Christendom began when the Pharisees suckered and duped Gentiles to bend knees to an altar, engage in a symbolic sacrifice of Christ and follow the false gospel of Pharisee Paul.  Those churches for Gentiles established on Pharisee doctrine evolved into the Roman Catholic church.   For almost sixteen centuries, the Roman Catholic church was the power on earth, until the Reformation.   The Reformation was just the Beast’s way of getting ahead of a new invention, the printing press, that was spreading the truth of the vileness of the Papacy.   The Protestant church is still the same, a Pharisee Synagogue of  Satan with the same altar, same Eucharist and same false gospel of Pharisee Paul, as with the Catholic church.  Jesuits hate Protestants because they took away serious cash flow from the Papacy.

By 1540, the Protestant movement was well underway.   The Beast that carries the Roman Catholic church is the power behind all of the Gentile churches (Rev. 17:7).    The Beast was with Martin Luther of the Reformation.  Martin Luther was not of God because he persecuted Jews, spoke great evil of them and even advocated murdering them.   The apostle John says all who do such things never knew God (John 16).    Further, those who adopt the doctrine of Pharisee Paul are children of Hell, and Luther loved the doctrine of Pharisee Paul.

At first Luther spoke lovingly of the Jews, but later he showed his true colors when he became frustrated that Jews would not adopt the doctrine of Pharisee Paul.   The Jews stayed with the Mosaic law and Pharisee Paul trashes the Mosaic law and so does Luther.  But really there is nothing to trash since the Mosaic law is fulfilled by loving God and loving neighbor as self (Matthew 22:34-40).     Luther was a convert to the doctrine of Pharisee Paul which doctrine says the Mosaic law was nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14).  

If the Jews had conceded to follow the doctrine of Pharisee Paul and bend knee to church altar and drink and eat of the Eucharist, the lunatic Luther would have been ecstatic and fawning all over the Jews.   Luther would have embraced the Jews and all lovey  in the Synagogues of Satan.   The spirit of error works on people and there is a real sense of belonging, but it is a belonging to a Synagogue of Satan where people are stroked emotionally and every one is full of church love.     Yeah, Luther would have been a fine loving brother to the Jews if they  accepted the doctrine of Pharisee Paul, but when the Jews refused Pharisee Paul, the murderous heart of Luther shows forth as he spews hatred, seething hatred for the Jews.   And that Luther is the founder of Protestant church.  And these morons like Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon, Eric Phelps all adore Martin Luther, they adore Pharisee Paul.   They will end up in Hell being converts to a Pharisee doctrine (Matthew 23:15).    The Pharisees instituted the Gentile altar and Eucharist (Hebrews 13:10, 1 Corinthians 11:29-30).  Synagogues of Satan is what all Gentile churches are for they teach a Gentile can be a Jew and such teaching is blasphemy, and Jesus says such blasphemous teaching  emanates from the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9, Romans 2:28-29).

 In 1536, at Luther’s direction, his agent issued a mandate that prohibited Jews from engaging in business within or passing through the realms of Saxony, Brandenburg and Silesia.  Luther said:

    Jews are a “base, whoring people, that is no people of God and their boast of lineage, circumcision and the law must be accounted as filth.”   

Filth? Jesus said keep the Mosaic law (Matthew 5:17-20).    But again Luther was of Satan, a child of Hell who loved the gospel of UN-Circumcision of Pharisee Paul.   Luther rejected the gospel of Circumcision of Christ  (Galatians 2:7-8, Romans 15:8).     Luther hated the Jews, absolutely hated them, and those who hate the Jews hate God.  

Luther also wrote:

“[Jews are]  devil’s feces … which they wallow in like swine.”  

Regarding synagogues, Luther wrote:

“defiled bride, yes an incorrigible whore and an evil slut”

Luther also said:

 “we are not at fault in slaying them [Jews].”  

Luther called for synagogues and Jewish schools to be burned, for Jewish homes to be ransacked and their property and money confiscated.   He advocated that Jews be shown no mercy or kindness and that they be given no legal protections.  He said draft the Jews into forced labor.  

The Beast is very intelligent and its goal is to send souls to Hell.   The Beast knew his Babylon whore would get too much bad publicity spread among the masses of Gentiles through a new invention, the printing press.   So the Beast raised up Martin Luther.  

The Beast and Satan still get what they want in Luther’s Reformation, as what they got with the Catholic church, lost souls through following the doctrine of Pharisee Paul.    It may appear as though the Beast that carries the Babylon whore is not in these other Gentile churches, as Luther preached that the Roman Catholic church is the Babylon whore, but yet the Beast is there because all of the Gentile churches are founded on Pharisee doctrine.   An altar, a ritual symbolic sacrifice and the gospel of Pharisee Paul that is opposed to the gospel of Christ – no different fundamentally than the Catholic church.  After all, the Catholic church evolved from the churches Pharisees established for Gentiles based on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul and the churches that came up from the Reformation are also established on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul.  

The Beast that carries the Babylon whore also carries all other Gentile churches.   All the churches teach the gospel that the Pharisees taught and upon which gospel Gentile churches were established that evolved into the Roman Catholic church.    So no problem for the Beast that the Babylon whore suffered a loss of cash flow, the Beast and Satan made out swell with Martin Luther’s Reformation because the doctrine that sends people to Hell was spread even further than when the Catholic church held supremacy.   That doctrine of Hell is the doctrine of UN-Circumcision of Pharisee Paul.

The Beast carries the Babylon whore and when the Beast is about to be cast alive into Hell, he turns on the Whore and destroys her.  It is God’s will that the Beast and his kings destroy the Roman Catholic church, pay back time for the whore.    The Beast is happy to destroy his whore because he is about to be destroyed too by being cast alive into Hell so he no longer needs the Babylon whore whose only purpose was to send souls to Hell.  The Beast is about to be thrown alive into Hell and Jesus is about to return to earth to reign from Jerusalem, no more need for the Babylon whore.

Jesus never established a Gentile altar or ritual for Gentiles to perform thereat.  All of that stuff was of the Pharisees.   The Pharisees sold an altar and a ritual to the Gentiles.  They sold and still sell souls for money:

Romans 15:27  “I taught the Gentiles that it is their duty to give us money because we are bringing them spiritual teaching.”     

All those churches that sprung up from the Reformation is a flow of wealth from the Gentiles into many other hands than the hands of the Pharisees of the Catholic church.   It is likely Pharisees later began sitting on synods of other denominations so they could get a cut of the money flow.   Jesuits hate Protestants because they took away cash flow from the Babylon whore.   China is the top agenda of the Vatican, they want to reap the wealth of Chinese Catholic church goers
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