The just shall live by faith ... in what, whom?  The Jewish people had all reason to have faith in God because God set them free.  Delivered them after they had suffered 400 years of cruel captivity to the Egyptians.  God revealed himself to them while they were in Egypt, and led them out of Egypt by the hand, and destroyed the Egyptians.   God showed himself to the descendants of Jacob, and the most humble man on earth is the one who God chose to be the deliverer of God's law to the Hebrews.   God spoke to Moses, Moses delivered God's message to the people.  The commandments of God were delivered to the people in writing.  The people also had visible confirmation of the Lord that showed he was with Moses, that Moses and Aaron were chosen by the Lord to lead his people, and the two men lead God's people based on the written commandments of God.  The dazzling light of the Lord that would appear over the Tabernacle.   The thunder, lightening and thick smoke that covered the mountain which Moses ascended to meet with the Lord and there received the written commandments of God.   After the Hebrews had received the law of God, they had confirmation thereafter by the many acts of God during their forty years wandering through a desert, that God was with them.

Habakkuk is a Jewish prophet of God.  The lies of Satanic Paul had no yet come to the world, of what liar Pharisee Paul says to have faith in.   The faith Habakkuk speaks of is faith that God is a rewarder of those who obey him, and the Lord gave the Jewish people the Torah to obey, a written document from God handed to Moses.  Live by that document (Rev. 22:14).

The faith is in God and his Word.   God and his Word are inseparable.  God does not speak contrary to who he is, his word is who he is.   The just shall live by faith in God, and faith in God is to believe God's written commandments do as God says they do - grant life forever to the followers thereof.  There is no haughtiness, no lifting up of the spirit - but humble people doing what the Lord asks them to do.   Rather, commands them to do those things in God's law.  Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.    Why transgress against the one whose kingdom is the only kingdom forever?  Why die?   What gain from not fearing the Lord, but to then die and go to Hell for refusing to stop transgressing against him?    There is no haughtiness, no boasting in keeping God's commandments.   If for no other reason but out of fear of death, keep his commandments because life is better than death.   God is worthy of all love and honor and worship.

Habakkuk 2:4   The man whose soul is lifted up in him is not upright, but the just shall live by his faith.

Your faith, your righteousness (Matthew 5:20).   Whosoever shall believe.   You must believe in his word or die (John 12:48).  The Lord knows among all who die those who died not knowing the Lord, but who would have loved the Lord and obeyed him if they knew of him before they died.  Mercy at judgment (Matthew 12:31, 11:20-24)   God says mercy triumphs over judgment.   The Lord does not give mercy to the wicked - he never justifies the wicked (Exodus 23:7).    The wicked are those who never would obey God, such as Cain and Pharisees and children of  Hell Pharisee doctrine converts.  Evil anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says God does justify the wicked:

Romans 5:8-9   God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners [evildoers], Christ died for us [he did not, see John 10:15 - I lay down my life for the sheep. Paul is a liar].  Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath in him.

Exodus 23:7   ... I will never justify the wicked

The lying Christians preaching the lie of Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul - God loves you so he died for you, he died for everyone.    That is a lie, Christ died for the godly only (John 10:15).   Pharisee Paul says while yet evildoers he died, and thereby justified the evildoers (Romans 5:8).     That is a lie, the Lord does not change, as Christians say, but in practice they call God a liar.  God says he never justifies the evildoers.  The evildoers must stop doing evil in their deeds, and then they are justified.    The justified shall live by faith.  The faith must be in God's word (John 12:48).   

Pharisee Paul goes on to say that now having been justified by God while yet evildoers, such are now saved from God's wrath through believing they are justified by the blood of Christ:

Romans 7:19   I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil.

Justification before God under liar anti-Christ's gospel is to believe you are justified by the blood of Christ.  That's it, and presumably good works follow, as Paul preaches in his gospel, but do they:

Romans 7:19  ... I am a practitioner of evil

Romans 7:25  I serve God's law in my mind and I serve evil in my deeds.

