UPDATE:    Subsequent to posting this article, information was received that changes some of the thinking posted here.  Trump is not a fool being led by Nazi Bannon, he is an evil fool Nazi himself.  See tab 'Fourth Reich is Here'.   Also, Vatican/Soros do not want China in the imperialist seat, but are snowballing China in that regard.  See tab George Soros NWO.  Vatican's extremely close ties are with Christian nations - Europe first, then UK for over 2000 years with them, and a couple hundred years with the USA.   There are no close ties with China.  The only reason Vatican stays in power is the rulers of Christian Europe, UK and USA (and South America) keep them in power by permitting them to have their churches in their nations.    The power of the Pharisees extends beyond their Catholic church empire because they also control the central banking system of the west.  They do so through their Knights Templar of Switzerland.  Switzerland founded by the KT's in 1291, and it is not by coincidence that Switzerland houses all the institutions that are the apex of power of said central banking system, such as the Bank for International Settlements.   The financial elite of the west refer to BIS as the central bank of central banks, and that it is.  BIS sets the banking rules (Basel rules).    The Pharisees power over the Gentiles was foretold by the Lord (Matthew 21:33-46, 16:12, Rev. 18:23).  

The Pharisee Vatican owners have ruled over European Gentiles since Constantine made their Catholic church the official religion of the empire.  All the empire's subjects must pay over a percentage of their wealth/labor to the Pharisees.  The Pharisees and their Knights Templar will crash their banking system in order to bring in a new banking system.  The Pharisees own however many hundreds of tons of gold because they know gold is real money and what they can fall back on if necessary.   

Incredibly, the Gentile rulers allowed their subjects to come under Jew Pharisee rule.   All Gentile nations had their god or gods they worshiped, every one of them.  Then some doctrine came along and swept up the Gentiles into that false matter doctrine, and it was/remains a work of Satan to gather all under one doctrine:  Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.   In the end when Satan's Beast rules over mankind, all are united under Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel because the Beast (an entity not of mankind) is the pope of the Catholics (Rev. 17:10-11).   To reject worship of the Beast is to reject the pope, and the pope is of Christianity and Christianity was founded on Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.   The Son of God speaks against every thing that is the Christian doctrine.   The Son of God did not give any altar to Gentiles (John 4:20-24).    The altar is of anti-Christ Paul and the many Pauline altars stand as mocking symbols toward the Temple of God and the servants of God in his Temple (Hebrews 13:10).  To Hell go all of Christendom, except the few good but deceived (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23, Rev. 18:4).

The Lord says the Beast is on earth in spirit form among seven pope kings, and the Beast shall be the eighth and final pope king of the Catholics.  During God's judgment unto victory, the Beast arises to earth in physical form (Rev. 11:7).  And because the Beast's physical appearance is like that of a mythological creature, all the world will be in wonder of the Beast (Rev. Ch. 13).  The children of Hell Christians do not understand God's word (Daniel 12:10), and so they lie about who the Beast is.  The blind fools claim the Beast is a nation, or a system, all kinds of explanations but what the Beast really is.  The Lord shall cast the Beast alive into the lake of fire (Rev. Ch. 19).  The Beast is a being that is not of mankind; he arises to earth coming out of the bottomless pit, a domain of Satan and his angels. 

Vatican was declared a sovereign nation by the United Nations in 1964; from then on all reigning popes are kings too because they also reign over a nation - the City State of Vatican and the Beast is with them in spirit form (Rev. 17:10-11).  Evil Pope Paul VI was the first pope king, Bergoglio is the 5th pope king; and Ratzinger was the 4th pope king and will be the 6th pope king.   It awaits the Beast's time to come on earth in physical form, but he is on earth  now in spirit form and he shall take the seat of pope when he arises in physical form on earth and he shall demand all worship him or be killed.  The only good people who shall survive the 42 month reign of the Beast pope king are those who remain hidden from the presence of the Beast, the False Prophet and his many people minions, and those Jewish elect for whom God makes provision to survive the reign of the Beast.

The world is going to be conditioned to the supernatural prior to the mythological-appearing, awesome in appearance Beast coming to earth in physical form (Rev. 11:7).  Conditioned that way because God's two Jewish prophets shall be witnessing to the world the testimony of God and their witness is unstoppable, though people will try to kill them.  The prophets strike the earth with all kinds of plagues as often as they want.  The world will utterly hate them because of all the misery they suffer from the plagues of the prophets.    And it is in the name of the God of Israel that these two Jewish prophets shall preach and it is Vatican square they shall possess, the height of this world's spirituality is where the truth of God shall be spoken to the world through those two Jewish prophets of God.    The Gentiles do not possess temples of God, every one of their church altars is an offensive thing to God (Isaiah 66:17, Rev. 11:1-2, Hebrews 13:10). 

The world will hate the two Jewish prophets of God, will want them dead.  The one who kills them is the Beast, when the Beast comes to earth in physical form.   Supernatural in the face of the world as God shows himself supreme by taking possession of Vatican Square from where the chosen two Jewish prophets of God shall preach against Christianity and all false doctrines, because they shall be preaching the truth of God (Tanakh, Torah, Matthew and John, save the few deceptions in Matthew and John courtesy of Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea).  And their preaching is backed up by their miraculous ability to bring all kinds of plagues upon the earth.   Christianity will seek death of those two Jewish prophets of God, and Satan has his Beast rescue them from God's two holy prophets, by killing them.  Something no man could do, Christianity will need a rescuer not of mankind who can free them from the two Jewish prophets of God.  Christianity will think those two holy prophets are of Satan, and that the Beast who slays them is of God.  

