I heard a Muslim say that Christians shapeshift but not Muslims.  False assertion, below are what are said to be the top seven preachers of the Koran doctrine, and they are all shapeshifters.  The Koran is doctrine of Pharisees.  Unlike Christianity, the Muslim religion lacks the Anti-Christ Spirit (1 John 4:3).  And Christianity is the religion that stands, and no other, during God's judgment unto victory.  The Beast is the final pope king of the Catholics (Rev. 17:10-11), and all must worship the Beast or be killed.  When called upon to worship the Beast, all who refuse shall be killed.  No one can buy or sell without the mark of the Beast.

His left ear is discolored, and discoloration is on most of his face, but not his forehead or his right ear.

Same discoloration, some of it over his right ear.

Discoloration and shapeshifted teeth. 

Discoloration and shapeshifted teeth.

His right hand is shapeshifted and discoloration on part of his left hand.

Nose discoloration.

Shapeshifted hands. Discoloration of nose and part of his left hand.

Shapeshifted hands, nose discoloration.

Discoloration of face, neck and his right ear. Protruding left cheek.

His right eye is shapeshifted.

Pinky shapeshifted, including discoloration of the pinky.

His right hand pinky shapeshifted.  Noticable difference in color, his right hand being much lighter color than his left hand.

His right hand is shapeshifted,  Easier to see with a magnifying lense, part of a finger between two of his fingers.

His right hand is shapeshifted.

Discoloraton of his left eye lid, lips and part of his neck and chin.

Hand shapeshifted, including the coloring of the hand.

Hand shapeshiffted.  Discoloration on the hand and over areas of his face, his bottom lip.  His right eye is black and his left eye is brown.

Discoloration on his ear, hand shapeshifted. Discoloration on part of his neck, and discoloration on the right side of his face.

Nose shapeshifted, his left eye shapeshifted, hand shapeshifted.  His right ear is discolored.

Discoloration of thumb, tips of two fingers on his right hand.  His left hand is shapeshifted.  Discoloration on right side of his face.

Hand shapeshifted, discoloration including right side of his face.

Nose shapeshifted and discolored.

Demonic look in his right eye.  Protrusion coming from his left forehead.  Ear shapeshifted, discoloration.  Protrusion on right side of his face near his nose.

Shapeshifted eyes.

Both of his eyes are shapeshifted.

Discoloration over his entire face, except forehead and most of his ears.  Discoloration extends beneath his eye glasses and partly onto his right ear.

Green coloring on his eye lids, same discoloration except for his forehead,  Either a second, serpent tongue to the right of his mouth or part of his tongue is shapeshifted so that it curls upward.

No thumb is seen, shapeshifted hand.  Green coloring on his eye lids, facial discoloration, including bottom and rim of his ear.  Shapeshifting of the inside mouth.

Hand shapeshifted, no thumb seen.

Green thumb, green coloration over some of his fingers.  Discoloration of nose.

Curled thumb and other anomalies of the hand.  Nose discolored.

Discoloration over his nose and right side of his face.  Two long protruding lines over his forehead.  Green colored bottom lip.

Discoloration of nose and on part of his hand.

Discoloration over much of his face, a protrusion on the right side of his forehead.

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