Acts 26:11  And I [Pharisee Paul] punished them often in every synagogue  ... [I was] exceedingly mad against them

Pharisee Paul did not persecute churches.  No church existed until Pharisee Paul penned his doctrine, claiming to have heard from Christ in Heaven.  Show me another doctrine that establishes the church altars other than the gospel of Pharisee Paul.  There is none!   There is no establishment of church rulers or the church altars in the writings of Matthew and John.   Both writings purported to be of Peter are Pharisee forgeries, which I go into detail under topic PETER. 

Christian theologians used deception in their bibles by substituting the term 'synagogue' for 'church' (Rev. 2:9, 3:9), and substituting the term 'church' for the term 'synagogue'.   In some of Matthew and John, there is such deception.  But they fail to complete their deception:

John 15:26 - 16:4    When the Holy Spirit is come, whom I will send to you from the Father ... they shall put you out of the synagogues ... whoever kills you will think he is doing God's service ... And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father or me

And in Acts 26:11, they failed to clean up leaving the term 'synagogue', instead of replacing it with the term 'church'.   Paul says it was synagogues, every single one of them, that he persecuted and he did so because he was exceedingly mad toward converts to Christ.   Converts to Christ who are Jewish have synagogues and the Temple to worship at, that is when the Temple existed, and will exist again (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31, Rev. 11:1).  Converts to Christ who are Gentiles have no altar to worship at, wherever they gather in two or more, the Lord is in their midst.   The Lord is in the midst of his Jewish believers too, and Christ's Jewish believers are filled with the Holy Spirit (John 15:26). 

Christian churches are founded solely on the gospel of Pharisee Paul.  The Christians say:  what does Paul say, let's read what Paul tells us we should do.  How should we act, let's see what Paul says.  Churches are governed on the gospel of Pharisee Paul.   So what is the doctrine that founded churches that supposedly existed when Pharisee Paul was allegedly persecuting churches?  THERE IS NO SUCH DOCTRINE.  NO SUCH DOCTRINE EXISTS.   Christians say Paul founded churches after his conversion, went to the Gentiles and told them how they are to worship Christ, and they hold to the contradictory claim that Paul persecuted churches before his conversion.  Since churches were founded on Paul's gospel after his alleged conversion, then there were no churches for Paul to persecute prior to his alleged conversion because none existed.   Truth is, Pharisee Paul persecuted Jews of the Lord in their synagogues, as stated in Acts 26:11, not churches.

Go read Matthew and John and therein is no establishment of anything that churches are!   Christ speaks against everything that churches are:

Freely received, freely give and that means no money for spiritual teaching (Matthew 10:8)

Call no man Rabbi, and church rulers hold positions akin to Rabbi (Matthew 23:8-10)

God has one altar at Jerusalem, and some worshiped at Jacob's altar.  There are no other altars of God on earth (John Ch. 4).  No church altar is of God.  The church altars stand as a symbol of mockery toward God's Temple servants saying no Temple servant has a right to be at church altars (Hebrews 13:10).

Bible scholars deceptively inserted the term 'church' where it does not belong in John's Book of Revelation and in one of John's epistles and in Matthew.   No churches were founded in Asia, but the bible scholars would have people believe Christ speaks to churches in Asia.  Christ speaks to his Jewish converts in Asia.  To the Jews in Ephesus, he says:

Revelation 2:2  I know of those men who came to you claiming to be my apostles and that you tried them and found they are liars


The Jews of Christ of Asia were a thorn in the side of the false apostle Pharisee Paul:

Acts 21:27-30  The Jews of Asia had Pharisee Paul removed from God's Temple

Back to where I started:

Acts 26:11  And I [Pharisee Paul] punished them often in every synagogue  ... [I was] exceedingly mad against them

Bible scholars failed to deceptively substitute the term 'synagogue' for 'church' in the above passage.   It is the Jews of Christ worshiping in synagogues that Pharisee Paul persecuted, not churches.    No churches existed until Pharisee Paul and fellow Pharisees of the tribe of Benjamin came up with the idea that if they brought their own false christ to Gentiles, they could make a lot of money and bring their Gentile converts under their control.  They brought their own false christ to the Gentiles via the gospel of Pharisee Paul.

In 325 AD, Council of Nicea brought together what prior to that time were separate doctrines - the gospel of Christ and the gospel of the false apostle Pharisee Paul and placed the opposing doctrines under one book cover.   The first bible came into being in 325 AD and the Roman Emperor Constantine thereafter decreed it punishable to deny that their bible is all the word of God.    There are four bibles in the world (Catholic, Orthodox, Ethiopian and Protestant).  Identical new testament section, with all four varying in number of writings in their old testament section.

Christians preach that Paul was converted, he was given a gospel by Christ in Heaven to take to the Gentiles.  Paul founded churches.   I say again show me the doctrine that establishes churches that is not the gospel of Pharisee Paul.  But one can never do that because there is no doctrine except the gospel of Pharisee Paul that establishes churches.   Christians claim Paul persecuted the church.   Christians claim Paul is the founder of churches, having been instructed by Christ in Heaven to write his gospel wherein is the establishment of churches.   Paul persecuted that which did not exist until Christ allegedly converted Paul and tasked Paul with presenting a new gospel to the Gentiles whereby churches were established?   The liars make that claim, but truth is as stated in Acts 26:11, Pharisee Paul persecuted Jews of Christ in their synagogues.  No church existed prior to Pharisee Paul's alleged conversion to Christ.  Pharisee Paul did not persecute churches, he founded churches.

Paul claims God blinded all Jews so that they do not believe the truth of God:

Romans 11:30-32  God has put all Jews in unbelief.   In the past, Jews believed the truth and Gentiles did not.  God decided it is time for Jews to believe lies and for Gentiles to believe truth and in that way, God can exercise mercy on everyone

How can it be that Jews are all in unbelief when Pharisee Paul himself states the followers of the Way were Jews worshiping in synagogues whom he persecuted and had killed?   

Christians hold that churches were founded by their master Paul/Saul of Tarsus and founded after Paul was converted.   So what was Paul persecuting before he was converted?  It cannot be churches because churches are founded solely on Paul's gospel and his gospel came after he was allegedly converted.   Pharisee Paul was persecuting synagogues, not churches.  He had Jews of Christ killed, believers on Christ, just as Christ foretold would happen (John 16:1-4).   Churches are not of God.    The gospel of Pharisee Paul is a road map to the lake of fire.  All who convert to Paul's gospel end up in the lake of fire (Matthew 23:15).

Jewish scribes and their converts end up eternally damned.     Jewish scribe converts are those who convert to to the Talmud, the Mishnah or the gospel of Pharisee Paul. 

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