China built a roadway bridge across a river that links North Korea with China and built a border processing building to allow travel to and from China by people of North Korea.  The bridge and customs building was China welcoming North Korea to its nation.   But it is unused because the North Korean leaders refuse the welcoming. 

It is a lie spoken by leaders of the western nations that China controls North Korea.  China stays silent on the matter.  Their enemies want the myth to prevail.  Christendom Switzerland controls North Korea, and Switzerland is Vatican's Knights Templar territory.  Switzerland was founded by the Vatican's Knights Templar in 1291.  The dogs like to have security because they go around stealing and killing and do not want people to be able to retaliate against them, so they chose fortress Switzerland as their location.  The mountains of Switzerland are their fortress.   The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners built a wall around their domain for much the same reason.   The mountains of Colorado are the fortress of the seat of the US federal government in the future, a much pared down federal government and a government that is under a new doctrine of rule that will replace its current doctrine, the US Constitution, and therefore may no more be called a federal government but the rulers make up a new name for themselves.   Perhaps a rule along the lines of how the Freemasons depict the first US president.   Referring to the statue of George Washington in D.C. depicting him as a Roman emperor. 

Since Switzerland is Knights Templar working for Vatican, then it is Vatican that is controlling North Korea behind the scenes.    Just like Swissyland houses the central bank of central banks, showing Vatican is behind the central banking system of the west, and that is why Jews hold prominent positions in the world of central banking - Vatican is owned by the Jew Pharisees (Matthew 21:33-46, see also tab Prophecy of the Wolf).  The Knights Templar work for the Vatican, not the Vatican works for the Knights Templar.  Swissy controls North Korea, that means Vatican controls North Korea.  Swissy controls the western central banking system of the west, housing the institutions that sit at the apex of that system, that means Vatican controls the western banking system. 

Current North Korea leader was sent off to Swissyland when he was a youth, trained in Switzerland.  Swissy trains North Korean soliders.   Freemason owned Time Magazine stated Switzerland is 'perpetual neutral', which is a lie.  Perpetual neutral meaning Swissy never takes any side in disputes between and among nations.   Perpetual neutral trains soliders of other nations, and there is nothing neutral about that.
Perpetual neutral has been in allegiance to the Vatican for many centuries now.  Vatican is a sovereign nation as of United Nation's 1964 declaration that the City-State of Vatican is a sovereign nation.   There is nothing neutral about Swissy's allegiance to sovereign nation Vatican.   Swissy gets its trojan horses into nations on behalf of Vatican -- under the guise of  'perpetual neutral', a guise readily and repeatedly enforced by western mainstream media.  They also have operatives in nations that act as fifth columns that do whatever to achieve their aims.  Temporal rule over all the world by the reigning Catholic pope is the aim of Swissy because it is the aim of Swissy's master, the Jew Pharisee owners of the Vatican.

North Korea's leader acts like a mad man when told by his Swissy handlers to do so.   US puts a Thaad system into South Korea, to which China said that is an act of aggression toward China.   Then North Korea begins to act up, on cue, which is a diversion from the aforesaid and also a means by which the US places more military assets in the region - all under guise of North Korea being a military threat to US.  North Korea's leader goes belligerent on US on cue, as told to by their Swissy handlers.   The ruling elite of the US are in absolute allegiance to the Vatican.

North Korea's leader and its elite shun China's welcoming the common people of North Korea to travel and do business within China.  North Korea's elite have Swissy to give them all they require.   Money and luxuries and military training of NK's soliders and scientific assistance in constructing military assets supplied to North Korea -- all courtesy of Swissy and Vatican.   Vatican's plans of conquest never cease until they achieve their world domination vision, (Daniel 11:14),  and they set up Korea for division long ago as part of their plan for world conquest.  Part of Korea to be their military asset in a future war against China, kept an isolated hostile nation, and part of Korea to be a US military base and a base of operation for the western central banking cartel, of which Vatican is the apex thereof (1950's US Korean war).   The Vatican's NWO vision will not be implemented because the visionaries fall.

By North Korea playing its role in being a belligerent toward US, it is enabling the US to bring in substantial military assets within the region where China has created islands that are the focus of tension between the US and China.   China continues to build islands in the area and calls them its sovereign territory, the US maintains China has no right to do so.    North Korea's staged belligerency toward the US is enabling the US to position military equipment under guise of response to North Korea's threats toward the US, where otherwise doing so would be viewed by China as an open provocation by the US toward China, and would be publicly stated by China as such.   Not that China may not be on to US's game and privately view same as a provocation, but does not publicly state so because the  US can fall back on North Korea's nuclear threats toward South Korea and US as the reason for the build up of US military presence in the region.   China could assert North Korea is a US asset and it is all staged, but the US and other western media would shoot that right down.

Perhaps North Korea will fall (contrived or not, and if not, that means NK's elite were double-crossed by Swissy) to US military occupation and then the US has all of Korea as their military base for a future war against China.  

