No one is a spiritual leader over the people of Jesus.  Those who obey Jesus are all brethren; and a brother can turn from the Lord at any time.  Now do you think if a brother who turns from the Lord is holding a spiritual office that he is going to voluntarily give up that office when he turns from Christ?  It's his source of income, his livelihood so of course that brother who turns from Christ will remain in his spiritual office.  The hired shepard does not care for the flock, and these are all hired shepards holding spiritual offices over the lay - the organizational structure of the Pharisee-instituted Gentile churches with that unholy altar and the ritual of the Eucharist of Death.  These churches are not of God, come out of them people of Jesus!  Gather with like believers to do Matthew 25:31-46 -- that is the true church of Jesus.  Do not give your money and time for the upkeep of a church building, to maintain that unholy altar, the Eucharist of Death ritual and to pay your spiritual rulers!  

Matthew 18:15-17 "If a brother sins against you and does not apologize,  take one or more witnesses with you to your brother to establish the matter; and if your brother still does not apologize, tell the church; and if your brother will not listen to the church, then consider him a heathen, a publican."

So you see, a brother in Christ can turn away from Christ at any time.  Those who claim a calling from God on their lives to hold spiritual offices over others are not of God, they are deceived.   Jesus confirms that his followers are all brethren with only one master, Jesus himself. 

So many put forth the false teaching that we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of whether one follows the doctrine of Christ or not; and explicitly Christ says there are brothers and there are heathen and publicans.  It is a lie that God is in all of us! 

Revelation 2:14-16  "...if you do not make those people depart from you, I will fight against them and I will no longer walk among you."

Those who teach false doctrine, Christ says to his people do not have such people hang with you.  And if you do not make them depart, I will fight against them and will no longer walk with you.  So I know that those who claim to be of Christ yet call heathen their brothers and sisters are not of Christ.  Those who claim to be of Christ and call brothers and sister those who teach false doctrine are not of Christ.  And many do such a thing claiming to be of God, but clinging to people who deny Christ and clinging to people who bring their own doctrine that opposes the doctrine of Christ.  An example of this is the truth movement where people who claim to hold to the doctrine of Christ promote people who promulgate false doctrine.   Most who claim to be of Christ are actually promoting the damnable doctrine of Pharisee Paul, not the doctrine of Christ as recorded by Matthew and John.

2 John 1:10-11 "If any come to you not bringing the doctrine of Christ, do not welcome him into your home and do not wish him God's speed for all who wish him God's speed partake in his evil deeds."

It is important to note that if the people of Jesus obey him and turn those people who follow false doctrine away from them, then Jesus will not fight against those people who trust in false doctrine; and Jesus will continue to walk with his people.  Jesus does not force those who reject his doctrine to accept it.  Jesus just wants them to go there way and not hang with his people.  

Taken out of context by the evil and wicked is:

Matthew 10:34 "Think not that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to send peace, but a sword.  For I have come to set a man against his father, the daughter against her mother ...."

And based on the aforesaid passage, the evil and wicked think they have a right to physically harm those who reject Christ.

The context of the sword is strictly within close relationships; that is because in a close relationship (such as father/son, mother/daughter, mother-in-law/daughter-in-law) when one holds to the doctrine of Christ and the other does not, that is the sword that comes between that relationship.  But outside close relations, those who reject Christ are to simply go their way and better not try to hang with the people of Jesus or Jesus might fight against them.  Jesus always said, if you don't like my sayings you are free to go.  If my words are too difficult for you, no one is forcing you to follow me, go your way. 

John 6:66-67 "From that time many of his disciples went back and walked with him no more.  Then Jesus said unto the twelve, will you also go away."

So people are always free to walk away from Christ.  But people are not free to try to seduce the people of Christ with a false doctrine.  They may find themselves being fought against by the Lord! 

Overseers of the people of Jesus?

1 Peter 5:2-3 "Take oversight of God's people, but not as Lord but as examples to the flock ...."

Both alleged writings of Peter are forgeries, which is detailed under the "Peter" tab at top of page.  But back to the above passage.  Take oversight of God's people?  Jesus is our only Master and no man is overseer of God's people.  But such oversight exists in the Gentile churches established by Pharisees to enslave Gentiles.  Do not be lords over the flock?   Oh boy are those spiritual offices akin to lordship - the head lord being the Pope.  Priests, nuns, ministers, reverends, cardinals, bishops, deacons - they are as lords over people.  It is all ungodly spiritual bureaucracy imposed on Gentiles by men of Satan, the Pharisees.  You don't have to be a peon lay person, and you sure better quit if you are holding a spiritual office, if you love Christ!  Economic conditions will force many to stop attending church, but don't worry - church was never the place to be and to serve Jesus is to obey him and he never instituted churches organized as lay people with spiritual rulers over them.   "Church", as that term is used by Jesus, means his people as a whole that follow him; it's not referring to a building with an altar and ritual.  Darn, this freak Pharisee Paul says Gentiles are free from enslaving rituals, as the Jews have, yet he enslaved Gentiles in ritual - that Sunday thing.  Yeah, every Sunday sit in the pew and listen to a sermon and do the Eucharist of Death ritual - that's the core of the church operation, a ritualistic hell instituted by Pharisees for Gentiles; oh and that almighty collection plate that keeps everything going.  And then they break God's second commandment in their churches by kneeling (bowing) before an altar  and bowing before images of Mary, Jesus, a Cross.  Under Catholic Church doctrine (Council of Trent), you Gentiles are drinking the literal blood of Christ (transubstantiation).  But you see, the Holy Synod of the Roman Catholic Church always has been comprised of Pharisees and Pharisees hate God, hate Gentiles and so they revel in their dark doctrine of blood drinking; hey cannibalism too because they claim the priests turn the wafer into the flesh of Christ at every Mass.

Leviticus 17:10-11 "Do not drink blood because blood is the atonement for sin...."

As to being examples to the flock:

Romans 7:19 "I want to do good but I cannot do good.  I do not want to do evil but evil is what I do."

Great example to the flock there, Pharisee Paul!  Don't follow a Pharisee, and the self-proclaimed 13th apostle of Jesus Christ is a Pharisee:

Acts 23:6 "I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee ...."

Jesus said to Peter, feed my flock.  Jesus did not make Peter a shepard over his flock, did not make Peter a Master over the Lord's flock.  Peter, as with the other apostles of Jesus, was entrusted to take his gospel to all nations and in that way, fed the flock by telling them the truth, the gospel of Jesus.  Jesus explicitly states no one but he is Master over his people.

Matthew 23:10 "... you have one Master, Jesus Christ."

Matthew 23:8 "... all of you are brethren."

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