Everyone who has converted to belief in the gospel of Pharisee Paul is evil.  They will end up in Hell and then the everlasting lake of fire (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6, Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 25:41).  Gospel singers are shapeshifters, being that they are of Satan.  Bill and Gloria Gaither, Mahalia Jackson are among shapeshifters shown in the pics below. 

Bill Gaither, gospel singer.

Mouth opened wider in this pic than in the pic above and can see no bottom teeth in this pic, but can see bottom teeth in pic above.  Always the teeth will be shapeshifted by those who are evil, shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.  Every one who is not of God is of Satan, whether they realize it or not.  Christian Paul converts think they are of God, but they are of Satan.  

Gloria Gaither

Both of them are evil, both showing shapeshifted teeth.  Gloria's eyes are black.

Andrea Crouch.  His eyes are shapeshifted, his teeth are shapeshifted. 

Eyes shapeshifted and so are the teeth.

Amy Grant, teeth shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Eyes shapeshifted, mouth shapeshifted.

Cissy Houston, gospel singer.  Mouth/teeth shapeshifted in all the pics of her in this article.

Green tongue, morphed teeth.  Eyes too dark to determine whether anomalies occurring with the eyes.

Whitney Houston.  Pics taken from a video of her singing the Christian song "Amazing Grace", which is the lie of false apostle and anti-Christ Pharisee Paul (1 John 2:18, Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:15).  Liar anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says, not of works, but only the grace of God (Ephesians 2:2-3).  People have the risen and ascended into Heaven Son of God's testimony, (which liar Paul claims to speak), and the Son of God says:

Revelation 20:12-13   ... everyone was judged according to their works ... judged according to their works

In the pic above, Satan's kingdom shapeshifts the area between her eyes and no bottom teeth are seen.

While hair blown by the wind covers a lot of her face, Satan's kingdom takes its opportunity to grossly shapeshift her face and head.  Her left eye appears to be black. 

  More gross shapeshifting.

Her left eye is black and she does have bottom teeth, but where Satan's kingdom morphs her teeth, no bottom teeth are shown.

  Forehead shapeshifted, two protrusions seen.  Nose is morphed up to the bridge of nose and above her eyebrows.

Mahalia Jackson, woman of Satan gospel singer.  Green tongue, shapeshifted teeth. 

Hand shapeshifted.

Her right hand is shapeshifted into a hoof.  Her left hand is shapeshifted too.

Shapeshifting a hand into a hoof, same happened to woman of Satan Oprah Winfrey

Man of Satan George Shea.  He had a long running stint with the Billy Graham crusades singing gospel songs at the crusades.  In this pic, his eyes and teeth are shapeshifted.

In this pic, his mouth is open wider than pic above and yet see only something that resembles a tooth or two in this pic, while can see both is top and bottom teeth in pic above.  Eyes appears to be shapeshifted too.

Evil Christian George Shea.

Evil Kate Smith, famous for her singing the song, God Bless America.  In this pic her left eye is black.

Singing at the opening of a National League baseball game.

Gospel singer Hezekiah Walker, a man of Satan. Observable shapeshifting of his left eye.  No top teeth seen though mouth opened wide enough that they should be seen, but for Satan's kingdom morphing evil Walker.

Bottom teeth gone, shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

His right eye iris is triangular shaped, and his left eye is also shapeshifted.  No teeth seen though mouth opened wide enough to see teeth.

Satan's kingdom gives Walker two teeth on the bottom.  His right eye is brown and his left eye is black.  Ear appears to be shapeshifted too.

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