The joint statement by a Nato official and a Turkey official begins around video time 23:00.

Putin is a Freemason.  There is a brotherhood of Freemason world leaders.   But just because they are Freemasons does not mean that they are absolutely loyal to each other, and they are not absolutely loyal to each other, in all circumstances, across the entire board of Freemason world leaders.  The Jewish prophet Daniel said many shall come against the USA in the latter times.  If Russia was abiding by the wishes of USA , it would not be involved in Syria trying to prop up the Syrian government which the USA and Nato want eliminated; and furthermore, would not be bombing the mercenaries of the USA/Nato, which are Isis aka Isil aka Daesch.

Daniel 11:14  At that time, many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of your people shall exhort themselves to establish the vision but shall fall

The king of the north, in Daniel, is Russia.   Daniel 11:16-19, that is China.

Henry Kissinger met with Putin on February 3, 2016.

Kissinger is part of the Vatican-led New World Order and news reports subsequent to the meeting say Kissinger has been silent to the media on what he and Putin talked about, and Putin refuses to release any information on what he and Kissinger discussed.  Safe to say, the discussion centered around Putin's interference with the Vatican-led NWO's goals in Syria.

Now just a matter of a few weeks after that meeting between Putin and Kissinger, Nato officially announces it is unified with Turkey and is firm on the unification  with Turkey.   Turkey is a member of Nato and Nato policy is that whenever a Nato member is attacked by a non-Nato member nation, Nato comes to the assistance of the Nato member under such attack. Reports out of Russia are that Turkey troops are amassing  along the Turkey-Syria border.   Nato is not going to back down in the face of Russia and that will be the beginning of war between Nato and Russia, which will escalate and further give China much impetus to actually give warning shots and/or fire upon coming USA naval and/or air incursions into the territory of China that is China's man-made islands in the South China sea; territory which USA maintains is not China's sovereign territory, and China insists it is their sovereign territory.

Given that Nato has now come out and publicly affirmed it stands behind Turkey, that no more leaves speculation as to whether Nato would come to Turkey's aid when Turkey begins invading Syria and Russia, in response to such invasion, begins to use military force against Turkey.

It would seem Kissinger sized up Putin during their recent meeting, and a result of Kissinger's advice, or perhaps against Kissinger's advice, Nato has decided to come out strong against Putin, leaving Putin no room for doubt as to whether Nato shall back Turkey in Turkey's coming war efforts in Syria.   Now it remains to be seen how Putin will respond to Nato - whether Putin ceases military activities in Syria, or continues same.

It is highly unlikely Russia will back down in the face of Nato's determination to come directly against Russia's military efforts in the Middle East.  Nato shall be baiting Russia by sending Nato member Turkey into Syria, and probably expecting Russia to back down.  The Jewish prophet Daniel has Russia taking over European cities, and therefore Nato/USA, in league with the Vatican-led NWO, is going to be the loser in the coming war with Russia.  The Jewish prophet Daniel has China occupying the Middle East for a time, therefore the losers in the coming world war are USA and Nato who are carrying out the Vatican-led NWO, which vision Daniel states shall not be established because the NWO visionaries fall.


The temporary cease fire in Syria was a ploy to enable Nato and USA to position heavy military equipment in and around Syria, Turkey and the sea in the area.   Patriot missiles, AWACs and .... surely Nato's man did not fully disclose in the press conference all the military equipment USA and Nato are going to postion in the area.  Once Nato/USA's military assets are in place, the cease fire in Syria will end, as US/Nato order their mercenaries in Syria to resume their attacks, and Turkey's military will also be there fighting against Assad.   The Nato man laid the groundwork in the press conference for Turkey's coming active military role in Syria,  and that is that Turkey is, as they said, bearing the brunt of the immigrant crises in Syria, which crises the Nato man laid squarely on the shoulders of Russia as a consequence of Russian military activity in Syria.   

Nato and USA are confident Russia will wimp out and run with its tail tucked under from Syria.  But they are mistaken.  Russia and Nato/USA will be going at it soon, and as a result, if not already with conviction to do so, China will be emboldened to enforce its will that no foreigners come within the 12-mile territory surrounding its South China sea man-made islands, which, even now, the US navy and air force are heading into in defiance of China's sovereignty claims relative to those islands. The only way for China to enforce its sovereign territory claims, which USA denies exist and in a show of force and defiance shall come within 12 miles of said islands, is to engage the USA militarily, which China will do to the stunned amazement and dismay of the Vatican-led NWO.   Russia will soon militarily act in the Middle East to the stunned amazement and dismay of the Vatican-led NWO.

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