Romans 3:7    If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

So seemingly innocently put, yet consider what the false apostle Paul is alleging in Romans 3:7 - it is that sometimes truth can from a lie.    Do the Christians not know that Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44)?  Shall something that comes from Satan bring truth of God?  That something being Paul's lie, does Paul's lie bring truth of God, Christians?    

Do the Christians not know that Pharisees are of Satan, they never go to Heaven (John 8:44, Matthew 5:20)?   But the Christians say Paul is an ex-Pharisee, yet they cannot point to one statement of anti-Christ Paul where he says he is an ex-Pharisee, or put in any other words which convey the same, that he is no more a Pharisee, but an ex-Pharisee. 

In Philippians 4:7,  he says he gave up following every single command of God in his deeds in order to follow the Son of God, but that is not saying he is an ex-Pharisee.   Consider the truth, even Pharisees never keep God's law, that Paul the Pharisee stopped following God's law does not mean he is an ex-Pharisee because the Son of God says Pharisees are of Satan, they never follow God's law!

Christians should know their master tells a lie in claiming as a Pharisee he kept all of God's law in his deeds because the Son of God says Pharisees are of Satan (John 8:44).  Just another one of Paul's lies contained within his doctrine that is nothing but lies.  Now surely the Christians know their master Paul is lying, do they not?

John 8:44   You [Pharisees] are of your father Satan ....

Matthew 23:2-3   The Pharisees and scribes sit in Moses' seat.  Therefore, whatever they bid you observe, that you should do.  But do not do after their works, for they say do but do not themselves

Clearly, the Son of God says Pharisees are scumbag filth of the earth men of Satan who love to be right there on the backs of those who love the Lord to dictate to them the Lord's commandments in Moses' Torah.     Clearly, the Son of God say Pharisees are hypocrites who say follow God's law but do not follow God's law themselves.  Therefore, the founder of Christianity, anti-Christ Paul,  not only never states he is an ex-Pharisee but he says while he was a Pharisee, he kept all of God's law - do you really believe that, Christians?  Or may be your just give Puul a free pass, he is a liar, what is one more lie from Paul, right Christians?  The Christians call the Son of God a liar right and left through their belief that Paul's gospel is of God, they are children of Hell:

Philippians 3:4-6  ... As touching the law, I am a Pharisee; as touching the righteousness that is the law, blameless

I PRACTICE EVIL NOW, and I do say that is the law of sin in my flesh, and which is in all flesh, that compels me to do evil (Romans 7:19, 7:17).  Cannot see that Paul says he kept all of God's law in his deeds, then claims a law of sin exists that keeps all flesh from ever being able to keep all of God's law in deed?  Christian Paul converts are blind children of Hell.

Pharisee Paul never gave up his position as Pharisee judging men by the law:

Romans 2:27   If uncircumcision, which is by nature, fulfill the law, should he not judge you [Jews] who are of the law and do transgress the law

What is that in Romans 2:27, Christians?  There is your master Pharisee looking over his shoulder at the Jews who teach and do God's law and says, I shall send my Gentile converts to judge you Jews of the law because you break the law:

2 Corinthians 10:6   When your obedience is fulfilled, be ready to revenge all disobedience

Ephesians 2:2-3  [All outside the church are]  children of disobedience ... children of wrath

There above are dark sentences of anti-Christ Paul that is fulfillment of Revelation 6:1-8 - Christianity on the white horse, alleged to be truth of God in the world, but the white horse and his rider and three other horses with their riders bring Death and Hell, disease, swords, death by hunger, death by beasts (Rev. 6:8).   And the four horsemen have power over only 25% of the earth (Rev. 6:8).  Surely the idiot Christians can see that where God's coming judgment unto victory is over the entire world, the four horsemen having power over only 25% of the world means they are not of God's judgment. 

The Christians love anti-Christ Paul despite his being a self-admitted evildoer, a self-admitted liar, one who judges and takes revenge against Jews who teach God's law and the one who says he shall make Gentiles righteous in their deeds while he himself practices evil.  Christianity is so wonderful isn't it, Christians?  Of course the children of Hell Christian church leaders all never put Paul's doctrine in the light, they lie about what their master says.  Children of Hell hate the Light and so Paul's gospel is never approached in the Light of Christ; that is how does Paul's word stand up to the word of the Son of God?   I and others show the conflict, even some children of Hell Christians see the conflict and say - divide the word - the Son of God is not for you Gentiles, he is only for the Jews.  Anti-Christ Paul instructs same, he wants his Gentile converts wholly focused on Paul's doctrine (1 Timothy 2:15).

