Noam Chomsky, William F. Engdahl, Paul Craig Roberts, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage - they are all shapeshifters.  Jacob Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth, David Cameron, Barack Obama are all shapeshifters.  Degrees of evil among people who have no heart for God.  Degrees of evil among demons (Matthew 12:45).

Some people end up in the eternal fire just for loving a lie (Matthew 25:41, Rev. 22:15, Romans 3:7).  Pharisee Paul's lying gospel is not the only lying doctrine in the world.  Freemasonry, Catholicism, Koran,  Numerology, Astrology and Kaballah are among the lying doctrines in the world.

Christianity insists Pharisee Paul's self-admitted lying gospel be believed upon.  Christianity is not of God for that reason, among other reasons.  No lie is of God.  God is not a man that he would ever lie (Numbers 23:19).  Paul the man, the anti-Christ and false apostle is a self-admitted maker of a lie:

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

The Christians must engage in believing that a lie can spread truth of God in order to hold innocent their dead in Hell master  Pharisee Paul, a self-admitted maker of a lie.   Has not my lie spread truth about God, asks anti-Christ Paul.   Why judge me to be a sinner when my lie is spreading truth about God?  

Satan is the father of  lies (John 8:44).  The Son of God says anyone who makes a lie or loves a lie is a dog, the dogs end up in the eternal fire (Rev. 22:15).   The founder of Christianity, anti-Christ Paul, is a dog.  The lovers of Paul's lie (Christians) are dogs.   To the few good but deceived Christians, come out of Christianity (Rev. 18:4).


The following images of Chomsky were taken from all or some of the above videos.

Dichromatic eyes

Both eyes change color compared to the pic above, demonic eyes. Greenish coloring on skin above his right eye.

Shapeshifted ear, top bent over.

Dichromatic eyes

Dichromatic eyes.  Pic beneath shows change in color of his left eye compared with this pic.


At vid 4:39 to 4:42 his green/black tongue goes out and in quickly a few times.

Another kind of tongue sticks out.  The inside of his mouth shows a very narrow set of teeth, of the teeth that are seen, like a narrow snake's mouth and a tongue like a snake's tongue.

Dichromatic eyes

His right eye pupil is shapeshifted.  His left eye color is different than that in the pic above.


Evil Paul C. Roberts.

Green coloing of skin around his right eye, right eye shapeshifted.  His left eye shapeshifted.

Dichromatic eyes

Complete change of eye color compared to pic above, slit shaped eye pupils.

Now I understand why the goon always laughs and smiles when it is inappropriate to do so.  In telling about economic collapse and other calamities he often laughs and smiles. 


Dichromatic eyes.  Skin colored green on his china, grey coloring on his neck and some other areas of his face.

Discoloration of lower portion of face.  Shapeshifted hand, pinky lengthened, finger next to pinky also altered.  Greenish coloring on back of hand and some of his fingers.  Dichromatic eyes.  Compared to pic above, his left eye is now the dark colored eye and his right eye is a lighter color than the left eye.

Close up of the hand in above pic.

His right iris is not round as it should be.  Green coloring of skin above his right eye and a few other spots.

Dichromatic eyes and green/black tongue seen and one upper tooth seen that is almost fang shaped.

  Bill O'Reilly is a shapeshifter.  Fox top dog Rupert Murdoch is a shapeshifter, so is Bret Baier, Shepard Smith and Megyn Kelly, to name a few.  O'Reilly has dichromatic eyes in this image and his right hand is shapeshifted.  Savage's  hand is shapeshifted too.

Savage's finger is shapeshifted as to form and color.

O'Reilly's shapeshifted hand.


Dichromatic eyes

Change of eye color compared to pic above.

Dichromatic eyes.

Yet another change of eye color.

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