Vid 2:36  There is no virgin birth in the book of Mark.  There is no virgin birth in any of the writings of Paul.   Instead, Jesus is elevated ... exaltation theology, which is that Jesus is a human being and he is exalted into a greater state at his baptism, chosen by God and then at his resurrection ... he is then exalted to a full blown glory

Tovia Singer is snake in that while discussing the virgin birth of Christ, he points out correctly that both Mark and Paul's letter never speak of a virgin birth, but Pharisee writing Luke does (Luke 1:34-35) and so does Matthew 1:18-20.    The difference is in Luke's lying version, an angel visits Mary and tells her she will conceive a son by the Holy Spirit and in Matthew's true version, Joseph is engaged to Mary, discovers she is pregnant and an angel comes to Joseph and tells him not to fear taking Mary as his wife because by power of God she has conceived a son.    In Matthew, there is no room for doubt:

Matthew 1:25   Joseph did not know Mary until she had her first born son ....

Matthew 1:23  Behold, a virgin shall be with child ....

But in Luke it is never stated that Joseph had no sexual relations with Mary until after his son was born.    The way it is stated in Luke leaves open the possibility that Joseph did have sexual relations with Mary resulting in birth of her first born son.    Pharisee Paul the anti-Christ denies that the Son of God came in the flesh (Romans 8:3, 1 John 4:3).

Vid 7:14   ... God in different forms.  This is very very appealing ... [but] if you read the Christian bible, Jesus can't be the same as the Father ....

These are the questions posed by Singer:

1.   How could you be the father of yourself (vid 7:56)
2.  How could the Father suffer?  The Father was beyond any limitation of mortality, suffering, death  (vid 8:02)
3.  Who was Jesus praying to (vid 8:05)

Talmud converts like Tovia Singer never point out from the Torah the following:

Genesis 1:26  Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ....

Number 23:19  God is not a man that he should lie, neither the Son of Man that he should repent ....

The comma in the above statement separates two subject matters:

1.  God is not a man that he would lie

2.  The Son of God [aka the son of man as a descriptive, not literal, term referring to the Son of God) is not a man that he should repent

The Father does not lie, the Son of God need not repent.    And because the Son of God is not a man, and therefore need not repent, he could lay down his life for his people in atonement of the law and take it back again (Leviticus 17:10-11).

Is there another Creator besides the one true God?   Then who is the Father talking to, I would ask Tovia Singer, when he says, let us make in our image?   Singer mocks that the Son of God would speak to God the Father, but he will not mock God speaking to ... who?  Who is the one Lord speaking to in Genesis 1:26, himself?  But of course the Lord is not speaking to himself and there is no contradiction that the Lord God is One Lord and yet not one being.     A concept hard to grasp, but we know the Lord does not lie so it is that there is only One Lord and not one being that is the One Lord:

Psalm 110:1   The Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool

Talking between the Lord - the Lord said to David's Lord.   And Tovia singer claims only in the New Testament section is there talking between Lord and Lord:

Isaiah 53:1   Who has believed our report ....

What is this "our report"?  It is as in Genesis 1:26 "our image", "our likeness", and as in Psalm 110:1  "the Lord said to my Lord".    God is one God and he not only has different forms of appearance but there are three distinct beings within the one God.  It is a concept hard to grasp, yet true.   It can never truthfully be said that to see a man's son is to see the man, for a man and his son are separate created beings, we all know that. But same does not apply to the One Lord, the One Lord not being created, but having no beginning and no end and the One Lord is not one being and the beings are One Lord that comprise the One Lord.  But the Son of God said to see him is to see the Father (John 14:9).   As to Isaiah above, it is the One Lord saying, the Father and the Son testified to the world, for the Son spoke as the Father would speak, they are One Lord, but who believed their ("our") report.

Vid 8:34   If you look at Matthew 26 verse 36 all the way to verse 46, you go to Mark chapter 14, verse 32 through 42, you look at Luke chapter 22, I mean if you look at John you have this huge prayer in John, John chapter 17 ... who is Jesus praying to, who is he crying to?  ... Was he praying to himself?  Was he talking to himself?   Why was he saying, take this cup, but not of my will but of your will?