Leave that Son of God doctrine to the Jews and anti-Christ Paul and his children of Hell converts will then revenge, kill the Jews of the Son of God for the Son commands to obey God's commandments, and anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says the Jews of the law break the law and he must take revenge on them for breaking the law (Romans 2:27, 2 Cor. 10:6, John 16:1-4).   They say, Paul is for you Gentiles, you listen to Paul and leave the doctrine of the Son of God to the Jews.  The Christians allege that Paul brings a new doctrine from the Son of God, love that new doctrine that is a lie?   Paul's doctrine is a self-admitted lie (Romans 3:7)!!  Think LIES come from God, Christians?!  If you do, off to Hell with you when you die, then the eternal fire (Rev. 22:15, 20:14).  And the Christians do believe, in actuality say, a lie is from God because they believe anti-Christ Paul's lying gospel is from God.  The Son of God does say Christians are children of Hell (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).

Romans 15:18   ... I shall make the Gentiles obedient in word and deed

Romans 2:27   Shall not uncircumcision, which is by nature, if it fulfill the law, judge you who are of the law and do transgress the law

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie ....

Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs ... whosoever loves or makes a lie

Clearly from the above Romans 2:27, Paul is looking at the law of God and watching the Jews of the law so see to it that if they transgress same, then he shall have his Gentile converts judge and punish them (John 16:1-4).    Is that not what Pharisees do, sit in Moses' seat dictating out of the law, ready to punish law breakers, but they themselves never follow the law (Matthew 23:2)?!

What does Paul mean by "judge them", that his Gentile converts shall judge Jews of the law?:

2 Corinthians 10:6   When your obedience is fulfilled, be ready to revenge all disobedience

By "judge them" anti-Son of God Pharisee Paul means to punish the Jews.   You broke God's law, Jews, says anti-Christ Paul, so I'm going to send my Gentile converts (the uncircumcised) to punish you.  Pharisee Paul the Jew Benjamite wolf keeping tabs on Jews of God, (Pharisees are Jews of Satan, John 8:37-44), and if he sees them breaking God's law, he sends his Gentile Christian dogs to take revenge on them (Romans 2:27, John 16:1-4).

The good Jews in  Pharisee-1948 founded state of Israel hate Paul, so does the Son of God (Rev. 2:2 - commends hatred of evildoers).    

The evil Christians call down God's wrath on evildoers, seek justice from God to punish corrupt nation leaders and common people for their evil deeds and their own damn master is a self-admitted practitioner of evil.  People were on the receiving end of Paul's evil deeds - and no empathy for them from the Christians.  An evildoer is of God, say the Christians:


Imagine being one of those people who Paul the anti-Christ did evil to and he comes saying, YEAH I DO EVIL TO YOU, BUT I HAVE GOD'S MIND, AND I HAVE GOD'S SPIRIT IN ME AND MY BODY IS GOD'S HOLY TEMPLE.  I do not have control over the evil I do to you, that is the law of sin in my flesh compelling me to do evil deeds (Romans 7:17, 7:23). 

Every Christian church leader is a child of Hell because they have converted to the doctrine of anti-Christ Paul (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).    The only good ones in churches are the lay, and few among them (Rev. 18:4).    The lay get fed lies from their church leaders, never do they put Paul in the proper light:






Some Christians do mock that I am teaching from the bible, but they do not mock the many Christian church lay that sit in church pews year after year to be schooled from the bible by their church masters.    Perhaps some Christians will say church is for worship of God, the altar.   Yeah, pay money to kneel before the church altars founded on the lying doctrine of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul:

Hebrews 13:10   We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at

The above is in line with Romans 2:27 - anti-Christ Paul hates Jews who teach and do God's law and such are of God's Temple.     Anti-Son of God Paul established altars for Gentiles which have a big sign over them, though the churches do not post what should be there:


Paul denies the Jerusalem Temple is of God (Hebrews 8:2) for the reason that it was made by hand of men.   But he says the church altars and church buildings are of God, yet the church buildings and church altars are made by men' s hands!   Hypocrisy, lies, lies and lies and for one purpose:  MONEY and power :

Romans 15:27   I  taught the Gentiles it is their duty to give us money because we bring them spiritual teaching

Acts 4:34-35   ... The Gentiles sold all they owned and handed over the money to the [false] apostles ...

Not too many church lay these days, if any, would sell everything they own and give the sales proceeds to their church masters.  Not while still living that is, some church lay do hand over their entire estate to their church masters upon their death.      Pharisee Paul did not always have an easy time at trying to extract money from his Gentile converts:

1 Timothy 5:16-18   Take care of your own widows and do not seek to charge the church.  Now obey Moses' command and pay your church rulers well

1 Corinthians 9:9-11   You think God cares about oxen, that command of Moses was written for us.  Now obey Moses' command and pay your church rulers well

The little devil children sitting in the market, the hypocrites - YOU AIN'T UNDER THE LAW ah but I want you Gentiles to obey Moses' command to pay us money!  But as to all of God's other commands, it is grace, no more law of God (Romans 6:14, 8:2).     

