Julian Assange speaking to a group in Berlin, Germany via video.  He is holed up in an Equador embassy in London to avoid being arrested and extradited to the USA.  Assange knows Hillary Clinton is among some of the elite in the west that would have him murdered if they can.

His natural eye color is dark brown.  In this pic, his left iris is black and his right iris brown.  Close up next.

His eye color is not dark brown, eyes shapeshifted.  Close up pics next.

His natural eye color is dark brown in both eyes.

Here he has another change in eye color in both eyes.  Close up next.

Can see the letters 't' and 'r' showing through two of his fingers.  Close up next.

Also hand is deformed slightly (see next to his thumb).

Deformities of hand and the 't' in truth is showing through his hand.

The woman shapeshifts too, here it is her hand.  Close up next.

Another shapeshifting of her hand, close up next.

Her left hand is deformed, her face.  Close up pics of her hand and more pics of her shapeshifting next.

Face of Hell

Julian Assange is a shapeshifter.  Based on the fact that he shapeshifts, Assange must be an evil man.  An evil man fighting against people who are more evil than he is.

Rudi Guiliani, a shapeshifter therefore an evil man.

Face of Hell.  Guiliani's destination is Hell then the everlasting lake of fire.

Donald Trump, USA presidential candidate.  He is a shapeshifter and therefore an evil man.  The Christian Paul convert dogs, like Rick Wiles, think Trump is sent by God to rescue America.   They hear their dead-in-Hell master Pig Paul in Romans Ch. 13 and Titus 3:1-3 where their master Paul teaches obedience and submission to all in government whether the people in government are good or evil.  They do not hear the Son of God:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them.

Think any government on earth is a godly government?  The Christians do, and their Pig Paul master tells them so, but the Son of God says no one in government is for his doctrine, no one.   As of John the Baptist, when the wicked are no more cut down by God, (Matthew 13:30, Rev. 22:11), until the time comes to cut them down, (Matthew 13:41), it is evil people that hold the reigns of power.  Never a king Solomon or king David holding reigns of power, or a king Nebuchadnezzar, when he did honor God, holding reigns of power as of the time of John the Baptist.   Evil people are in control of the kingdoms of this world until God overthrows them giving the kingdoms of this world to the Son (Rev. 11:15).

Trump's destiny is Hell then the eternal lake of fire.  A face of Hell.

Hillary Clinton, USA presidential candidate.  She is a shapeshifter and therefore she is evil. 

Slit pupil in right eye, also iris color change.  There are far more grotesque images of her shapeshifting than this one. 

Images captured by high speed photography that otherwise cannot be seen with the natural eye.  Electronic-enabled sight.  Most of the time shapeshifting is not visible except by aid of electronic sight.  

When evil people die they go to Hell (Matthew 11:20-24).  Hell is not the final home of evil people, it is the lake of fire that is their final home (Matthew 25:41, Rev. 20:14).  Hell is not a place of torment for the beings of Satan's kingdom, but is a place of torment for those of mankind who end up there.    People in Hell taking on grotesque forms is likely one of the torments of Hell.  

All mediums and channelers go to Hell when they die.  When a medium contacted the deceased prophet of God Samuel, she saw his form as that of an old man (1 Samuel 28:14).    But the forms of people in Hell are probably like the shapeshifting seen in the pics above, only far more gruesome.   

The demons on earth can take on the form of people, and every encounter in a haunting situation where a ghost person is seen or heard it always a demon(s) appearing in form or voice of a person.

No Christian ever casts out any demon from any one.  The only time demons were cast out of people is when the Son of God walked the earth in the flesh, when he and his apostles did expel demons from people.   The Son of God says the evil spirits return to every one who they were cast out of:

Matthew 12:43-45   ... then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there so that the last state of that man is worse than the first.  Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation

Children, men and women who became possessed by demons and whom the Lord (or his apostles) cast the demons out of them, he says the demons all came back, and other demons even more wicked entered them.    Demonically-possessed people had demons cast out of them by Christ and his apostles, all the while the Lord knowing that in doing so, he is making the condition of such people far worse because the original inhabiting demons all came back to their host and brought several other more wicked demons to live in their host as well.    

The Lord destroys all the wicked people by sending them to Hell.   Does he make their life better on earth, no!  He makes their life worse on earth in the case of the demonically-possessed from whom Christ and his apostles cast out demons.    In the era of the prophets prophesying:  repent or wrath, the Lord did destroy the evil people.   But as of John the Baptist, it is no more repent or wrath, it is:

Matthew 4:17  ... repent because the kingdom of God is coming to earth

The kingdom of God is coming to earth, and when that happens, it shall be as in the time of Noah's flood in that the waters came suddenly and took the evil people to their death, no sudden water, but sudden appearance of God's angels who shall grab hold of all the evil people in the world and remove them from the earth (Matthew 13:41).

