The Book of Revelation confirms not that Satan entered the Vatican, he has always been there.  What entered the Vatican under Pope  Paul VI is the Beast, in spirit form (Rev. 17:10-11).

Some prominent Catholics, including Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, have said that Satan entered the Vatican under the reign of Pope Paul VI.    What is unique about the reign of Paul VI is that under his reign, unlike all previous popes, he is guided by the spirit of the Beast and so has been every subsequent pope (Rev. 17:10-11).    Paul VI is reported to have said:  "The smoke of Satan has made its way into the temple of God through some crack".   Malachi Martin said that knowledgeable churchmen called it the superforce.

In 1964, the Beast's authority on earth was greatly increased so that he is permitted to be in spirit form to guide the then-reigning Paul VI, and all subsequent popes.  He guides them supernaturally and gives them means to accomplish the aims of the Beast.   It is Satan's Beast, in spirit form, that entered the Vatican.  The spirit of the Beast guides the popes as of 1964:

Revelation 17:10-11     There are seven kings.  Five are fallen and one is and the other is yet to come, and when he comes he must continue a short space.  And the Beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven and goes forth into perdition.

The Beast is of the seven kings.   Vatican's papal office holder became a king as well pope when in 1964 the United Nations declared Vatican to be a sovereign nation.  Papal office is highest office in the Vatican.  When Vatican became a nation, that highest office is an office of a king as well, king of Vatican nation.  The City-State of Vatican.    

Paul VI in 1964 comes under the power of the spirit of the Beast.   The Beast is obviously not of mankind because he is among the seven kings in spirit form, and he is also not any nation or nations, or a computer as the Christians say, claiming his multiple heads are actually nations, or kings.  They are blind followers of blind Pharisee Paul and so they are among the wicked who do not understand prophecy (Daniel 12:10).    The eighth and final pope king of the Catholics is the Beast himself.   Every one comes under the umbrella of Christianity when they take the mark of the Beast, or worship the Beast  because the Beast is a Christian pope, and no one will be permitted to buy or sell without authority of the Beast.   

Some Catholics say it is Paul VI that began the attack on traditional Catholicism.  With the Vatican Council II came a whole new orientation of the Vatican and how it operates its churches.   Paul VI was actively steering the Catholic doctrine away from the doctrine of his predecessors.    The Catholics were left two choices:  Bind  themselves to the person of Paul VI, or bind themselves to the traditional teachings of the church.    

The policy of Paul VI's predecessors was done away with under Vatican Council II, and the new policy was unquestioned binding and adoration to the person of the pope.   This is a key shift with subsequent popes also operating on that same basis, and the final pope Beast will demand absolute worship of himself,  and not a clinging to any doctrine of the Catholic church.   Prior to 1964, the Catholic church was ostensibly operated on the basis of its ungodly doctrine, with popes expected to uphold the ungodly doctrine.  Not a cult of personality, but a cult of ungodly doctrine and that changed in 1964 with the coming of the Beast in spirit form to guide popes.   Now it is a cult of personality that reigns at Vatican as of Paul VI, not a cult of ungodly doctrine.

Paul VI reigned from June 21, 1963 to August 6, 1978.     The second Vatican council is when the traditionalists were cast aside in favor of, basically, pope worship.   The Beast's spirit guided Pope John II who had extraordinary supernatural ability to bring different religions together with him as their leader in the coming together.   The Beast will eventually get to reign as pope and he will receive worship from all the evil people on earth.

Some say that Paul VI was replaced by an imposter pope based on appearance of the suspected imposter pope compared to the appearance of Paul VI.   There is a thing called shapeshifting, and in some photos Paul VI's ears are shapeshifted.  Ratzinger changed his appearance, at times, same with Bergoglio. due to shapeshifting.  Pope John Paul II was a shapeshifter, every pope has been a shapeshifter because they are all of Satan.   The change in Paul VI's appearance was due to the fact that he was 24/7 accompanied by the spirit of the Beast, and his mind worked on by the Beast, his facial features also changed under that Beast spirit influence.  For example, the physical appearance of Aleister Crowley changed so much he is unrecognizable compared to other photos of him as an adult.

Paul VI's spirit was diabolically evil upon the Beast's spirit entering him, and his physical features also changed.   In Crowley's first pic his nose looks much closer to his mouth than the second pic of Crowley.  Paul VI's  nose appears shorter in the pic on right, just part of his change in physical appearance, like Crowley's physical appearance changed. 

