Russell Blaylock, MD, shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.  People who are shapeshifted have no heart for God, they are of Satan.  They cannot know the Lord because they reject all knowledge of the Lord.  They are evil.

Dichromatic eyes, forehead shapeshifted (right side of pic).

Joseph Mercola, MD

Dr. Stan Monteith (deceased), formerely of GCN of Satan

Dichromatic eyes

Bright white tooth anomaly and other shapeshifting of teeth, dichromatic eyes. 

First pic of Monteith above shows his left eye is brown,  here is left eye is blue.  Dichromatic eyes.

Clyde Lewis host of nationwide radio show Ground Zero

Left iris is not round, eyes are brown in this pic, different colors in the next pic.  Teeth shapeshifted.

Current popular AMC tv show Better Call Saul, former tv show still popular in reruns and on video Frasier.  Decades old  tv comedies Beverly Hillbillies and I Dream of Jeannie that still are run on cable tv and available in video.  And all the main actors in the foregoing are shapeshifters/were shapeshifters as to those actors who are dead.   The Three Stooges were shapeshifters.   All such things are men and women writing scripts that people act out, a work of Baal worshipers.  There will be no such thing going on when the Lord establishes everlasting peace and righteousness on earth. 

Actor's eye is blue color, next pic of him shows brown eyes

Green skin coloring and dent in his forehead due to shapeshifting.

Ear shapeshifted.

Most of the time Satan has his people discreetly shapeshifted.  The thinking shapeshifters of people.  Satan's kingdom is all around the people who are of Satan.   Too many people would be alerted to shapeshifting if what is seen above were easily seen while film is being played at normal play speed.  There goes Hollywood if shapeshifting were too obvious,  a script acted out where the good looking  people hired to play out the script are being shown in grosteque form.

Her face is cut off below the upper mouth seen, and the object behind her is what is showing where the rest of her face should be seen but for having been shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Eyes and teeth and nose shapeshifted.


Dichromatic eyes, teeth and right side of her face shapeshifted.

Dichromatic eyes and her left eye iris is an abnormal shape.

Hands of actor Max Baer.

Dichromatic eyes.

Black right eye and green coloring.

Buddy Epson. His right hand is missing.  In next pic, both hands are missing.

This scene is from the opening of each show, showing Buddy Epson running with gun and he shoots bringing up oil from the ground.  Looks nothing like Buddy Epson, and is a shapeshifted image.  That is not a glove on his right hand, and is shapeshifting by Satan.  The following pics are close up images of this pic.

Bright white tooth anomaly (shapeshifting).

Slit shaped pupils, dichromatic eyes which are different color in the next pic.

This is what God, that one and only almighty great God, said to the people to whom he revealed himself and to whom he gave his law and to whom he became their God and they became God's people, chosen by God to carry forth in the world the truth and knowledge of God given to them by God through Moses and the prophets.  

Deuteronomy 6:7-8   These words, which I command you this day, shall be in your heart and you shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk about and when you lie down and when you arise.

Jews who are obedient to Deuteronomy 6:7-8 are the 'problem Jews' to the leaders of the world.   They bring God with them and this world hates God.  The Jews of God can never be assimilated among the nations (Numbers 22:9).  The Jews of the Lord dwell alone and never become entangled in the deceit of riches of this world and that makes them outcasts in the world.   Most Gentiles and some Jews do choose deceit of riches (riches include music, song and dance other entertainment from people of this world) over Deuteronomy 6:7-8.   Too bad for them.  The Lord created heaven and earth and all that is in them, and there is nothing more preferable than spending eternity worshiping the Lord and enjoying his creation and the love of good people.   So worship God now and bind his word up in your heart and love him and worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:20-24).   The Jews have the one true altar of God on earth.  No Christian church altar is an altar of God.  

The only Jews that rise to power in this world are the Jews of Satan.  The Jew Pharisees sitting at the top of the world over certain territory, not the entire world, having gotten into their position through their doctrine of Paul for the Gentiles (Rev. 6:8, Matthew 21:33-46).   The Jew Pharisees want to rule the entire world,  (NWO vision, Daniel 11:14),  but they shall fall when they soon make their decisive move to establish their NWO vision.    

The world welcomes Christianity.   The world of Christendom, which is embraced by all leaders of the west, despises any and all whom come in the name of God's Son who do not also come in the name of their so-called holy apostle, Paul.    