Anti-Christ Paul says the evildoers are justified by believing the blood of Christ justifies them, and God will finish the work in them.  Do good deeds, he says, on the other hand he says no one can do good deeds because all flesh is captive to the law of sin, and Paul offers himself an example of the condition of mankind - I serve evil in my deeds.    The Lord will give those people exactly what they deserve, eternal punishment in the lake of fire, where the worm that eats them never dies and the fire that burns them is never quenched. (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17).   God has them as a terrifying example to the living what happens to those who are transgressors, they never would cease doing evil:

Isaiah 66:22-24 ...  And they shall go forth and look upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me, for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched, and they shall be hated by all flesh.

Notice the term 'all flesh', because it is flesh in God's kingdom for all eternity as God gives immortality to the men and women who obey God (Rev. 22:14).  Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul and his father Satan say death to all flesh, never again (1 Cor. 15:50).    Death to the Paul converts,  as they will be in their flesh body in the lake of fire for all eternity, and death to all haters of God in the same manner.

Anti-Christ Paul twists Habakkuk's statement that the just shall live by his faith to mean faith in Christ's death on the cross is how the just shall live.  Faith in God's word is how the just shall live by faith, that is what Habakkuk means by the just shall life by their faith.   The unjust live by faith in Paul's word that they are justified by believing Christ died for them, that Christ's blood justifies the ungodly (Romans 5:6).  Faith that Christ died for the ungodly, and that Christ saves them from wrath through the action of the 'ungodly-justified-by-the-blood of Christ' merely believing Christ died on the cross for them.    Believe you are saved apart from what you do in your deeds, that is Satanic Paul's gospel.   And that is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, and is a doctrine the Son of God hates (Rev. 2:15).

Evil Paul's Christian doctrine is: We are worthless godless sinners but we believe Christ died for us while we were yet worthless godless sinners.  And having died for us worthless godless sinners while we were yet worthless godless sinners, how much lower can we go and God yet not love us?  We are already lowly scumbag evildoers, cannot get any lower, and yet Christ died for us scumbag ungodly evildoers and justifies us thereby, just by believing it is so.   Believing what Paul tells us is so.   We are already ungodly scum, and God accepts us justifying us by the blood of Christ, therefore nothing can keep us from possessing all the blessings of God, for he loves us while we are yet worthless godless sinners.     Paul the jerk says God is no respecter of persons.  That means whoever the person, no matter how disgusting to even evil people the deeds of the person are, God has no disrespect for them, no respect for them, he is perpetual neutral in that regard.   He has no opinion one way or the other.  You got to be kidding, scumbag Paul converts?  God does not think to himself to have any respect or disrespect of people?   How absurd a contention.    God is a God of justice, and those who are against justice, God shall have no opinion of them such that he would disrespect them!

God has plenty of opinion on evil people, he hates them and he brings evil upon them for all eternity because that is what they deserve - heap evil upon the evil.   God says affliction shall not rise a second time.    One time, a brief vapor of time in the context of all eternity, the evildoers were permitted to do their affliction, but once God imprisons forever Satan, Satan's angels and people who are of Satan, affliction never rises again (Isaiah Ch. 9).   Evildoers attempt to inflict harm to the good people after the kingdoms of this world become God's kingdoms (Rev. 11:15), and after Satan is let loose for a while from his temporary imprisonment, but God does not suffer them to carry out their evil deeds, he kills them all and then forever Satan is bound in the lake of fire never to rise again (Ezekiel Ch. 38, Rev. Ch. 20):

Matthew 25:41  Depart from  me, you cursed people, into the everlasting lake of fire prepared for Satan and his angels [affliction shall never rise again].

