Recently, Jacob Rothschild said he is unsure of the future.   Rothschild is unsure whether the NWO can pull off moving from US dollar to Beijing dollar, from Washington consensus to Beijing consensus.   Washington consensus is a term meaning Washington sets the world agenda.   Rothschild wants Beijing to set the world agenda, at least that is the offer being extended to China by Rothschild.   But Beijing consensus promised by Rothschild to be handed to China comes only after Beijing agrees to Rothschild's dictates.  Rothschild/Vatican are unsure whether China will accept their offer or not.

To pull of Beijing consensus, Rothschild will need martial law in effect in the USA and Europe and UK.  There is speculation of no elections in USA.  Possible Obama is being fooled into agreeing to postpone elections, allowing him to remain in office after his term expires, which then prompts the US military to take over the White House (as depicted in UK Telegraph's 2009 Blackjack), bringing about military rule in USA.   Already being banted about in US mainstream media that if Clinton or Trump dies prior to the November elections, that the elections could be postponed keeping Obama as president beyond his term.    Every one is expendable in the evil world of Rothschild/Vatican, that includes their favored one, Hillary Clinton.

The NWO International Monetary Fund unilaterally decides to include the Chinese Yuan in its SDR (special drawing rights), which is a form of  currency infrequently used by nations in trade settlement transactions.    The SDR is made up currently of four currencies:  US dollar, Euro dollar, Pound sterling and Japanese Yen.    On September 30, 2016 the IMF includes the Chinese Yuan in its SDR and will begin to curtail use of USD in trade settlement utilizing the SDR instead.

The effect will be inflationary on the US dollar by the NWO IMF choosing to utilize SDR for most if not all coming settlements rather than the USD.    On September 30, 2016 Rothschild begins in a big way to limit the use of US dollar in international trade.  One of the reasons USD has maintained value in relation to other world currencies, and has not yet experienced hyperinflation since the 2008 financial crises, is because the USD still retains a significant role in international trade settlement, but that changes come September 30, 2016.  

Recently, Greenspan has warned inflation is coming in the USD.   Greenspan is a former Federal Reserve chairman.  Greenspan is a Rothschild insider, one of them.   Greenspan knows the NWO game plan of Vatican Jew Pharisees is to move onto another horse, China, leaving USA in the dust.  They've ridden their USA horse as far as they choose to go.   Vatican/Rothschild will have to manage the populations of USA, UK and Europe with a strong military hand as they make the switch from the west to the east.   

The NWO IMF is playing with itself currently in its move to include China's currency in its SDR, and China will not bite.   Rothschild has USA scolding China on its South China Sea endeavors, barking at China to abide by NWO's Hague Court decision regarding the SCS, but China refuses stating the Hague has no jurisdiction over China and refuses US demands to cease military build up in the SCS.

Soros states China "plays along [with the IMF] but does not make much of a contribution".   Rothschild/Soros are pushing China in the direction they want China to go, but China will not give them what they want.   Rothschild wants to control China as they do the  UK, Europe and USA, which control is via ownership of the respective central bank of those nations.    Rothschild, which is an agent of the Vatican, and Vatican's Knights Templar which are the lords of  Switzerland and are also bankers for the Vatican (Bank for International Settlements), wants to control China as they do USA, Europe and UK (the NWO vision), but it will never happen.   

In determining whether China is in league with Rothschild, look to what China is doing in the South China Sea.  China is creating another Great Wall of China type thing in the SCS to keep out the Barbarians of the West - the Jew Pharisees of the Vatican,  including Rothschild and Soros.     The SCS is said to hold trillions of dollars worth of oil and gas.   And to tap that oil and gas wealth will make China wealthy, more independent and militarily stronger.     Resources are the real wealth, not linen and ink banker notes, digital money.      Rothschild gains nothing in destroying Chinese currency, if it comes to that, where China has such great resources.  And China (and Russia and India) have great wealth in gold.   So if Rothschild were successful in destroying offshore Yuan in a bid to force China to do the will of Vatican/Rothschild, same would not hurt China in the long run, as China has gold and the wealth of resources in the SCS.  Also, when Rothschild begins to put the screws to China, China will view same as once again being the victim of imperialist powers and will do all they can to keep the imperialists at bay, even go after them to kill them.   Rothschild does not want the wealth of the SCS to go to China alone, which is why Rothschild has US military harass China's SCS operations.