No man can kill them, only the Beast can and will take down the two Jewish prophets.  For that act of the Beast alone he will gather many to himself who do so willingly and with love for him.  The  Christians will think the Beast is heaven sent to rescue them.  Their Peter the Roman, and the Beast can tell the Christians that Peter is not as strong as he, and he comes in the place of Peter.   No man could slay the two holy prophets of God because every man/woman who tried was killed by fire.   Only a higher being than mankind could  kill them, and that higher being is the Beast.  He will be readily accepted by all Christians as a mighty being of God, except the few good but deceived (Rev. 18:4). 

Speaking of 'Peter the Roman', Peter was never of the church, even Paul states that (Galatians 2:7-8).  The first pope of the Catholics is Paul (Romans 11:13, Paul the anti-Christ 1 John 2:18), and Paul demanded all the Gentile churches pay over a portion (or all, Acts 4:34) of their wealth to Paul and his fellow false apostle Pharisees (Romans 15:27). 

The Catholic prophecy 'Peter the Roman' who saves the church  Save the church from what?  The Jews, save the church from the holy Jews, though that is not what is depicted in the Catholic prophecy.  A little kernel of truth in that 'Peter the Roman' Catholic prophecy, that being that the Catholic church will be beseiged, and the rest is all lies.  The Jews will be hated by Gentiles because of the plagues brought to them by the two Jewish prophets.    Arises the Beast who kills the two Jewish prophets of God.  And their bodies lay in the streets of that great city (Rev. Ch. 11).    That shows where the two Jewish prophets of God shall preach from, they will be within the physical territory of the seat of the Beast - Rome Vatican.  

In the time of great plagues brought by those two Jewish prophets of God, God has them placed at the seat of authority for all Christians at that time - within the walls of the Vatican.    No man can harm the two prophets, God says.   Any one who attempts to hurt them, fire comes out of the mouth of the prophets and destroys their enemies.  Relief to the world comes in the form of the Beast arising to earth in physical form and God permits the Beast to kill the two holy prophets of God.   Here comes the Beast to give relief to the Gentile Christians and Jewish Christians and the Pharisees and all others who are of the world.  The world is of Satan.    God says they shall give gifts to one another because they are so happy the two Jewish prophets of God have been killed, because those prophets brought so much misery to them.

Continuing with the opening part of this article, the China Catholic churches are state-run with Vatican having no say in the operation thereof.   There are no close ties between Vatican and China, therefore Vatican is not going to give China the US imperialist seat,  but is stalling for time with China to prepare for war with China  --- and Russia and Iran.  The war comes under Nazi Bannon, with a Nazi German government taking power in the 2017 German election.  The Nazi Golden Dawn candidate will win Merkel's seat in the coming election.  

China would do well to read the prophecy of pope Ratzinger, because therein the Pharisees let it be known what they seek - a poor church.   Not the Vatican poor, it never was, but rather the church members shall be as the peasantry of old, a new world order feudalism.  A poor church is not one that can assist China along its journey of being the greatest merchant empire ever, the manufacturing base of the world whose products all the world wants.  That takes out Europe, USA and UK as participants with China's merchantilistic rule of the world.   The Vatican aims to destroy the middle class of those nations.  Do not need the merchandise, say the church rulers.   What the Jew Pharisees want is embodied in the Georgia Guidestones.  And China leadership says to its people to have children in abundance.   No more two child per mother limit.  Georgia Guidestones calls for less than 500 million people to exist in the world.   God foretells the Pharisees lose in their NWO vision quest (Daniel 11:14). 

Later on the Pharisees will achieve their vision under the short 42 month reign of the Beast pope king (Rev. 18:8-9).  God says the Pharisee Vatican owners shall say to themselves, here we sit as queens and we shall never know sorrow.  The Beast gives them all they ever could have dreamed for - and a mythological appearing masterpiece work of awesome evil supremacy on top of that.  An actual supreme being far and above mankind in awesome evil power that the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners can shove in the face of the Gentile Christians and Jewish Christians, in the face of all the world.   So even those who could care less about the Christian Catholic doctrine of the pope, will nonetheless give the Beast pope the worship he wants because they just want to be able to buy and sell.  Only those who show they are in league with the Beast shall be permitted to engage in commerce of the world, down to the lowest level of exchange of buying and selling among people.   What the Jew Pharisees will not want?  And the Pharisees shall have the supremely powerful over all mankind and evil Beast to get it for them.   God says the Pharisees are full of excess and extortion (Matthew 23:25).  The Jew Pharisees always knew they were going to be the victors possessing everything God gives to them (Talmud) - the Gentiles, every thing is theirs to possess by inheritance from God, the Pharisees say.   Under the Beast they get that to possess the world for a short 42 months, a little less than that time.  The Beast is on earth for 42 months (Rev. Ch. 13).  Jew Pharisees are destroyed by the Beast with the Beast continuing on thereafter for a short while, until God casts the Beast into the lake of fire.   Satan always kills his own and Pharisees are of Satan, so the Beast kills the Pharisees before the Beast is defeated himself.   So unkind of the Beast to not let the Pharisees sit it out a while to the very, very end.   The Talmud is delusional thinking, a false matter (John 8:44, Matthew Ch. 23, Acts 23:6); same goes for the Mishnah (aka Oral Tradition), Kaballah, Freemasonry, the Koran, Book of Jubilees and Pharisee Paul's gospel.

