Matthew 25:34  ... Come, blessed of my father, and inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world

King David said that God knew him from his mother's womb.  David is not unique in that respect, as confirmed by Matthew 25:34.     From the foundation of the world, God knew, from among all of mankind born, who would love him, and who would hate him.   The ones who hate him have Satan's kingdom with them from birth.

Revelation 5:9   You have redeemed us by your blood from among every kindred, language, people and nation

Adam and Eve had children, two of them being Abel and Cain.   Abel was righteous (Matthew 23:35, Genesis 4:4).  Cain was unrighteous (Genesis 4:5, 4:8).   From among every kindred, there are some who do love God.     Eve gives birth to a baby who is evil (Cain) and Eve gives birth to a baby who is good (Abel).

A father is not responsible for the sins of his son, and the son is not responsible for the sins of his father (Jeremiah 31:30).   A good man and a good woman can conceive a child who turns out to be evil.   Every one has their own free will to love God or to hate God.  The haters of God end up with Satan and his angels in the eternal fire (Matthew 25:41).   Those who follow the man Paul instead of the Son of God are among the haters of God (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17).  Paul is a Jew aka a Hebrew (Galatians 2:15, Philippians 3:5).  He is a Jew Pharisee from the tribe of Benjamin (Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:5).    Jew Pharisees made Paul the point man for the Gentiles, the one who holds the light for the children of Hell to follow (Matthew 21:33-46, Genesis 49:1, 49:27).

Children, whom God knows (Matthew 25:34), who are forced to be of Christianity are protected from the Anti-Christ Spirit, and when the time comes that they find out Christianity is not of God, they come out of it (1 John 4:3, Rev. 18:4).     

The Anti-Christ Spirit, the Beast and Satan are the powers behind Christianity and its founder is man of Satan Jew Pharisee Paul.

All the pic images below have either the web link provided to the video or the video embedded here from which the images were captured, except as noted (Ben Carson, Alex Jones and Greg Hunter).  Fair Use Notice, the images are for educational purposes to show that every Christian, other than the few good but deceived of Christianity, is evil, as witnessed by their demonically-induced shapeshifting.   Also witnessed by their believe in the evil doctrine of Pharisee Paul.  But since so many think Christianity is of God, that Pharisee Paul is a true apostle of the Son of God (and Anti-Christ Paul founded Christianity, 1 John 2:18), the doctrine of anti-Christ Paul sits well with them, the pics below expose Christians as being of Satan.  Christians who believe in Paul's gospel are as the Son of God said, children of Hell (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).  The Son of God has his testimony in Matthew and John's writings, minus the few lies put in those writings by the 325 AD Council of Nicaea, which Council was comprised of men of Satan who brought the first bible (Catholic) to the world).

Welch and Robertson:  //

Welch, former member of music band, Korn.  Now a child of Hell convert to Paul's gospel.  Facial deformity and black eye on right of pic.  Left side of pic shows eye anomaly.

Pat Robertson.  Left side of pic is black eye. Right side of pic shows serpent tongue.   Green lines over face are an effect from the computer monitor. The shapeshifted image can still be seen so I use the image despite the green lines.  This goes for all pics here where sometimes green lining does show up. 

Sheila Walsh interview with Gordon Robertson: //
Sheila Walsh.  Green tongue.

Sheila Walsh.  Teeth morphing (comparison to above).

Sheila Walsh. Chin/jaw morphing,

Pat Robertson.  Demonic hand shapeshifting.

Shapeshifted eyes, bottom teeth.

Black eye on right side of pic, insane looking eye on left side of pic.

Terry Meeuwsen (co-host with Pat Robertson): //

Terry Meeuwsen. Right side of pic hangs out a mocking serpent tongue.  Curled up and hanging out the side of the mouth. 

In this close up, the left side pic eye anomaly more pronounced.   Nose morphed too. The black at upper left portion of pic is part of the magnifying lense I used to get a close up of the tongue sticking out the side of her mouth.

