Romans 15:16 "[I, Pharisee Paul,] am going to offer up the Gentiles as an acceptable sacrifice to God ...."

In the foregoing passage from evil Pharisee Paul, he essentially is saying that he and his fellow children of Hell are going to offer up the Gentiles to the Pharisees' god, Satan - and oh indeed Satan is all over Pharisee Paul's lie - the gospel of uncircumcision. 

Romans 15:18 "[I, Pharisee Paul,] shall make those Gentiles obedient in word and deed."

In the foregoing passage, the clown Pharisee Paul says he is going to make Gentiles obedient in deed, the doctrinal basis for torture and death, punishments enacted by agents of the Roman Catholic Church to make those Gentiles obedient in deed.  The moron Pharisee says he does evil (Romans 7:25), serves sin in his flesh so all of his deeds are in disobedience to God, but he is going to make Gentiles obedient in their deeds.

Satan the accuser, the liar - says, through Pharisee Paul, his son, that all Gentiles are evil and they can do nothing but evil in their flesh.  Well, Pharisee Paul says it is a truth that applies to both Jews and Gentiles that all flesh is evil, but such truth shall be forbidden to sink into the minds of the Jews for God has blinded them to that alleged truth --  just you Gentiles get to know the truth, because, as Pharisee Paul claims, God has called you Gentiles to be a holy nation, a peculiar  and separated people (1 Peter 2:9) - and on that point, see tab "Blasphemy of Gentiles", and their blasphemy (taught to them by the evil Pharisees) is the claim that they are the true Jews, those circumcised in the heart. 

Revelation 2:9 "... I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews but are not, they are of the Synagogue of Satan."

Romans 2:28-29 "A Jew is not one who is physically a Jew ... a Jew is one who is inwardly circumcised in the heart ...."  


       the lie that a true Jew is a Gentile circumcised in the heart!

The Synagogues of Satan are the Gentile churches set up by the men of Satan for the Gentiles to pay into with their money and time, and for the Pharisees to reap wealth and power of authority therefrom; Pharisee Paul/Saul of Tarsus being among those men of Satan. 

John 8:44 "You are of your father, the Devil, and the lusts of your father you do ...."

Paul  is here to tell you Gentiles you are all miserable, pathetic evil creatures, no one is righteous, all are bad; that you are living in bodies of death being that sin dwells in the flesh and it does the sinning:

Romans 7:17 "... sin that dwells in me [does the sinning]."

Oh the wonderful revelations given to the Gentiles, the alleged truth of how things really are -- while God has allegedly blinded the Jews toward these mysteries of God handed to Pharisee Paul for the Gentiles so that God can have mercy on both the Gentiles and the Jews, Romans 11:32.   God, couldn't you have kept us all blind and then save us all in the afterlife (Romans 11:26 All of Israel Will Be Saved)?  Why just the Jews get to be blinded and then all saved and not the Gentiles as well?  But of course, Pharisee Paul is of Satan and his mysteries of God for the Gentiles is all lies!

No Jew child is to be taught they are living in bodies of death (Romans 7:16-7:25);

No Jew child is to be taught they should stay single if they want to be holy (1 Corinthians 7:32-7:34);

No Jew child is taught to sell all their possessions and give it to the apostle for the Gentiles (Acts 4 and 5);

No Jew child is taught to suffer a bad  master, it's God's will (1 Peter 2:18);

No Jew child is taught that the written commandments of God is "death, written and engraved in stones" (2 Corinthians 3:7);  

No Jew child is taught  sin has won in the flesh and so they will always do evil (Romans 7:16-7:25);

No Jew child is taught that they must mortify their flesh (Colossians 3:5);

No Jew child is taught that they are to long to die (2 Corinthians 5:4)

-- and I am GLAD Jews are not subjected to the evil doctrine of the gospel of uncircumcision!  But alas the Jews, as well as the Gentiles, have suffered because of that damnable doctrine from the children of Hell - the Pharisees' gospel of uncircumcision.   Jesus says:

Matthew 23:35 "[Upon the Pharisees] shall come judgment for all the righteous blood they shed on the earth ...."

The Pharisees killed the prophets of God, the Pharisees were all over God's Temple and the Pharisees insinuated themselves between Christ and the Gentiles to lead Gentiles away from following the doctrine of Christ to following their false doctrine.

Jews have suffered unjustly at the hands of Gentiles who follow Pharisee Paul's gospel because evil Pharisee Paul teaches that Jews are the enemy of his gospel (Romans 11:28) and too many Gentiles erroneously think that Paul teaches the gospel that Jesus taught to Matthew, John, Peter and his other true apostles and so think Jews are the enemy of Jesus, but Pharisee Paul's gospel is not the same gospel as that taught by Jesus; and evil Pharisee Paul teaches that Gentiles are the true Jews (Romans 2:28-29), a claim which Jesus calls blasphemy (Revelation 2:9). 