How much the Christians do not know the Lord, as they stand before him at judgment claiming that a proof that they are of the Lord is that they cast out demons:

Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name.  We prophesied in your name and we cast out demons in your name.  And I shall tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

Every Christian denomination will claim they free a person from Satan and bring him/her to God by casting out demons.     Casting out demons and prophesying are the two proofs presented to the Lord by Christians as proof that they are of God, when it actually proves that they are not of God.     The prophesying of Christians comes down to:  repent or wrath.  They are always claiming dreams and visions and direct conversation with God of imminent wrath due to sin.   The Son of God never preached:  repent or wrath.  He preached:  repent because the kingdom of God is coming.  The Son of God preached:

Matthew 13:30  Let both [evil people and good people] exist until the harvest

Matthew 13:41  [The  Harvest]  The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth

In the meantime, as to evil people and God's wrath:

Revelation 22:11   Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still.  And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be holy still

Revelation 22:11 is as Matthew 13:30, let both evil people and good people exist until the harvest.  The Lord said:

Matthew 11:13  ... For the law and the prophets prophesied until John the Baptist

Some one who is for God does not reject the doctrine of God (Torah, Tanakh, Matthew and John).   The Lord says, no more enforcement of penalty under law, and no more repent or wrath.  The Lord let the adulteress go free (John 8:11), and the Lord preached:  repent (not because wrath if not repent) because the kingdom of God is coming.

Christianity dies without its 'repent or wrath' message, it is the means by which the Roman Catholic church and other Christian denominations whip their church lay into church attendance. Catholic Fatima prophecy, for example, that lie of the Vatican Pharisees stating if there is not a return to the church, then God shall pour out his wrath.   The dead dog pope John Paul II said the church is always renewed by blood shed.   

Christianity, including the Catholic church, have their exorcist church leaders  who perform exorcisms.   All Christian exorcisms are claimed by Christianity to be a rescuing of demonically-possessed from the demonic world.   The Son of God says otherwise, but Christianity refuses the Son of God yet claims to be of him.   Christianity eats the flesh of a man, and he is a dead pig man in Hell:

Isaiah 66:17   Those that sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst eating swine's flesh and the abomination and the mouse shall all together be consumed

Isaiah is speaking of that harvest the Lord tells of in Matthew 13:41.    Who are these who stand behind one tree, and who is that one tree?:

Zechariah 11:9   Then I said I will not feed you.  That which is to die, let it die and that which is to be cut off, let it be cut off and let every one of the rest eat the flesh of another

Feed you, feed meaning teaching the doctrine of God.  The Torah is doctrine of God, the prophets of God speak the doctrine of God.   Let the Jewish people who do not die from lack of being fed God's doctrine, and who are not cut off, eat the flesh of another.  Flesh meaning doctrine.   Let them eat the doctrine of another, and the 'another' is man-made doctrine.  The Jewish people, by and large, eat the doctrine of men - namely, the Jew Pharisees.  They eat the Talmud doctrine and the Oral Tradition doctrine.  Those two doctrines, though wholly contradicting the Tanakh and Torah, are claimed by some to be doctrines of God.    

Who is that one tree that people stand behind, and who is the swine whose flesh they do eat?   The Son of God likened himself to a vine (tree) and said those who believe on him are as the branches thereof.     The Son of God likened his word to being his flesh, he gave his flesh to the world and said, unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, you have no life in you.   That is not to be taken as meaning any one who has yet to hear of the Lord's testimony and dies not having heard same is therefore lost.   The Lord knows who would love him if they knew of him.   

Whose flesh do the Christians eat, and who is the tree that Christians are the branches of?  It is not the Son of God, but rather Paul the Pharisee, false apostle and anti-Christ.  Paul feeds his flesh (doctrine) to the Christians.  Paul the Pig is the tree that stands in the midst that many hide behind.  Paul the Pig tells the Christians how to be purified and sanctified by God.   Paul the Pig feeds them alleged truth of God.   Eat Paul the pig liar's flesh and end up where the Swine flesh eaters belong, Hell and then the everlasting lake of fire (Romans 3:7):

Romans 5:6    For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly

Evil Christianity, they hear Swine Paul and it his flesh they eat, he is the tree and they are his branches.   Paul is a liar.  The Son of God did not die for the ungodly, he died for the godly:

John 10:15  ... I lay down my life for the sheep

The Lord redeems his sheep, these are good people.  Some of them did evil deeds that calls for their death as penalty under the law, and some of them broke God's law out of ignorance, and some of them broke the least of God's commandments and some of them were perfect, (such as Job and John the Baptist and Elijah).   They all have one thing in common, they have a heart for God and of those that strayed off the path of righteousness who did know of the path of righteousness did all came back to obedience to God.

