The Christians do not know that Matthew states Mary gave birth to Christ in a house?:

Matthew 2:11   When the wise men had come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary ....

Liar Pharisee Luke claims Mary gave birth to the Son of God in an animal shelter, and then placed her infant son in a livestock feed trough.   A manger is a feed trough for animals.  Livestock get used to where their food is and an infant would be at the mercy of the livestock going to the trough searching for food, requiring either removal of the livestock from the area or someone there to chase them away from the feed trough that the infant was allegedly placed in, according to Pharisee Luke.

Would the world say Luke is a liar and prefer that Matthew speaks truth?  The world does not even acknowledge  that the conflict exists. The world of Christendom has to maintain the bible is inerrant so no one points out that true apostle Matthew says Christ was born in a house, and false apostle Pharisee Luke says Christ was born in an animal shelter.  The Christian leaders declare their bible is all the word of God.  As to the gospel of the Son of God (Matthew and John) and the gospel of Paul, the contradictions between the two doctrines are explained away (2 Timothy 2:15, called rightly dividing the word).  But Christianity cannot explain away the contradictions among the four gospels.  If there was to be one shred of evidence to support Christendom's holiness claim for their bibles, it would be perfect harmony among the four gospels because they are all purported to state the events concerning the Son of God while he was on the earth, in the flesh.   In claiming any of the Christian bibles to be all the word of God (Catholic, Ethiopian, Orthdox and Protestant), the evidence for same is not there.   All four bibles vary in list of writings in their old testament section and all four have same list of writings in their new testament section.  Twenty-one lying writings of  Jews of Satan Pharisees and six writings of Jews of the Lord (Matthew and John).   The Pharisees' 325 AD Council of  Nicaea altered parts of Matthew and John's writings when putting together their bible.  

Christendom lacks that harmony among the four gospels.   Now shall one believe that the Son of God was born in a house or in an animal shelter?   Look there Christians, it is in your beloved Luke (and Mark they love too)  their two favorite false apostles, that the lie is stated that the Son of God was born in an animal shelter and immediately after birth, wrapped in clothes and laid in a livestock feed trough.   False witness Luke, he does not tell the truth of how the Son of God was born, and goes to the gutter in his lie, to place the infant Son of God in a livestock feed trough.

Matthew 2:11   When the wise men had come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother ....

Luke 2:7  She brought forth a child and wrapped him in clothes and laid him in a livestock feed trough [manger] because there was no room for them in the inn

The result the Pharisees sought was to absolutely mar the birth of the Son of God.  How can they create a scenario where the infant Son of God ends up in a livestock feed trough?  They did it by false witness Pharisee Luke writing in that unholy bible as he did at Luke 2:7.  The gates of Hell ride with the testimony of the Lord under that one book cover, bible, all four of them named after the four churches.  The sheep hear the Lord and despise the gates of Hell, but a lot of sheep are deceived by Christianity.    In the end, all who love God end up with God, whether they are united in this life or the next life with God  - forgiveness of sins in the next life to those who the Lord knows would have stopped doing evil had they seen the miracles of the Son of God (Matthew 11:23, 12:31-32).

Matthew states the truth, Joseph and Mary in a house in Bethlehem at the time the Son of God was born.   Worked into the Pharisees' lie in Luke the word 'Nazareth', as the Pharisees claim Joseph lived in Nazareth and had to travel to Bethlehem.  Otherwise, no mention of the Nazarene prophecy by God-hater Pharisee Luke.  Matthew places Mary and Joseph in a house in Bethlehem.  This world being of Satan has Christianity to masquerade as the Light and Satanic Christianity speaks Luke's lie, preferring the lie that the Son of God was born in an animal shelter and then placed in a livestock feed trough.  The Jew Pharisees of Satan get their dig in against the Lord in their lying version of Christ's birth as told by liar Pharisee Luke.  The world uses the term manger rather than the moder term for a manger, which is a livestock feed trough.  The Pharisees show what they think of the infant Son of God, that he should have been food for livestock, eaten alive upon birth. 

Christianity is Satan's work, through his men the Pharisees.  And this world hates the Son of God, hates his servants.   The world prefers Pharisee Luke's version, claiming Mary placed her newborn son, the Son of God, in a feed trough for livestock.   The world's X-mas song, replacing manger with clearer words of what Pharisee Luke claims the infant Son of God was placed into upon birth:

Away in a livestock feed trough no crib for his bed, the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.  The stars in the sky looked down where he lay, the little Lord Jesus asleep in livestock feed trough