Jew Pharisee Paul loves the Gentiles, their money that is.   He sold the Gentiles on a false christ gospel.  Satan loves his Jew Pharisees, he gives them  high positions in the world.   The Jew Pharisees like their Roman Catholic church business, it is their great source of wealth and power over Gentiles and the means by which they intend to turn the tables so that Gentiles are fewer in number than Jews.  That and their Jewish central bankers who own the privately owned cabal of central banks that rule in Europe, UK and USA, with their knights of templar red cross Christian soldiers of Switzerland housing the ruling central bank of western central banks which is the Bank for International Settlements.   

The Jew Pharisees do aim to get themselves into a position where most Gentiles are wiped off the earth leaving the Gentiles in easily manageable numbers for the Jew Pharisees.  Then the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners can drop their gospel of Paul for Gentiles.    In that regard, Freemason dog, Albert Pike, in his book Morals and Dogma speaking of the desired outcomes from Freemason third war, Christianity v. Islam, does state that Christianity is to be done away with and replaced by worship of Baal.    

Freemason third war is to accomplish annihilation of Gentiles in great numbers and repopulation of the earth by Jews; Gentiles to be forever thereafter under the iron fist rule of Jew Pharisees.  The Jew Pharisees want their own Jewish people to be the dominant number of people on earth.   Jew Pharisees do not need their gospel of Paul for Gentiles when Jews dominate the earth.   Hence, Freemason Albert Pike stating Christians are to be left with nothing of their Christian religion, and then the Gentiles will be directed by their rulers toward Baal worship.    The Jews of Satan would reoccupy the seat of Moses in  a Jerusalem Temple (Matthew 2:2-3) from which they would rule over the Jewish people, and the Jew Pharisees envision they shall have their Temple seat back again,  (NWO),  only this time, without a Gentile Roman empire-like power to which the Jew Pharisees must submit.     The Jew Pharisees envision the day when they shall be the supreme secular and religious authority in the world.  And the Jew Pharisees would probably abandon the law of God in favor of Baal worship.   Not that the Jew Pharisees who sat in Moses' seat, and all previous of their generations and current generation ever did follow God's law.  They just told the Jewish people to obey God's law but the Jew Pharisee hypocrites never did keep God's law (John 8:44).   

The Son of God says salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22).  The Son of God says John the Baptist is the Elijah promised to come before the day of God's wrath unto victory  (Matthew 11:13).  Where was John's victory over Satan's people among the Jewish people, as Elijah achieved?  Did not happen, the Jews of Satan Pharisees remained in their seat of  Moses within God's Jerusalem Temple all the time of John's existence on earth, and the Son of God says the Jews of Satan Pharisees remain in power over the inheritance of the Lord, as thieves-in-possession, until the Son of God returns to kill them (Matthew 21:33-46, 2:2-3).   It is the evil Christians who being of Satan cannot understand the word of the Son of God.  So those evil Christians claim God's wrath on sinners, which never comes until God's wrath unto victory, which the Christians refuse/cannot acknowledge:

Revelation 22:11   Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still.  And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be holy still

Matthew 13:30  Let both [evil people and good people] exist until the harvest

What is the harvest?:

Matthew 13:41  The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth

And what do the evil Christians of Satan preach, in total opposition to the truth of the Son of God?   They preach the good Christians are raptured off the earth with the evil people left behind on earth to burn up with the earth, and who tells the evil Christians such thing?  Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter (2 Peter 3:10-12) and their alive in Hell master  and lord evildoer Pharisee Paul (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).  They preach the wrath of God comes and goes continually as the level of sin warrants wrath of God - they are dog liars, for the Son of God says to the contrary (Rev. 22:11, Matthew 13:30).

It is not being against the Jews of God to speak against the Jews of Satan, nor being against the Jews of God by stating the truth that there are Jews of Satan:

1 Samuel 12:12  The sons of Eli were sons of Belial [Satan], they did not know the Lord

It is not being against the Jews of God to speak against the Jews of Satan or to speak of their evil  plans and vision.   And until the Son of God returns to establish everlasting peace and righteousness on earth, the Jews of Satan Pharisees have power in this world given to them by Satan.   The Jews of Satan do seek to do as aforesaid, make the Jewish race the dominate race on earth and lessen the number of Gentiles.  Of course, they will not succeed because there is a God on his throne and he is soon to have all evil people removed from earth.   The Jews of Satan do want to depopulate the earth of Gentiles in great numbers.  They would intend to take away from the Gentiles that which they gave them:  the church altars when they can control Gentiles without their lying gospel of Pharisee Paul.    The church altars were given to Gentiles by Jews of Satan:

Hebrews 13:10   We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at

So blind the Christians of Satan:

Revelation 11:1-2  ... measure the Temple and the altar and those who worship therein.  But the court without do not measure, for it is given to the Gentiles who shall trample the holy city for forty two months

Before the Son of God came to earth, in the flesh, born of a virgin, the Gentiles taught the Jewish people to worship Baal; and the same continues with a new added twist.  As of the time of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul converting Gentiles to his lying gospel, (Romans 3:7), Gentiles try to get Jewish people to worship Baal through belief in the lying gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul.   Jew Paul tried to get Jews to worship Baal too, as he tried to convince the Jews of God in Asia to accept him and his fellow Benjamite wolf false apostles as true apostles of God, but the Jews of God determined wolf Paul and his wolf Pharisee brothers were all liars (Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:15).

Jeremiah 12:16   And it shall come to pass that if they [the Gentiles] shall diligently learn the ways of my people, to swear by my name, the Lord lives, as they taught  my people to swear by Baal, then they shall be built up in the midst of my people

The New World Order vision comes out of the Jew Pharisee owned Vatican.  It is the vision spoken of in Daniel 11:14.    The Jew Pharisees long ago set up the scenario for a blood bath against Gentiles of their Paul doctrine by penning the false Jew Pharisee doctrine that is the Koran/Quran doctrine for Gentiles.     Jew Pharisee Freemason third war is Gentiles of  Pharisee Paul's doctrine against Gentiles of the Jew Pharisee Koran doctrine.  Stupid Gentiles believing in disgusting doctrines of Pharisees (Matthew 16:12, Rev. 18:23, Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).

The shapeshifters are those who come with Paul (the Christians) and those who come not with Paul and also not with the testimony of God.     But as to the latter group, there are good people who just lack hearing the word of the Lord yet, and so they do not come with the doctrine of God and they are of God and are not shapeshifters:

John 10:14-16  And I have other sheep that are not yet of the one fold, them I will bring in.    They will hear my voice and there shall be one fold and one Shepard.

The shapeshifting Christians do come with testimony of the Son of God, but they also bring the liar Jew Pharisee Paul along with them.  Being the people of darkness that they are, they cannot be made to see that the Son of God states that their beloved [false] apostle Paul is not of God:

John 3:20  Evildoers hate the light

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil


Revelation 22:15   For without are dogs ... whosoever loves or makes a lie

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

When a Christian is called out on the foregoing and they still refuse to give up their Paul, then they are evil for being lovers of a lie.  They are evil for rejecting the command of the Son of God by insisting that their evil master Paul is of God, when the Son of God commands a truth to be observed and believed in:

John 3:20  Evildoers hate the light

The evil Christians want every one to believe in an exception to the Lord's command in John 3:20 for their own beloved [anti-Christ] [false] apostle Paul, whom they blasphemously call a holy apostle of the Son of God.    Their evil master Paul loves the Lord, say the Christians, but they are liars because the Son of God says practitioners of evil hate the light!  The evil Christians want every one to make an exception for their maker-of-a-lie master evil Paul, he is a good liar of God say the Christians. Not a dog maker of a lie is the Christians' beloved master Paul so say the Christians,  and they thereby deny the truth of the Son of God that makers of a lie are dogs who end up in the eternal fire!   In Hell and then the eternal fire is where God will put every one of those evil Christians:

Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

God knows who is in Christian churches only through ignorance of the truth (Rev. 18:4).

Dwelling apart from people of the world are the Jews of God and fellow Gentile believers, they do not come with Paul tagging along as an alleged servant of God.   Jew Pharisee Paul is of Satan, is alive in Hell and awaiting the eternal fire (Matthew 25:41, Romans 3:7, Rev. 22:15, John 8:44, Acts 23:6).    Jew Pharisee Paul is the anti-Christ and all who believe in Paul are anti-Christs:

1 John 2:18  You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs

Jew Pharisee Paul is a false apostle:

Revelation 2:2  [Speaking to the Jews of Asian Ephesus]  I know your works and your labor and your patience and how you cannot bear those who are evil.  And you have tried them who say they are apostles, but who are not, and you have found that they are liars

2 Timothy 1:15   All of Asia rejected me

The people who love the Son of God are not of darkness, and therefore they do not worship a book such that against all testimony of truth they would still insist that based on Paul's gospel being in a book with the gospel of the Son of God, therefore that book must all be true!   The first Christian bible is the Catholic church bible, coming out of the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.
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