Gentiles and Jews continue to be subject to that evil doctrine which is the gospel of uncircumcision of Pharisee Paul.  The Gentiles have brought evil on themselves as the Synagogues of Satan (the Gentile churches) have never been more numerous as they are these days, with so many bowing before the altar established by men of Satan (Hebrews 13:10) and as so many partake of the ritual established by  men of Satan, the Eucharist - a ritual that says Jesus is Dead (1 Corinthians 11:26)! 

Does it not strike you that Pharisee Paul speaks as Satan, the accuser, in his gospel of uncircumcision?   Pharisee Paul is just doing as Jesus says all Pharisees do: the lusts of their father, Satan; and boy did those children of Hell lay it out on the Gentiles to teach the Gentile children (and adults):

Gentile child, you should long to die (2 Corinthians 5:4);

Gentile child, stay single if you want to be holy  (1 Corinthians 7:32-7:34);

Gentile child, you suffer a bad master because it is God's will (1 Peter 2:18);

Gentile child, you submit yourselves to those who teach God's word (Hebrews 13:7, 13:17);

Gentile child, you submit yourselves to everyone in government (Romans 13);

Gentile child, you are evil in your flesh (Romans 7:23-7:24);

Gentile child, you will never be any good because sin dwells in your flesh and it does the sinning (Romans 7:16-7:25);

Gentile child, sell all your possessions and hand the sale proceeds over to those who teach you God's word (Acts 4 and 5);

Gentile child, those who teach you God's word shall assist you throughout your life to see to it that you mortify your flesh (Romans 15:16, 15:18, Colossians 3:5);

Gentile child, if those who teach you God's word deem it necessary because sin that dwells in your flesh is sinning too greatly, we shall hand you over to Satan who will destroy your flesh so that your spirit can be saved (1 Corinthians 5:5).

Those who wrote the gospel of uncircumcision for the Gentiles are the descendants of those who wrote the Talmud - the Pharisees.  And they are the power behind the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy Synod. The Synagogues of Satan, the Gentile churches started by the men of Satan (the Pharisees), evolved into the Roman Catholic Church and then later branched out into other denominations.  All of those other denominations have the same unholy altar, the Eucharist of Death and a massive bureaucracy of spiritual offices where men and women claim positions of 'master' over the people of Jesus, just as the Roman Catholic Church; and they all preach the lies of the gospel of uncircumcision.  People of Jesus, come out of these Gentile churches which are the Synagogues of Satan. 

By the way, while moron Pharisee Paul says sin comes from sin dwelling in the flesh, truth is as Jesus states, the desire to do evil (sin) comes from the heart:

Matthew 6:20-21  "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven ... for where your treasure is so is your heart."

So whereas evil Pharisee Paul says once he is out of his body, he will be free from sin being that sin dwelt in his flesh and it did the sinning, Jesus  says:

Matthew 15:19  "Evil thoughts proceed from the heart ...."

And the heart of man goes with him into the after life.  Evil thoughts defile.  Some proceed no further than the evil thought because for whatever reason they cannot act on the evil thought.  Others think an evil thought and act on it.  Evil deeds originate with evil thoughts that come from the heart of man;  evil deeds do not originate from an entity "sin" that dwells in the flesh and it (sin) does the sinning, as the evil, liar Pharisee Paul claims (Romans 7:17).

If your treasure is relishing on evil thoughts, your heart will be in Hell, where all is evil; and if your treasure is relishing on good thoughts, your heart will be in Heaven, where all is good.  Good thoughts when acted on do not result in evil deeds and good thoughts do not  defile a person.  Good thoughts are not suppressed such that they cannot be acted on because an alleged so-called entity, sin, dwells in the flesh and takes over doing evil deeds contrary to the will of the heart. 

Romans 7:17  "so it is no longer I that does the evil deed but sin that dwells in my flesh does the evil deed."

But Paul is a liar because thought precedes deed, as Jesus says.  Therefore, Pharisee Paul had an evil thought in his heart first, and then acted on his evil thought - which act of evil he places the blame for on an entity called "sin"  that he says dwells in the flesh. 

John 5:14, Jesus tells a man to stop sinning or something worse will happen to him.  Now Jesus would be all unloving and unfair to issue such a threat to the man if it were true, as Pharisee Paul teaches, that all flesh is captive to the law of sin.  But then Pharisee Paul says Jesus Christ in the flesh lied, taught a false gospel of circumcision, in order that God the Father could have  mercy on us all (Romans 11:32).  I guess then that Jesus was just having some dark amusement scaring the heck out of some man.  Got a good laugh as the man will rest assuredly do some evil again,  because allegedly sin dwells in the flesh and it does the sinning, and then be a nervous wreck worrying when the "worse thing" Jesus warned about will come upon him.   Damn, Pharisee Paul, I did not know Jesus was sadistic!

Still love Pharisee Paul?  Still want to teach his gospel, attend the Gentile churches that are really the Synagogues of Satan? 

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