Paul is that one tree in the midst, the dead-in-Hell Pig man whose flesh many eat.   Pig Paul says Christ died for the ungodly.  Christ says he died for the godly (sheep).   The ungodly are the wicked evil who never would be godly, and the Lord never justifies the ungodly (Exodus 23:7).   The Son of God does not say he died for the goats.   Evil Pharisee Paul, the liar and opposer of Christ, says the Son of God did die for the goats.  

Were enemies of God reconciled to God by the death of Christ?:

Romans 5:10  For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life

Pig Paul is a liar for God reconciles no enemy of his:

Exodus 23:7 ... I will not justify  the wicked

John 10:15  ... I lay down my life for the sheep

The wicked are God's enemies, he did not justify the wicked through the death of his Son.   Paul the Pig says God did justify his enemies through the death of his Son.  

The Son of God explicitly states  he died for the righteous.   The sheep are the righteous, and that is whom he died for.   Pig Paul says the Son of God died for the unrighteous, not for the righteous.  In fact, Pig Paul says no one of mankind is righteous (taking Isaiah out of context), even thought the Son of God says there are not only righteous people, but there are holy people too (Rev. 22:11):

Romans 5:7   Scarcely for a righteous man will one die, yet peradventure that for a good man some would even dare to die.

Romans 5:8  But God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

That is a lie, for the Lord plainly states he died for the sheep, but Pig Paul denies that truth and says Christ died for the ungodly, the wicked, the evil.  Pig Paul the liar claims God turned the wicked evil into his friends upon the death of Christ (Romans 5:10).  What a gross lie from the bottomless pit, that God made evil people his friends upon the death of his Son.   Pig Paul contradicts the Lord who says:

John 3:19   This is the condemnation.  That light is come into the world but men  loved darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil

Clearly, the Son of God is teaching that his death did not reconcile evil men to God!   Evil people are never reconciiled with God because they love darkness, and God is light. They love darkness because their deeds are evil.  They prefer their evil deeds, so prefer darkness reigns, not Light.  The Son of God did not come expecting to make sheep out of goats.  The Son of God came to lay down his life for the sheep, not the goats of whom Pig Paul is one of them (John 10:15). 

There is a spirit from the bottomless pit that is called the Anti-Christ Spirit and it fills the converts to Paul's gospel (1 John  4:3).   Some Paul converts give lip service to the truth that Christ came in the flesh, but because they believe in Paul's doctrine and Paul's doctrine teaches that Christ did not come in the flesh, they actually deny that Christ came in the flesh:

Romans 8:3  ... Christ came in the likeness of sinful flesh

1 Corinthians 15:47-50  The first man is of the earth, earthy;  the second man is the Lord from heaven ... And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.   Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, neither does corruption inherit incorruption

Corruption does inherit incorruption, as the Lord gives to the sheep the right to eat of the fruit of the tree of life and thereby the corrupt, meaning a body that dies,  shall become incorruptible, meaning a body that does not die:

Revelation 22:14   Blessed are those who do God's commandments that they may have the right to eat of the tree of life and enter the city through the gates

What need for the tree of life that was available for Adam and Eve to eat, and upon eating would have given them immortal flesh and blood bodies, if Pig Paul speaks truth that God shall put an end to all flesh and blood?    

Pig Paul says Adam was of the earth, meaning his body was formed of the earth.  Pig Paul says Christ was not of the earth, meaning his body was not formed of the earth thereby denying that Christ came in the same earthy body that God created for all of mankind.   Pig Paul says we all bear the image of the first man, meaning we have the same earthy body that Adam had.    Pig Paul says we shall bear the image of the Lord from heaven, meaning the image (body) the Lord came in is the same kind of body we shall receive in the next life.  

Pig Paul says the first image (earthy body of Adam) was corruptible, and that the second image (heavenly body of the Lord) is the Lord from heaven and is incorruptible.    The body of the Lord born of the virgin Mary was a corruptible flesh and blood body:

Psalm 16:10  You will not leave my soul in Hell, neither will you suffer your Holy One to see corruption

Had the body of Christ remained in the grave, it would have seen corruption, that is clear from Psalm 16:10.   Therefore, Pig  Paul is a liar in stating the second man is the Lord from heaven who came in an incorruptible body (1 Cor. 15:47-50).

