The definition of Gentile:

1.  One who is not Jewish
2.  A heathen

By what manner is a person deemed by God to be a Jew?   Jewish, or Jew and the term 'Hebrew" and the term 'man of Israel, or 'daughter of Israel' are all in reference, (what God deems to a be Jew aka Hebrew aka man/woman of Israel) to a particular group of people and those people are any one whose father is descended from one of the twelve sons of Jacob.   The blessings from God came upon those sons of Jacob to whom the blessings and promises of God were given, and the fulfillment of those blessings and promises shall be performed by God (Isaiah 9:7).

And there were another twelve sons and they were promised by God to be made a great nation, because they are also the seed of Abraham.  Ishmael's twelve sons (Genesis 25:12-18).

Upon Abraham's seed are poured out all the blessings of all that God has for those who love him.  The blessings were poured from Abraham to Issac, then from Issac to Israel, and then from Israel uon those sons of Israel to whom God gave his blessings; and another portion of the blessings of God went off in another seed of Abraham, Ishmael.    

The blessings of God were available to the princes of Israel and all of their descendants if only they would not do evil.  Same goes for the princes of Ishmael.    Not all people who are descended from the twelves princes of Israel are of God, some of them are of Satan.   Those men and woman of Israel who were deemed to be of Satan, because of their evil deeds, were called a son of Belial, or a daughter of Belial.  Belial is another word for Satan.

Abraham is not a son of Israel, he is the grandfather of Israel.    Abraham is therefore also not the son of any of the twelve princes of Israel and therefore is a non-Jew.  Jacob is Israel (Genesis 35:10).  Issac is not  a man of Israel, he is the father of Israel.   Issac is therefore also not the son of any of the twelve princes of Israel and is also therefore a non-Jew.

It was not only to those sons of Israel, and their descendants,  that the blessings of God upon them is poured out, and will be brought about (Isaiah 9:7),  but also the twelve princes of Ishmael are part of the blessing that God passed to mankind through Abraham.  And those blessings came upon Issac, and then came upon Jacob, and then came upon the chosen sons of Israel and their descendants.

The anti-Christ and false apostle Pharisee Paul, with fellow Pharisees, thought to make a prey of people who are not any of the descendants of the twelve princes of Israel.  Those Pharisees told the non-Jewish people that they can become of the twelve princes of Israel by means of belief in his doctrine (Romans 2:28-29).   Pharisee Paul told non-Jews that they must become Jews in order to be saved by God.  

The robbers come in claiming for themselves the blessings God passed on to Israel, coming first from non-Jew Abraham, and then being passed on to non-Jew Issac and then Issac passed on such blessings to Jacob and then Jacob, renamed Israel, (the first Jew),  passed on such blessings to those chosen sons of Israel, the princes of Israel from whom all Jews are descended.

The term 'Gentile' has two meanings, one a derogatory meaning and the other meaning being one who is not a physical descendant of a son of Israel.  

It is not automatically to be outside the blessings of God for not being a descendant of those princes of Israel to whom the blessings of God were given.    And it is blasphemy to say one is a Jew, meaning a descendant of one of the twelve princes of Israel, when in fact he is not of such descendance.

The false apostles, led by Benjamite wolf Pharisee Paul, the anti-Christ (1 John 2:18), told their prey, (non-Jews),  that in order for God to accept them, they must become a Jew.   Anti-Christ Paul redefines what a Jew is, saying one is not outwardly a Jew, but inwardly.  If you believe in certain doctrine, then you become a Jew (Romans 2:28-29).  And if you are descended from Israel,  you are not a Jew just because of such descendence, but only become a Jew if you believe in anti-Christ Benjamite wolf Pharisee Paul's gospel (Romans 2:28-29).   Anti-Christ Paul's doctrine is the Pharisees' own lie they peddled to the non-Jewish people:

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs ... whosoever loves or makes  a lie

Israel passed the blessings of God those sons of Israel chosen by God to receive such blessings.   It matters not at all that Abraham is not a descendant of Israel, but rather the grandfather of Israel, in terms of the blessings of God upon Abraham and his seed.  It is only that damnable bottomless pit doctrine of the Benjamite wolves that claims every one must be grafted into the twelve sons of Israel in order to be saved.   

