High blood pressure from too much sodium chloride (salt) is not the only harm but also too much salt upregulates pro-inflammatory agents.  Researchers found mechanisms by which high salt intake is a risk factor in auto-immune diseases, see link.

Sodium chloride poisoning in livestock has clinical symptoms.  Some symptoms are dragging of a hind leg, seizure, deafness and blindness.     In cattle there can be knuckling of the fetlock joint which is around the hoof area.   Could chronic over consumption of salt cause joint problems in people?  It has already been shown through research that high salt intake increases pro-inflammatory factors, so the answer must be yes.  Too much salt can lead to joint inflammation, and other inflammations.   Inflammation underlies arthritis.  Inflammation underlies cancer.  Could too much salt be a risk factor for cancers other than stomach cancer?   Very high salt intake is a known cause of stomach cancer.   

Copper bracelets and aspirin are among anti-inflammatory agents used to relieve joint pain.  Would restriction of salt intake relieve joint pain?  Could salt restriction relieve or ameliorate auto-immune disorders?   Though it may be unpleasant to not satisfy the taste for salt in food, the health benefits are worth the taste deprivation.  After a while, the taste buds become adjusted to a lower salt intake and thereafter very salty foods become unpleasant to taste.

Could too high sodium level be a cause of male erectile dysfunction?   Sodium hardens the arteries interfering with blood flow.  Also, potassium causes the release of nitric oxide, and the ED medications do work by increasing nitric oxide.   

The body needs potassium to exceed sodium in order to be healthy.   The body needs sodium and potassium and health problems arise when there is an imbalance between the two minerals.   It is reported optimal ratio is 1:4 sodium to potassium.    For every gram of sodium chloride consumed, consume four grams of potassium.  If healthy, every gram of sodium chloride consumed, consume two grams of potassium.   When the ratio of sodium to potassium falls below 1:2, then health problems can arise.

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