Matthew 7:1-6   ... why look at the speck in your brother's eye and ignore the beam in your own eye ... do not cast what is holy to the dogs or cast your pearls before the swine, lest they trample them under their feet and then turn and trample you

Dogs end up in the lake of fire.   Revelation 22:15  for without are dogs ....

Are not these people dogs?

Matthew 11:20-24  Then he began to denounce the cities wherein he did most of his mighty works because they would not repent ... you shall be cast down to Hell

The dogs, transgressors against God they are, and they never want to give up doing evil.  If, as Christians contend, the pearls, the holy things are the words of Christ, then Christ speaks against himself, for he did cast his Word before DOGS.   But the holy things, the pearls of which Christ speaks in Matthew 7:1-6 are not in reference to Christ's word, but rather the brethren, and the brethren are the believers in Christ.

Dogs go to Hell, and then to the lake of fire.    Revelation 20:13 ... death and Hell gave up the dead which were in them.   Matthew 25:41  Depart from me, you cursed people, into the everlasting lake of fire prepared for Satan and his angels.  Revelation 20:14 Death and Hell were cast into the lake of fire.

If Christ meant not to give his word before dogs, then Christ breaks his own commandment, for he cast his word before dogs.   But then Christ is not speaking of his word as being the pearls and holy things that dogs/swine would trample under foot, he is speaking of his believers as being holy, pearls and do not cast a Pearl Brother, a Holy Brother before the dogs of mankind.

The dogs will eat up the condemnation a hypocrite brother heaps on the ears of the dogs against a Holy Brother, a Pearl Brother.   And they will go after that brother, but also go after the hypocrite brother, after all these are dogs.  If a hypocrite brother were to go pour out his unwarranted condemnation upon the ears of a Holy Brother, a Pearl Brother, that brother is not going to want to hear any of that.  Instruct that hypocrite brother, be good and know Christ does not condemn those who break the least of his commandments (Matthew 5:19):

Matthew 5:19   Whosoever shall break the least of God's commandments and teach others to do the same shall be called Least in the kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 11:11   He who is Least in the kingdom of Heaven is greater than John

But if the hypocrite brother insists on venting his unwarranted, ungodly judgment on a Holy Brother, a Pearl Brother, then he must find a dog/swine, for the non-hypocritical brethren will have no tolerance to hear the hatred of the hypocritical brother toward a Holy Brother, a Pearl brother.  But the dogs/swine love to eat up that hypocritical, hateful stuff and Christ warns those dogs will seek to do harm to that Pearl Brother, that Holy Brother; and Christ warns that the dogs will come to attack the hypocrite brother too.
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