A state-run China newspaper prints the following image:

China knows it is Nazi-time in the US, as evidenced by the cartoon image above.   Soon in power will be Nazis and Nazi sympathizers in Germany and Greece and France and Italy. 

China thinks Trump-Bannon US ship of state is as doomed as the Titanic.  US along for the ride (imaged in uncle sam) is suffering ill from the ride.    Why not Trump also with a Nazi arm band?  Seems China thinks Trump is not a Nazi but is a chump because the ones taking him on a voyage to his 'America first paradise' are Nazis.    Trump's image alone does not conjure anything Hitler-like or Nazi.  He is dressed in the colors of the US flag, which symbolizes his rhetoric to 'make America great again'.   It is Bannon who portrays the Nazi image.   Habakkuk Ch. 2 - run says God when you see the drunk rise to power and his goal is to heap all people to himself and to cut off many people.   Bannon has the physical appearance of a drunk.  In a 2014 interview with Vatican, Bannon said every one must unite under Judeo-Christianity (the heaping of people to himself).   All who reject Judeo-Christianity are the ones he will cut off - violently, bloody (the cutting off of many).  Those Christians who oppose the violence will be subject to being cut off too.   Bannon admires the book, Camp of Saints.  That book essentially is white Christianity killing non-whites.  See Habakkuk Ch. 2.  and know therefore, good Jews and good Gentiles, that Steve Bannon is that drunk man and that God says run when you see it occur.   Would not say that Bannon is not in a position to carry out his aims being he is Trump's chief strategist, however, it is likely that he does become VP, and perhaps from VP to president.  From VP position (also as president), he can carry out his aims. 

Bannon wants to establish a Christian Fourth Reich and will do so through great violence amd many murders.  Of course the Vatican will not oppose, and Bannon will carry out Vatican/Freemasons' third war Christianity v Islam.

The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners have their Nazi Ratzinger on standby for the occasion when his Nazi background and connections and love of Nazism will be needed in the papal office because the Vatican will be working with Nazis in power.

The Chinese government wants to retain the US manufacturing base that was moved over to China under multiple US presidencies, being part of the plan of Vatican/Rothschild to have China eclipse the US in every way, and so China would hate for Trump to have that manufacturing brought back to the US.   Trump pledges to revive manufacturing in America.  Made in America.  Therefore, the Chinese government has no love for Trump and does mock him.   But why the Chinese depict Bannon as a Nazi?

The Chinese said a few years ago that world war three never ended and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan took great offense at that.   The Chinese are right, the Nazis went underground.  The Nazi war never ended.  Nazi Gehlen and other Nazis led the cold war era propaganda in the US, and Nazis have high-level positions in the Pentagon and military.   US Operation Paperclip bringing many 'bright minded' Nazis into the US to serve the shadow government (Vatican/Rothschild).   Vatican and her Switzerland Knights Templar and their western banking minions, like Prescott Bush, funded the rise of Hitler.  US corporations like Exxon and IBM provided much needed resources to Hitler's regime.  Many Swiss were among Hitler's SS and Jesuits as well.    Vatican Nazi Ratlines.   Under Trump is a Nazi Fourth Reich.  The casino men Trump and Wynn want a return to pre-2008 Las Vegas days, which was when the middle class was wealthy and had that wealth to spend on casinos.  The majority of the wealth that comes into hotels and casinos is from the middle class.   Trump made casino man Steve Wynn the money man for the RNC.  They want to fund Republicans who want a thriving middle class. 

But those two casino men are already overtaken by forces that do not give a damn about their casino world, and they are Nazis and they are ready to invade Russia to take it over, to put in their own approved government in Russia and they are ready to force China to submit on the South China sea matter.  Their hubris knows no bounds, and they have a Christian holy war mentality, just as the Nazis did.  Hitler was a Christian and his war efforts were fueled by the propaganda that Germany was acting as a Christian crusader for God and as good Christians protecting the fatherland.    Department of Homeland Security is so named to give that feeling of patriotism to unite to protect the 'homeland', just as Hitler did in calling Germany the 'fatherland'.   Bannon has called for a 'Christian holy war' against Muslims.

Most of the alternative media scorns any Trump criticism yet the powers steering Trump are Nazi.  The Chinese do not depict Trump as a Nazi, but do depict him as being steered by Nazis.  Praise was heaped on Hitler by the Germans which allowed him to do his evil, Trump is receiving praise that will permit the Nazis steering Trump to do their evil.  Those Nazis will be doing their dirty work under cover of Trump's 'America first' policy.  Trump is an absolute narcissist and the Nazis have the perfect cover in which to do their dirty work via the bond that is between Trump and Trump supporters.  By the time many of the Trump supporters realize what is happening, it will already have happened and will be too late - a Nazi-led US government.  That means Fema camps open for death and other horrors, just like under Hitler's Germany.   Trump's narcissism is seen in many areas.  One area is when he speaks of other world leaders when asked about US relations with other nations, usually relations with Russia. Trump answers that he may or may not get along with them personally.  Trump's response shows his narcissism because he focuses on himself, not representation of the US people before world leaders, because if it was the latter, he would be speaking of meeting with world leaders to get agreements relative to trade and other issues, rather than answer by saying he may or may not get along personally with other leaders.  Narcissist Trump fits in perfectly with rise of Nazis in power in America because Nazism requires adoration of the nation leader and Trump can get that adoration because he says he is for creating more jobs in the USA, giving back power to the people.  But behind the scenes the Nazi-apparatus is put in place.  Such as restrictions on freedom of press, restrictions of movement.  Bannon told certain members of the press to 'shut your mouths'.  Nazi Bannon shows his disdain for the 1st Amendment.  Nazis and Communists and other dictatorships hate freedom of the press.  Trump issued an executive order that reopened CIA torture sites. Trump has not ordered non-enforcement of any provision in the evil Patriot Acts, particularly the provision that states an American citizen can be imprisoned by the US government indefinitely without charge.  Trump did an executive order disallowing enforcement of the Obamacare individual mandate.  The Patriot Acts contain unjust grievances against the American people that are far worse than Obamacare's unjust individual mandate forcing people to pay a fine for not buying health insurance.