Man who interviews Meeuwsen.  The demons communicating with each other as they morph the bodies of their subjects.  He sticks his tongue out at her and she sticks her tongue out at him, fellow serpent Satan followers.  However, most Christians are not secretly worshipers of Satan, or as some call him Lucifer.  They truly think they are of God, but they are not (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17).  Every one who believes on the word of the man Paul, rather than believe on the word of the Son of God, is evil.

Rick Wiles of TruNews:  //

Rick Wiles. Lower face and mouth deformity, eyes morphed.

Rick Wiles.  Demon eyes.

Rick Wiles.  Same pic as above except pos/neg inversion to make clear it is demonically morphed eyes that are seen in the pic above.  Clearly can see the eyes in this pic, the iris, the pupils and the sclera (white portion of eye), which means the glowing eyes seen in the image above are demonc eyes, not closed eye lids.  Wiles is of Satan, as are all converts to the gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul.

Rick Wiles.  Right side of pic hangs out his mouth a serpent tongue.  Black eyes on Wiles.

Rick Wiles. 

Jonathan Cahn: //

Jonathan Cahn.  Face morphing, teeth morphing. 

More teeth morphing.  Eyes change color, lighter than above.

As seen in this pic, Cahn's bottom teeth look nothing like what his demonically-morphed bottom teeth look like in the pic above.

More teeth morphing.  Eye color anomaly, brown on left side of pic, black on right side of pic.

Hands demonically shapeshifted.  On right side of pic, his thumb is gone.

Catholic nun 'mother angelica', mother of Satan she is:  //

The Son of God said that the man who does the will of God the Father is his brother and the woman who does same is his sister, mother.   Angelica does the will of Satan, so in that way she is a mother of Satan.   Mother of Satan Angelica is big on Catholic doctrine.  She loves that filthy evil Council of Trent doctrine.  She hates the doctrine of the Son of God (Matthew and John's writings, less the 325 AD Council of Nicaea's deceptions therein).  One cannot love the doctrine of the Son of God and that evil doctrine that is the Council of Trent, they are totally opposing doctrines.

Woman calls herself mother Angelica.  Satan's kingdom morphs the Catholic nun.  Teeth morphing.  Left side of pic eye color is lighter than the right side of pic eye color.

  The woman of Satan who thinks she is of God.  Where did her bottom teeth go?  Demonically-induced mouth alteration.  Now she has two black eyes.

Paul Begley:
  Paul Begley.  Teeth morphing.

Ear shapeshifting.

Church master man of Satan Chuck Baldwin: //

Chuck Baldwin.  Teeth morphing.  Differing eye colors.

Demonic face morphing.  Can clearly see difference in eye color on right side of pic when comparing the two photos.  Other shapeshifting going on in both pics.

Green serpent tongue, like Sheila Walsh above.  Eye color changes again.

Face melt. Gross man of Satan who thinks he is godly.

Christian men of Satan Steve Quayle and Gary Stearman:  //
Gary Stearman teeth morphing.

Teeth morphing.

Steve Quayle.  Left side of pic is brown color eye.  Right side of pic is black color eye.

  Both eyes are brown color in this pic

Teeth morphing.

Christian men of Satan Russ Dizdar and LA Marzulli: //
Russ Dizdar.  Morphed eyes.

Ear anomaly and morphed eyes.

L.A. Marzulli.  Left side of pic shows facial enlargement.  Left side of pic is brown color eye, the other eye is black.

Greg Hunter, Ben Carson,  and Alex Jones, all of them self-declared Christian laymen (see 'more stories' for video on Ben Carson shapeshifting, and article on Greg Hunter for video showing his shapeshifting.  I did not include video here or link for images below.  Did not include the videos from where the images of Alex Jones was taken when I included him in my article on Ben Carson.

Greg Hunter.  Right side of pic showing serpent tongue hanging out mouth.  Eye anomalies too.

  Ben Carson.  Six fingers on one hand courtesy of Satan's kingdom.  Carson is a convert to the gospel of Pharisee Paul.

Alex Jones of Satan. 

Alex Jones, blow fish face courtesy of Satan's kingdom morphing the fat man.