Who curses the cursed people?  It is God who curses them.  God brings evil upon the evil, and the evil he brings upon them is forever because they deserve it.  God is a just God and it is just to bring evil upon evil people.   The Lord knows how to punish the evil people and Satan and Satan's angels.   The Lord said, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  You brought evil on someone, now let evil come upon you.    This was no more as of John the Baptist, because the Lord said whosoever is without sin cast the first stone.  The Jewish Levite priests of God in carrying out the commands of God in his law to punish with death certain sins was then the Lord's will.   But then came a time when God says I will no more enforce penalty under the law (Matthew 12:20, 13:30, 11:13, Isaiah 42:3, Rev. 22:11).   The shed blood of Christ atoned for breaking the law (Leviticus 17:10-11).   The sheep are redeemed by the blood of the Son of God (John 10:15).   But the evil people (the ungodly) are sent to the eternal fire because they would never cease transgressing against God (John 3:19).  Because evildoers love  their evil deeds, they hate the light, and would never give up doing evil.   

Genesis 4:4-5  ...  The Lord had respect unto Abel and his offering, but unto Cain and his offering he had no respect ....

Christendom speaks lies about God.  Christendom is Pharisee Paul as the false light proclaimed to be of the Light, which the Son of God said would happen (Matthew 21:33-46), and which Jacob prophesied would happen (Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27).

God created mankind with the ability to converse with him.  Adam and Eve made in the image of God.  God speaks, he has thoughts, he spoke with Adam, he spoke with Eve, he spoke with  Enoch and Noah and Abraham and Issac and Jacob and Balaam and Moses.    And through the Jewish people, salvation is (John 4:22).   What do the Jewish people have that is of God by which salvation is had?  They have the written word of God, which is the Torah and Tanakh (Matthew and John's writings too), and it is what God says that the just shall live by, their faith in what they know God himself has spoken to them.  The cursing from God to eternal death comes to those who refuse the word of God (John 12:48).  To refuse the word of God is to refuse God because God and his word are inseparable.   The Son of God is the word come in the flesh to give Light to the world, but many refuse that Light, and a whole lot prefer to have faith in the word of Pharisee Paul.  Satanic anti-Christ Paul's gospel.   Paul and his word are inseparable, it is who he is -- a self-proclaimed liar, a deceiver, a self-proclaimed evildoer, a blasphemer, a Pharisee of Satan who claimed he is God in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16).

Cain had no faith in what God spoke to him.  God said to Cain, if you do right you will be accepted.  But Cain refused to have faith in God, that to do what God commands is the right thing do to and that Cain will be accepted by God if he does what is right.  Cain was like a man who goes out on a ship in the middle of an ocean and then begins to  blow holes in the ship so it sinks.   The one who carries mankind in his creation is the one they torpedo, to their own demise because darkness cannot defeat the Light.  And it is God's creation and he has the right to destroy any in his creation who transgress against him.   But God is so merciful he forgives the contrite in heart, the people who do give up evil deeds and some people never did do evil deeds.  Evil people are darkness.   Evil people are stupid, because the one who they transgress against is the one who has power to destroy them for their refusal to stop transgressing against him.   Cain disses God and goes and kills the man God does have respect for, Abel.    And Cain complains to God that God will not allow Cain to see him again.  You are sending me away from your presence, it is more than I can bare, said Cain.  

The just shall live by his faith, the unjust lifts up his own soul.  Cain is a lifter up of his own soul, his thoughts he gave more weight to than the thoughts of God.   Cain expected God to keep him in his presence after he murdered Abel, that is how delusional the dark people are.  Their delusion never ends, just as delusional as their father Satan.    When Satan speaks a lie he speaks his own because he was a liar from the beginning and the father of lies (John 8:44).  Evil people speak their own ways, they have no regard for the ways of God.  Cain is an example of all evil people, they would stand before God as Cain did and just do their own thing, murder, lies and other evil.

  The Christian Paul converts are lifters of up their own souls giving more weight to the lying gospel of anti-Christ Paul than to truth in God's word (Matthew and John, the Torah and Tanakh).    The just live by faith in God's commandments, that to do them gives them eternal life:

Revelation 22:14   Blessed are those who do God's commandments that they have the right to enter the city through the gates and eat of the tree of life.

