Akiane Kramarik claims she started receiving angelic visitations at age 2.   She is of Satan, is a shapeshifter.

Black eyes, shapeshifted teeth and green tongue.

Left eye is brown and right eye is a light color, and iris is barely visible.

Kramarik a little older.  Teeth morphed.

No bottom teeth seen in this pic.

No teeth seen in this pic.

The father of the toddler in this video thinks she is seeing Jesus, when in fact she is seeing something of Satan's kingdom and is being morphed by Satan's kingdom.

Either Satan's kingdom morphing her foot, or she was born with only four toes.

The parent in this video thinks her toddler is talking to her guardian angel, when in fact the toddler is speaking to an evil entity of Satan's kingdom and is being morphed by Satan's kingdom.

The girl in this video claims heavenly visitations since age 2.  She is of Satan and is a shapeshifter, and so is her mother.

Top and bottom teeth seen in pic above. No teeth seen in this pic.

Face way out of line with the neck, physically impossible but for Satan's kingdom morphing the girl.

No teeth seen.

Morphed eyes, greenish coloring seen in area between nose and upper lip and on the chin.

Mom's teeth morphed in all the pics shown.

Evil Christian girl. She is giving the evil eye to evil Christian Sid Roth.

Sid Roth.

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