The Protestant churches began when a Catholic priest, Martin Luther, sought the pope to reform the papacy (eliminate indulgences, etc.).  When the papacy refused, then began Protestant churches.  

Christ alone, the call of the Protestants.   The Protestants refused papal authority, worship Christ alone.    But do the Protestants worship Christ alone?   No.   They are liars, for they do not bring Christ alone, they bring along anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.

One cannot serve two masters:

Matthew 10:16   ... be harmless as doves

Matthew 10:14-15  .... if they reject your words, then brush the dust off of your shoes as testimony against them

The above is the doctrine of Christ.  The following is the doctrine of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, which opposes the aforesaid commands of Christ:

2 Corinthians 10:6   Be ready to revenge all disobedience

Ephesians 2:2-3  [all non-believers on Paul's gospel are] children of disobedience ... of wrath

One cannot serve both masters, Christ and Paul, for one will hate the one master, and love the other.   Disregard the commands of Christ to follow the commands of anti-Christ Paul, that is what Christianity is.

John 3:20  Evildoers hate the light

Romans 7:19 ... I practice evil

There again, one cannot serve both Christ and anti-Christ Paul, for the one master says, tell people evildoers hate the light.   The other master says he practices evil and he is of Christ.

Christ told his apostles to freely give, for they freely received (Matthew 10:8).   The false apostles, which include anti-Christ Rabbi Paul, say, give us money because we bring Christ to  you (Romans 15:27).

Protestants are just another branch of the children of Hell Paul converts.   Those of mankind who end up in the lake of fire are not all united among themselves.  Only Satan and his angels are united among themselves.   In Matthew 7:22-23, to the lake of fire go many who say to Christ, but Lord Lord we did many wonderful works in your name.    To the lake of fire go the unrepentant pedophiles, murderers, thieves and so too the ones would have said to murderers, thieves and pedophiles, repent or God shall destroy you; they themselves end up in the lake of fire with thieves, and murderers for in the lake of fire are also lovers of lies and makers of lies.  The children of Hell Paul converts are lovers of lies (the lying gospel of anti-Christ Paul).  The Christian Paul converts prefer the lies of Paul to the truth of Christ.

Their bibles will be no excuse before the Lord at judgment.  The manuscripts that are Matthew and John's gospels were placed with manuscripts that are the gospel of anti-Christ Paul, which includes the false gospels of Pharisees Mark and Luke, Pharisee forgeries 1 & 2 Peter, James and Jude.   Just because both the doctrine of Christ and the doctrine of Rabbi Paul are under one book cover (per the 325 AD Council of Nicea where Roman Emperor Constantine presided) does not excuse anyone from believing the lies of anti-Christ Rabbi Paul, among which are:

Romans 7:23  ... all flesh is captive to the law of sin

Romans 8:2  The law of the spirit in the life of Jesus Christ freed me from the law of sin and death [ the law of sin and death is Rabbi Paul's euphemism for God's commandments, 2 Cor. 3:7 - DEATH written in stone]

1 Corinthians 2:16   I have the the mind of Christ

Protestants are another brand of children of Hell.  Same gospel of anti-Christ Paul that founded churches is what the Protestant movement embraced.   It was not lay churchmen that founded Protestantism, it was a Catholic priest and then others of the Catholic priest caste joined in to found Protestant churches, and they kept Paul's gospel.    Paul is the master of the Protestants, not Christ.  There are no church altars, no church rulers established in the gospel of Christ.   Church altars and church rulers are founded solely on the gospel of Rabbi Paul, the anti-Christ.

Christ alone.  That is what I bring, to say follow Christ (Matthew and John) and do not follow Pharisee Paul.   That stance is not adopted by any church, for all churches believe that Rabbi Paul is of God.   

Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon, Eric Phelps and Walter Veith, just among a few of the well-known names of Protestant church rulers who are liars, claiming Christ alone, claiming they are for Chirst alone, but they bring anti-Christ Paul so it is not Christ alone, but Christ + anti-Christ Paul.  It is NEVER Christ alone with any Christian sect, always Christ + anti-Christ Paul, so they are all liars, and they are lovers of lies for believing in the disgusting filth that is Rabbi Paul's gospel.  They are twice the children of Hell than anti-Christ Rabbi Paul for believing in Pharisee doctrine (Matthew 23:15).   It is bad enough the Pharisees come up with their evil doctrines, but for outsiders to hear and say, you know that is for me, they are even more wicked, naturally - the children of Hell; and they bring death and Hell (Rev. 6:1-8).

Matthew 10:15  ... I lay down my life for the sheep

Find where Christ says he laid down his life for goats!  Nowhere does Christ say he laid down his life for goats.   The practitioner of evil, Pharisee Paul, is a goat.    Goats are those who refuse to give up evil deeds.   The metaphor is used by God, separation of the goats from the sheep (goats being evil people/sheep being good people).   The sheep Christ died for, not the goats.  The goats are the transgressors against God who would never give up doing evil:

John 3:19  And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world but men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil

Do not blame God for evil people being anti-Christs:

1 John 2:18-19   You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs.  They came out from among us but were never of us

Do not blame God that anti-Christs came up with their own so-called holy bible.  The first bible is the Catholic bible (325 AD Council of Nicea).  Second bible is the Ethiopian bible (Ethiopian church),  third bible is the Orthodox bible (Russian Orthodox church) and the fourth bible is the Protestant bible (Protestant churches).  All four have identical new testament section, 21 lying writings of Jews of Satan and 6 writings of Jews of the Lord (Matthew and John).

It is the choice of people to make to read Christ say, evildoers hate the light, but then insist that Paul the self-proclaimed evildoer is of God, thereby saying to Christ, I DO NOT BELIVE YOU, CHRIST,  I believe in Paul.  So whereas the anti-Christs do have their lying 'holy' bibles, nevertheless the doctrine of Christ is there, and one can clearly see Christ teaches opposite of what Rabbi Paul teaches; therefore, no one shall have an excuse before Christ that they were deceived by bibles.   Everyone who eats up the vomit that is the doctrine of anti-Christ Paul is a child of Hell; and they will never abandon their master Rabbi Paul.  They shall be among the abhorred by all flesh for all eternity (Isaiah 66:22-24).

The anti-Christs solidified themselves in the world as being of Christ, falsely so, by having Roman Emperor Constantine back their bible (325 AD Council of Nicea), wherein were placed the true apostles' manuscripts, (not left wholly unadulterated by the bible deceivers), and Rabbi Pharisee Paul's manuscripts.   Prior to then,  separate and apart was Christ's gospel, not under any one book cover with the gospel of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.

In the end, no one of mankind decides who gets eternal life with God, that a person goes to the lake of fire for want of having been told the truth of God.   God knows the heart of everyone, and there is forgiveness and mercy extended in the next life for the sheep that dies lost (Matthew 12:31, 11:20-24).   The lost sheep are forgiven their sins.   God knows who would have repented had they received God's message.   God is a just God.  He does not say to a lost sheep, too bad no one told you about me; though I know you would have ceased evil had you received my message, nevertheless off to the lake of fire with you.   That is NOT how God is:

Isaiah 66:19  ... to the isles far away, that have not heard my fame, neither have seen my glory, and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles

Matthew 11:20-24  ... Sodom would still exist had they seen my miracles ... it shall be more tolerable for the men of Sodom at judgment than for you, Capernaum

Being that at judgment, one goes to one of two places - with God, or the lake of fire (Matthew 25:41), that means the men of Sodom receive life with God, for Christ knows they would have ceased their evil deeds had they seen Christ's miracles and Christ says it shall be tolerable at judgment for the men of Sodom; and it is entirely  untolerable to end up in the lake of fire.

Above is speaking of when Christ reigns on earth (Isaiah 66:19).   The good people are left on earth by Christ's angels, the evil people are removed from the earth by Christ's angels (Matthew 13:41).    Among the good who are left on earth are those who do not know God, but he knows them; the angels know them and leave them on the earth.  Later come ambassadors of God to tell the Gentiles afar off about God.
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