The Beast, Satan and the Anti-Christ Spirit are behind Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.  Pharisee Paul says his gospel centers on one message:

1 Corinthians 1:22  The Jews require a sign and the Greeks seek after wisdom,

1 Corinthians 1:23   but we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block and unto the Greek's foolishness.

And the Beast brings one message back to life under Paul VI, called the Paschal Mystery in the Catechism.     The Paschal Mystery is the alleged 'mystery' that Christ died for us while we were ungodly and he finishes the work he began in the ungodly, that is the original message of Paul that gained so many Gentile converts, because behind the message is the power of Satan, the Beast and the Anti-Christ Spirit to lead the goats in a religion that claims to be of God, but is not, and is the final religion that exists on earth before God comes back to reign on earth.   Pharisee Paul and his fellow false apostle Pharisees went around preaching Christ crucified, and once the convert was made, they were taught as the Pharisees saw fit to teach them.    

There is a whole doctrine of Christ given by Christ to the world and recorded in Matthew and John's writings.   There is great wisdom in the doctrine of Christ, there are secrets revealed in the doctrine of Christ that were hidden since the beginning of the world.    The Lord is not against wisdom, and reasoning goes with her:

Proverbs 1:20-23   Wisdom cries out, she utters her voice in the streets, she cries in the chief place of concourse, in the opening of the gates, in the city she utters her words saying, How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity and the scorners delight in their scorning and fools hate knowledge?  Turn yourself at my reproof, behold I will pour out my spirit unto you.  I will make known my words unto you.

Evil Pharisee Paul mocks wisdom.    He preaches nonsense:  Christ crucified, and gives a lie as to why Christ was crucified, and sets up a religion centered around an altar and the Eucharist altar ritual.  The pay off for Pharisee Paul and his fellow Pharisee false apostles in the scheme is they receive money from the altar worshipers.  

The Paul converts preach on tv, radio and internet and on the streets and in writing that Christ died for your sins.  Believe on him and you will be saved.   That is a lie, Christ did not die for the sins of everyone.  He died to atone for the sins of the sheep (John 10:15).    Pharisee Paul says Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5:6).   Some one might die for a good man, (Romans 5:7), but Christ died for the wicked evil man, says Pharisee Paul (Romans 5:8).   Then he says the wicked are justified by the blood of Christ by believing Christ died for them, and saved from the wrath of God - all by just believing Christ died on the cross for them.

That is Satan's lie that Christ died for the wicked, the ungodly.  He did not die for them, he died for the sheep (John 10:15).   The Lord redeems the good people by being the blood atonement to satisfy penalty under God's law, for those deeds which call for death, such as murder and adultery.   The sheep that had gone astray, that is who Christ died for.  The goats become converts to Paul's gospel.   Some sheep are in the Christian churches and none of them are converts to Pharisee Paul's gospel, and are in churches only because they are deceived into thinking Christ's gospel and Paul's gospel are the same.

Christ does not ask that people believe on him because he died on a cross.  He says believe on his word.  And he says believe on his word if for no other reason than because of the great miracles he did.    A true believer in Christ preaches the word of Christ.  The heart of his word is stop doing evil deeds or you will go to Hell and then the eternal fire.   The children of Hell Pharisee Paul converts preach:  Christ died for you and you need only accept his free gift, believe on him and you are saved.   The Paul converts are all over the globe converting ungodly people to be ungodly believers in Paul's gospel, with the initial hook being as aforesaid.   Grace, not of works, just believe Christ died for your sins and invite him into your heart.     And the one whose doctrine they set their belief on is Pharisee Paul's gospel.    There is no 'grace, not of works', teaching in Christ's gospel, not when he laid down his doctrine when he walked the earth, in the flesh, born of a virgin, and not when he arose from the dead and ascended into heaven and from there spoke again (John's Book of Revelation).

The Beast always has carried the Jew Pharisees' Vatican business since its inception (Rev. 17:7).  The inception was Pharisee Paul and some fellow Pharisees from the tribe of Benjamin penning a lying doctrine (Paul's gospel) then first going to Jews, who rejected them, and then going to Gentiles who accepted them.  Here is your altar, Gentiles, they said.   Here is your altar ritual (Eucharist), they said.  Now pay us money for these things we give you, they said (Romans 15:27).   The conquering of Benjamin's prey and stealing the wealth of their prey in the last days (Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5), that is what original Christendom is (Roman Catholic church), and what the subsequent harlots are also of, the Ethiopian church, the Orthodox church and the Protestant church.

The Beast has a helper, the Anti-Christ Spirit, which draws the Gentiles and some Jews as converts to Pharisee Paul's religion.    The Benjamite wolves wrote their lie that is the gospel of Pharisee Paul to deceive in order to rule over their Gentile and Jewish prey and steal their wealth (Matthew 21:33-46, Rev. 18:23).   It is the Anti-Christ Spirit dwelling within the Paul converts that keeps them falsely thinking that they are of God, and falsely thinking that they are filled with the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:3).  

