There is stark contrast between the Satan described by false apostle Pharisee Paul (the anti-Christ, 1 John 2:18), and the Satan described by Christ.

Satan is a hero to Pharisee Paul, a friend whom Paul calls upon to punish those who go against Christianity.   Satan saves the spirits of Christians, according to Pharisee Paul.  Satan comes to Paul’s aid to help Paul not be so self-exalted within himself, puffed up with pride.  Satan punishes those who blaspheme God, according to Pharisee Paul.

Satan is an adversary of God, murderer of God’s faithful servants, accuser of the brethren before the Lord, according to Christ.    Christ says that Satan shall give all of his authority and power on earth to the Beast, an evil entity that takes that power and authority and begins to blaspheme God’s name, blaspheme those who dwell in Heaven and blaspheme God’s Jerusalem Temple.  The Beast begins to murder everyone of mankind who refuses to worship him or his image.   The Beast forbids buying and selling for anyone who does not receive his mark.

Shall Satan give a darn that a man blasphemes God?   The Satan that Christ describes is not against people blaspheming God.    The Satan Christ describes gives all his power and authority to one who shall blaspheme God.   But Pharisee Paul claims Satan is within ear shot of Paul, so when Paul calls upon Satan to punish someone who has blasphemed God, Satan does as Paul commands and punishes the man who blasphemes God:

1 Timothy 1:20   I have handed Hymeneus and Alexander to Satan to teach them not to blaspheme

Pharisee Paul claims he is among the apostles of Christ, he says he labored more than all of them combined, and that his work is of the Lord.   Doing his work allegedly for the Lord, Paul calls upon Satan to stand up for what is right by punishing those who do wrong.     Satan shall punish a man for committing blaspheme of God and Satan shall hand all of his power and authority to an evil entity who shall blaspheme God’s name, God’s Temple, and the beings in Heaven?       Shall Satan punish the Beast for blaspheming God, punish the one to whom he gives all of his power and authority on earth for blaspheming God, as he Paul contends Satan punishes men who blaspheme God?   Remember what Christ said, if Satan casts out Satan, then his kingdom is divided and shall not stand and Satan shall fall.     

The Pharisees committed the only unforgivable sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:32), because they claimed Christ cast out demons by the power of Satan:

Matthew 12:24    But when the Pharisees heard it they said, this man does not cast out devils except by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of the devils

But Christ said, if Satan casts out Satan, then how will his kingdom stand.  If Satan is divided within himself, then he shall fall:

Matthew 12:26   and if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself, how then shall his kingdom stand

Satan does not punish the Beast who blasphemes God.   But according to Pharisee Paul, Satan punishes men who blaspheme God.     The Beast embraces those who shall worship him, the Beast does not punish with death for mankind joining in with him to trample the holy city. The Beast and Satan are on the same team:

Revelation 11:2   … the Gentiles shall tread the holy city under their foot for forty two months

Forty two months is how long the Beast shall reign on earth in physical form (Rev. 13:5, 11:7).  The Beast and Gentiles (Christians) shall be trashing Jerusalem for forty two months.

The following should turn Christians away from Paul, but the Christians are twice the children of Hell than Pharisees, so it all sits quite well with them (except the few good but deceived, Rev. 18:4 who are ignorant of the following):

1 Corinthians 5:1  It is reported that there is fornication among you

1 Corinthians 5:2  You are puffed up, and not rather mourned, that he that has done this deed might be taken away from among you

1 Corinthians 5:3   For I, absent in body but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that has done this deed

1 Corinthians 5:4  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ

1 Corinthians 5:5 to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit might be saved in the day of the Lord

The anti-Christ Pharisee Paul judges and condemns.   The Christians are accused by Pharisee Paul of being puffed up with pride.  Are the Christians not to rely on Paul’s teaching that there is no more law of sin and death?    Paul promises no judgment, freedom from the law, all things are lawful.  Pharisee Paul admits he is a practitioner of evil (Romans 7:19).   The practitioner of evil hands down a death sentence to a man because that man committed a sexual sin, in the eyes of Pharisee Paul the sex act was deemed worthy of death.   The hypocrite Pharisee Paul who says there is no condemnation in Christ, we are free from the law of sin and death, brings death to the sinner himself.    

Paul the deceiver, his converts speak of undeserved salvation by grace of God, which salvation by God cannot be lost.  Pharisee Paul says that God began the work in you and he shall finish the work in you (Philippians 1:6).  Christians preach they only lose their heavenly rewards if they do evil, but they do not lose their salvation, some Christians preach otherwise.  But what does the Christian doctrine set down by the founder of Christianity, Pharisee Paul, teach?:


Ephesians 5:26-27   …. sanctify and cleanse … that he might present it to himself, a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish


The false christ of Pharisee’s Paul fairy tale gospel is playing with himself, a real nut job.   Pretending he has a holy bunch of people in his church, when the head of the false christ’s church is a self-professed practitioner of evil.  And where the head does evil, the rot goes on down through the lay that are commanded by the head. A bunch of freaking nut job lay who see their master admits he practices evil, and yet they still accept their master shall make them good obedient people to God:


Romans 15:18  … I shall make the Gentiles obedient to God in word and deed


Romrans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil

The practitioner of evil Pharisee Paul judges the man who did the sexual deed Paul deems worthy of death and his judgment is to have the man handed over to Satan for Satan to kill him for doing evil.