  Hand morphing.

Christian preacher Kanon Tipton: //
Kanon Tipton.  Bulging neck veins, tongue sticking out, morphed eyes, face and head deformed. 

Tipton's mom.  Teeth morphing.  The gum line descends far lower on left side of pic compared to the right side of pic.  Black eye on left side of pic.

Christian Baby Praising The Anti-Christ Spirit

  The baby is shapeshifted during the entire video.  Head deformation, eye anomalies, anomaly across the nose in this pic.

Gross face distortion. 

Watched in real time, the evil morphing goes unnoticed.   Demonic shapeshfting as the baby is under the power of the Anti-Christ Spirit, which is the real spirit of Pentecost and the spirit of Christianity (Acts 2:3-4).  It is the Son of God who breathed the Holy Spirit upon his apostles (John 20;22).  What came at Pentecost was the Anti-Christ Spirit (1 John 4:3, Romans 8:2).

  Face, head, eye morphing and hand morphing.

   In the video, behind the child appears this woman standing.  Tongue hanging out, morphed eyes, double face with one face facing forward and the other face is a side view of the face that is shown on the left side of the pic.

The two-face woman on the right side of pic.

Large bumps protruding from palm of hand, fingers morphed.

  Hell.  Wailing, gross distortion.  Every pic is one of ugliness, darkness, Hell.  Again, viewed in real time it goes unnoticed.  No Christian church is of God.  And in the detail is the Devil, and the detail is seen when video is paused, less than a second of time in sight, and there Satan's kingdom is seen operating among his own of mankind, which are all people who never would stop doing evil.  From the womb, the person is one who would love God, or one who would not love God (Matthew 25:34).  Every one of those born who would never love God has Satan's kingdom with them at all times until their death, with the exception noted in Revelation Ch. 20 (Ezekiel Ch. 38).

More hand morphing

Last pic at end of video showing deformity of skull and anomaly at base of skull extending down his neck.

Five year old in church: //
  Head deformity, facial morphing and his hand has become something grotesquely evil looking.

Young girl filled with the Anti-Christ Spirit.

  Girl about to be 'baptized' in the Anti-Christ Spirit.

When the girl emerges from the water, she looks like an adult. 

  Then the man places his hand over her face and when he takes it away, she starts to return to her child face.

  The hand on right side of pic is attached backwards to the arm through shapeshifting.  The hand on head is greenish and much larger than the other hand.

Serpent tongue, morphed mouth and face.

Girl's hand morphed.

The evil ones in the audience think the girl had an encounter with God, when in fact she is under power of Satan's kingdom.  The boy on the man's shoulders is pictured up close in the next pic.

  The boy on man's shoulders is demonically morphed.

This girl in the audience has face, eye, head, and hand morphing.

Young man being filled with the Anti-Christ Spirit: //
  Ear morphing, serpent tongue, teeth.  It is the Anti-Christ Spirit that fills the Christians. 

The serpent tongue is curled up ready to lash out and it happens to0 quick to capture with the tools then available.  

Children and the Anti-Christ Spirit.   I put up no individual morphing pics from video below.  There is so much demonic shapeshifting going on in the video that just about every paused portion of the video will show demonic morphing occurring.

Christian Lynn Leahz shapeshifter.

Demonic morphing of eyes.

Demonically-morphed index finger. 

Shapeshifter Christian child of Hell Leahz.  Note in the video it is only her face and sometimes body that begins to undergo distortion, while the objects in the background never become distorted throughout the entire video.

Left side of pic hangs the serpent tongue out of her mouth.  Her face and eyes are deformed, shapeshifted.

Close up of the tongue hanging out the mouth.

Christian Lisa Haven

  Lisa Haven.  Demonic eye morphing.

  Morphing of nose and eyes.

   Partial face melt.  She has the reptilian stare when she is on camera.

Hand morph.

Teeth morphed.

Gross morphing of her hands.

Nose and eyes shapeshifted.

Babies shapeshifting.

Chin morph, and other morphing.

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