Vid 5:47    What's incredible is that they've gotten away with it when it is so obvious, and they're probably going to get away with it a third time

It is not incredible that the Jews of Satan get way with their evil deeds in light of the fact that USA is loaded with blind Christians who love the 'repent or wrath' message.    Catholics are well acquainted with the 'repent or wrath' message.  Fatima prophecy is a 'repent or wrath' lie of the Benjamite wolf Talmudic Jew owners of the Vatican.  All Christian sects teach the lie that is 'repent or wrath'.

To those who see through Cahn's shtick, that see Cahn really is a spokesman for the elite, I add another layer, that may have you wanting to believe the Son of God speaks truth, for those who do not already believe in the Son of God:

Acts 23:6     I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee

That is false apostle Paul, the founder of Christianity, declaring post-alleged conversion to the Son of God that he is a Pharisee, and proudly points out that this dad is also a Pharisee.  They are the generation of snakes that highly prize themselves as big shots, they are the men of Satan who sat in Moses' seat in God's Temple playing the hypocrite boys (Matthew 23:2-3).  They love excess and are extortionists (Matthew 23:25).   They come up with their own doctrine in order to rule over Jews (Talmud and Mishnah), and later they came up with the doctrine of Pharisee Paul to rule over the Gentiles.

The Son of God said that the Pharisees seize on his inheritance, and they did so through Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.  Wolf Paul was made the light to the Gentiles by the Pharisees, and many Gentiles are attracted to the Benjamite wolf Pharisee Paul.    

The inheritance of the Son of God with respect to Gentiles is that he shall be their Light (John 8:12, Isaiah 42:6).   The Christians insist Paul is the Light (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23).

The Son of God has an inheritance with the Jews too, he is their convenant (Isaiah 42:6).   The Son of God shall rule from Jerusalem, and the Jews who love God shall rule with him and never depart from him (Jeremiah Ch. 31).   

For the Gentiles, the Pharisee Talmudic Jews of the tribe of Benjamin told them the church altar is their place of heaven on earth.     For the Jews, the Pharisee Talmudic Jews tell them that the State of Israel, which the Pharisees control, is God's nation on earth, fulfilling the will of God on earth.   Nothing could be further from the truth  (Matthew 21:33-46).

At vid 7:26, the uploader brings up the subject of  Jews who speak against the state of Israel, such Jews proclaiming that the state of Israel violates God's commandments; these are the good Jews of the Lord who are just as much oppressed by the Jews of Satan as are Gentiles.   The Son of God said the Pharisees seize on his inheritance, and they have, that is obvious.   

The Son of God said that Pharisees knew he was the Son of God, they counseled among themselves to have him killed so that they could seize on the inheritance of the Son of God (Matthew 21:33-46).     As to Gentiles, the inheritance of the Son of God is that he is their Light (Isaiah 42:6, John 8:12).   The Pharisees made Paul the light to the Gentiles (Galatians 4:12, 1 Cor. 11:1).   

When Pharisees brought Paul's gospel to the Gentiles, Paul began to be widely accepted by Gentiles as being the Light, Gentiles calling him the Son of God in the flesh, others calling him an angel of God (Galatians 4:14).      Paul declares he is the Son of God in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16).

Out of the gospel of Pharisee Paul, the Pharisees gave Gentiles:

1.   An altar (Hebrews 13:10)

2.  A ritual to perform at the altar (1 Corinthians 11:26)

3.   Then demanded Gentiles pay money to the Pharisees (Romans 15:27)

4.  The altar, the ritual, and so-called Light Paul' s doctrine, is the conquering of the Gentiles by the Pharisees and the subsequent unleashing of those events stated in Revelation 6:1-8 by the Benjamite Pharisee wolves when they fulfilled the prophecy of Jacob that Benjamin is like a wolf in the last days who conquers his prey and divides the spoils:

The Son of God foretold that the Pharisees would rule over his inheritance (Matthew 21:33-46).   As to Gentiles, the inheritance of Christ is that he is their Light.  The Pharisees made Paul the Light, the false light set up Christendom.  For those who are good but were deceived by Christendom, the Lord knows (Rev. 18:4).