Hitler was accepted by most of the Germans because he came wrapped up in Christianity and 'Germany First'.  Christianity and Thule doctrine, it is all evil and there are those who practice both doctrines.  Freemasonry and Christianity, both are evil doctrines. Freemasonry upholds Christianity and Paul's gospel upholds the idea of knowledge not written in the bible that leads to perfection (Hebrews 6:1).  Christianity is not of God and there is not one institution of the world that adopts:  Christ alone with Torah and Tanakh, No Paul.  There will be such an institution when the Jerusalem Temple exists again (Daniel 11:31, Matthew 24:15, Rev. 11:1-2).  

Hitler's military aggression was couched in it being a Christian holy war.   Hitler was a snake raised up to power and kept in power by Vatican and her Swissy Knights Templar. Vatican's Italy went Nazi with Mussolini.  The Vatican signed a Concordat with Hilter. Two men who thought they could conquer Europe and Britain and they had Vatican behind them.   Steven Bannon calls for a Christian holy war.    Steve Bannon is known to the Vatican, he gave a speech to a Vatican audience.   The Vatican appreciates Bannon the drunk psycopath as they did appreciate Hitler, even signing a Concordat with Hitler's government, and the Vatican rat lines that allowed Nazis to escape to safe havens when Germany was defeated.  Vatican worked with Croatia's Ante Pavelic whose ideology is like Bannon's ideology, death to all non-Catholics.  Pavelic set about to make Croatia an all-Catholic nation by killing or expelling all non-Catholics from Croatia.

Because Jewish Alan Dershowitz and some other well-known Jews and some Jewish institutions say Bannon is not anti-Jewish, that does not make it so.  There are many high-level Jewish people who are enemies of the common Jewish man and woman.   For example, Nazi George Soros is a Jew and he did come in the night with troops of Gentile Nazi Germans to break into homes of Jewish people, steal their goods and force them onto trains to be taken to death camps.   Jewish lady Mae Brussell has a lot of information she presents on Jewish men who are Nazis, Menachem Begin among them.

Bannon has stated that "darkness is good".   "Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's real power", Bannon said.   He went on to say it is best if the people do not know what the real agenda is.   China knows what the real agenda is, and Russia should know too.   China and Russia will see the Vatican take out their Bergoglio and put back in their Nazi Ratzinger.  China just would not go along with Vatican/Rothschild/Swissy Knights Templar having sole authority over China's Yuan exchange rate.  China is not allowed to set the exchange rate for its currency says V.R.SKT's.  They are spoiled dogs having that power over the United States dollar, over the EU nations' currency, over UK's currency, over Israel's currency and have great influence in the financial system of India and other nations.   China is the big hold out, so is Russia and Iran.

The V.R.SKT dogs are going the Nazi route.   Going to see German government go Nazi in 2017.  Going to see Nazi Ratzinger made pope again.   And Nazi Steven Bannon heads the Trump  administration.    Trump the casino guy put casino man Steve Wynn in charge of the money at the RNC.   Do casino businesses and the middle class thrive under a Nazi regime?    Do casino owners call for a Christian holy war?  Bannon and Steve Wynn, are they on the same page as to the kind of USA they want to come about under Trump?   So the deception Bannon admires is being done in the US government.   America is not returning to the booming times of Las Vegas pre-2008.  That is presumably the goal of Trump and Wynn, to restore the economic prosperity of the middle class because that is how casino men generate most of their wealth.  They need an over-all thriving economy to be wealthy, and without a prosperous middle class they lose.   The Chinese think America is going to sink and its people are going to suffer in the ride with Trump and Bannon, and Trump and Bannon think they can succeed.

Trump's secretary of defense, secretary of state - we are going to block China in the China South Sea, they say.  They are delusional.   Trump has not rescinded Obama's recent order to send US troops and equipment to join Nato in Europe.   Nato/US is building a great military presence on Russia's borders.    Russia warns they see it as a threat.

Nazism rises to power on the back of terrorism and economic devastation, both are needed.   There has to be a target group for take down to justify a Nazi police state.  For  Hitler, it was the Jewish people in Germany.  In US it will be Muslims and South American illegals.   Goldman Sachs, other of the big Jewish owned banks, US oil and tech companies like Exxon and IBM made a lot of money off of Hitler's war machine and by the other nations' war machines that joined in.  They intend to make a lot of money again off their coming Nazi war machine world war three endeavor.  This means Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, which are among the very ones who control establishment media, will be among the war profiteers.  So establishment media will push the buttons to get the desired push back.  It is a Nazi war so the establishment media can do enough demonization of themselves (such as calling for Trump's assassination)  to get the desired push back they want: restrictions on freedom of the press.  Keep in mind, Steven Bannon said he admired the power that Dick Cheney had.  Even admired the power Satan has.  CNN and other mainstream press told by Bannon to shut their mouths.  Restrictions on all press is what Goldman Sachs and other big war profiteers would want in pursuit of a US/Europe/UK Nazi Fourth Reich world war. 