The Chinese are working at keeping the imperialists at bay through what they are doing in the South China Sea, among other things.  There is no indication whatsoever that China will accept Rothschild's offer of being placed in an imperialist seat by Rothschild.   There is every indication that China rejects Rothschild's imperialist seat offer, including China's military alliance with Russia and its insistence, to be enforced with military action in the future if necessary, that USA military steer clear of what China declares to be its sovereign territory in the South China Sea.  Also, Turkey's president Erdogan shall be in China during the G20 summit in China, not because Turkey is part of the G20, which it is, but because China is facilitating a meeting between Erdogan and Obama.   Erdogan believes USA/Nato are behind the failed coup in Turkey in July 2016, therefore Erdogan believes Obama wanted him dead, and he shall meet Obama face to face courtesy of China.    The NWO visionaries shall fall, (Daniel 11:14), and USA/Nato loss of Turkey to China and Russia is among the main reasons they shall fall.   Of course, China does not want to see Turkey amend relations with USA, but rather is facilitating the meeting because China is rubbing the matter in the face of USA/Obama.    Turkey is a Russian/Chinese asset now, no more an asset of USA/Nato.  Erdogan can never go back to USA/Nato, does not want to go back to the ones who wanted him dead.    Erdogan wants to face his would-be murderer, Obama, in person and China is assisting him by facilitating the meeting in China.

The NWO IMF game plan is to make the Chinese currency the new world reserve currency, and so they are doing every thing to bring down the currency of USA, also bring down the currencies of Europe and UK.  They have begun taking down UK currency through Brexit; they began the takedown of the USD with quantitative easing and are going for the finish of USD via hyperinflation;  and they have begun the takedown of the Euro dollar via Brexit, leaving Europe Union with just with France and Germany as the lead engines, both of which are insolvent, their banks are insolvent.    Recently, Germany has advised its citizens to have cash on hand and at least ten days worth of food.   Deutsche Bank is going under.    Deutsche bank is on the hook for debt of Greece and Italy and Spain and Portugal and those nations cannot pay back.

How much pain can China take, that is the methodology being used by Rothschild.  They are busting China's major export markets which are USA, Europe and UK.   China runs to Rothschild or turns extreme nationalistic where the Chinese people and its leaders are willing to go through great hardship as their economy implodes (being that they are an exporting nation and their major export markets USA, UK and Europe are being busted) rather than the Chinese leaders acquiesing to the demands of Rothschild.  It will be the latter.

If China were willing to go along with Rothschild, which they are not, Rothschild will show China how to develop its own internal consumption.    Under Rothschild rule (commencing with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act), USA was at its height in the world, politically and economically, when USA was its own best customer.   Made in the USA and bought in the USA.   Rothschild wants the same to happen with China, with the boom in internal consumption coming as a result of Rothschild controlling the currency of China, but the Chinese leaders will never allow that.   If there were to be a shift in Chinese leadership policy towards domestic consumption, it would be without Rothschild tagging along.  In the USA, its leaders allowed and continue to allow a privately owned central bank in USA to exist, but the Chinese would never allow such thing in their own nation where non-Chinese control China's economy.  

China knows how Rothschild's USA endeavor, UK endeavor and European endeavor are playing out, destruction of those economies.   China will not want the same for itself, and will therefore reject the NWO Rothschild's carrot of an imperialist position, and so the NWO will play out its stick against China.   Soros:  "China is accustomed to thinking of itself as a victim of imperialism.  So it doesn't realize that it is beginning to occupy an imperialistic position".   "Hopefully, the Chinese leadership will rise to the occasion.  It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the world depends on it".   That is Rothschild's uncertainty, whether China will bow to Rothschild. 

The future of the NWO vision depends on China agreeing to become the servant of Rothschild, not the future of the world, contrary to what evil Soros states.  China will reject Rothschild's offer to be placed via Rothschild in an imperialistic position.   Chinese leadership despises Vatican and Rothschild.  They certainly despise the Vatican because they shut the Vatican out of China.  They certainly despise Rothschild because they do not further the aims of Rothschild's IMF and other institutions.   The Catholic churches that operate in China are all state run, including state appointment of the church leaders, so China despises the Vatican, unlike the USA, Europe and UK which embrace the Jew Pharisees' Vatican.   China has no diplomatic relations with the Vatican. China operates its Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its own settlement bank, neither of which are Rothschild institutions.  China accumulates gold whereas Rothschild's media empire tells the masses in UK, USA and Europe that gold is a barbaric relic of the past and in no way is gold money.

China makes bilateral agreements with nations on trade and settlement, and that is conduct that cuts out Rothschild from such transactions, showing yet again China is not in league with Rothschild.

When Jacob Rothschild recently stated that the world is in as dangerous a place as ever since WW2, it is because the NWO visionaries are unsure of how China will respond to them.      If China refuses their offer to be placed by them in an imperialist position, which offer comes with all strings attached so that banker Jew Pharisee Rothschild is the puppet master, the shadow government that rules over the Chinese leaders, then it is ashes for the world courtesy of Rothschild's scorched earth policy if it does not get its way with China.  But Rothschild and Soros and Vatican and Swissy Knights Templar have their safe places and are willing to go scorched earth policy if they do not get their way.

Should China reject Rothschild's offer to be placed in an imperialistic position, Rothschild/Vatican shall unleash a scorched earth policy.  Vatican Rothschild will leave the populaces of USA, UK and Europe writhing in pain, destitute economically, lacking food and water in pursuit of their NWO vision, bring nuclear devastation to nations, and other terrorism.   The  Vatican's head clown Bergoglio recently said that man must atone for his global warming sins.    That will be part of the rhetoric Rothschild/Vatican throw around in USA, UK and Europe when they are economically destroyed.   Vatican may outright blame the people, saying their global warming sins against God have brought economic devastation upon them.