The answer is the Son of God never said such things, yet another lie of the Pharisees to mock the Son of God. Singer points out the above alleged statements by the Son of God to make the point that does God speak to himself, if the Son and the Father are one, why is God speaking to himself.  But I counter his stupidity with the truth, as stated above.   The Lord is one God, but the Lord is not one being, and was God talking to himself in saying: let us make man in our image, after our likeness.    If Tovia Singer was intellectually honest, he would acknowledge the truth, as I am pointing out, but I wrote to Singer laying out why he should start separating Christ's doctrine from Paul's doctrine, and he wrote back that he did not understand me.   In so stating, he is saying he does not understand Paul's statements and Christ's statements, those are the items I was seeking for him to read and based on those statements alone, come to the true realization that Paul teaches opposite of what the Son of God teaches, for example:

John 4:22  Salvation is of the Jews

Romans 11:28  Jews are the enemy of salvation

I am sure Singer understands the above statement of the Son of God and statement of Paul, respectively, contradict each other, but Singer is a dog Talmud convert and he does not want that separation of Christ from Paul because he wants the options for people to be Christainity or Judaism, and yet there is a third way, the followers of the Way.  The Way is the Son of God (John 6:53).  Followers of the Son of God believe in the word the Son of God spoke himself (both on earth and from Heaven in John's Book of Revelation) and since Christ said his doctrine is inclusive of the Torah and the prophets, the followers of the Son of God believe in those writings as well (Matthew 5:17-20).   The followers of the Son of God reject the doctrine of the false apostle Pharisee Paul, he is the anti-Christ (1 John 2:18).   Judaism in all its forms is evil, because they look to doctrine of men as being the commandments of God.  Only Jews who stick strictly to the Torah and the Tanakh are doing right before God, and those Jews who recognize the Son of God and reject Paul's doctrine, therefore rejecting Christianity which was founded by false apostle Pharisee Paul.  Talmud and Mishnah are doctrines of men that are claimed to be God's commandments.

 The Pharisees came up with the first bible at their 325 AD Council of Nicea, they altered parts of Matthew's writing and John's writings, in addition to forging two writings under Peter's name and including their own writings (Luke, Mark, James, Jude and Paul's letters) with writings that are of God's holy apostles and prophets under one book cover and claiming all the writings therein are of God.

I would say to Tovia Singer that we have statements from the Son of God that contradict the Pharisees' lies in Matthew Ch. 26, Luke Ch. 22, Mark Ch. 14 and John Ch. 17,  and which statements are consistent with Isaiah:

John 10:17    My Father loves me because I lay down my life, that I might take it again

John 10:15  ... I lay down my life for the sheep

John 10:18  ... I lay it down of myself

Isaiah 42:4   He shall not fail nor be discouraged until he has set judgment on the earth, and the isles await his law

All that talk of the Son of God allegedly berating his apostles for failure to stay awake while he fretted about laying down his life is a lie.  The Son of God was never discouraged, never sought not to lay down his life for his people.  And the Pharisees use their lie to great advantage, that famous lying line:  the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak - fits right in with Paul's lying doctrine of an alleged 'law of sin' that dwells in all flesh keeping all flesh from being able to follow the Torah.    But the Christians and evil Jews like Singer ignore Philippians 3:4-6 where Pharisee Paul declares he kept all of God's law in his deeds without blame.  The deception is great, let the lovers of lies wallow in their mud, this is for the good people.  Yet, even those who do not receive the truth, but would have embraced the truth, God knows and he forgives and extends mercy.  No one who would love him, but for lack of knowledge of him had no chance to love him is turned away by the Father or the Son, but embraced.   The judgment is based on the word of the Son of God, and there are people who would have eaten of his flesh and drank of his blood had they seen the Son and God knows who such people are, for he knows everyone's thoughts and everyone's works.  The works of Sodom would have been to stop doing evil had they seen the miracles of the Son of God  and therefore the Son of God grants mercy to them at judgment (Matthew 11:20-24).