Paul tells his Gentile converts that his spirit is present with them, though Paul is absent in body.   Kind of like Santa, Pharisee Paul sees everyone among the Christians and knows whether they have been bad or good.  Santa is just as much a fairy tale as Paul claiming his spirit is there with his converts, though he is absent in body.   Pharisee Paul does astral traveling, his spirit goes forth from his body to be present with his converts, so he claims.

What a foul teaching from the pit of Hell from anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, that Satan saves a sinner Christian’s spirit by killing the Christian’s body.    Why should Satan stop there with killing a Christian in order that the Christian’s spirit might be saved?  How about Satan casting all of his demons out of people so that the people might be saved?   Satan is for saving spirits of mankind, according to anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, at least in the case of killing in punishment for a sexual sin in order to save the man’s spirit and in scaring the heck out of blasphemers so that they learn a lesson.  Maybe such blasphemers come to repent to God because Satan teaches them not to blaspheme God (1 Timothy 1:20).   

Pharisee Paul presents a Satan divided within himself, helpful toward Paul in carrying out the Christians’ request that Satan come and kill one of their fellow Christians for doing evil, so that Satan in killing the man may see that the spirit of the man is saved.     Pharisee Paul says Satan punishes those who blaspheme God, when Paul calls upon Satan to punish blasphemers so that they learn not to blaspheme (1 Timothy 1:20).      We all know Satan hates it when people blaspheme God, right?  And Satan teaching Alexander and Hymeneus a lesson to learn them not to blaspheme God may bring them back to God, a saving of their souls.   The freak of Hell anti-Christ Pharisee Paul describes a Satan that does just as described in the foregoing  – an avenger on behalf of Paul to carry out the will of God.

Christians speak of demons of homosexuality, that evil deeds of a sexual nature are welcomed by demons.  I do not say evil deeds done by mankind are not absolutely welcomed by Satan and demons of his kingdom.  Satan sends people on missions to do evil deeds (Job 1:15, 1:17, Rev. Ch. 20).   But we see if Satan punishes Christians with death for doing evil sexual deeds in order to save their spirit, then Satan is divided within himself and shall fall.  Satan wants to save spirits of men by killing their bodies?  Shall Satan kill the home of those who harbor his angels, which are the demon possessed?   According to anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, Satan comes when called upon by the Christians to kill an evildoer, in order that in Satan so doing, the man’s spirit might be saved.  Satan, at times, is in the equation to carry out the saving of people’s soul, according to anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.   But Satan is not divided within himself, and he stands to this day and shall stand until the day God forever imprisons Satan (Rev. 20:10).   Pharisee Paul describes a Satan that is imaginary, just as he describes an imaginary christ, a false christ.

If Satan is willing to kill a Christian’s body and in doing so, the Christian’s spirit may be saved, (as Pharisee Paul contends Satan willingly does when called upon by Christians), why does Satan stop there, but begin to dismantle his entire kingdom and become a full-time advocate for having people spend eternal life with God?    

Acts 19:15   And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you

The evil spirits of Satan’s realm know Paul and Satan knows Paul.    Satan knows Paul, but is ignorant of Paul’s speech, ignorant of Paul’s teaching that Satan can save a Christian’s spirit by killing the body of a Christian?   And if indeed such were true, then why would Satan kill a Christian’s body in order that the Christian’s spirit might be saved?   Has Satan turned advocate for saving spirits of people from eternal punishment?   Satan has indeed turned advocate for saving spirits of Christians, according to Pharisee Paul.    Pharisee Paul presents an imaginary Satan in his teachings. 

Either way, the Christians have built their foundation on the sand that is anti-Christ Pharisee Paul’s doctrine – for Pharisee Paul says Satan willingly kills that spirits of people may be saved, in which case then Satan is divided within himself and would by now have already fallen because he is working to save spirits, according to Pharisee Paul.   But if Satan kills those who Christians hand over to them knowing full well that he is not saving souls by so doing, then Pharisee Paul is a liar in telling his sucker Gentile converts that when they turn a fellow Christian over to Satan for committing a sin Paul deems is worthy of death for Satan to kill, that in Satan so working, the Christian’s spirit is saved.  

Christianity was founded by children of Hell, the Pharisees:

Matthew 23:15  Pharisees are children of Hell and their converts are twice the children of Hell than Pharisees
Acts 23:6  I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee

Philippians 3:5  … I am a Pharisee ….

The Satan that Christ describes is 24/7 EVIL.   The Satan Pharisee Paul describes is part time good doer, part time evildoer.   The Satan that Christ describes tried to get Christ to be puffed up with pride by handing Christ all the glory of the world:

Matthew 4:8   Satan took Christ up to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them

Matthew 4:9   … all of these things I will give you if you fall down and worship me

Satan wanted to puff up Christ by giving him all the glory of the world.   According to anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, Satan is one who seeks to humble men, at least humble Pharisee Paul, so that they are not prideful before God:

2 Corinthians 12:6  For though I desire to glory ….

2 Corinthians 12:7  Lest I should be exalted above all measure … a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above all measure

Satan offered Christ all the glory of the world, Satan wanted Christ to be glorified in possessing all the glory of the world, and Christ refused Satan’s offer.   