Supreme power can come to them under a far right (Nazi) or far left (Communist) government, both ideologies come out of the Vatican.   They seek a win from Nazi ideology, a Christian holy war against Muslims, out of which comes the Vatican's New World Order.  That is the reason why so many Muslims have been permitted nto Europe and UK and US.  They are going to be the target that is the stated justification for a rollout of a Nazi police state, just as Germany's Jews served that purpose under Hitler. 

Pharisee Paul espouses communist doctrine (Acts 4:32-37) and their Roman Catholic church is not against communism.  Give all of your money to the church and the church masters will put that all together and give out back to the people sufficient money for their every day needs.  That is what is taught in Acts 4:32-37 and is how the Pharisees operated their churches for Gentiles, where they could, because not all of the Gentile converts turned over all their wealth to Paul and his fellow false apostle Pharisees.  

Nazi Alex Jones and other CIA alt media are going to stir the Nazi flames under guise of US patriotism.  Alex Jones is a son of Satan shown being shapeshfited by Satan's kingdom in the image below. 

The IMF wants sole authority forever to set the exchange rate for China's currency.  The IMF is a Vatican/Rothschild/Swissy Knights Templar enterprise and only a few people get to participate in that wealth.    George Soros said the Chinese do not make much of a contribution to the IMF because they have no ownership stake in it.  How does someone gain an ownership stake in the IMF?  It is Vatican/Rothschild, and certain other Jews and certain of the Knights Templar, and certain other favored persons that own the IMF.

Nazi Bannon, says China.  Soon comes back Nazi Ratzinger to be pope.  Bergoglio dies in office, naturally or by murder if he does not die or step down by the time they want him out of office.  Soon comes a Nazi-controlled German government in 2017,  and a far-right Nazi-sympathizing French government in 2017.  And Vatican's Italy of course will join in with the Nazis, and so too Greece.   And Nazi Bannon brings up the US rear to join in, and Trump having been laid hands on by evangelical Christians, including Kenneth Copeland, he is going to be guided by Satanic spirits giving  him thoughts that willl have him follow Bannon's Nazi Christian holy war crusade, if Trump is the one to retain power.  If it is to be Pence, he will follow the same course.  Whoever holds office of US president is going to be led by Satan and his kingdom (Matthew 10:18), same goes for any man or woman who gains the whole world. The Son of God said that no king, no governor is for his doctrine, they are all against the doctrine of the Son of God (Matthew and John).  A  lot of them are not against the doctrine of Jew Pharisee Paul (Christianity).   The ruling Freemasons do want another Jerusalem Temple.  A Christian holy war crusade against Muslims will be their mission for God, they are God's chosen to bring about another Solomon's Temple, so they think.

The Jewish Jerusalem Temple will exist again by actions of men on earth who are not of God.  They are within a snare seeking a Solomon's Temple again in Jerusalem for evil aims.  It will be God's Temple and the evil Freemasons and Vatican Jew Pharisees will not get out of having the Temple exist what they seek.  They will end up desecrating the Temple.  Once the Temple exists, it is only several years before God begins his judgment unto victory (Daniel 12:10, Rev. 6:12-17).  The Temple will be God's Temple (Rev. 11:1-2).  

Probably most or a significant portion of the Europeans will not go along with the coming Nazi propaganda from European governments.   When Russia takes over new territory in Europe as they pursue destruction of European Nazis, a lot of Europeans will view Russia as their liberator from the Nazi nightmare..  Russia's military will prevail over the military of US/Nato (Daniel 11:15).    And China's military will prevail over the US/Nato military (Daniel 11:16-19).

'Christian holy war' mentality is in the doctrine of anti-Christ Paul (explained further below), but it is not in the doctrine of the Son of God (Matthew and John):

Matthew 10:16  Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

When evil people refused to stop doing evil despite seeing Christ's miracles,  the Son of God did not kill or punish them by wrath.  He said when they die they go to Hell (Matthew 11:20-24).    Let evil people and good people exist until the harvest (Matthew 13:30).  The Christians speak of harvest as being saving souls for Christ via Paul's gospel.   The harvest is when the Son of God sends his angels to remove all evil people from the earth (Matthew 13:41).     Christ loses not one sheep and their redemption is not conditioned on them hearing the testimony of God before they die.  Those who died sick at heart, just needing healing (correction), are forgiven at judgment (Matthew 9:12-13).  Mercy at judgment.   He died for the sheep, the godly (John 10:15). Christ did not die for everyone.  He did not die for men and women of Satan.  He died for those whose heart is for God.   For example, the Gentiles who do not know God and he sends ambassadors to them to tell them of the God of Israel (Isaiah 66:19). These are Gentiles who are left on earth after God's angels go through all the world removing all evil people.    Not knowing God, yet they were left on earth because God knows the heart of everyone and he knew these people who did not know him will love him when God makes himself known to them.

It is in anti-Christ Pharisee Paul's gospel, (1 John 2:18),  that Christian 'holy' war is condoned:

2 Corinthians 10:6   Be ready to revenge all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

Ephesians 2:2-3  [All outside the church are] children of wrath ... children of disobedience.

