Kennedy's eyes are shapeshifted

As JFK and his wife twirl around, when his wife faces the camera, her eyes can be seen.  But every time JFK faces the camera, his entire eye area is black, among other shapeshifting occurring.

Right eye is black and left eye is shapeshifted.  Jaw line, chin, nose also shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom. Her appearance is gross.

With each twirl as JFK's turn to face the camera, his entire eye area is black.  In this pic, his entire face is shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Her turn to face the camera and her eyes (in this case an eye) can be seen.  Jaw line, chin, mouth, nose, cheek all shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

JFK faces the camera and his eye area is all black.  Entire face shapeshifted, and ear.

Her eye color changed, entire face shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Mouth missing, jaw line, chin - entire face shapeshifted and no ear seen on his left side.

Satan's kingdom gives JFK's father a big green nose, among other shapeshifting occurring in his pic above.

JFK's mom, both eyes are black, and her left eye area is blackened.  Face shapehsifted.  Same goes for evil Joe Kennedy, entire face shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.   JFK, his wife, his parents among those in the pit of Hell.
His wife shapeshifted.  JFK's ear shapeshifted.  Blackened eye area, nose and face shapeshifted.

In this pic, his eyes are dichromatic. In the pic above, his eyes are both brown color, with the left eye a darker color than the right eye.

Dichromatic eyes, two fangs for bottom teeth.  Other shapeshifting too.  Reagan was an evil man and is in Hell awaiting the eternal fire. 

Shapeshifted ears, among other shapeshifting by Satan's kingdom. Reagan, as with all US presidents including Washington, was an evil dog.

Green coloring over areas of his face, right ear shapeshifted, eyes morphed.

Dichromatic eyes, and this time, it is the left eye that is hazel and right eye brown.

Huge bottom teeth, shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Quite small bottom teeth, going smaller from right to his left.  Eyes smaller than pic above. Dichromatic eyes, the left eye is lighter color than the right eye color.  Every pic of Einsenhower in this article is taken from the video above.

His right eye appears to be black.  Teeth shapeshifted.

Black eye color.

Distinctly different shape to his forehead and head from the pic above - much larger in this pic than the pic above.  Dichromatic eyes.

Distinct difference in his right ear in this pic compared to his right ear in the pic above.

The newsman in the video is also shapeshifted.  Dichromatic eyes.

Dichromatic eyes, except this time, it is the left eye that is a light color and his right eye is dark color.

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