But just day or so after China president meet with US president, China announced it will not tolerate destablization of China territory by acts of North Korea, and said that if necessary, China will bomb North Korea's nuclear facilities.   China is  heading off a possible US military take over of North Korea in their intended course with North Korea pursuant to the aforesaid announcement.   Staged  North Korea belligerency in order to permit US military take over of North Korea and thereafter be able to have a stronghold in a future war with China, already equipped with nuclear weapons within easy strike of China.  China is not going to allow it.   Now how will the Vatican Swissy proceed?   China will bomb North Korea's nuclear facilities taking away the prize sought by US military (Nato) - Vatican - Swissy alliance.   That alliance has invested a lot in North Korea for the very purpose of a future war with China.  

Perhaps now the belligerency of  North  Korea will be abandoned for another avenue of attack by the said alliance.   They are left with no other choice but to abandon because China will destroy North Korea and invade with their army before they would ever permit the US military to invade North Korea.  The alliance has handed to China all the international law basis for such an attack, which basis is North Korea's threatening nuclear strikes on others, an imminent threat to China's territory.  China has effectively pre-empted the possiblity of the alliance occupying North Korea by its declaration that it shall  bomb and invade North  Korea if North Korea's said belligerency continues.    The alliance is not going to want to lose their North Korea to Chinese military occupation.

If the belligerency continues, with North Korea threatening to bomb/nuke South Korea and US, then it means the alliance is going to make its move to take over North Korea.   If the belligerency dies down, it is because the alliance fears they shall lose their North Korea to China based on China's recent stunning announcement that they shall bomb North Korea themselves if the belligerency continues.  If the belligerency dies down, that means the alliance has chosen to devise another avenue of attack.  The alliance is trying to get the best territorial positioning of its military assets ahead of the alliance's future war against China.


North Korea threat come and gone, yet again.  North Korea is a tool of the alliance.  The weekend of the Christian Easter holiday was when North Korea was to shoot off a missile or two and do an underground nuclear bomb test, pursuant to statements from North Korea leaders.  Over the weekend, North Korea shot off a missle which failed, exploding immediately after take off, and no report of a nuclear bomb test.  North Korea military paraded around the capital city.   The parade saved North Korea leaders face before the people of North Korea, and the purposely failed missile launch allowed US to back down from military confrontation with North Korea.   

The recent staged events by North Korea and its alliance handlers was the alliance's test on China and they got their answer.  China said US and North Korea hostilities break out on the Korea peninsula, then it is world war.   

The alliance backed down, which means the alliance is not ready to go to war with China.  Failed missile launch, no underground nuke test - that means the alliance backed down.   If the alliance was ready for world war, the North Korea leaders would have given them the false flag/staged event to bring it on. 

China said it is world war if North Korea and the US engage in military conflict on the Korea peninsula.   Why not China say it is a regional conflict between North Korea and US if NK and US were to engage in hostilities on the Korea peninsula?   But China said it is world war, and that means China is ready to take on the US military.

When the alliance is ready to take on such a response from China, then North Korea will be attacked by the US.   Now the alliance knows an avenue to start world war three, without appearing to have started world war three, is by attacking North Korea.   The alliance knows that Russia will join China against the US in any military conflict between China and the US.  

The alliance is placing India military on India's border with China, which China is vociferously speaking against.   And the alliance can lessen Russia's joint effort with China in the Pacific by the alliance making a strike on Syria at the same time they make their strike on North Korea.   Which is more important to Russia military leaders, saving Syria or assisting China, or Russia takes on both fronts - but then there is Nato amassed in significant numbers around Russia's borders.   Russia military diluted on a three-front war effort.  China military diluted on a two-front war effort (US and India).   And it will not be just US in the Pacific fighting China, but US Pacific Asia nation allies and Australia also joining US in the fight.

When the alliance has all of their allies in their military positions ready to strike and has the word of its allies to back US in a war with China/Russia, then they will be ready to go to war with China and Russia, and they can trigger world war by going to war with North Korea.   Assuming China means it -- that it is world war if US attacks North Korea, and no reason to think otherwise, then world war begins when the US goes to war with North Korea.  

Most of the westerners will hate China for attacking the US military in a war between US and North Korea because they will see no justification for same.   China will attack the US if the US goes to war on the Korea peninsula.   The westerners being told by western media that China is one of the few friends of North Korea and is the controller of North Korea, and not being told Switzerland is one of those friends and most importantly, the controller of North Korea, they errantly think China controls North Korea and so the alliance wins the war propaganda among the westerners in that scenario.   The westerners will think that China should have reigned in North Korea and blame China for attacking the US, for they will perceive that the US was just defending itself from North Korea attack, whether pre-emptively or in retaliation for an attack -- and here comes China attacking the US for defending itself. 

The outcome of world war three is that US loses to China and Russia, but is not defeated by them and remains a significant military power, but not as powerful as Russia.  Russia will conquer new territory and China will occupy the Middle East for a time (Daniel 11:14-19).   The robbers of Daniel's people, they are the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners.   The New World Order vision comes out of the Vatican, and is the vision Daniel speaks of.   Jew Pharisee Paul with fellow Jew Pharisees conquered Gentiles with their false christ gospel of Paul and reaped and continue to receive the vast wealth that comes to them from Gentile Christians and Jewish Christians of the Catholic church.  They also receive vast wealth through the western central banking system, controlled by Vatican and her Swissy Knights Templar of Switzerland.  Switzerland houses the insitutions that are at the apex of the western central banking system. 

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