There is the eternal reward for obeying God - they shall become immortal men and immortal women of God because they obey God.    The tree of life in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:22).  All the good people shall eat the fruit God offers to those he has respect for, and God never justifies the wicked (Rev, 2:7, Exodus 23:7).    Paul speaks his lies saying Pharisee Paul the wicked one was justified by God:

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil.

The only way to know what is evil is to know what is good.   The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, not just knowledge of evil.   Pharisee Paul is not contending that he does not know what is good because every one has knowledge of good and evil.   Furthermore, Pharisee Paul says he serves God's law in his mind, so he knows what is good.   What Pharisee Paul means by he does not know how to do good is that he does not know how to do good in his deeds.    He says he does good in his mind by serving God's law in his mind:

Romans 7:25   I serve God's law in my mind and I serve evil in my deeds.

He says he cannot do good in his deeds but must practice evil in his deeds because all flesh is captive to the law of sin.  That is why he says he cannot do good. The law of sin is a lie made up by Pharisee Paul:

Romans 7:23   I see a law in my body warring against the law in my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my body.

Paul offers himself as an example applicable to all of mankind, not just himself.   Paul says his body is captive to sin and must do evil, and therefore Christ loves the evildoers because it is not their fault they do evil, they are compelled to do evil in their deeds, and relegate serving God's law to mind-service only (lip service, Matthew 15:8-9).     In Philippians 3:5-6, anti-Christ Paul says he kept every single command in God's law perfectly in his deeds, he was blameless before God because he kept every command of God in his deeds.     Pharisees are of Satan, they do evil always.  They are hypocrites who says to others - do in deed the commands of God, but in their deeds they do not keep God's law.

Anti-Christ and false apostle Jew Benjamite Pharisee wolf Paul is in Hell, all who convert to his gospel go to Hell and then the everlasting lake of fire.   Christendom is a religion of Pharisees, a hypocritical religion at that which is the only kind of doctrine the Satanic Pharisees can come up with, they are liars like their father Satan.  Paul's gospel is a false light doctrine for the purpose of stealing wealth.   The Pharisees love money, they created a doctrine around an altar:

Romans 3:7   If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged to be a sinner?

1 John 2:21   ... no lie is of the truth.

End of controversy as to the idea that it is possible that a lie can spread truth.   No lie is of the truth.     Pharisee Paul offers that his lie does spread truth, what a dog.  Pharisee Paul admits his gospel is a lie.   On top of the evidence that anti-Christ Paul's gospel is a lie, which is concluded by comparing Paul's gospel with the doctrine of the Son of God (Matthew and John),  Paul himself admits his gospel is a lie.  For the 2 Timothy 2:15 Christians, you blind fools do not see that John's risen and ascended into heaven Christ is 180 degrees from Pharisee Paul's alleged risen and ascended into heaven Christ?   Of course you do not see because you are blind dogs who are not born of God, but are of Satan who is the father of lies.   Lies are what you love, you live in them and will die in them and go to the eternal fire in them (Rev. 22:15, Matthew 7:22-23).

Matthew 5:17-20  ... teach and do God's commandments ....

Revelation 22:14   Blessed are those who do God's commandments that they may have the right to enter the city through the gates and eat of the tree of life.

The just shall live by his faith that in keeping God's commandments in his deeds, he shall be rewarded by God with eternal life.

Satan through his servant anti-Christ Pharisee Paul teaches that no one can keep God's law in their deeds, and that the just are justified by the blood of Christ, not by their deeds.   Truth is the Lord says only the godly he died for.   The godly, not the ungodly he died for (John 10:15, Romans 5:6).   Best to heed Paul's warning that Paul's gospel is a lie, and best not to heed Paul's contention that Paul's lie spreads truth of God (Romans 3:7, 1 John 2:21).   No lie is of the truth, ever.

Philippians 3:4-7  ... I am a Hebrew of Hebrews, of the stock of Israel, from the tribe of Benjamin, a Pharisee ... as touching the righteousness that is the law, blameless.  But what was gain for me I give up to follow Christ.