Take revenge on those children of disobedience, says Pharisee Paul.   Any one who is not of Paul's church is a child of wrath.  They are destined to receive God's wrath, and the wrath is delivered by Paul's converts (2 Cor. 10:6).   Serious stuff, the evil Christians play church games.  The beginnig of Jew Pharisee Paul's church was spreading of Paul's doctrine, get it down, believe it, speak it, live it  and to live it means killing the children of wrath.

It is reported that a Jewish man authored Mein Kempf, not Hitler.  Usually it is reported that Hitler wrote Mein Kempf.   It could have been a Jewish person.  Witness Jewish Pharisee Paul how he wrote doctrine that spews hatred for Jewish Temple servants.  In Paul's instructions to revenge all outside the church, he makes no exception for his fellow Jewish people, being all descended from Jacob whom God renamed Israel (Genesis 35:10).   The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners hate Jews of God because Jews of God are not believers in any Pharisee doctrine and for other reasons.  Christ said the Jew Pharisees are the murderers of God's prophets and murderers of other righteous and holy Jewish people (Matthew Ch. 23).   The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners obtained their great wealth and power and maintain same via their doctrine of Paul.  Christianity, the Roman Catholic brand, the original, biggest and baddest church of them all and the last church standing in the end time (Rev. Ch. 18).  The non-Catholic Christian denominations are the harlots (Rev. 17:5), all of them being founded solely on the gospel of Pharisee Paul.

Hebrews 13:10   We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at.

Jew Pharisee Paul instills hatred for Jewish Temple servants.  In his teaching, Paul instills hatred for all people who are not of his church.  He teaches his Gentile and Jewish converts that no Jewish Temple servant is permitted at the church altars.  Jew Pharisee Paul teaches his Gentile and Jewish converts that all outside the church are under God's wrath (Ephesians 2:2-3).  Jew Pharisee Paul teaches his Gentile and Jewish converts that they must punish all the people who under God's wrath, which is everyone who is not of Paul's church (2 Cor. 10:6).     The militant Christians have their Christian 'holy' war mandate in their master Pig Paul's gospel.  The Jew Pharisee Paul converts are people of Satan who think they are of God and do kill non-Christian Jewish people of God thinking they do God's service thereby, (John 16:2-3), and militant Christians have killed Gentiles who refuse the church and will do it again.


Video time 3:09   "... people that fought in this great war.  Really, the Judeo-Christian west versus atheism, right ...  People who come from working class environments and created what we really call a pax Americana but it was many many years and decades of peace."

He goes on to say that Western Christianity is at the brink of a crisis that will be very brutal and bloody if Christian militantism does not arise:

Video time 4:21  "... if the people in this room and the people in the church do not bind together and really form what I feel is an aspect of the church militant to really be able to not just stand with our beliefs but to fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity that is starting, that we will literally eradicate everything we've been bequeathed over the last 2000 to 2500 years.  

Steven Bannon is a Christian Nazi.  Christianity is not of God, and Bannon is a child of Hell convert to Christianity:

Matthew 10:16   Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them.

Trump and Bannon think they are men of God placed in power to carry out the will of God.  They are both evil men of Satan.

Video time 4:44   "I think you're seeing three kinds of converging tendencies.   One is a form of capitalism that is taken away from the underlying spiritual and moral foundations of Christanity and really Judeo-Christian beliefs ... There is a strand of capitalism today, two strands of it that are very disturbing.  One is state-sponsored capitalism  and that is the capitalism you see in China and Russia.  I believe it's what the holy father has seen most of his life in places like Argentina where you have this crony capitalism ... The second form of capitalism I feel is almost as disturbing is what I call the Ayn Rand or objectivist school of libetarian capitalism   ... I'm a big believer in libetarianism.   I have many many [Libertarian] friends and its a big part of the conservative movement  ... However, that form of capitalism is quite different, when you really look at it, to what I call the enlightened capitalism of the Judeo-Christian west."

He then goes on to say Islamic terrorism is a big threat, citing some Isis atrocities.   Informed people know that Isis is a mercenary army of US military, trained and equipped by the USA.   Does Bannon really swallow the lies he puts forth?   I doubt it, he is doing the thing he much admirers, deceiving people.   Bannon has said it is good when people are unaware of the real agenda.  He said "Darkness is good.  Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's real power".  

At video time 9:42 he says we are the verge of a global conflict "If we don't bind together".  There it is, the rise of the USA Fourth Reich soon to come on scene full scale.   Steven Bannon is to Trump what  Heinrich Himmler was to Hitler.    It is unlikely China and Russia will stand idly by as President Bannon installs his new society in preparation for war and wait for the first strike to come from the US.  Bannon has already declared war on China and Russia.

Himmler was likened to Catholic Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit society.   Himmler organized Hitler's SS according to the principles of Loyola, including spiritual principles.  Himmler was a Catholic.   Lying Freemasons like Pat Robertson and others claim Hitler was not a Christian.  Hitler was a Catholic Christian and embraced the belief  that Christianity was under threat and had to fight to regain lost territory.  Bannon revives that same belief of Hitler.  And the Vatican backed Hitler and Mussolini fully, even assisting escape of Nazis to safe havens after WW2, by issuing false passports and other means.

This is what former chief of Hitler's German counter-espionage said:

"The German author Walter Hagen reported:  'The Jesuits' general, Count Halke von Ledochowski, was ready to organise, on the common basis of anti-communism, some collaboration between the German Secret Service and the Jesuit Order'.   As a result, within the SS Central Security Service, an organisation was created, and most of its main posts were held by Catholic priests wearing the black uniform of the SS.  The Jesuit Father Himmler was one of its superior officers."    Walter Schellenberg, former chief of the German counter-espionage.

