In Hell, are people in bodies that resemble their father, Satan?  In the lake of fire, people of Satan are in the body God gave them.  But in Hell, perhaps not. Partial dragon hand with pinky busting through as seen above, and the dragon hand covers part of the rest of his other two fingers, as well as extending partially down his wrist.

Alex Jones is an evil man of Satan.

Red color face, white hand and green coloring over the rest of his arm.  Evil man of Satan Jones gets a makeover by his father Satan, miniaturizing his hand.

Louis Lefebvre of I Pet Goat II.  Shapeshifter Lefebvre is an evil man of Satan.  Lefebvre rightly calls former US president George Bush a man of Satan.  Lefebvre is a man of Satan himself.  Evil people fight amongst themselves, as well as doing harm to good people.

Dichromatic eyes and his right eye has only a partial iris and his pupil is triangular shape.  Cannot distinguish any pupil in his left eye.

His right eye is grey color with snake-like slit pupil and his left eye has no distinguishable pupil, also dichromatic eye color.

The following images of man of Satan shapeshifter Peter Schiff were taken from the above videos.

No eye shapeshifting seen, and image shown for comparison purposes to the images below.

Dichromatic eyes

Change of eye color.

Dichromatic eyes

Shapeshifted inside of his mouth. Liines from computer monitor.

Gerald Celente, a man of Satan shapeshifted.  Eye color change, his natural eye color is as seen in the next image.

His natural eye color is dark brown.  Here too his eyes are shapeshifted in other ways than eye color change.

His left iris is shaped like an upside down triangle. Dissimliar pupils, dissimilar eye color.

Shapeshifted hand, greatly enlarged. 

Here his hand is normal size, (Celente's natural size),  and shapeshifted so that his four fingers show no separation.

Shapeshifting man of Satan Zachary Hubbard.  Numerology is part of the doctrine of Freemasonry.  Numerology is also called Gematria, which is assigning numerical values to words/letters and men decide for themselves the meaning(s) in words of numbers.  Gematria was adopted by Jews who rejected God in favor of Satan, including the Jew Pharisees, as well as some non-Jewish people. International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde spoke at a press conference where she said the number 7 is magical, that is Freemason's Gematria in the open.  Hubbard shows in his youtube videos Gematria in action that is largely hidden from the public.  The Freemasons also incorporate into their movies, television shows and other entertainment venues future events, a practice that is sometimes called predictive programming.  Hubbard seems to rather embrace Gematria, and while exposing evil Freemasons' Gematria in action, he himself is also an evil man as seen by his shapeshifting.  Freemasonry, which comes out of the Jew Pharisee owned Vatican, has a vision to establish, and the vision is called the New World Order, they shall fail to establish their vision (Daniel 11:14).

Dichromatic eyes

His right eye appears to be grey color and his left eye blue color. His natural eye color is dark brown.

His right eye iris is triangular shape, both eyes are shapeshifted.

Hand shapeshifted.

Shapeshifted eye.

Eyes shapeshifted.  He starts to develop a deep indentation in his neck (the black area).

Neck indentation.  His right side of forehead and eye, and his nose are all shapeshifted.

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