The Pharisees hate God, utterly hate him.  They hate the Son of God, they hate his servants.   No mention of the Nazarene prophecy in liar Pharisee Luke's version, (but is stated in Matthew 2:22-23), just the word 'Nazareth' worked into Luke's lying version by claiming Joseph lived in Nazareth before the Son of God was born.  The Pharisees create a scenario by which they can have Joseph and Mary traveling so they can write their lie that the two them ended up in a livestock shelter where Mary gives birth.  But no such thing is stated in Matthew.  Doing their lie, the Pharisees say Mary got stuck out on the road winding up giving birth to the Son of God in an livestock shelter and then she immediately put the infant Son of God in a livestock feed trough after wrapping him in clothes.  The Pharisees will burn forever and ever, their torment will never end (Matthew 25:41, Rev. 20:14, John 8:44, Isaiah 66:23-24).   These are the men that cursed a man heaping the Pharisees' Satanic dung on him - you were born in sins (John Ch. 5).  The Son of God had just restored the man's eyesight, having been blind since birth, heaping love on him.  The Son of God did not heap Satanic dung on the man.  But the men who sat in Moses' seat, they sling that dung on their fellow Jews; and over Gentiles in their Roman Catholic church empire (and indirectly through the non-Catholic Christian churches because they too are founded on Pharisee Paul's gospel, Rev. 17:5, Matthew 21:33-46). 

The Pharisees make their blunder, they over reach (Daniel 11:14), and under Chinese occupation the good Jews will rebuild the Temple of God (Daniel 11:16-19, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31). It is not long thereafter that the events in Revelation 6:12-17 begin. 

The Pharisees came up with a lying version of the circumstances surrounding the birth of Christ in order to give some plausibility as to how the heck did the infant Son of God end up in a livestock feed trough.  What is that long trail that leads to such a horrific thing that an infant winds up in a livestock feed trough.    The world calls it a manger, and a manger is a trough to place grain, seed and other feed and the livestock come to eat from the trough aka manger.  

Just as in the Pharisees' Talmud where they place the Son of God in Hell boiling in excrement, in Pharisee writings Luke and Hebrews, the Pharisees take their swipe at the Son of God at his birth and death. 

You should have been eaten by animals, infant Son of God (Pharisee Luke 2:7).  

Your destiny was seen at birth, Son of God. You were born in a livestock shelter and then placed in a livestock feed trough.  But it was not yet for you to die.  When you were killed, your body was placed with the bodies of the sacrificed animals on the burning fire outside the camp- and you Gentiles go on out there to be with your Lord's burning body and bear his shame.

Hebrews 13:11-13   The bodies of the sacrificed animals are burned outside the camp.  That is where Christ is.  Let us go to him that is suffering outside the camp and bear his shame

The Christians miss it, but as with Pharisee Luke having the infant Son of God being food for livestock, by writing his lie that the infant Son of God was placed in a livestock feed trough immediately upon his birth, the Pharisees say the body of the Son of God never rose again, but is burning with the bodies of the sacrificed animals, and the Pharisees invite all the Gentiles to go on out there too.  If the Pharisees had their way Gentiles would eventually disappear off the face of the earth through Gentile Paul fanatics deciding never to have children, because their master Paul says men are better off never touching a woman and Gentile women can be holy in body and mind only if they never have sex with a man (1 Cor. 7:1, 7:34).

The father of Pharisees is Satan; and their bodies are descended from Abraham (John 8:37), and their father is Satan because they do what Satan does.  Satan kills and lies, so do they (John 8:44, Matthew 23:31-35, Rev. 18:23 sorceries, which are evill lying doctrines).  The Pharisees continue to hold power until the Son of God comes back and kills them (Matthew 21:33-46).   John the Baptist did not immediately smash what Elijah smashed, but the time is coming.  And this is just for the Jews -- that God will rescue you from all Jews of Satan and Gentiles of Satan and then God is in total control of Israel.  All who are the physical descendants of Jacob are Israel (Genesis 35:10).   God's will is forever thereafter done among Israel once that ax laid to the bad trees is swung (Matthew 3:10, 13:41).  No Jew ever departs from God again (Jeremiah Ch. 31), but the Gentiles of Gog and Magog, Satan goes directly to them after his 1000 year imprisonment is over and he is let loose for a while, (Rev. Ch. 20), to entice Gentiles of Gog and Magog to kill the Jews of God.  Satan hates the Jews, that is why he has his men in power over them and immediately after his imprisonement his only desire is to kill the Jews (John 8:44, Rev. Ch. 20).  Some portion of Gentiles do depart from God, though God was at peace with them while Satan was in prison, but the Jews never do (Jeremiah Ch. 31).  The Gentile Christians claim inheritance of Jacob for themselves, that is just one of many of their blasphemies against the God of Israel.  Pharisees are the ones that founded Christendom (Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27).

The Pharisees heap shame, dung, fire, every kind of evil thought, thing they heap upon the Son of God, they killed God's prophets, Pharisee Paul murdered the Jewish servants of the Son of God though he heard the voice of the Son of God; then claims when he heard the Lord's voice a second time, he decided to love the voice (Acts 26:9, Galatians 1:15-18 is one conversion tale, Acts 9:3-8 is another conversion tale).