Pharisee Talmudic Benjamite Jews rule over Gentiles through Christendom.  Original Christendom is the Roman Catholic church.   Copyright infringers came along starting in the 4th century with the Ethiopian church, then the Russian Orthodox church and finally the Protestant church.   Those Jew Benjamite Pharisees wrote the doctrine that set up altars for Gentiles, but three harlots arose to steal that altar from Pharisee Paul's doctrine and pocket the money themselves.  The Church of England was a vassal church of the Vatican at its founding in 597, having periods of disunity with the Vatican.

That explains why Jews own the western central banks, it is because they own original Christendom, the Roman Catholic church.   They have centuries upon centuries of entrenchment among the rulers, among the ruled of Europe and beyond that entrenchment, and what really keeps mystery Babel glued together, is Satan, the Beast and the Anti-Christ Spirit.

Christ said the Pharisees would present their own light to the Gentiles, and many Gentiles follow after Paul the alleged light, or alleged spokesman for the light, (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23, 21:33-46).    It explains why those Talmudic Jews of Satan (like Jonathan Cahn)  cozy up to Christendom and leave Christendom be the official religion in the territories they control.    The Jews own the mother church of Christendom, the Roman Catholic church.   The Talmudic Jews gained control of the credit creation of the USA in 1913, and have been engineering Shemitah-timed collapses in their sandbox playground that is the USA since they came to power in the USA in 1913 through establishment of the Talmudic Jew-owned private corporation Federal Reserve bank, a Trojan Horse of the Vatican and their Switzerland Knights Templar.   Switzerland, not the USA Constitution, rules over the private corporation Federal Reserve bank through the Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements.

Protestants are not better than Catholics, they were just a friction to the Talmudic Benjamite wolf owners of original Christendom to keep the Vatican's power in check (Rev. 6:8).    When European Protestants sailed themselves over to the land of the Indians, what later became known as the United States of America, the poor Indians were faced with an option by the Protestants:  accept our church altar or die.    The Indians refused Christianity and so the Protestants deemed they had the right of God to commit mass murder of the Indians, rape their women and steal their land.

Cahn goes back and forth between the two commands of God in Leviticus Chapter 25.   One command is that every seventh year, the land must be rested.   No sowing, no reaping by mankind whatsoever.  To make that work, God says he gives the Jews three years' worth of crops in the sixth year and that is to be stored away and drawn upon that year, and the following two years and such command of God was never given to any Gentile nation on earth to observe (Deuteronomy 4:8).     Present day Israel, which was founded by the Talmudic Jews in 1948, has never observed the seventh year land Sabbath since it was founded in 1948.

Going by Cahn's statement that 2016 is a jubilee year pursuant to Leviticus 25:11. then in 1966, the state of Israel should have cancelled all debts within their territory, and they did not, and they were not punished by God.   Is the State of Israel going to cancel all debts in 2016?  Absolutely not.   In the video, the evil Cahn points out that a 50  year old man blew a horn and that is the Talmudic Jews observance of the bi-century debt jubilee, to have a 50 year old blow a horn.   The command of God for the state of Israel to cancel all debts in 1966 was not observed by the rulers of Israel, the Talmudic Pharisees.    Will Talmudic Jew Cahn call down God's wrath upon Israel for failure to observe the seventh year land Sabbath and call upon the Israeli government to cancel all debts in 2016 or face God's wrath?  Absolutely not.     

Among the endorsers of evil Talmudic Cahn's book,  Harbinger, is that Freemason Gentile, who has been well paid for his service to Satan, Pat Robertson.  Robertson is reported to have a personal net worth of several hundred million USD.  Other endorsers of Cahn's book are Joseph Farah of  World News Daily, a Christian Zionist organization.

The Talmudic Jews have the Christians of all sects well under control in that they are having them believe God's wrath is coming on them in the USA, and other nations, and the Christians swallow it all up, cowering in fear.  Except some of them take heart in Cahn's lie that the Son of God is a refuge on this earth (John 15:26 - 16:4), as though no physical  harm can come from evildoers against those who seek refuge in Yeshua.  Wrath-like events are coming to the USA, except not at the hand of God, but at the hand of the Benjamite Talmudic Jews of the Vatican directing their Gentile slaves in power who are in league with them:

Revelation 18:23  ... by your sorceries [evil lying doctrines of Pharisees] all of the nations were deceived

Has the State of Israel ever observed the seventh year land Sabbath since the Talmudic Jews founded same in 1948?   Never!    And the Christians speak of how God has so blessed the Jews, making Israel's hills green, the flowers and crops abundant, a desert turned into an oasis.  Think about what Cahn is saying:

1.   Seventh year land rest

2.  Bi-century debt jubilee

God expects the Gentile nations to harvest three years' worth of crops every sixth year in the seven year cycle, put the sixth year's extra crops in storage and the nations of Gentiles draw upon that storage while waiting to harvest crops planted in the year following the seventh year land Sabbath?     But of course, God never commanded such a thing from the Gentiles (Deuteronomy 4:8).