The above statements from the Son of God in John 10:15-18 are consistent with Isaiah 42:4, the Son of God was never discouraged,  he never feared laying down his life, he laid down his life of his own free will.     But the statements in Matthew Ch. 26, Luke Ch. 22, Mark Ch. 14, and John Ch. 17 are all lies of the Pharisees to mock the Son of God, which effectively make a lie out of John 10:15-18.  However John 10:15-18 is the truth, it is said chapters in Luke, Matthew, Mark and John that are lies of the Pharisees to mock the Son of God.  The Son of God never feared laying down his life, never thought once not to lay it down and did not pray to the Father to keep him from laying down his life.  "If it were possible, let this not happen", the Son of God never said that - it is the Pharisees mocking the Son of God that wrote that.  From the foundation of the world, the Alpha and Omega, the Son of God knew he would die for those he loved (Rev. 13:8).

There was no conflict between the Father and the Son, that the Son wanted to not lay down his life but in opposition to his own will, obeyed the Father.   The Son of God said to see him is to see the Father, but if the Father had will that was not the will of the Son, then such a statement would be a lie.

Satan wanted to sit upon the mount of the congregation in the north (Isaiah 14:13):

Isaiah 40:13-14   Who has instructed the spirit of the Lord, or being his counselor who has taught him?   With whom did he take counsel and who instructed him

Therefore, what is this "congregation in the north", that Isaiah speaks of which Satan wanted to be a part of?   The term "congregation" means the coming together of more than one.  Since no one counsels God, and since a congregation is comprised of more than one being, then it is God as more than one being but they are one and they counsel among themselves in the congregation of the north.    Since no one counsels God, gives him no advice, then only God is in the congregation of the north

Isaiah 14:13   ... I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the north

Vid 12:34  [I say to seminary students]  ...if you were God and you wanted to convey that there is only one God ... and no one else, what would you have put in your bible

An exercise in futility for no man is God, but Singer is a dope so he challenges men to consider themselves as being God in order to solve a question.  

Singer ignores that the Torah does not convey that there is one God in the manner that Singer would like it conveyed:

Genesis 1:26  Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ...

Singer insists God can only be one being, but we see God declares he has an "our", and an "us" in the one true God.   Again, a concept hard to grasp, but we can trust the Lord that when he says he is one, he is and we can trust there is no contradiction in God being "us" and counseling in a congregation that is "us", when we know the Lord takes counsel from no one, thus showing that the One Lord is not one being.    The Son of God did say, when you see him you have seen the Father.  There is no disunity in the "us" that is the one true Lord.   

Singer ignores the Torah, which does not convey what Singer thinks is appropriate to conveyance of the truth that the Lord your God is one:

Genesis 1:2   ... and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters

Genesis 3:8  And they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day ....

We have a Spirt of God that moves over water and we have a God that walks with a man and his woman in a garden.    Is that one God in different forms, or two different Gods, one is a Spirit that traverses water and the other is in a body that walks through a garden and speaks to a man and woman?  So in the matter of conveyance of the truth that there is one true God (the Lord your God is one) and Singer dislikes that conveyance in John and Matthew's writings, yet he cannot find the conveyance of such truth as Singer would want it in the Torah or other prophet writings either.   

Vid 12:48  ... you don't want anyone to ever believe doctrine that sounds, remotely smells like the trinity, what would you insert in your bible in order to convey that message

Singers challenges seminary students what would they write in their bible to convey the Lord God is one God, and they write their statements and Singer can point to prophet writing that backs up, one Lord, no other God.   But Singer the snake fails to point out as I have above, the verses in the Torah and other prophet writings that convey there is more than one being in the One Lord.    The Lord never says in the Torah or the prophets' writings that he is one being, he says:

Deuteronomy 6:4   Israel,  the Lord our God is one Lord

I challenge Singer to show where the Lord ever states that the Lord our God is one being.  He is one Lord, but what is that one Lord?   What does it mean to be One Lord?

Psalm 110:1   The Lord said to my Lord ....

The Son of God said, if David called him Lord, how can he be David's son.  David's Lord is not his son and the Lord said to David's Lord - meaning God spoke to God, meaning the one Lord is not one being.  Not one being, but one Lord:


ONE LORD, but not one being that is the One Lord.  The One Lord comprises the mount of the congregation and a congregation is more than one being; the One Lord is the One Lord who says:  let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness. 
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