Some of the Gentiles bucked at anti-Christ Paul saying, rightly, that Moses' command is to not muzzle an ox when it is threshing grain (Deut. 25:4).   And Paul responded, no way, God does not care about oxen, that command of Moses is for Gentiles to pay money to their church rulers, oxen being a metaphor for church rulers.  Revelation 18:13 says they sold the souls of men for money.   

Dummy Christians, there is your master Paul saying Deuteronomy 25:4 is not a command of God related to oxen because God cares not one wit about oxen.   Really, Christians?  Have a read of some more animal-related commands of the Lord in Deuteronomy and other writings below which show the Lord cares for animals:

Deuteronomy 22:6   If you come across a bird's nest ... you may take the young ones or eggs but do not take the mother bird

Would that be neat, Christians, you can call yourselves the mother birds and say you have a right to take the eggs and young birds, which represent the money of the church rulers.  Anti-Christ Paul said he and his Pharisee false apostles, the other church masters are the oxen, and to muzzle them is to not give them money, so obey Deuteronomy 25:4 and pay your oxen church masters well, idiot Gentile church lay.

Does God care about birds?   The Father God and Son God are one and the Father God cares about birds, the Son of God said the Father cares about birds:   Are not two sparrows bought for a penny, yet not one shall fall to the ground without your Father's consent (Matthew 10:29).

Jonah 4:11  .. should I not spare Nineveh, that great city wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons ... AND ALSO MUCH CATTLE

Cattle, oxen they are both bovines and the Lord cares about bovines and birds and other animals which is he why he commanded as he does in Deuteronomy 25:4.  But the false apostle and anti-Christ Paul says no, God does not care about oxen, and Paul is a practitioner of evil (Romans 7:19), and Paul is a liar (Romans 3:7), but a large portion of the world loves man of Satan Paul.  They love their church masters, and their church altars given to them courtesy of anti-Christ Paul, and their bibles given to them courtesy of the Pharisee snakes of the 325 AD Council of Nicaea.  

Proverbs 12:10    A righteous man does have regard for the life of his beast, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel

Christians, your master Paul says God does not care about oxen, clearly he is lying!  The tree in the midst where lots of people hide behind thinking being a branch of tree Paul is being a branch of the Son of God; it is Paul's word they do eat and think they are purified and sanctified by God through belief on Paul's word (Isaiah 66:17):

Romans 3:7   If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

Lesson 101 in lies:    LIES NEVER CONVEY TRUTH

The evil Pharisee Paul says lies can convey truth, he contends he is no sinner for his lying gospel conveys truth of God.    Yep, just like Satan telling Eve God is a liar, lies can be of God, lies can be helpful to God, lies can convey truth.  Might want to listen to the Son of God, instead of heeding anti-Son of God liar Paul:

Revelation 22:15   For without are dogs ... whosoever makes or loves a lie

The Christian churches are founded on the lie of its founder, anti-Christ Paul.    Paul the maker of a lie is in Hell (Rev. 22:15).  The Christians believe Paul's lie, they are lovers of  a lie so they too end up in Hell (Rev. 22:15):

Matthew 7:22-23   MANY shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

Only Paul's doctrine is claimed by Christians to be doctrine of God and therein he says, there is no more law, it is grace (Romans 6:14).   Go over to Romans 2:27 and Paul keeps the law, as he looks over at Jews who teach and do God's law to punish them for transgressing the law.   Go over to 1 Timothy  5:16-18 and 1 Corinthians 9:9-11 and Paul keeps the law, just one command of the law, for his Gentile sucker converts - which command he lies about claiming God does not care about oxen, that the command in Deuteronomy 25:4 is for Gentile suckers of the Christian churches to pay money to their church masters.

All the Christian churches are thieving institutions demanding money from their church lay claiming same is their duty to God.  Claiming God demands they attend church.  Claiming their church altars are of God, none of them are of God (Hebrews 13:10 - the Christian altars are filth of the earth, men of Satan instituted altars). 

The believers on the Son of God do not take revenge against the Christians for the reason that they reject the Son of God:

Matthew 10:16   ... be wise as serpents and harmless as doves

In respect to the Lord's gospel, all who reject same are not compelled to believe in same.  But reject Paul's altar, his churches, he instructs his Gentile suckers to ride out in revenge against all who are not of the Christian churches (Ephesians 2:2-3, 2 Cor. 10:6).

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