, etc.  And in the case of Satan with Eve in the Garden of Eden, wholly seducing Eve means that Satan swayed the loyalty of Eve from God toward himself. 

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