Matthew 6:22-23   The light of the body is the eye.  If therefore the eye be good, your whole body shall be full of light.  But if your eye is evil, the whole body shall be full of darkness ....

The Lord knows what is in the darkness, and the light abides with Him.  Via electronic sight, the truth of the above statement is seen.  Shapeshifting, the body takes on various forms of darkness.  Most often not seen in real time, though sometimes so.  Can be seen when examining frames of film.  High definition film is about 100 -120 frames a second.  Other film maybe 40 to 60 frames a second.   Impossible to see all those frames that go by in a second with the naked eye.    The Lord knows what is in the darkness, and shapeshifting is one of those dark things.  The truth of the above statement of Christ is seen in what is commonly referred to as 'shapeshifting'.  

Howard Storm, a pastor and child of Hell Paul convert and a shapeshifter.  Shapeshifting is morphing of a person's physical being by Satan's kingdom, done to people who are of Satan.  Paul converts are of Satan (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6, Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23).

No teeth seen, eye morphing.

One eye is brown, the other is black.

Eye morphing, no teeth.

Eye morphing, protruding tongue.

Satan's kingdom morphing Storm's right hand, it is ghost white.

Ghost white right hand and shapeshifted.

Mary Baxter, claims trips to Hell

No teeth seen, morphed eyes.

Brown right eye and black left eye.

Eyes morphed.

Eyes morphed.

Eyes morphed.

Colton Burpo claims he went to Heaven.   He is of Satan, a shapeshifting liar.

His mouth in this pic is just as open, if not slightly more open, than his pic above, yet in this pic see no bottom teeth, and in pic above see bottom teeth.  The pupil is not centered, both iris are not round.  His eyes appear brown in this pic, and appear hazel in pic above.

Dark brown eye color in pic above, and hazel in this pic. Teeth morphing.
Eye morphing.  Left iris is not round and is darker color than his right iris.

No teeth seen though mouth wide open.  Sometimes when the mouth is wide open the lips can stretch over the teeth, but in this pic the bottom lip is down far enough that should be able to see some bottom teeth, but cannot.  Teeth shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom.

Bottom teeth morphed, top teeth are not seen.  Right eye is black and left eye is brown.

In this pic, eyes are same color, except in his left eye, the left side of the iris has a bit of blue along the edge.

Greenish color on his right side of face around mouth area.  No spaces between bottom teeth, looks like one solid block of white.

Evil Gordon Robertson, teeth morphed, eyes morphed, left facial morphing.  GR and his side kick evil Terry, pictured below also morphing.

This woman claims trips to Hell.  She is a shapeshifting woman of Satan liar.

Observable shapeshifting in her left eye and teeth.

Straight edged iris in left eye, teeth morphed. Green lines on her face.

Mouth opened much less in this pic than in pic above, yet can see top teeth in this pic and can see only two top teeth in pic above.  Teeth morphing.  Left eye morphed.

Both eyes morphed.

Woman of Satan, Tamara Laroux

Earthquake Kelley claims trip to Hell.  He is a man of Satan shapeshifter. 

Eyes morphed.

Two fingers on his left hand are shapeshifted, spread apart in a manner not physically possible, but for Satan's kingdom morphing his hand.

Same occurring in his pic with two fingers on his right hand.

Right iris comes to a point at bottom.  Left iris misshapen.

Man claims he went to Hell and back.  He is a man of Satan shapeshifter.

Right iris is not round.

Mouth opened wider in this pic than pic above, yet see only two top teeth, and pic above showing more than two top teeth.  No bottom teeth seen.

Mouth opened less wider than pic above, yet can see bottom teeth in this pic, and no bottom teeth seen in pic above.

John Ramirez claims he went to Hell.  He is a man of Satan shapeshifter.

Eye morphing.

Right eye is dark brown and left eye is black, other eye morphing.   Hand morphed, fingers extended far from knuckles.

Former atheist, now a child of Hell Christian, claims he went to Hell and back.   Embedding disabled, video at this link:  //

Shapeshifting is always seen in the teeth, if not observable in any other manner. 

Obvious eye morphing.

Black eyes.

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