Dog and alleged war criminal Jorge Bergoglio (aka pope francis, the king of the Catholics) is shapeshifted throughout his interview.  Photos are from the video above.  In this photo eyes are shapeshifted, and there is other shapeshifting occuring (his nose, face, forehead).

Extra skin on his left side face from his nose down to his chin, cheek sunken and dark shadow over his left face.

In the pic above, JB has a lot of space between his eye and his eyebrow, very prominent brow, sunken eyes.  In this pic, he has none of that.  His head his shapeshifted, the forehead protruding out from the top of his head.  A prominent ridge is seen, almost like two horns ready to pop through.  His nose is not as long, his left eye is barely visible.  HIs left side face is compressed.

Hand shapeshifted.  His left ear is shapeshifted.  Bright white anomaly in his left eye.  His right iris has blue color in it, and his left eye is brown color.

The white anomaly is in his right eye in this pic.  Both ears are shapeshifted.  His left side of the face is shapeshifted.

Cursed man destined for the eternal fire (Matthew 25:41).  Ears shapeshifted. Snarled look facing upward toward heaven.  The whole face is shapeshifted, nose is shortened and somewhat flattened.

This man is an evil clown, as have been all popes, the first pope being Jew Pharisee Paul (Romans 11:13, Galatians 2:7-8).

Dichromatic eyes.

Demon left eye, right eye is shapeshifted too.  He looks absolutely evil, and he is evil.

Dopey looking eyes.  His forehead is morphed, sticking out farther than the top of his head.  Compression of his left side face.

Hand shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.  No separation seen of his four fingers, as should be seen.  Dichromatic eyes.

The true character of evil Bergoglio, a despicable filthy unjust man shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.  Bergoglio is a son of Satan. Eyes morphed.

Nose morphed, eyes morphed, ears morphed, hand morphed. 

Greenish darkened left eye, head morphing, face morphing, ears morphing. Dichromatic eyes.

Satan's kingdom hates God and has Satan's kingdom has their little freak of Hell minion Bergoglio make evil faces at Heaven.  He casts his evil eyes toward Heaven with scowl look on his face.  The Beast's spirit is with him 24/7 (Rev. 17:10-11).   The evil man's face is constantly being morphed throughout the interview.

Dichromatic eyes.

Eyes shapeshifted, green something at left side of his mouth.  Head shapeshifted, ears shapeshifted. Dichromatic eyes.

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