Pharisee Paul desires to glory, says he was on the verge of being exalted above all measure within himself, but Satan refuses to allow Paul to glory and he sends an infirmity upon Paul’s body to keep him from being self-glorified, so says anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.   The imaginary Satan of Pharisee’s Paul gospel, a Satan divided within himself.   Satan wants Christ to be glorified by having possession of all of the kingdoms of the world, and have Christ bow down and worship him.      And Satan wants to keep Paul from doing what is not expedient to the Christian gospel, self glory.   It would not have been expedient to the cause of God the Father to have the Son bow down to worship Satan, and yet that is what Satan sought.    But in Paul’s narrative of who Satan is, Satan succors the cause of  ‘godly’ Christianity, by seeing to it that the founder thereof does not self-glorify.

2 Corinthians 12:1   It is not expedient for me to glory ….

2 Corinthians 12:6  I desire to glory ….

Pharisee Paul’s Satan helps Paul not desire to glory anymore, by sending him an infirmity in his flesh.    Pharisee Paul desires to glory, it is not expedient to the cause of furthering Christianity for Paul to glory, so Paul’s Satan comes along to see to it Paul does not glory.  Just Satan working to succor the spread of Christianity in the world.    And, indeed, Satan and his Beast and all of Satan’s kingdom are working to further the evil deception, false christ doctrine that is Paul’s Christianity, among other deceptions Satan and his kingdom work upon mankind.

Christ said that unless you become humble as children, you shall not enter Heaven:

Matthew 18:3   … except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven

Pharisee Paul says he was exalted within himself, almost on the verge of being exalted above all measure within himself.   Is that being like a little child?   He wants to glory, but says it is not expedient that he glories.   Little children do not seek to glory.  

Pharisee Paul’s Satan makes sure that everything non-expedient to the Christian cause is kept in check, and Satan makes sure Paul does what is expedient by giving him an infirmity in his body so that he remains un-glorified above all measure, so that Pharisee Paul will not carry out his desire to self-glorify and thereby hurt the cause of Christianity.   But Paul does magnify himself, he magnifies his office:

Romans 11:13   I am the apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my office

To Hell with the office Pharisee Paul and his fellow Pharisees created, which office continues and is currently held by pope Bergoglio.   Magnify Christ is what true followers of Christ do.   Pharisee Paul magnifies an office.  

The Satan Paul describes is divided within himself.   The Satan that Christ describes is not divided within himself.   

Christian Paul converts are evil, they are against Christ and for Paul, but they think through belief on Paul that they have Christ, but Christ sends the Pharisee Paul converts to the lake of fire (Matthew 7:22-23):


The “me” Christ is referring to is the Christ who walked, talked, ate and spoke with Peter, John, Matthew, Nathaniel and his other apostles.    Apostle John says unless you are of the words of the Christ that John, Peter, Matthew and their fellow apostles spoke with, walked with, ate with, handled with their own hands, then you do not have fellowship with the Son or the Father (1 John 1:1-3).

Those who have fellowship with the false christ that Pharisee Paul preaches as being real do not have fellowship with the Son or the Father, for Pharisee Paul presents a false christ to the world.  

Pharisee Paul teaches a divided Christ, a liar to the House of Israel, and a speaker of truth to the Gentiles through Paul (Romans 11:30-32).   If Christ is divided within himself, how can he stand?  A maker of lies and a maker of truth, Pharisee Paul claims Christ is both.   He that is with Pharisee Paul is against Christ.   Christ is never a liar, it is anti-Christ Pharisee Paul that is the liar:

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

The one who admits he is a liar, calls Christ a liar, but one who spoke lies in order to bring mercy.  Mercy from lies?   This is anti-Christ Pharisee Paul’s statement regarding why people should reject Christ on earth, in the flesh and accept Paul’s christ that Paul met on a road to Damascus.   Stated in Romans 11:30-32:

1.  Jews believed truth in the past
2.  Gentiles did not believe truth in the past
3.  God wants Jews to believe lies now
4.  God wants Gentiles to believe truth now
5.   God wants to exercise mercy on everyone
6.  God is exercising mercy on everyone by having Jews believe lies and having Gentiles believe truth

So deserving of the lake of fire, so deserving all those who convert to Paul’s gospel.   God is not a man that he should lie:


The freak of Hell anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, the founder of Christianity, says God the Father and God the Son are both liars.  The Father sent the  Son to the House of  Israel to teach them lies because God concluded all Jews to believe lies in order to have mercy on everyone.  And anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says Christ called to him from Heaven and gave him a new doctrine for the Gentiles, the alleged truth.

Pharisee Paul and his fellow Pharisees fulfilled Jacob’s prophecy of the wolf.  They sold Gentiles a false christ, a false altar, and church rulers in order to conquer and steal.


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