Pharisee Paul says of himself:

Acts 22:3   I am a Jew … taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers and was zealous toward God.

Acts 22:4  I persecuted The Way unto death, binding and delivering both men and women into prisons.

Acts 23:6  I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee

The false apostle Pharisee Paul declares that prior to his alleged conversion, he was, as a Pharisee, zealous toward God.    Are Pharisees zealous toward God, meaning they are in service to God?

John 8:44   You are of your father, the Devil, and the lusts of your father you will do.

The foregoing passage is Christ speaking to the Pharisees.  They are not in service to God, but in service to Satan.     Therefore, in Pharisee Paul’s alleged post-conversion state, he still does not recognize the truth Christ speaks that Pharisees are of Satan, for he maintains that in his pre-conversion state (alleged conversion), he was zealous  toward God.    Pharisees zealous toward God?  Christ says Pharisees are not of God, they are the children of those who murdered God’s prophets and shall fill up the measure of their fathers (Matthew 23:31-32).  Below we see that Pharisee Paul was filling up the measure of his fathers, as Christ foretold they will do, as he journeyed to Damascus where, in Damascus, he was to take hold of people who followed Christ and lead them to Jerusalem where they would be abused then murdered.   As Pharisee Paul says, he persecuted unto death those who followed The Way:

Acts 22:5  … I … went to Damascus to bring to Jerusalem them which were bound to be punished.


Here is Pharisee Paul’s alleged conversion:

Acts 22:6   … as I made my journey [to] Damascus … suddenly from Heaven there shone a great light round about me and I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me, Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?

Christ says:

John 3:20  Everyone that does evil hates the light

Was Pharisee Paul in the process of doing evil as the alleged light of God shone about him and a voice spoke to him from Heaven?  Yes, he was – as he was in the process of sending to their deaths people who followed Christ!  So here one calls Christ a liar if they believe the conversion story of Pharisee Paul, for evildoers hate the light, but upon evildoer Pharisee Paul the light of Heaven allegedly shone round about him and the light spoke to him, and the light told him he is now of the light and is appointed by the light to carry out a mission for the light.  Pharisee Paul is an evildoer, a murderer,  and in his evil state of being, Christ allegedly calls out to him saying:

Acts 22:10  … go into Damascus and there it shall be told to you all the things which are appointed for you to do.

Pharisee Paul is a generational man of Hell, as he says he was taught the law by the Pharisee fathers and as a Pharisee, he was zealous toward God (Acts 22:3).  The Pharisee fathers taught their sons who became and always remained Pharisees:

Acts 22:3   I am a Jew … taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers and was zealous toward God.

Christ says of the Pharisees:

Matthew 23:31-32  You are the children of those who murdered God’s prophets.  Fill up the measure of your fathers.

Pharisee Paul filled up the measure of his fathers, as he says he persecuted to death those who follow Christ (The Way).   Christ always speaks truth, and here we see Pharisee Paul was fulfilling what Christ said of Pharisees, that they shall do as their fathers, murder the people of God!   In Pharisee Paul’s alleged post-conversion state, he maintains he is still a Pharisee and so too his father:

Acts 23:6  I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee

Christ says those who do evil hate the light and Pharisee Paul was in the process of sending to their deaths people who follow Christ when he allegedly was called to from Heaven by Christ.    An evil doer must first repent of sin, turn from evil and then he becomes born of God’s spirit.   Pharisee Paul was not in a repentant state of being at the time of the alleged encounter with Christ,  rather Paul was on a mission to murder Christ’s people at that time of alleged encounter with Christ.   

Christ does not appoint evil men to himself!   When the Pharisees came to John the Baptist, John said:

Matthew 3:7-8  … generation of vipers … bring forth fruits that show repentance

Repentance from evil deeds must and always must comes first before an evil man becomes born of God’s spirit, otherwise the evil man remains an evil man.    John the Baptist called Pharisees “generation of vipers”, so too Christ said the same of Pharisees:

Matthew 23:33  You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape eternal damnation.

Well Christ, a Pharisee can escape eternal damnation by you calling out to one and making him your own.   Christ, did you not realize that when you made that statement, as recorded in Matthew 23:33, that in the future you would call out to a serpent, a man of the generation of vipers and make him your own so that he would escape eternal damnation?     Christ, did you not know that in the future you would call out to a murdering Pharisee, who was in the process of delivering more of your people to be murdered, and make him your own?   I would lose my faith in Christ and have to say he is not a God, he is not the Son of God, he is not the Alpha and Omega, he is not the all knowing, all seeing God for he foolishly says Pharisees can never escape eternal damnation and then later makes a murdering Pharisee one of his own.

