.25 speed the lowest on youtube is still too fast to view all the images seen below.

50 frames to 60 frames per second in HDTV.   The entire demon man appearance in the video at link, and embedded below, is only about 1 second.   Video at link:

1:50 to 1:51 approximately is where the demon man makes his appearance, and can be seen at normal play speed.  However, most of the images seen below can not be seen at even .25 play speed given the fact that there are so many frames that go by in 1 second.     A demon that has an appearance that resembles a man, though not exactly being the demon man has a ghost-white flesh. as seen in that portion of his face that does appear in the video, and has an unnatural-looking nose.

The images below were taken from the video above around about 1:50 - 1:51 vid time.  Requires ability to quick pause play to see the images for oneself.

The order of pics is fairly much in sequence as appears in the video.  Not all of the images below are visible to the eye at normal play speed, or lowest play speed (.25), but only by examining individual frames of the video.  However, at normal play speed, the demon man can be seen.  The first pic is from about the time of the demon man's appearance on the left side of the video screen.  The next pics are what follows, but not in entirety because do not have the technical ability to capture every single frame in that 1:50 - 1:51 space.

Electronic sight not given to mankind by God.  A veil removed by which a part of Satan's kingdom can be seen. Satan's kingdom is all around his own, and his own are many, including every convert to the gospel of Pharisee Paul. 

The demon man is the one who is tallest in this pic and standing directly in front of Obama, blocking his path, if he were a solid form.  But being a demon man, the demon man walks through Obama and then past Obama.  Every pic below is within that approximate 1 second time between 1:50 and 1:51 on the vid, and just some of  the individual frames that played in that 1 second time.

Pic has a technical error, the computer monitor screen lines.

Lines to the left are from the computer monitor.

Obama is engulfed by the demon man except for part of his face.  Was not able to capture in image the frame that would show him completely engulfed in the body of the demon man.   The next three images are the closest frames to the one above which were able to be captured in image from the video.  

Obama was strengthened by the demon man according to his change in countenance.  The next pic is the same as the first pic above, and his countenance is low, downcast.  The following pic is after the demon man has walked through him and his countenance is changed, no more looking defeated but strengthened so that his countenance is one of confidence in himself.   In about 1 second, Obama goes from looking defeated to looking like he was crowned king of the world at the G20 summit.   Satan's kingdom, through the demon man, fools Obama.  Goes to show Satan's kingdom knows how to manipulate the mind and heart and soul of his own.  Satan was given permission by God to kill and steal the loved one and possessions of Job, and Satan immediately goes to his own, the Sabeans, sending them upon Job's servants to kill them (Job 1:15); and then Satan sends the Chaldeans to murder Job's servants and steal his livestock (Job 1:17).   Satan has a mission for Obama, that is clear from the images here.  Obama is doing the work of Satan's men, the Jew Pharisee owners of the Vatican.  The Beast carries the Vatican (Rev. 17:7).   But the robbers of Daniel's people shall fall when they try to establish their new world order vision (Daniel 11:14).    Satan, the Beast and the Anti-Christ Spirit would have long ago allowed their woman to control all the earth, but God restricts her power to 25% of the earth (Rev. 6:1-8).   When the Beast comes to earth in physical form (Rev. 11:7), then the whole world is under the power of Satan's Beast.   Satan the supreme jerk, and the Beast is like his son.   God says he shall give his Son all power on earth.  Satan gives his son-like being (the Beast) all of his power on earth (Rev. 13:2). 

Just like Satan's kingdom gave Obama a renewed freshness in mind and heart and soul so that his countenance changed in an instant from defeated to victor, same thing occurs with the Christian Paul converts in that they are filled with the Anti-Christ Spirit (1 John 4:3), and that Spirit deceives them in all ways to give them the feelings, the sense that the spirit within them is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit entered the true apostles by way of the Son of God (John 20:22).  In the Jew Pharisees' Book of Acts, they speak of a spirit that came and fallaciously call that spirit the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:3-4).  But in reality, that spirit of Pentecost is the Anti-Christ Spirit.  

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