The converts to Pharisee Paul's gospel are anti-Christs, for they accept a man's modification of Christ's testimony (1 John 2:18).   The evil ones, the children of Hell love their master Pharisee Paul.  For those evil ones, Paul gives them the Son, not the Word in the Flesh who came as the Son.

John does not modify the testimony of Christ.   John's epistles are wholly in agreement with the testimony of Christ, as recorded in the gospels according to Matthew and John, except for the fact that bible translators deceptively inserted the term 'church' in one of John's epistles and in John's Book of Revelation, also in Matthew.   

John is not speaking to churches of Asia, nor is Christ speaking to churches of Asia in the first few chapters of Revelation, with the exception of where Christ refers to the 'churches of Satan', not synagogues implying Christ is speaking of Jews of Satan.  Jews of Satan (the Pharisees) established churches, and therefore they are churches of Satan, not of God.    Revelation Ch. 22 contains God's warning as to what will happen to those who add to or take away from the words of John in the Book of Revelation.   God does not speak in vain, if no one would ever do such a thing, and God knows everything, then there would be no need to issue a warning.  But since God knew that men would do such a thing, he gave the warning.

Throughout Europe are the institutions of Christianity, that being where Pharisee Paul and fellow Pharisee false apostles established churches for Gentiles.  Those churches took hold and spread throughout Europe.  Pharisee Paul tried to establish churches in Asia, but he could not.  Christ is speaking to his Jews of Asia of the province of Ephesus in the following passage:

Revelation 2:2  I know you tried those men who came to you claiming to be my apostles and are not

2 Timothy 1:15  All of Asia rejected me

Are Asian nations known as Christian nations?  No!   There is no church empire in Asia, as there is in Europe and the Europeans brought their Christianity to North America.  Pharisee Paul and fellow false apostle Pharisees ran into the Jews of the Lord of Asia, and Christ is speaking to his Jews of Asia located in seven provinces of Asia.  The Jews of Asia thwarted Pharisee Paul's attempt to establish money-generating, Pharisee-instituted church altars in Asia.  

History bears out the truth that Pharisee Paul and his fellow false apostles are to whom Christ refers in Rev. 2:2 because even to this day, no Asian nation, including the biggest China, has been Christianized.  Europe was Christianized.  Pharisee Paul says all of Asia rejected him.   Christ says they claim to be his apostles and are not.  We know the people Christ speaks to are located in Asia (Rev. 1:4), but these are not churches, but rather Jews of Asia.  The Jews of Asia had Pharisee Paul removed from God's Temple (Acts 21:27-30)

John 15:26 - 16:4   ... I shall send to you the Holy Spirit ... you will be removed from your synagogues and killed by those who think they are doing God's service

Jews of the Lord, Holy Spirit filled, worshiping God are to whom Christ speaks in Revelation Chapters 1-3.   The one place in Christ's testimony, recorded by John and Matthew, were bible translators failed to deceptively use the term 'church' instead of 'synagogue'.   And here we see Christ says that Holy Spirit filled Jews worship in synagogues, and the evil anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says all Jews have been made blind by God.  He is a liar, and of course exempts himself and fellow Jew Pharisees from the alleged blinding of all Jews by God:

Romans 11:30-32   God has put all Jews in delusion because in the past Jews believed the truth and Gentiles did not.  God decided it is time for Jews to believe lies and for Gentiles to believe truth so that God can have mercy on everyone

Galatians 2:15   We are Jews by nature and not sinners of the Gentiles

Philippians 3:5   ... I am a Hebrew of Hebrews.  I am a Pharisee

As a side note, Jew and Hebrew mean the same.  God named Jacob Israel (Genesis 35:10) and all of Jacob's descendants are Israel.

Christ does not say Jews are in delusion.  Christ says there are Holy Spirit filled Jews, and no one who is filled with the Holy Spirit is in delusion.   And the idiot Christians claim Christ taught nothing but lies because they believe Romans 11:30-32 is truth!

The evil ones believe upon Pharisee Paul's testimony, he gives them the Son (Matthew 7:22-23).    The evil ones deny that the Word in the Flesh gives the world the Son.   And if they say the Word who came as the Son gave the world the Son, they deny same in practice for they believe Romans 11:30-32 where their real master, Pharisee Paul, says all Jews have been blinded by God and therefore Paul says Christ taught lies to the Jews. And having taught lies for the purpose of exercising mercy on everyone, as Paul claims, Christ needed to send Pharisee Paul to present the true Son to the world, as Paul claims God decided it is time for Gentiles to believe truth.
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