Anti-Christ Paul says all of mankind is captive to the law of sin, it dwells in their body (Romans 7:23), and because the law of sin dwells in all flesh, following God's law is only doable in the mind (lip service only, Matthew 15:8-9), and Pharisee Paul says he serves God's law in his mind (Romans 7:25).     

But in Philippians, Paul says he kept all of God's law in his deeds and voluntarily gave up being an all-law abiding Pharisee in order to follow Christ.   Plain as day that Paul's 'law of sin' is a lie, and furthermore, his said lie is refuted by his other lie that he did keep all of God's law in his deeds and voluntarily gave up doing so.  

Where was the law of sin in Paul's body that allegedly infests all flesh as of Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil when Paul was keeping all of God's law in his flesh, as he says he did?   And since evil Anti-Christ Paul proclaims falsely that all flesh became captive to the law of sin after Adam and Eve sinned against God, and Paul blames the 'law of sin' for forcing every one to commit evil in their deeds (Romans 7:19), what was in the flesh of Adam and Eve prior to their sin that caused them to sin?  It is not the flesh that causes sin, it is the heart that thinks up doing evil and then acts out on that evil thought in their deeds.   But then Pharisee Paul admits his gospel is a lie (Romans 3:7), and he says he kept all of God's law in his deeds without blame (Philippians 3:4-6), but then claims a 'law of sin' forces him to do evil (Romans 7:23, 7:19).   Would the Christians heed Christ instead who says evil thoughts come from the heart and then are acted out in deed (Matthew 15:19), and that where you heart is so is your treasure (Matthew 6:21)?  Evil thoughts arise in the heart, and the heart continues into the next life.  An evil  heart goes to Hell and then the eternal fire.  A good heart has everlasting life with God.

So much for the law of sin lie of Pharisee Paul, Paul himself shoots down that one.  But the Paul convert dogs are blind, they remain steadfast in the lies of anti-Christ Paul because they are of the father of lies, Satan.  They love lies as much as Satan does.

A Christian dog might wonder why their master Paul says he serves God's law in his mind, in light of the fact that Paul says God did away with his own law, nailing it to the cross (Colossians 2:14, Ephesians 2:14), but then again the dog Paul converts are stupid and blind so they do not seek after wisdom or reasoning, they are of Satan so they prefer lies.    

Not of the deeds of the law, but by grace you are saved, says the liar Satanic Paul.   He calls God's law 'death written in stone', so why is he serving in his mind that which he declares is death handed down by God, and why is he serving the law that he claims was done away with (Colossians 2:14, Romans 8:2, Ephesians 2:14), and why does he say he delights in the law, being that he proclaims God's law is death written in stone, a letter that kills:

2 Corinthians 3:7   Death written in stone ....

2 Corinthians 3:6  The letter that kills ....

God does not call his commandments 'Death Written in Stone", he says his commandments are life giving to those who follow them.  Choose this day life or death, life conveyed to those who do God's commandments, and death to those who would never cease transgression against God (John 3:19).

But I know why Pharisee Paul retains the law of God in his gospel, which he does through saying he serves God's law in his mind only, in addition to retaining one specific command of God in Deuteronomy 24:5 (1 Cor. 9:9-11, 1 Timothy 5:16-18), it is because the Satanic Pharisees wield the law of God as a club against others, while they themselves never keep the law.  Bring penalty upon others for breaking God's law, but they themselves are never penalized.   Who turned Paul over to Satan for being a practitioner of evil in his deeds?   But Satanic Paul the hypocrite Pharisee turned church lay over to Satan to punish them with death for sins Paul deemed worthy of death (1 Cor. 5:1-5):

1 Corinthians 6:12   All things are lawful unto me ....

But not all things are lawful to Paul's converts:

1 Corinthians 5:1-5   ... concerning him that has done this deed ... deliver such a one unto Satan for destruction of his flesh, that his spirit might be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ

The one who hands evildoers over to Satan to be killed by Satan is himself a self-proclaimed evildoer:

Romans 7:19  I do not know  how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil.