Steve Bannon states his theological mandate to go to war against Russia, against China and against Iran and whatever other nations he might want to take down.   Trump is the figure head only, being directed what to do by Bannon.    President Bannon.  Bannon is to Trump what Dick Cheney was to Bush.  Cheney was effectively the real president in power, and so is Bannon.

In this coming Nazi Fourth Reich, the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners do not need to murder millions of their fellow Jews.  Their 1948-founded State of Israel was realized, and achieving same was the reason why so many Jews were murdered.   The evil Pharisees murdered many Jews in order to guarantee they would get their Israel again:  Jewish genocide.   Give the Jews their own nation so that another holocaust will never happen.   They decided on six million murdered Jews as the number of deaths to accomplish their goal many years before the holocaust occurred.  Vatican and her Knights Templar orchestrated Hitler's rise to power.

The term 'Judeo-Christian' was not used by Hitler.   Hitler said that God gives him power to go after all enemies of Christianity, citing Jews as among the enemies of Christianity.    This rising US Nazi Fourth Reich does not include Jews as enemies, as Nazi Bannon uses the term 'Judeo-Christianity",  a term coined in the 1950's.     The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners solidified Israel state acceptance among Christian nations through promotion of a new ideology called 'Judeo-Christianity'.   Once the Pharisees got their Israel back in 1948, they began promulgating new ideology that made Christianity a friend of Israel, and Israel a friend of Christianity (Judeo-Christianity).  

Jews are the enemy of Christianity, as stated in Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.    The Son of God says salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22).   Paul says Jews are the enemy of salvation (Romans 11:28).  Paul says everyone who is not of the church is an infidel (2 Cor. 6:15).   Paul says everyone who is not of the church must be punished (Ephesians 2:2-3, 2 Cor. 10:6).    The truth is Pharisee Paul's gospel is not love and light, it is hatred of good people and darkness.  The Jew Pharisees treat Paul's gospel as a living document to be adapted as the times require.     

This coming US Nazi Fourth Reich has declared that its enemies are all who are not of Christendom.  As to Russia, which is Orthodox Christianity, they are the enemy of Judeo-Christianity because of their form of capitalism, according to Nazi Bannon.

Nazi Bannon talks of crony capitalism in nations other than the USA.  Bannon is quite liking the Goldman Sachs form of crony capitalism in the USA, and he comes out of Goldman Sachs.   Crony capitalism reigns in USA as of the 1913 founding of the privately owned central bank, the Federal Reserve system.   The Federal Reserve is owned by Jews and the institutions which govern the Federal Reserve are housed in Switzerland.  Why Switzerland, and why is the USA central banking system answerable to institutions in Switzerland?   Switzerland was founded by the Vatican's trusted Gentile Knights Templar in 1291.    Switzerland is Knights Templar posing as a nation, and the Vatican is a business posing as a religious institution of God, and as of 1964, posing as a nation as well pursuant to United Nations declaration making Vatican a sovereign nation.   Vatican cannot house those institutions, it would expose who they really are, so they hand it off to their trusted KT's.   The Federal Reserve bank is answerable to Switzerland because the Jews that own the FR are also of Jews who own the Vatican, and they punt everything over to their KT's for administration and the KT's do as the Vatican tells them.       

Nazi Bannon says Vatican/Swissy's form of crony capitalism created great wealth.    Fiat currency running as of Nixon taking US off the gold-standard.  Approaching a fifty year run of fiat currency in USA and the fiat currency is on the ropes and going down, as all fiat currencies throughout history do become worthless.

Goldman Sachs, which is of the private central banking system that controls the USA, contrary to the Freemasons' Constitutional law but it suits them to let it be, is among the bankster looters that consumed the real wealth of USA  and continue to do so.   Leeches on the backs of the populace sucking them dry, and USA is about to be sucked dry completely.  Nazi Bannon praises that form of capitalism that has reigned in the USA since 1913.   He claims that form of capitalism brought many decades of peace.   Historical facts do not corraborate Nazi Bannon's lying claim.  The USA has been virtually at constant war with one nation or another since the founding of the Federal Reserve bank.   USA is a pawn of the Vatican to accomplish Vatican's geopolitical aims.

The players are all lined up to fulfill Daniel 11:14:

Daniel 11:14   At that time many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of your people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision [New World Order] but shall fall.

The robbers of Daniel's people are the Jews of Satan Pharisees (Matthew 23:31-32, 35, Rev. 18:24).  Their vision is the NWO, emanting out of the robber's empire, the Vatican which is owned by the Jew Pharisees who founded the first church in the world, the Roman Catholic church, and do still own it -- the inheritance passed on from Pharisee fathers to Pharisee sons on down their generations (Matthew 21:33-46, Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27).

In power in the USA is Nazi Steve Bannon who calls the pope 'holy father' and  demands Christian militantism rise up to fight for the beliefs of Catholic Christendom.    In the above video, he names China and Russia as enemies based on their form of capitalism and Daniel speaks of Russia and China being involved in the coming global conflict.     Within the king of the south is one who is for bringing into reality the Vatican's NWO vision, that is Nazi Steve Bannon.  Not just him though, but he is the lead man heading Trump where the Vatican NWO visionaries want to go, their back up plan to a China failure.