But Christ was not  lying when he said Pharisees cannot escape eternal damnation.  Christ was not lying when he said Pharisees are a generation of vipers who will fill up the measure of their murdering fathers!  And Christ did not make the murderer Pharisee Paul one of his own!

And what is Pharisee Paul’s stance toward Christ’s gospel which Christ taught to his true apostles while Christ walked the earth, in the flesh?   Here it is:

Romans 15:8  Christ is the minister of Circumcision

Romans 11:32  God concluded the Jews in unbelief so that he can have mercy on everyone

The stance of the evil Pharisee Paul toward what Christ taught on earth is that Christ taught to the Jews a lying doctrine, Circumcision, in order that God could conclude all the Jews in unbelief in order that God can have mercy on everyone.   Leave it to a Pharisee to call God the Father and God the Son liars!   And what other legacy did Pharisee Paul leave to counter the gospel of Circumcision taught by Christ?  Here it is:

Ephesians 2:8-9    You are saved by grace … not of works

Romans 11:6    If by grace, then it is no more of works … if it be of works, then it is no more grace

Galatians 2:21 … if righteousness comes by the law, then Christ is dead in vain

Pharisee Paul says he teaches the true gospel, UN-Circumcision, and he maintains that Christ taught a lie, Circumcision, so that all the Jews would follow the false gospel of Christ (Circumcision) in order that God may conclude all the Jews in unbelief so that he can have mercy on everyone!   That is Pharisee Paul’s legacy, the anti-Christ who calls Christ’s Circumcision doctrine a lie and calls his UN-Circumcision doctrine the truth (Galatians 2:7-8)!

The grace doctrine lie is the legacy of the evil Jew Pharisee Paul.  Pharisee Paul says it is the grace of God that saves sinners and not a sinner turning from evil deeds to follow the law.   I put forth the question then:   why is God pleading with evildoers to repent? Why does God say:

Revelation 9:20-21   They would not repent of their murders … their thefts

Why is God seeking repentance from evil works when according to Pharisee Paul grace is what saves, not following the law, which is what turning from evil deeds is, following the law.   Christ need only do what he allegedly did with Pharisee Paul, call out to the evil people and bestow his grace on them to make them his own.    Pharisee Paul was in the process of sending people of God to their deaths when Christ allegedly bestowed his grace upon the Pharisee to make the Pharisee one of his own.     So why is God seeking that evildoers repent, as stated in Revelation 9:20-21 and elsewhere in scripture?  Does God not realize he must simply bestow his grace upon them and then they are his, as he allegedly did with Pharisee Paul?  

I hope readers now understand that the alleged conversion of Paul and his grace doctrine are both lies.   It makes no sense for God to state in the Book of Revelation that they would not repent, when according to Pharisee Paul is it grace that saves, not a repenting from evil works first.  Pharisee Paul’s grace doctrine states God’s grace bestowed first upon an evil doer, then the person becomes a child of God.  Under Pharisee Paul’s grace doctrine, it is not ‘repent of evil first, then become a child of God’, but rather God bestows his grace first, then the evil doer is of God.  And I say the evil doer is of God, for Pharisee Paul, after his alleged conversion, maintains that he still does evil:

Romans 7:19  ... I DO EVIL

But you see Pharisee Paul is a liar, his grace doctrine is a lie and evildoers are never children of God (John 3:19-21, 3 John 1:11).


In Acts Ch. 9, Pharisee Paul's alleged conversion is as follows:  he is blinded, led by the hand by men into Damascus where he receives his sight.  He begins preaching in the synagogues of Damascus.  After "many days", he leaves Damascus to go to Jerusalem. 

In Galatians 1:16-18, God chose Paul to reveal the Son through Paul, and upon being chosen, Paul did not confer with flesh and blood, he was not blinded,  he did not go to Damascus, but went to Arabia, then he went to Damascus and then after three years he went to Jerusalem.

Not only are there two blatantly contradictory tales of Pharisee Paul's alleged conversion to Christ, but there is also a lie as to what Christ said:

Acts 22:10  And I said, what shall I do Lord?  And the Lord said to me, arise and go into Damascus and there it shall be told you all things which you are appointed to do

Pharisee Paul says he did not confer with flesh and blood upon being chosen by God to reveal the Son (Galatians 1:16-18).    But according to the above passage, Christ stated that Paul would confer with flesh and blood who would tell him what he was to do as his mission for Christ.

Pharisee Paul says he did not go to Damascus upon being chosen by God to reveal the Son in Paul, but rather went to Arabia, and then went to Damascus (Galatians 1:16-18).   But according to the above passage, Christ instructed Pharisee Paul to go to Damascus, and in one of Paul's tales of conversion, he did go to Damascus straight away upon being allegedly converted to Christ.

