What Does It Mean To Be Born Again

Christ began his ministry after he was tempted by the Devil and not at the age of 12 as liars like Freemason Lindsey Williams claims (Matthew 4:12-17).   Ultimately, the Devil wanted Christ to bow down to him and worship him.  The same thing will occur during the time of God’s judgment when the Beast will demand mankind worship him or be put to death.  

In Matthew 4:17, it states that Christ began his ministry by preaching:  repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.   Repent, those who are doing evil.  If one is not doing evil, they are already right  before God.   As Christ says in Matthew 9:13, he came to call evil doers to repent, not the righteous.  Christ did not go around preaching you must be born again, because such term describes what becomes of one after he gives up evil deeds.   Christ preached repent, which means to stop doing evil deeds.   When one stops doing evil deeds, he is walking in the light and to walk in the light is to be born of God’s spirit (John 3:21).

In speaking to the Pharisee Nicodemus, Christ says – you are a master of Israel and cannot understand the things I say?  Christ speaking to one who claims to see, speaks of what happens to one who gives up evil (they are born again), but the Pharisee does not understand.   When a man gives up evil deeds, he is born of God’s spirit, walking in the light.   Those who are not doing evil are already of God’s spirit.   That is why Christ said he came to call sinners to repentance, not the righteous.  The righteous are already of God, as God says he knows the righteous (Psalm 1:6).  God knows the way of the righteous, and he created them and he loves them and they will be with him in Heaven, even those righteous who did not know him, and they are many (Revelation 5:9).

There is only one incident where Christ says one must be born again and that is when Christ is speaking to a Pharisee, Nicodemus (John 3).    Nicodemus did not believe what Christ said.  Nicodemus could not understand that a man’s spirit must be born of God’s spirit.   How can one be born of God’s spirit?   Christ answers by saying, he that believes on God walks in the light.  He that does truth comes to the light, his deeds are good and show that they are wrought in God, the man’s spirit is born of God.    But he that is not of God stays in darkness, he refuses to come to the light because he does evil and therefore he hates the light which shows that his deeds are evil, his spirit is not born of God’s spirit.    The need to be born again applies to those who are doing evil.  They need to stop being of Satan, come out of the darkness of evil deeds and come into the light by giving up evil deeds.      Those who are not doing evil are already living in the light, they are of God, their spirits are born of God.

When Christ is speaking to the woman of Samaria,  he does not tell her she must be born again.  Christ tells her he is the Son of God and she believed on him (John 4).  The woman was not doing evil, she was already right with God and Christ gave her even more of God to hold onto by telling her he is the Son of God.    

Those who are not doing evil are already born of God’s spirit.  No one who shuns evil is of Satan, they are of the spirit of God.   God says he knows the way of the righteous (Psalm 1:6).   All righteous people are people who shun evil deeds.    Revelation 5:9 proves God is telling the truth that he knows the way of the righteous for there will be people in Heaven who did not know the true God or his Son, but they make it into Heaven because God knows the good people, even those who did not know him.

To believe on Christ is to believe what he says.   Christ says those who do evil are not of God.   So why do people want to follow the false apostle Pharisee Paul who says he does evil?   In Romans 7:16-25, Pharisee Paul lays out the doctrinal basis of how it is that one can do evil deeds and still be of God.   If you believe on or preach the doctrine of the false apostle Paul in Romans 7:16-25, you will end up in Hell.   If you believe on Christ, then you know one cannot do evil and be of God (John 3:20)!  John, the true apostle of Christ, says the same  thing — those who do evil have not seen God (3 John 1:11).

The Pharisee Christians do not preach that one must repent of evil and if not doing evil, then they are right with God.    Rather, Pharisee Christians say they do evil, but they are saved by the grace of Christ so that their spirits are made right with God while they yet do evil deeds.   Pharisee Christians say all are evil and all need to repent, no one is righteous.  They are liars.  Such people are lawless saying Christ nailed the law to the cross, believing what their beloved false apostle Paul states (Colossians 2:14).  Such people call those who say follow God’s law Judaizers, a derogatory term in their view.    They are children of Hell, so it is no surprise they slam people who say, as Christ taught, follow God’s law (Matthew 5:17-20, 23:2-3).   Being that the law of God is completely fulfilled by loving God and loving neighbor as self, there is not any thing of the law to do away with (Matthew 22:34-40).   Christ says the law stays until heaven and earth pass away.   But the children of Hell are evil and teach opposite that which Christ taught.  The Pharisee Christians cannot love God or neighbor so they can never keep God’s law, even when the law is fulfilled by loving!   The Pharisee Christians scream,  do not follow God’s law, it is done away with.  The Pharisee Christians are workers of iniquity, lawlessness (Matthew 7:22-23).  As the Pharisee Christians are in great numbers as never before in history, the world gets darker.  Christ says iniquity will be everywhere causing the love of many to go cold (Matthew 24:12).  A key sign of the last days is that iniquity will abound, and the workers of iniquity are in abundance too these days as churches litter the earth as never before in history and it is those who say Lord Lord that are among the workers of iniquity.  These are the Pharisee Christian churchgoers.

As their master Pharisee Paul says, all flesh is captive to a so-called “law of sin” and will do evil deeds contrary to the will of the mind (Romans 7:16-25).   As the evil Pharisee says, he serves the law of God in his mind, but serves sin in his flesh (Romans 7:25).    The doctrine is so evil, so obviously a lie that for people to believe they can do evil and be of God seals their fate, they will end up in Hell.   Once accept a doctrine of Pharisees and scribes, such person becomes a child of Hell, as Christ says (Matthew 23:15).     Don’t worry that you have become a convert to Pharisee Paul’s doctrine if you do not believe that one can do evil and be of God, for then you have not accepted the Pharisee’s doctrine.   But for those who continue to follow the false apostle Paul after having been enlightened to the truth, as I write in this article, they are children of Hell, they are those who think Christ knows them, but Christ does not know them (Matthew 7:22-23).

Christ says a person’s deeds show whether he is of God or is of Satan.   John the Baptist said the same, he said do those deeds which show you have repented, when speaking to Pharisees and scribes (Matthew 3:8).  Christ says those who are walking in the light do good deeds (John 3:21).    Christ makes it clear when speaking to Pharisee Nicodemus that evil men prefer darkness because their deeds are evil, they refuse to come to the light (John 3:19).   Pharisees and scribes and their converts are evil, they prefer darkness to light because their deeds are evil.

Everyone who gives up doing evil deeds comes to the light, thereby showing their spirits are born of God (John 3:21).    But Pharisees and scribes never give up doing evil, as Christ says Pharisees never go to Heaven (Matthew 5:20, 23:33, 23:15).   Pharisees and scribes and their converts are children of Hell, of the Devil.

Christ says it is even worse that a person should believe on a doctrine of Pharisees and scribes.  Christ says such people are twice the children of Hell than the Pharisees and scribes.  Children of Hell, Pharisees and scribes, come up with awful doctrine, which is bad enough.  But those who convert to a doctrine of Pharisees and scribes are even worse.  (Matthew 23:15).  Any person who believes they can do evil deeds and still be of God, as the false apostle Pharisee Paul teaches,  then such person is a child of Hell.   Pharisee Christians accept the doctrine of the false apostle Paul that one can do evil and still be of God.  They shall end up in Hell and they are those who Christ speaks of in Matthew 7:22-23.  They think they are of Christ, but Christ will tell them he never knew them.
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