Satan as the saviour of the Christians, he kills one of their own so that the murdered one has his spirit saved by God.  Satan to the rescue.    Satan come here, Paul's church dogs say.  We got a job for you.  Please kill this man so that his spirit is saved, and we thank you very much.    All things are lawful for evildoer Paul, and Paul condemns to death his pupils because all things are not lawful for them.  Anti-Christ is a self-professed evildoer and he states God appointed him to make Gentiles obedient to God in their deeds (Romans 15:18).

 And there is a whole other topic of Satan and Paul, how Paul whistles and Satan comes to do Paul's bidding.  How Paul teaches Christians to summon Satan to kill one of their own, and view Satan as their hero for killing a fellow church member for having sinned because in doing so, Paul says Satan saves the spirit of such sinning church lay (1 Cor. 5:1-5), among other heroic acts attributed to Satan in Paul's lying gospel, such as saving Paul from being too puffed up with pride (2 Cor. Ch. 12 ).   Christianity is of  Satan.    What a pathetic evil doctrine, and they walk on all fours and bark like a dog when the Anti-Christ Spirit comes on them, and the Spirit causes them to utter blasphemies against God while talking in tongues, the languages of Satan.  Shake like an epileptic, laugh like an insane person, or cry uncontrollable.   

How pathetic is Christendom, their master Pharisee Paul is a self-proclaimed evildoer, always doing evil in his deeds (Romans 7:19), and the evildoer punishes his pupils with death for the evil they do (1 Cor. 5:1-5).  
Welcome to the US, Germany, Italy. France and Greece Fourth Reich rising.   They are justified Christians laying hold of what God has bequeathed to them, rule over the world - so they think.  They are of Satan (Rev. 6:1-8), they ride out on a white horse as if Christendom is true, and the white horse and three other horses in truth bring Death and Hell, the sword, disease, famine (Rev. 6:8).   This has been going on ever since the Jew Pharisees conquered Gentiles with their false light gospel of Paul.   The false white that is claimed to be of God, but is of Satan (Matthew 21:33-46).    The New World Order vision is of the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners, and they with Freemasons are orchestrating the rise of Nazism.  Nazism is militant Christianity.   Nazi Steve Bannon says he shall bring about militant Christianity in USA.   Nazi Bannon steers the ship of state and dog Nazi Trump Drumpf is along for the ride, the fuhrer Drumpf.   Need those suckers to go to war to fulfill Vatican-Freemason third war Christianity v. Islam.   The populace are played like a fiddle.  Evil rulers playing their evil pawns.   Only children of Hell convert to Paul's gospel (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6). 


France Macron won France presidency over Nazi LePen, and LePen shall win presidency in 2022.   LePen not winning in 2017 means the Illuminati Freemasons, Jew Pharisee Vatican owners at the apex of them, do not think it is time for LePen just  yet, and why not yet the time?  Because they have to work over the populations of France, Germany, US, Greece, Italy, UK and other European nations with propaganda and blood shed to prepare the path for Christian Nazism to rise up in full power, that full power enabled by a sufficient percentage of the populations siding with such rise of Christian militantism.  They must brain wash a sufficient percentage of the populations to accept the rise of militant Christianity, and the path they are taking is, for example USA's new program called Voice (victims of immigrant crime engagement).  The KKK and other white supremacist groups are already on board with Christian militantism rising and are eager to have their day in the light of acceptance of the ruling class.   When they shall roam the streets, as Hitler's brown shirts did, doing violence and other evils.   Culture shall be steered toward it being that politics influences culture, and not the other way around as it currently is.   That was evil Andrew Breitbart's goal and his friend and current White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is a admireer of Hitler's culture propagandist who was a woman film maker.  She presented most favorably in films the ideology of  Hitler's Nazi militant Christianity, she was a propagandist for Hitler's evil regime.  Bannon is a self-professed admirer of said woman, whose name escapes me at the moment.  See tab Habakkuk.   Part of the brain washing will include much violence and murders in France, Germany, US and other Nato nations which will be blamed on Islamic muslims, and blamed on immigrants from Mexico, and other Latin American nations and from nations in the Middle East and Africa.  
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