Jacob Rothschild, a Jew of the Vatican and the Vatican is owned by Jew Pharisees.  2010 figure reported 14 million Jews worldwide.  So few in number, yet holding such powerful positions in the world of central banking.  Why is that?  It is because Christianity was founded by Jew Pharisees and their altars are the Roman Catholic church altars, original Christendom.   Owning the Vatican gives the Jew Pharisees great power in the world.   The Son of God said the Jew Pharisees would gain such power (Matthew 21:33-46).

In the article above, Rothschild cites Russian aggression and expansionism as among the few reasons he puts forth why the world is, as he claims, in as dangerous a place as any since WW2.   Rothschild is lying with regard to Russia.    Rather, Rothschild is angry at Russia for interfering with the NWO's Middle East plan to topple the Syrian government and then attack Iran.   Rothschild was just dealt a severe blow when Erdogan moved from US/Nato to Russia/China.   But then Rothschild/Vatican's NWO vision is prophesied to fail (Daniel 11:14) so expect to see one thing after another go wrong for Vatican/Rothschild as they plod along in the NWO vision quest.

Putin knows Rothschild is out to get him?  Absolutely he knows.  Daniel the prophet says the arms of the south succumb to the arms of the north.   Perhaps Putin will not wait to be sucker punched by USA/Nato but rather make the first move.  However accomplished, God says Russia beats the USA, that the NWO visionaries shall fall (Daniel 11:14).

Vatican/Rothschild, knowing that China may not accept their offer of an imperialist position, no doubt have their stick ready, their Plan B, and Plan B is no doubt a nuclear attack on China.  Daniel prophesies wars and desolations from the time the NWO visionaries attempt to establish their vision (and fall in the process) until the time God begins his judgment of the world that ends with the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of God (Daniel 11:14 - 45, then Daniel 12:1 - judgment of the world begins).

Vid 1:04   ... the money supply, M2 which has always been a critical indicator of inflation, is for the first time going up remarkably steadily 6, 7% almost a straight line.  It's tilted up in the last several months adding a percentage point or two.  The thing we should be worried about now, which we have actually given no thought to whatsoever, is that this type of economic environment ends with inflation.

The interviewers assert to Greenspan that there are no market signals of impending inflation, to which Greenspan replies:

Vid 2:16   ... there are times and times again when we thought that there is no inflation and every thing was just going fine.    And I just basically say, wait ....

Vid 2:54   ... the next unexpected move [will be] on the inflation side.

Of course inflation, because the Jew Pharisees of the US central bank have printed massive amounts of dollars, and are now actively curbing use of US dollars for international trade settlements in a move to bring on USD hyperinflation.   Starting September 30, 2016 when SDR's become the primary means, rather than the USD, of trade settlement, inflation in USD will begin to kick in.  That move shall leave lots of USD with no place to go but into commodities - inflation.  The NWO bankers have already positioned regulations to accomodate a flood of USD going into commodities by lifting the restriction on banks and hedge funds on how much money they can funnel into commodity futures (food, oil, gas, etc).

Called Speculative Position Limit, it prevents entities like Goldman Sachs from dumping unlimited money into any futures commodity, such as corn or oil.    The CFTC is corrupt at the top, and there are some good people in there trying to do justice, but Rothschild/Vatican and its US arm (US Federal Reserve bank) get things done in the USA their way, one way or another.  So where a CFTC ruling might issue that they don't like, they can get a judge to knock it down.  Such is the case with SPL where the CTFC issued limitation which a judge threw out.

It is clear from the mouth of Soros that Rothschild wants US dollar to become subordinate to the Chinese dollar, and Washington to become subordinate to Beijing, so all that is necessary to defeat the US currency, defeat Washington consensus, they shall do, and hyperinflation is a way to bring the USD down.   See tab George Soros NWO for video interview of Soros and quotes from his interview. 

There will be great inflation in USA, Europe and UK in food and oil and gas if for no other reason than the central bankers, through their proxies such as Goldman Sachs and Carlyle Group, will take huge speculative positions in the futures markets for food and gas and oil, where there is no limit on the amount of money they can put into a speculative position in the futures market.    The Vatican's central banking empire in the west can print any amount of money they want, funnel the money to their great merchant men to keep them afloat, give that money to military/police to control the populace, and do basically any thing and every thing they need to do with their money to keep the populations under boot and themselves in power.

Knowing their plan is to make China the new imperialist in the world, unseating the USA as the imperialist nation in the world, then any thing goes for them in destroying the USD, and hyperinflation is the best way to do it.   Deflation does not necessarily destroy a currency, it destroys debt assets, wiping out the wealth of debt holders unable to recover their loans and causing a retraction in economic activity.   But hyperinflation that does not cease obliterates a currency.  
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