Daniel says the Vatican NWO dreamers fall and that Russia conquers new territory (Daniel 11:15) and that China occupies the Middle East for a time (Daniel 11:16-19).   The USA military will fall to the military of Russia and China.   Even if now USA/Nato military has technology capable of winning against China and Russia in a war, everything shall go wrong for USA/Nato so that what they think is their military superiority over Russia and China, which may in fact be the case, USA/Nato will not prevail.  God foretells it will not go the way Vatican wants.

Steve Bannon wants the US populace united under a banner of Judeo-Christianity, and said that is what he wants because a global conflict is coming.  The psyops will be geared to get the population going in that direction.   What may seem like mainstream media opposition where incredibly outrageous things are said to undermine Bannon's goal to unite the populace under Judeo-Christianity, that is a push to generate a push back.   Bannon said the mainstream press should shut up.   If enough people want that Judeo-Christian agenda to be unopposed, they will back restrictions on freedom of the press.   

Goldman Sachs is not against Bannon, he comes from them and mainstream press is controlled by the banksters.  Nazism is totalitarianism, and that means coming restrictions on freedom of the press, and it will be welcomed when it comes under the banner of defending Judeo-Christianity.   The bankster owned mainstream media used to have Billy Graham crusades on prime time NBC, CBS and mainstream media lauded Graham.   It suits their agenda to bring militant Christianity to rise in the US and they will be very clever in the psyops they employ to bring that about.

The Vatican prefers that China be the new imperial power, and has been setting the stage for China rising by having their Federal Reserve banksters take down the US economy, among other things.   Pope Bergoglio is hated by traditional Catholics and they would prefer to have conservative Ratzinger as pope again.    Bergoglio is the China face of the Vatican.   Ratzinger is the Nazi face of the Vatican to be in power to prosecute a Nazi war in the event of a China failure.   The Vatican has two tracks running in the event their preferred China track fails.  The second track is to Nazify Europe and USA and then go to war against Russia and China.   A big failure is Trump being president, and by power of Catholic Knights of Malta Freemasons who did not want China as the imperial power.   Clinton would have handed USA to China, as Vatican desires.  Trump says 'make America great'.    At the very top of the Vatican and not known to even high level Catholic Freemasons is that Jew Pharisees own the Vatican.  The Jew Pharisees have no allegiance to any Gentile nation, they ride over them to steal their wealth.  The woman who rides the Beast and she sits over many people.    The high-level  KOM Catholic Freemasons have allegiance to their own heritage.

But the Vatican has a back up plan, that is a Nazi Fourth Reich march in the name of Judeo-Christianity to war against China, Russia and Iran.   That is a big gamble for the Vatican.  If Russia and China were sufficient victors, they could literally destroy the Vatican and put an end to their nemesis.  But that is not to be either, as the Catholic church remains until the very end, with the Beast himself being the last pope of the Catholics (Rev. 17:10-11).   The US military has placed and continues to build up its offensive weapons encircling China's south sea and they are doing the same around Russia's borders with Poland and Ukraine.  Vatican has their back up plan in the face of a China failure.   Obama was a Vatican puppet and in his last few days in office, he authorized a very large deployment of US troops and weapons to join Nato troops bordering Russia.

Besides the uncertainties of the 2016 US election, Vatican also has the uncertainties of China's acceptance of Vatican's offer to place China in an imperialist seat, which offer comes with a very high price tag - let the IMF control the exchange rate of China's currency.   The 2016 US presidential election result is turning out to be an insurmountable obstacle to Vatican's China plan.     Vatican, through Soros and the CIA, attempted to undo the 2016 election.  First by lawsuits challenging the election results.  Then an attempt to persuade the voters in the electoral college to change their vote in favor of Clinton.   Then Vatican's CIA attempted to bring down Trump through allegation that Trump had ties to Russia that threatened US national security.  Recently it has been banted about that Trump is mentally unstable and should be removed under the 25th Amendment to the USC.  

By now, or soon to be, the Vatican will realize it has no choice but to go the Nazi route.   Bannon is not at all against Catholicism, not even against Bergoglio though many Catholics are.  To my knowledge he has not changed his position, as stated in the video, that Bergoglio is the 'holy father', unlike many Catholics who think he is an anti-pope.   The Vatican can very easily work with Bannon, they just have not fully thrown in yet behind him.   That awaits Bergoglio's removal soon by death or murder, and Nazi Ratzinger's reinstallment as pope.  Then the reapproachment begins when Vatican under Ratzinger embraces President Bannon, that uniting under Judeo-Christianity in a global conflict to defeat the enemies of Catholic Christendom.   Trump is not setting the agenda, Bannon is.

Trump's movement is not a populist movement.  It is a Freemason movement.  Bannon wants all of the US populace united under Judeo-Christianity and any who refuse will become an enemy of the state. is a website owned by a man who is a Christian and does reject the truth that Paul's doctrine is not of God and that the Son of God is not worshiped by those who convert Paul's doctrine.   All converts to Paul's doctrine go to the eternal fire (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17). dismisses Paul's gospel as being not of God, but he thinks a Christian church can be of God. has contacted that website but they have not responded.    No Christian church altar is of God, the altar was founded by Pharisee Paul (Hebrews 13:10).  The Son of God did not give any altar to the Gentiles (John 4:20-24).  There is only one true altar of God on earth and it is possessed by the Jews, the Jerusalem Temple altar (Rev. 11:1-2).

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