Muslims are hypocrites because they criticize the founder of Christianity, Pharisee Rabbi Paul.  They say Paul is a false apostle.   But if any one criticizes Muslim's beloved Mohammed, kill that person for they have spoken evil of the great Mohammed. 

Pharisee Paul the false apostle, and Mohammed, are both dogs, both evil men and behind both doctrines are the Pharisees, for they wrote the gospel of Paul and the Koran.

Muslim men put Muslim women beneath them, yet it was Mohammed's wife who ordered Mohammed around.  Get back in that damn cave, Mohammed.   But I want to die, I came in contact with God in the cave and I wanted to die.  Get back in that damn cave, Mohammed.  And God gave Mohammed a doctrine, so the lie goes, after Mohammed's wife order him to get back in that damn cave.  

Gentile children of Hell of the Koran and Paul's gospel and Book of Jubilees.   Jewish children of Hell of the Talmud and the Mishnah.    The Pharisees and Sadducees are children of Hell, converts to their doctrine are twice the children of Hell (Matthew 23:15). 

Christ was not lying when he said, Pharisees seize on Christ's inheritance (Matthew 21:33-42).  They rule it all, almost all.  They are going for their vision from their perch atop their empire over Gentiles, the Roman Catholic church (Daniel 11:14); and there are Muslim hierarchy turncoats and plants of the Pharisees, Jesuits pretending to be Muslims.  

The Jesuit Oath is not practiced, the Preface thereto ditched forever, never to be followed by Jesuits?   It is their modus operandi.    According to said Preface, the most detestable people to impersonate for the Jesuits is a Jew, but if necessary, pretend to be a Jew in order to infiltrate and subvert from within (see tab KJV Bible).  Funny the moron dog Jesuits ridicule Jews when those morons follow a doctrine founded by Pharisee Jews, Paul's gospel.    There are infiltrators on behalf of the wicked caretakers among Muslim hierarchy.  

Freemason third war long ago foretold in Albert Pike's book, Morals and Dogma. Pike's statue is in Washington, D.C.     Albert Pike was a fairy Episcopalian dog, a lover of men being with men as with women.   The third war is to be Christianity v Islam, according to Pike in his said book, and that is what is playing out on the world stage.  All mankind of the common class are the pawns on the chessboard of the Pharisees, from their Roman Catholic church empire, the wicked caretakers.    Daniel 11:14, the robbers of God's people (Christendom, the Pharisees) say this is the time to establish our vision, but they fall.  World is at time the vision is about to be established, and the fall of the visionaries will follow.  Not destroyed, just fail in their vision (NWO, NWO Mass -Novus Ordo, one world under the pope).

Both the gospel of Paul and the Koran are Pharisee doctrines, and within both doctrines is the call for converts thereto to punish, kill all who are not of their particular doctrine.   The Muslims therefore say, death to non-Muslims; and Paul's command to his converts, which the church rulers understand, but few of the lay understand and even less know the teaching exists:

2 Corinthians 6:15  All outside the church are infidels

Ephesians 2:2-3  All outside the church are children of disobedience, children of wrath

2 Corinthians 10:6  Revenge all disobedience

As to the Koran and its call for punishments and/or death upon non-Muslims, see tab The Quran/Koran.
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