Television series 'Touched By An Angel' had Christians Roma Downey and Della Reese as the main characters.   Both of them shapeshifted in that series.   Nothing out of Hollywood is of God.  Some Christianity comes out of Hollywood and Christianity is not of God.

Roma Downey, an evil witch of Satan playing the part of an angel.   Acting is a lie, and no lie is of the truth.   A greatly deceived woman and not good but deceived.  She is evil and deceived.  A Christian shapeshifter is one who will not accept the truth of God when put to them, that Paul's gospel is not of God. They have no heart for God, that is evidenced by the fact that Satan shapeshifts them.   Paul's gospel founded Christianity, and being his gospel is not of God, then what he founded on that gospel is not of God either (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17).  Every heart born into the world is either of Satan or of God, and so even babies shapeshift showing they are of Satan.   An infant has not yet done any good deed or evil deed.  God and Satan know among all born who is Satan's own and who is God's own.  The parable of the sower (Matthew Ch. 13).  God knows all, it is not as if it could ever be that a child is born and the Lord does not know whether that being is of him, or of Satan.   Christ said no one goes to God who has not come down from God.  The evil Christians claim Christ is speaking of himself, but that is not true because Elijah was taken alive by God into heaven.  So  how can it be that no man has ascended into heaven except he who came down from heaven, and the Christians claim that is speaking of Christ exclusively, but they being blind do not understand.  Elijah came down from heaven, he was taken alive into heaven - so too Enoch.   What Christ means is everyone who is born into this world and is a sheep is one who came down from heaven, his/her spirit is of God (John 10:15 - I lay down my life for the sheep).  

Even infants shapeshift showing they are of Satan.  One is either of God or of Satan at birth.   The glimpse into that is given by Christ who says only he who came down from God goes back to God, and so where comes the ones born of mankind and womankind who have not come down from God?  We just know they did not come down from God, and so they will never be with God.     The sons of Eli the priest never did take correction from Eli who sought that they would turn away from their wickedness toward God and obey God.    God later told Eli, through Samuel, that his sons were the sons of Satan (1 Samuel 2:12).  They were sons born to Eli, Eli was their father.  But their spirits were of Satan, sons of Satan.   Because they were of Satan, they would never obey Eli in his attempts to get his sons to walk the path of righteousness and give up their evil ways. 

More shapeshifting images of Roma Downey.

Natural eye color is brown in both eyes.  Next pic shows eyes change color - shapeshifting.

Della Reese eyes and teeth shapeshifted.   Big bump at her right side eyebrow, nasty looking lines and protusions on her forehead.

Lines from computer monitor.  Slit shaped pupil.

Forehead shapeshifted.  Protrusions on cheek near hairline.

Singing in the Rain, a movie musical that starred Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.  And all three of them were shapeshifted in that movie. Nothing that comes out of Hollywood is of God.   All  pics below were taken from the video embedded herein.  The video is a scene from said movie where the trio sing, Good Morning.

Eyes shapeshifted, including left iris being pyramid shaped and dichromatic eyes.

Shapeshifted hands, all three of them.  Close up pics next from left to right.

Lines are an effect of the computer monitor.  Shapeshifted hand, does not look like a hand, more like a divided hoof.

Red gash upper arm, hand shapeshifted on Reynolds.  Doesn't look like a hand is there.   Kaye's hand is shapeshifted too, four fingers, no pinky.

Three close up pics of Reynolds in this image are next. 

Like a ghost arm, can see the brick thing through her arm.  Her other hand is almost invisible, can see her clothing through it.

Lines from computer monitor, but does not hide the image so I use it. 

Debbie Reynolds transformed.  Not her face, a very evil hard face given to her by Satan's kingdom.

All three of them shapeshifted. Close up pics of each of them in this image next, left to right.

Ghost-like arm partially and hand missing.  Where the hand should be seen, instead can see the furniture she is in front of.  Face is gross.  Reynolds and her daughter are both in Hell, as both of them were shapeshifters on earth, same with Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye.

Two close up pics of this image next.

More ghost-like Reynolds shapeshifting.  Where her arm and hand should be seen, instead seeing the item behind her.  Another gross face.

Next pic is a close up of Reynolds in this image.

The good people await God bringing his just kingdom to earth, and only then will people of God be free of evil people.  There are some good people who do not know of the one true God yet. 

The truth of the matter is the world's entertainment - all of it - is of Satan. 

By the very nature of evil people and good people existing until the harvest, there is interaction between them.  

But do not partake of their riches in the world (music, poetry, theater, sports, etc), because that is evil people of the world having created their luxuries that they enjoy in the world.  The thorns of the world incorrectly perceived by evil people to be riches.  The riches of the world deceive:

Matthew 13:22  He also that receives seed among the thorns is he that hears the word and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word and he becomes unfruitful.

Cares of this world means what the world cares about.  The world cares about sports, entertainment, parades, nationalism, or globalism, and a myriad of other cares.  He is among riches, and is decevied by them.   And that place of the world - its cares and riches - the Lord calls thorns.  The riches and cares of this world are thorns.  The world swears by Baal, and Baal worshipers are dry desolate people, thorns and stubble, and they and Satan and Satan's angels will be forever in the lake of fire (Matthew 25:41). The only people who go to the eternal fire are those who never would cease transgressing against God, they are evil.   People who did evil and died in their evil but who would have ceased doing evil had the truth of God been made known to them before they died, the Lord will forgive them at judgment.   God grants mercy over judgment to such people (Matthew 9:12-13, 12:31-32).

The bond among all people on earth shall be that all worship the one true God when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of God (Rev. 11:15).  Any one who refuses to worship the one true God will be destroyed (Jeremiah 12:14-16).  Christianity will not be in the coming kingdom of God on earth because it is not of God.  The Jerusalem Temple will be on earth, but none of the unholy filthy Christian church altars will be on earth when God's kingdom comes to earth.  The Torah, the Tanakh and Matthew and John are the truth of God.  Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel is lies of the Benjamite wolves (see tab Prophecy of the Wolf).  There were some alterations to deceive made by the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea to Matthew and John's writings, which is part of the deception they engaged in when they did undertake to place the aforesaid writings that are truth of God with the lies of Pharisee Paul and his fellow Pharisees under one book cover.   Lying Paul's lying gospel, Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter, James and Jude, Mark and Luke.  The Book of Acts is a mix of truth and lies.   The Holy Spirit was bestowed on Christ's apostles by Christ breathing the Spirit into them (John 20:22).  The spirit that came at Pentecost is the Anti-Christ Spirit (Acts 2:3-4, 1 John 4:3, 2:18).   Evil Paul has two totally different versions of his conversion lie.  One is in Acts Ch. 9, the other is in Galatians 1:15-17.  It is true that Jews from Asia did throw Pharisee Paul out of God's Jerusalem Temple (Acts 21:27-30).  And what those Jews of God said is true - Paul preaches everywhere against the Temple of God, against the law of God and against the Jews of God.

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