Pig Paul says the image of the first man (Adam) was earthy, and being earthy it was corruptible (meaning subject to death and decay, returning to dust).  Pig Paul says the Lord from heaven is the second man who came bearing an incorruptible image (meaning his body was not of the earth like Adam's and not subject to death and decay, returning to dust).   The flesh and blood body of the Son of God was raised to life before it could be corrupted, meaning decayed; and the soul of the Son of God reentered his resurrected flesh and blood body.    Pig Paul denies that the Lord came in a corruptible body, where corruptible means subject to death and decay, returning to dust.   Pig Paul denies the image of the Lord was an earthy image, but yet it was being that he came in the same flesh and blood 'earthy body' that all mankind is born into.    Pig Paul says we shall bear the image of the Lord from heaven, meaning the body of the Lord that came down from heaven is the same kind of body the saved people shall receive in the next life.   Truth is every one already does bear the image of the Lord from heaven being that the Lord came to earth in a flesh and blood body, just like all mankind is born into a flesh and blood body.    Also, every one is created in the image of God, (Genesis 1:26), but not every one loves God (Matthew 25:41).    Truth is, every one is reunited with their flesh and blood body, and some of them are placed in the lake of fire (Rev. 20:12-13, Matthew 25:41), and some of them get to eat of the tree of life and thereby have an immortal flesh and blood body:

Isaiah 66:22-24   And it shall come to pass that upon every Sabbath and every new moon shall all flesh come to worship before me, says the Lord.  And they shall go forth and look upon the carcasses of the  men that have transgressed against me and they shall be a hated thing to all flesh

All flesh, all flesh shall worship before God, all flesh shall hate those in the lake of fire.  Flesh and blood in God's kingdom given immortality through the fruit of the tree of life (Rev. 2:7, 22:14).  The Paul converts will be in that lake of fire in their flesh and blood body which their master Paul blames for sin.    The Son of God says it is from the heart that evil thoughts arise, not from the flesh (Matthew 15:19).

Whereas the Son of God says it is the heart that evil comes from, the anti-Christ Pig Paul says it is from the flesh and blood body that evil comes.   The Christian Paul convert dogs wait for their new body, when it is their heart that is evil.    Those convert dogs ignore the Lord at every turn, preferring their Pig master's doctrine instead, and those liars do claim to be of the Lord when in fact they are of Satan.   Every Paul convert is a shapeshifter.

Paul's doctrine is that the saved Christians are living in a body that is captured by sin and the sin-captured flesh causes them to sin (Romans 7:16-25).  Not to worry, they shall bear the image of the Lord from heaven and so be free of their flesh and blood body, says Pig Paul.   Pig  Paul's doctrine is:  Flesh and blood cannot inherit God's kingdom.    Paul's doctrine is that Christ did not come in an earthy body (a flesh and blood body, 1 Cor. 15:47-50, Romans 8:3).

So the Lord resurrected into his flesh and blood body and could not inherit his own kingdom because he was in a flesh and blood body?   So says Pig Paul in that he says flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and the Christians eat it up.  Pig Paul makes it clear, the Lord did not come in a flesh and blood body, and the pig Christians eat it up.   There is something evil about flesh and blood, says Pig Paul, and it is that the law of sin dwells in all flesh and blood (Romans 7:23).   So the Lord inhabited evil flesh and blood and his evil flesh and blood warred against his mind, brought him into captivity so that he committed sin?  That would be the conclusion based on Pig Paul's doctrine if Paul claimed Christ came in the flesh, but Pig Paul being of the Anti-Christ Spirit denies that Christ came in the flesh.

Romans 7:25   I delight in God's law in my mind and I serve sin in my deeds

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil

Romans 8:3  ... Christ came in the likeness of sinful flesh

Some may say that by 'corruptible' Pig Paul means subject to being compelled to sin, rather than meaning the body is subject to death and decay.  Yet, the Lord says corruption comes from the heart, not the body.  The heart continues into the next life, as the Lord says:  where your heart is, so is your treasure (Matthew 6:21).  The Lord says men are condemned for loving darkness rather than light (John 3:19). It is the heart that loves the Lord, or loves darkness.  The hearts that love darkness are all condemned, and never do turn to loving God.   Pig Paul's doctrine makes no mention of the heart being the seat of loving good or loving evil.  Pig Paul says his mind loves God's law, but he is compelled to serve evil in his deeds.  He says he is a practitioner of evil who awaits a new body that will conform to his God-loving mind.  

There will be flesh and blood in God's kingdom to come on earth, and no Christian Paul convert will be in God's kingdom on earth to come. 

The insanely evil lying world of Christianity which is founded on the gospel of anti-Christ Jew Pharisee Paul.  The Pharisees own original Christendom until God destroys them, the Roman Catholic church.  The non-Catholic Christian churches are the harlots (Rev. 17:5).   The whole lot of them can go to Hell and then the eternal fire, excepting the few good but deceived who would come out of Christendom if they knew the truth.    

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