Not only are there two totally conflicting accounts of Pharisee Paul's alleged conversion to Christ, but there is a statement attributed to Christ instructing Pharisee Paul what to do when he was allegedly converted.   Pharisee Paul did not obey Christ's alleged order for him to go directly to Damascus upon conversion, according to his tale of conversion in Galatians 1:16-18.    

According to one tale of conversion, Pharisee Paul is filled with the Holy Spirit, and according to the other tale of conversion, there is no account of Pharisee Paul having been filled with the Holy Spirit.   Pharisee Paul was filled with a spirit, he was filled with the Anti-Christ Spirit.

According to one tale of conversion, Pharisee Paul had no choice but to confer with flesh and blood because he was made blind.  According to another tale of Paul's conversion, he was not blinded, and did not go to Damascus straight away upon converison, but went to Arabia and then went to Damascus.

In the case of Pharisee Paul's two tales of conversion, both tales are lies, and all statements attributed to Christ in Paul's gospel are also lies.   

Pharisee Paul's false christ gospel was the most successful and most deceptive attack on the person of Christ, upon the doctrine of Christ,  upon the true believers on Christ.   Pharisee Paul is the anti-Christ whom John warned of, who John saw the rise of in his lifetime, along with many anti-Christs (the converts to Paul's gospel):

1 John 2:18  You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs

Pharisee Paul is the seducer who urges people to move away from Christ, and follow his own false christ doctrine:  

Hebrews 6:1   Leave the principles of the doctrine of Christ behind, and let us move on unto perfection

Pharisee Paul claimed to be Christ in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16, Galatians 4:14) and he came with the power of Satan to perform signs and wonders:

Romans 15:19  through many signs and wonders ... I fully preached the gospel of Christ

Matthew 24:24   There shall arise false christs ... who shall show signs and wonders ... if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect

Matthew 24:25   Behold I have told you beforehand

Christ himself warned DO NOT ACCEPT ANOTHER CHRIST, and in Paul's gospel is another christ.   The very things which Christ said the false christs would do, "signs and wonders", is the very thing that Pharisee Paul did in preaching his false christ gospel, showing signs and wonders (Romans 15:19).

Those who are already with Christ, those who are lost from Christ but are his (the lost sheep), they hear the voice of Christ and none others.    When Christians insist on Paul tagging along with Christ, then it is known they are not of Christ, but are themselves anti-Christs having converted to the doctrine of the anti-Christ, Pharisee Paul.   The opposition was mounted to the doctrine of Christ by Satan, and Pharisee Paul was the man of Satan used by Satan to mount the opposition to Christ's doctrine.    The incentive for the Pharisees in mounting their oppostion to Christ was money:

Revelation 18:13  ... sold the souls of men

Matthew 23:25   Pharisees are full of excess and extortion

The Pharisees instituted altars for Gentiles, and charged for admission to the altars.  The altar is central to the doctrine of Pharisee Paul, for it is at the altar that worship of Christ is done:

1 Corinthians 11:26   Do the Eucharist as often as you want for every time you do, you show Christ dead until he comes back

Hebrews 13:10  We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at

Romans 15:27  I taught the Gentiles that it is their duty to share their carnal things with us because we bring them spiritual things

Acts 4:34-35   The Gentiles sold  their houses and lands and brought the sale proceeds of those things to the [false] apostles and laid the money at their feet

Genesis 49:1, 49:27 ... in the last days ... BENJAMIN is as a wolf who devours his prey and divides the spoils [spoils being money]


Mere coincidence that a Pharisee from BENJAMIN tribe founded Christianity, and Jacob foretold Benjamin is like a wolf in the last days, and there is Benjamite Pharisee Paul the wolf in sheep's clothing, the founder of Christianity?  Pharisee Paul is stated to be the sole founder of  Christianity, but truth is Paul had help from his fellow Pharisees, including Mark and Luke the writers of two of the gospels in the new testament section of the Catholic bible, the Ethiopian bible, the Orthodox bible and the Protestant bible.   Christ foretold that the Benjamite Pharisees would seize upon the inheritance of Christ relative to the Gentiles , that Christ shall be a light to the Gentiles (Isaiah 42:6, Matthew 21:33-46)The Pharisees imposed their false christ doctrine of Christianity over the Gentiles, claiming to be the light of Christ, Christianitiy is actually darkness, lies, the gospel of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, with some of Christ's doctrine and the prophets thrown in to cement the deception of Satan that is Christianity.   In Matthew 21:33-46, Christ states that the Pharisees seize upon the inheritance of Christ (relative to Jews and Gentiles) and remain in their position over what belongs to the Lord until he returns to destroy them.   There are some good but deceived people in the Christian churches, and to them the Lord says, COME OUT OF HER, my people (Rev. 18:4).

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