Kirill, the religious Lord of Russia.  Marked difference in size betwen the hand around his staff and the hand across his chest. Shapeshifted evil clown Kirll. Image taken from video above.

The following images are from a video uploaded by RT, or RuptlyTV, of an Orthodox Christian church service.

Right iris is not fully round.

Dichromatic eyes. In pic above, his right eye is blue, in this pic his right eye is brown.

Eyes shapeshifted.  On his left side, his face and Bergoglio's face no separation from Kirll's nose up to his eye.  Easier to see with a magnifying lense - his left eye is stretched lenghtwise and puffed out a bit melting in with Bergoglio's face.  Bergoglio's head/face is shapeshifted such that is shortened in length, and his ear is shapeshifted. Kirill's right eye is brown and his left eye is black.

Kirll and Bergoglio are both shapeshifting in this pic.

Kirill's left eye is black and his right eye is barely distinguishable.  Most of the images of Kiril and Bergoglio taken from the video above show them with partial or complete face melt, their features hardly distinguishable.  Bergoglio's ear shapeshifted and he has discoloring on the back of his head.

Only his left eye is barely visible, his right eye not seen, shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Kirill's left eye area is black.  Hard to tell with is right eye whether that is an eyelid or open eye minus any iris and pupil.  Bergoglio's ear shapeshifted, his face is fairly much a melt, just a slight indentation in the face around the eye area and slight protrusion for a nose.

Bergoglio's face is a melt, his ear shapeshifted.  Kirill's right eye is mising, his left eye is just a small speck of black.

Shapeshifting meeting, Kirll and Bergoglio shapeshift throughout the entire less than 3 minute video.  Camera flash in this image.  Both of them ghost white.  Kirill's left eye is black, the blackness extending down a bit. Black right eye and a dot of black beneath his right eye.  Bergoglio's face is a total melt.

Shapeshifted servant.  The shadow image is not the shadow of the man, nor Kirll.   It is a demon image. The one eye of the shadow being tne white circle fully on the right side.  The shadow head is too big and shadow neck too thin to be the shadow image of the man.  

Another image of the same man above shapeshifting. The greenish coloring on his right side face is the type of coloring sometimes seen in shapeshifting.  Green like a reptile.  Satan is the dragon, serpent - reptile.

HD cameras, highest quality cameras no doubt being used to film their meeting.  But being Satan's kingdom is shapeshifting his servants, both of their faces are a total melt.  Not the fault of the camera, but rather Satan's kingdom shapeshifting their servants, Kirill and Bergoglio.

The man on the right, his face below his nose is a melt.  Protrustion from below his ear down to his jaw, what little is there of his jaw.  Kirill has a black left eye and his right eye is a melt.  Bergoglio shapeshifted.

Bergoglio shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Most of the images show both men of Satan with melted or partially melted faces.  Melted meaning what should be seen, is not seen.  Kirill's right eye shoudl be seen, but it is not seen.  Bergoglio's facial features should be clearly seen, they are not,.  And whatd is seen is shapeshifted. 

One of the priests with Bergoglio (man on right) reaches out his hand to shake the man with Kirill, and his thumb is shapeshifted. 

Same man whose thumb is shapeshifted above, here his nose is shapeshifted.

Same man, shapeshifted again.  Blood red lips, eyes not seen, face shapeshifted.

Kirill made to look like a ghost in this image.

Two side show freaks of Hell, Bergoglio and Kirill, the two moron men of Satan who lead a gang of Gentile Christian morons (excepting the few good but deceived, Rev. 18:4).

The carvings on the statue between Kirll and Bergogio are distinguishable, but for the most part, the face of Bergoglio and face of Kirill are melted, facial features most a blur.

Bergoglio and Kirill go to Hell when they die.  Their eternal existence will be in the lake of fire (Matthew 25:41, Rev. 22:15, Romans 3:7).

Bumps forming a V-shape over the left side of his face.  Black eye, shapeshifted everything - head, face, ear, jaw line, nose, mouth, forehead.

Iimage beneath the cross in the video.  Skull and Bones, it is a Christian-thing.  Christianity is of Satan - the anti-Christ (1 John 2:18), Jew Pharisee Paul, gave Gentiles their church altars (Hebrews 13:10).  The Son of God gave no altar to the Gentiles (John 4:20-24).  Catholic John Kerry, Catholic George Bush - Harvard Univerisity theological division upholds Catholicism, so does Yale.  Every US university upholds some form of Christianity.

Dog Jeb Bush.

Bergoglio's hands shapeshifted.

Man shapeshifted.  Pointed greatly protruding chin, protusion on his forehead, whole face shapeshifted.

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