Isaiah 3:12      As for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them.  My people, those that lead you cause you to err and destroy the way of your path

Jew Pharisees own the Roman Catholic church, and they do believe they are both of God and of Moses, when in fact they are of Satan (John 8:44).  At this time, the Jew Pharisees have placed a woman, (Janet Yellen), at the head of their US central bank and want to place a woman as president of the USA (Hillary Clinton); and they have seen to it that their minions in power in the USA permit unchecked massive influx through the USA south border of children.   The Roman Catholic church states that Latin America is the great spiritual resource of the Catholic church.  The Vatican would love for USA to become primarily comprised of Catholics.   Not that USA is on the path of God absent such rule of women and children, no government of men on earth is for the truth, (Matthew 10:18), as of the time of John the Baptist.

In the first scenes of the Catholic church video below, it is a woman and child entering into a Catholic cathedral.  The women and children lead the way to godliness?  They lead the way to ungodliness.  The Catholic church made an appeal to women of faith in the Catholic church to document their stories of faith in the Catholic church, and the ad campaign flopped.  The Catholic church made no appeal to men of faith in the Catholic church to document their stories of faith in the Catholic church.

Matthew 18:1-5  ... Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven ... Except you become converted and become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven.  Whosoever shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of Heaven ....

The above passage is a lie of the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea, for the following reasons:

1.  The greatest in the kingdom of Heaven is God.  It is not the man or woman who is humble that is the greatest in the kingdom of God.

2.  The Son of God said whosoever shall teach and do God's commandments shall be called great in the kingdom of God (Matthew 5:17-20).  

3.  Solomon, whom the Lord gave great wisdom, said that foolishness is in the heart of a child,  and that correction drives the foolishness from the child's heart.   In Matthew 18:1-5, the teaching is that children lead the way to godliness and are already godly themselves, being that allegedly the Son of God said that children are humble and such are of the kingdom of God.  Every child whom I reviewed who claimed to see angels, visit heaven, see the Son of God are all shapeshifters.

4.   The prophet Isaiah said children oppress causing to err from the right path.    Christianity claims children show the way to godliness and are themselves as little angels.  

Babies and children who die go to Hell when they die if they do not have a heart for God.  God knows among all of mankind born who loves him and who does not; who would love him if they knew of him and who would not love him if they knew of him:

Matthew 25:34   Come, blessed of my Father, and inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world

Before God created the world, before he created mankind, he knew all among mankind who would exist, and he knows all who will love him, and all who will hate him.   A heart is born and it is either a heart for God, or a heart for Satan.    The Son of God says he has sheep in the fold, and sheep who have yet to come into the one fold (John 10:14-16).  The non-fold sheep come into the one fold when they hear their Lord, and some do not hear the Lord until the next life:

Revelation 5:9  ... You have redeemed us by your blood from among every people, nation, language and kindred

It is a fact that not every nation, people, language and kindred knew of God, and God knows all who would love him if they knew of him, and such people are redeemed; the non-fold sheep who died outside the one fold, being outside the one fold only for lack of having heard the Lord before dying.  Everyone in their lifetime who hears the word of the Son of God and rejects same, has rejected God - and that includes those who hear the word of false apostle and anti-Christ Paul, they too reject the word of the Son of God in favor of believing the word of the man Jew Pharisee Paul (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23).

Samuel the prophet came to be with Eli the priest of God when still a child.   Eli's own sons were not of God, they were of Satan:

1 Samuel 12:1   Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial, they did not know the Lord

Belial is another term for Satan.   God spoke to Samuel while yet he was still a child (1 Samuel 3:11-14).   The evil children who claim vists to Heaven and/or Hell, who claim to have spoken with God do show themselves to be of Satan, to be liars, when they claim testimony/visions from God/angels that speak contrary to the Tanakh, the Torah and the testimony of the Son of God (Matthew and John's writings, less the deceptions therein by the 325 AD Council of Nicaea).  

Every video I examined of children who claim to have gone to Heaven, Hell, claim to have seen angels show themselves to be shapeshifters.  Everyone who is shapeshifted is of Satan.  As to the teenager Natan, who may or may not be Jewish, though it is claimed he is Jewish, (but if his father is not descended from one of the twelve sons of Jacob, then he is a Gentile), he claims he spoke with God who told him that Obama is Gog, among other lies Natan speaks.  Jews err in claiming a Jewish woman impregnated by a Gentile man gives birth to a Jewish child.  Heritage is passed through the fathers only.   Natan is a shapeshifter.

Eli heard from Samuel what the Lord had told Samuel, which telling included that the sins of Eli's sons shall not be forgiven, ever (1 Samuel 3:14).  Eli knew that meant his sons would not be with God, ever, and Eli said in response to same:


Eli tried to get his sons to stop doing evil, but his sons refused to stop doing evil (1 Samuel 2:25).   

Eli lived his life for the Lord, he loved God.   But his sons, Phinehas and Hophni, did not love God, and they did love Satan.   Adam and Eve conceived Cain, and Cain hated God.  Adam and Eve conceived Abel, and Abel loved God.    The father and the mother have no control over whether the child they conceive is one who will love the Lord, or one who will love Satan.   

Everyone who loves the Lord and has family that does not love the Lord is as Eli in that a family member who does not love God, let that family member suffer the consequences:  It is the Lord, let him do what seems good.  God is good, and God knows whether a person is of Satan or of God.  And should mother or father who loves God learn that their child is not one who loves God, they do not turn from God, if they do in fact love God.  The Son of God spoke on the matter:

Matthew 10:35-37  For I have come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daugher against her mother ... A man's foes shall be those of his own household.  He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me

To be not worthy of the love of the Son of God means to be not worthy of eternal life with God, but rather to worthy of being sent to Hell and then the everlasting lake of fire.  Eli did not love his sons Phinehas and Hophni more than he loved God; and so it is with everyone who does love God, they do not love evil members of their family more than God; and where a family member hates God, refuses to obey God, then that family member is not of God, but is of Satan (1 Samuel 12:1).

Shapeshifted eyes.  Shapeshifting of teeth, compare this pic with the pics of his teeth below, much shapeshifting of his teeth/mouth.

Shapeshifting of eyes and teeth. 

Shapeshifted eyes, can't see any teeth though mouth open wide enough to show teeth. He does have teeth, just Satan's kingdom shapeshifting his mouth, among other things.

Greenish cast over his eyes, among other morphing/shapeshifting by Satan's kingdom.

Natan is of Satan, and he is a liar in claiming to have spoken with God.  As to his claim that Obama is Gog, Mr. Gog does not exist at this time, and is a man who is living at the time when Satan is let loose from his 1000 year imprisonment (Rev. 20:8-10).  Satan knows who of mankind is not of God.  Upon being released from prison, he goes straight to Mr. Gog who receives Satan's seed (his lies) and attempts to carry out Satan's seed, gathering together with him people who are willing to carry out Mr. Gog's evil thought, which eivil thought is given to him by Satan (see also Ezekiel Ch. 38).  The Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea altered parts of Matthew and John's writings.  They alterered Revelation, including claiming that Gog is a nation, rather than a man (Rev. 20:8-10).   The Jew Pharisees' altered John's writing such that they have all the Gentiles being in two nations, Gog and Magog, and state that God destroys Gog and Magog, thus destroying all Gentiles.  Gog is not a nation, but a man.  Magog is a land (Ezekiel Ch. 38).

Natan is morphed constantly throughout the video posted above. Satan's kingdom morphs people who are not of God.

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