Evil Pharisee Paul says he heard the voice of the Son of God and he decided to murder the voice any way he could, which included killing men and women followers of the Son of God, in their synagogues, Jewish brothers and sisters and mothers of the Son of God and that snake Pharisee Paul had them killed.  He murdered the voice of the Son of God via his gospel, and many prefer the one who does everything contrary to the word of the Son of God:

I am a Pharisee from the tribe of Benjamin and, practicing my Pharisee religion, I followed all of God's law in my deeds, but I give up following all of God's law in works in order to follow the Son of God (Philippians 3:4-7), I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee (Acts 23:6)

That smashes Paul's entire Romans 7:16-25 lie.   Pharisees are Satan, never keep God's law (John 8:44), that smashes his lie in Philippians 3:4-7, where Paul claims, he, the Pharisee, kept all of God's law in his actions. 

The murderer of the brothers and sisters and mothers of the Son of God went on to found Christianity.  Not just that one weasel Pharisee Paul, and his fellow weasels Pharisees Luke and Mark, but a collaborative effort among the Pharisees (Matthew 21:33-46)   How evil is the world - it says the founder of Christianity persecuted the Christian church - when in fact it was Jewish believers on the Son of God in their Synagogues that Paul persecuted.  The world engages in their desired delusion that Paul persecuted believers in his doctrine before he even wrote his doctrine.  How can Paul persecute believers of a religion that did not exist until after Paul claims he was given the doctrine for his religion from the Son of God, that religion being Christianity?  Paul brought the doctrine first, adoption by Gentiles got the ball rolling and Paul never persecuted that which his gospel founded.  Christianity did not exist until Paul brought the docrine that started Christianity in the first place (1 John 2:18).   But this world is warped, an anomaly, a blot of darkness that will be dissipated that roams the earth, and it is Satan, his demons and people aligned with him, knowingly and unknowingly:

Matthew 7:22-23   Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

Does not matter that some of the Christians stray from the strict doctrine of their master Paul, by the fact that all Christian churches, groups, etc. claim Paul speaks the doctrine of the Son of God, they call the Son of God a liar.  And that is why the evil children of Hell Christians are blind fools to their bitter end, calling the Son of God a liar by insisting he must know them, they always loved a lie to begin with (Romans 3:7 - if my lie is spreading truth).  Excluded are those who are good but deceived, the Lord knows who such are among the Christians (Rev. 18:4).

Elijah smashed the people of Satan among Israel and so does John the Baptist, but not accomplished yet.  Just awaiting fulfillment of John's prophetic message, that God's kingdom is coming (Matthew 3:2).  John said God is coming and the ax to cut down every bad tree is already laid against them (Matthew 3:10).   It is that close to victory for the good Jews, the ax is laying right against the Jews of Satan (and evil Gentiles) just waiting for the blow to strike, and it does like in Noah's flood all of a sudden:

Matthew 13:41   The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth

Isaiah 42:3  He will not crush a bruised reed or quench smoking flax until he sends forth judgment unto victory

Waiting for the victory that Jew John the Baptist promised, the Elijah to come, so to speak (not literally the same man, Matthew 11:14).  In the meantime, that a good Jew teaches and does God's law is wholly keeping with the command of the Son of God:

Revelation 22:14   Blessed are those who do God's commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life and enter the city through the gate

Pharisees hate to leave good Jews alone, and Pharisee Paul looks over his hypocrite Pharisee shoulder at the Jews who do as John the Baptist instructed (same with Son of God):  do God's commandments.  The dead dog Pharisee, who doctrine lives on carried forth in the world, teaches that his Christian Gentiles must punish the Jews who teach and do God's law:

Romans 2:27    The uncircumcised Gentiles that do fulfill God's law have a right to take revenge on the Jews who teach God's law and do transgress against the law

2 Corinthians 10;6  When you have fulfilled your obedience, be ready to revenge all disobedience

Peace and love Christianity?  The dark sentences among otherwise peace and love deception that is Paul's gospel (Matthew 16:12).  The treachery of placing the gates of Hell right next to Heaven under one book cover was done by the Pharisees at their 325 AD Council of Nicaea.  The Pharisees own the Roman Catholic church empire.

Jacob was named Israel by God (Genesis 35:10).  Everyone whose father is descended from one of the twelve sons of Jacob is a Jew aka Hebrew aka child of Israel.  Elijah was up against the servants of Satan among Israel and Satan's servants were massacred, but the victory over evil people was not lasting.   John did not kill the Pharisee Jews of Satan, and other Jews of Satan among Israel, they had him killed. But the might backing up John the Baptist to slay the Jews of Satan is not arms of men (as was with Elijah) but God himself and the victory is everlasting (Matthew 13:41).  

Christianity is the religion of the New World Order.  A vision of world domination is sought by the Pharisees who already control 25% of the world (Rev. 6:1-8, Matthew 21:33-46).     A sizeable portion of the world adores Christianity, sacred, virtuous, destined to rule the earth Christianity - the thinking of many people.  Christianity is the religion of Europe, USA, UK, Russia, Africa and some Asian nations.   Christianity is founded solely on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul and it is a piece of filth on earth that will disappear when the Jewish Messiah returns to earth to rule (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23).  

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