The left eye is darker color than the right eye. Doug Batchelor, a child of Hell convert to the gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6, Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17).

Teeth morphing. This pic see no teeth, yet mouth is open wider than pic above where can see ?? a tooth, something white in his mouth.  Morphed teeth by Satan's kingdom. 

Always the teeth are morphed by those who are of Satan.  There may be other shapeshifting occurring that is not observable, for whatever reason, such as slit eye pupils that go unnoticed because the iris color is too dark, and in all cases there is shapeshifting of the teeth (disappearance of teeth, and other anomalies of the teeth, such as jagged edged teeth like a reptile, or shaped like fangs).

Strange, unnatural. eyes and the teeth are morphed/shapeshifted.

Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon, a child of Hell by reason of converting to the gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul.  The left eye is black and the right eye is a ligher color.

Teeth morphing. Above pic can see bottom and top teeth, this pic can see only bottom teeth yet his mouth is open slightly wider than the pic above.

Right eye is black and left eye is brown, neither iris is round.

Child of Hell Paul convert who calls himself Brother Nathanael. Right eye is blue and left eye is brown.

No teeth seen, mouth morphed by Satan's kingdom.

Eye color change again.

Steven Ben Denoon, a child of Hell Paul convert.  Eye morphed, bottom teeth not seen in the pic.

RIght eye is black, left eye is also shapeshifted.

Cardinal Dolan. This and the following pics show teeth morphing of man of Satan Dolan.  Two barely visible jagged teeth on bottom.

Defender of the Catholic church Bill Donohue.  This and other pics of Donohue show morphing of his teeth by Satan's kingdom.  Donohue's eyes are black in this pic.

Mouth open wider in pic above than this pic and yet see no top teeth in pic above as can see in this pic. Eyes appear brown color in this pic, and black color in previous pics.

Deceased man of Satan Egan, died a Catholic Cardinal.  Black right eye and lighter color in his left eye.

Catholic priest Groechel. 

Mouth morphed, eye color change from pic above.

Another eye color change.

Yet another eye color change.  Gross display of the tongue.

Two different eye colors.  Right eye appears to be blue and left eye is brown.

  Ben Kinchlow, child of Hell Paul convert and former co-host of Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

  The right eye is a different color than his brown left eye.

Gross face of the evil old goat.

Bright white anomaly in his left eye. Also the iris in right eye is lighter color than iris in his left eye.

Teeth morphed.  Gaping wide mouth, yet bottom teeth are barely visible, yet can see bottom teeth clearly in pic above where his mouth is open far less wide than this pic.  Kinchlow is a dog lover of lies (Romans 3:7, Rev. 22:15).

Manning, a child of Hell convert to the gospel of Pharisee Paul, the anti-Christ (1 John 2:18), and a false apostle (2 Timothy 1:15, Rev. 2:2).

No bottom teeth seen in pic above, bottom teeth seen in this pic, yet mouth is open much the same in both pics.  Always the teeth/mouth will be morphed by Satan's kingdom on those people who are evil.

  Mouth and eyes morphed in this pic.

  Eric Phelps, a dog destined for Hell and then the everlasting lake of fire (Romans 3:7, Rev. 22:15, Matthew 25:41, 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17).

Head morphed, eyes morphed.  Black, or almost black eyes in pic above, lighter color brown in this pic.   The forehead is much larger in this pic than the pic above.

A distinct size change in forehead in this pic from the pic above.  His left eye color is darker than his right eye color.

Eyes morphed, mouth and teeth morphed.

No teeth seen in this pic yet mouth is open slightly wider than pic above where can see top and bottom teeth.

No teeth seen.

Dog Walter Veith.  Eyes shapeshifted.  His right ear is much larger than his left ear.

No bottom teeth seen in this pic or the pic above.

His left side has some bottom teeth in this pic which do not show up in the pics above.  Evil Veith morphed by Satan's kingdom.

  A TBN host morphed by Satan's kingdom. 

His wife or girlfriend, also a host on TBN, has buck teeth and a grossly morphed chin courtesy of Satan's kingdom. 

Sid Roth, a man of Satan has his teeth morphed by Satan's kingdom.  His right eye is black and his left eye is brown.

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