Notice in all of these pics, and if watch the video above from which the images were taken, the background is not distorted throughout the video, just evil Wiles face is morphed, shapeshifted.  He is a ghoul, a child of Hell convert to the gospel of Paul.   There is no correcting the children of Hell converts to Paul's gospel, only testimony against them.  The testimony is the word of the Son of God, which Paul converts reject in favor of belief on the gospel of false apostle and anti-Christ Paul, all the while claiming that they are of the Son of God (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17):

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs ... whosoever loves or makes a ;lie

There is never an "if" about it, such that there can be a circumstance where a lie spreads truth.   The Son of God speaks against all converts to Paul's gospel, they are condemned people by their own choice of loving a lie (Paul's gospel) instead of loving the truth, which is the word of the Son of God in Matthew and John's writings, excepting the few deceptions applied to said writintgs by the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.

The testimony of the Son of God is against every Christian.  There is also evidentiary proof of same where the children of Hell Christians are shown to be shapeshifters.   Satan's kingdom shapeshifts those people who are of Satan, Christian and non-Christian.  Christianity is of Satan and is the only religion that claims to be of the Son of God, but is not.

1 John 2:18  You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs

Every pic of Wiles in this article shows him shapeshifted.  Among the shapeshifting in this pic is his right ear.

Pic above his right ear is a black thing that looks nothing like the ear of a man.  In this pic, the black thing is partly covering his ear.

The interviewer also is shapeshifted.

Dichromatic eyes.

Teeth shapeshifted.

Dichromatic eyes, teeth shapeshifted.

His left eyebrow is shapeshifted, dichromatic eyes. 

This woman of Satan is shapeshifted throughout the video above, mostly in inconspicuous ways that would go unnoticed except if one is looking for the shapeshfiting.  In this pic her right eye is shapeshifted, huge iris compared to the left eye; also her right iris is not round, with a straight line down on both sides. Teeth shapeshifted.

Her bottom teeth are shapeshifted.  From left side of pic to the right side of the pic her teeth become progressively shorter.

Teeth and eyes shapeshifted.

More teeth shapeshifting.

Her left  hand is shapeshifted, much larger, fingers fatter and longer than her right hand.  Green coloring over her forehead.

Her left hand is shapeshifted, large gap between her pinky finger and the finger next to it.

It is impossible to position finger as seen in this pic, with two fingers next to each other, and one finger on top of the knuckle of the other finger.  Woman of Satan, Christian Lyn Leahz shapeshifted by her father's kingdom.

Her left eye is almost all black. Normally, she has some space between eye and her eyebrow, but in this pic shapeshifted to alter what she normally looks like.  The woman of Satan has large drawn on eyebrows, in width and length, but in this pic her left eyebrow is a very thin line, barely visible.

Her left hand is shapeshifted.

The object behind her hand is seen through part of her hand. 

Her right hand is also shapeshifted.

A close up shot of the pic above.

Shapeshifted palm of her hand, and it is huge. The thumb is shapeshfted.

Shapehshifted hand.

Gross woman of Satan, her body is morphed in gross way, to match the grossness of her soul, as it is with all Christian Paul converts.

Shapeshifted eyes.

Protrusion, like a bone, below her left shoulder.

More hand shapeshifting.

Protrusion appears to the right of her shoulder.

Four fingers on her left hand and her right hand fingers are shapeshifted.

  Clearly a thumb is showing at the top of the pic of her left hand and only three other fingers seen.  Four fingers, shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

More hand shapeshifting.

Shapeshifted arm, made much smaller. Even not seeing the fingers, what is seen of the hand is longer than the length from her wrist to her elbow. 

Moreh hand shapeshfiting.

Part of her left eye iris (side closest to nose) is grey color, and she has the bright white anomaly going on in that eye. 

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