There comes a time when the power of the Beast on earth increases greatly, culminating with his appearance in physical form on earth and being given all the powers of Satan on earth (Rev. 17:7, 11:7, 13:2).    This great increase in power started when the Beast's spirit began to guide the popes, starting with Paul VI.  

There is talk in influential Catholic circles that pope Ratzinger was ousted by a conspiracy.  Ratzinger was ordered to step aside so that Bergoglio could be put in to satisfy China, as the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners actively seek to have China let the Vatican's bankers control the Yuan.   Under Bergoglio has been a move toward China, that requires toning down Catechism's ban on abortion and other Catholic doctrine that would be offensive to the Chinese leadership.   But the Jew Pharisees' New World Order vision is foretold to fail (Daniel 11:14).   They have failed to get China to do what they want, they needed a few to several more years to work on China, but that has been interrupted by Freemason Catholics not wanting their own territories in Europe and UK and USA to be under rule of China, so they got Trump into office rather than Vatican's pick, Hillary Clinton.    Under Clinton, she would have continued to let USA go under while the Vatican works on China.   But Trump being a nationalist puts a stop to that.   

The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners have a back up plan to a 'China failure' and that is Nazism.   Bergoglio will be taken out of office by death soon, and Ratzinger will be made pope again.  Nazi Ratzinger will be the head of the Vatican to lead the western powers that will go Nazi and they will attack Russia and China.    US will join with Nazi Germany.   Trump's right-hand man, Steven Bannon, was portrayed by the Chinese as a Nazi.   It is reported that  Bannon's ex-wife did say in deposition during her divorce from Bannon that he did not permit their children to attend a school with Jews, and there is his quotes as follows:  "Darkness is good".  "Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's power".   He also said it is good when the real agenda is hidden.   

The alternative to a Vatican-China alliance is Freemason Nazi-Vatican alliance.  Rule of the world by China, or rule of the world under Nazis, the Vatican Jew Pharisees expand their control of world finances under either scenario, more so under the China rule, but could eventually get there under Nazi rule if it were not prohibited to them by God (Daniel 11:14).  The Jew Pharisees will get their control of the world for a short 42 months under the Beast pope.  

That is the choice the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners have for the world, Communist rule or Nazi rule.  Either form of rule means great concentration of wealth in hands of a few and a police state.  

The Vatican did not like that Catholic Freemasons have thwarted making China the new imperial power, but the Vatican has a back up plan that accommodates the Freemason's love of Nazism and dislike of being ruled over by China.   One way or the other, the Jew Pharisees intend to control all the currencies of the world, and they have their Jewish pals in the central banks that are of the Pharisees' Vatican conspiracy, and they have their trusted Knights Templar to house the institutions that control their western central banking empire.  They could not house those institutions within the Vatican because that would expose themselves for who they are, so they use the Switzerland territory founded by their trusted and loyal Knights Templar in 1291 to house those institutions.  The Vatican's conspiracy is that the owners of the Vatican are the Jew Pharisees, and their gospel of Paul is a lie and the Vatican enslaves many through that lie (Matthew 21:33-46, Isaiah 42:6, Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27).  And the enslavement is behind religious, but goes into civil life too because they own the central banks of the west, and their minion Jesuits train the intelligentsia of many nations in the Jesuit owned and operated colleges and universities.

It appears that the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners needed to have one of their own as pope to make the great shift in Vatican policy that occurred under Vatican Council II, as it is alleged in the video above that Paul VI was a  Jew, among evidence cited is he wore a Jewish ephod on his papal clothing.  The Jew Pharisees do own the Vatican, and it was Jew Pharisee Paul (and other Jew Pharisees) who started the Catholic church and never gave up to another the stream of cash flow that came to them from the churches they founded.  That stream of cash flow was handed down to their Pharisee sons.  From Pharisee fathers, to Pharisee sons from the tribe of Benjamin on down the generations until God destroys them (Matthew 21:33-46, Isaiah 42:6).    Satan already has the Catholics deceived.  Under the influence of the spirit of the Beast, the Jew Pharisees have a new ideology to capture the whole world to eventually worship one man, the Christian pope.  But that pope worship will not come to any man pope, it comes to the last pope of the Catholics which is the Beast himself in physical form on earth (Rev. 11:7).  Paul VI spoke of a new economic international order calling it the New World Order, that is the vision of the robbers of God's people (Daniel 11:14).  So there is no hope under Trump, not even that he might be a lesser evil ruler.  The Beast is on earth in spirit form and he leads the show at the Vatican, and the world has gotten darker and darker ever since.   The rise of the Fourth Reich in US, Germany, Italy, France, UK - it is here and will become more and more publicly evident and does replace  the Vatican's leftist move toward China, with a Nazi right move to go after Russia and Iran, and bring China to heel and with the Nazi right move comes in Nazi Ratzinger, and out goes Leftist Bergoglio.

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