Israel has never done such a thing since the Talmudic Pharisees set up the state of Israel in 1948.    Since 1948 to the present, Israel has  never observed the seventh year land Sabbath. And Israel never did a debt jubilee in 1966, nor will they do one in 2016.   But the evil Talmudic Cahn is calling down God's wrath on the USA and other Gentile nations for failure to do that which even Israel does not do.     The USA has never observed the bi-century debt jubilee, nor has any Gentile nation, same goes with the seventh year land Sabbath.

For the intellectuals who have no bent toward the man Paul who founded Christianity,  God is the author of truth and wisdom and questioning to discover what is truth does not offend God and I offer the above so that may be you will believe upon the word of the Son of God.    You see the Jews in power, you see how they work their evils over the Gentiles, and as stated by the uploader, seemingly incredibly the Gentiles fall for it time and time again, but it is not incredible in light of the truth:

1.   Satan exists, the Anti-Christ Spirit exists, and the Beast exists

2.   The Son of God foretold that Pharisees would seize on his inheritance, and we see those evil Talmudic Jews ruling over the Gentiles, and we see them ruling over Jews too in the state of Israel, founded by Talmudic Jew owners of the Vatican, among whom is Rothschild.  It is not Gentiles who own the Roman Catholic church.  Paul is a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin, he held the supreme office over the Gentile churches, (Romans 11:13, Galatians 2:15, Philippians 3:5), and that office became known as, and to this day is known as, the Petrine Office, but never held by Peter.  The office over the Gentiles of Christendom was founded by Benjamite wolf Pharisees, and first occupied by Paul and then occupied by popes of the Catholic church.  The writings 1 and 2 Peter are Pharisee forgeries.

The good Jews are not in power in this world, nor the good Gentiles.    The Talmudic Jews have a lot of children of Hell Gentiles on their side through Christendom, and have used those Gentiles to kill Jews of the Lord, and will continue to do so:

Matthew 23:31   [You Pharisees] are the children of those who killed the prophets

Matthew 23:32    You will fill up the measure of your fathers

The Benjamite wolf Pharisees use to their great advantage the Christians love of the lie that is 'repent or wrath' to do much evil in the world.  It is good whenever an evil person stops doing evil.  But what Christianity demands in repentance is to become of the church (Catholics, Russian Orthodox), come to church and become fervent believers in the gospel of Paul (Protestants, African church).     

Repent or wrath ended with John the Baptist (Matthew 11:13).   The Son of God declares new things, and among those new things is:  repent because the kingdom of God is coming (Matthew 4:17, 13:41).  What is the reason to repent?   Is it because God is going to pour out his wrath or is it because the kingdom of God is coming?   

When the good Jews have their Jerusalem Temple trashed by the Gentiles, it is not God's wrath upon the Jews, but God permitting the evil Gentiles their last transgression against him (Daniel 9:24).   The Talmudic Jew owners of the Vatican and all Christian sects shall be declaring God is punishing the Jews for having the audacity to set up the Jerusalem Temple altar, which altar is not of any Christian church; for having the audacity to reject the founder of Christianity, Pharisee Paul.   But it is the Gentiles who are in the wrong, their master Paul is of Satan (Rev. 11:1-2, Acts 23:6, John 8:44).   Their multitude of church altars are unholy filth of Satan (Rev. 2:9, Romans 2:28-29).
The word of the Son of God is in the gospel according to Matthew, the gospel according to John and John's Book of Revelation, except for those deceptions applied therein by the 325 AD Talmudic Pharisee Jews' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.    There are three epistles of a true apostle, John, that were also somewhat altered by said Council.

Not endorsing the uploader of the vid, I do not know him.   He has a video on the pine cone statues that decorate the Talmudic Jews'  Vatican.   The statues of pine cone are in reverence of the pine cone for having a high testosterone content in its pollen, and are not symbols of the pineal gland as claimed in said video.
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