Abraham is a man who loved God and God loved him.   He is not a man of Israel, he is the grandfather of Israel.   Abraham is a non-Jew.  Issac is a non-Jew, and is the father of Israel. Israel is the first Jew.   The only group of people in all the world that are not Jews are every one whose father is not descended from one of the twelve princes of Israel.   God does not require any one who is not so descended to some how make believe they are so descended.   God does not withhold his blessings from the non-Jews who love the Light.  There is no cult of birth from the twelve princes of Israel in the prophets' writings or the testimony of the Son of God, such that every one  outside that birth is cursed by God.   If one is not a physical descendant from one of the twelve sons of Israel that does not mean that God does not love him, if he/she shuns evil; and does not mean that God requires them to become Jews, an impossible thing because God defines Jew as being descended from one of the twelve princes of Israel.   The testimony of the Son of God is in Matthew and John's writings, and there are a few deceptions in those writings courtesy of the Benjamite wolf Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.

The doctrine of the Son of God and the prophets do not ever instruct that non-Jews must become Jews.   Again, an impossible thing, because to be a Jew is a physical thing, not an inward thing, as claimed by anti-Christ Paul (Romans 2:28-29).  It is the gospel of anti-Christ Paul that claims every one must become a Jew, and he defines a Jew as being something that is inward, not physical.   To become an inward Jew, anti-Christ Paul says you must believe on his self-admitted lying gospel (Romans 3:7).    The Son of God is not without knowing the evil doctrine of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul:

Revelation 2:9  I know the blasphemy of those who claim to be Jews and are not, they are of the synagogue of Satan

Revelation 2:15  ... I hate the doctrine of the Nicolaitans [Anti-Christ Paul's doctrine]

Non-Jews are under the same law as Jews, as written in the Torah that when a non-Jew is in the territory of Jews, the law of God is applicable to him.  God has commands in his law applicable to Jews that are not applicable to non-Jews, such as commands related to forbidden foods (Deuteronomy 14:21).    When the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of the Lord, then all non-Jews must be under the one law or the Lord will destroy them (Jeremiah 12:14-16).

Benjamite wolves founded the church altar (Hebrews 13:10), and told non-Jews that is how they must worship God.  Pay the wolves money, and kneel before their altars (Romans 15:27).  That is fulfillment of Jacob's prophecy that in the last days, Benjamin is like a wolf who devours his prey and divides the wealth of his prey among the Benjamite wolves.  The prey of Benjamin is the non-Jews, and they divide the riches which come into their Roman Catholic church.  The Jew Benjamite wolf Paul is the first pope of the Catholics (Romans 11:13).     Dividing the spoils is made a godly thing in the lying gospels of Pharisees  Luke and Mark where they say that every one who is not married and serves God has the right to inherit the world:

Luke 18:29-30  ... There is no man that has left house or parents, brethren or wife ... who shall not receive manifold more in this present world ....

Luke 20:35  Those who shall be counted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage

Benjamin is also the tribe that engaged in the same evil as Sodom, which is men raping men.  Bad enough the Benjamite wolf men, which are those men of Benjamin who are sons of Satan, like to have  consenting sex with men and boys, they also like to force non-gay men and boys to have sex.    The Benjamite wolves love to have sex with men too, not just women, and they established an all-male celibate priesthood for their own filthy pleasures.   The Levitical priests are all male, and there is nothing wrong with that, and God did not forbid his priests from marrying women.   The Jew Pharisees' Catholic church, being an all-male priesthood, and altar boys, and the foundations they run for allegedly charitable purposes that take in boys, have plenty of men and boys to choose from for sexual relations, and do like to have their priests engage in such activity, just do not get caught by the public - the Pharisees do not appreciate having their Sodom culture among the priests exposed.  Women and girls have also be subject to sexual abuse by authorities of the Catholic church.

Judges 19:14 [they came to] Gibeah which belonged to Benjamin

Judges 19:22  As they were making their hearts merry, the men of that city, certain sons of Satan [Benjamite wolves] gathered around the house and began to beat on the door and spoke to the master of the house ... saying, bring out the man that came into your house so that we can know [have sex with] him

Not all of Benjamin is evil, and not all of the sons and daughters of Satan that are of the twelve princes of Israel come strictly from Benjamin.    Benjamin men of Satan came to serve in God's Temple, where they did not belong, sitting in Moses' seat (Matthew 23:2).   The man of God John the Baptist was outside the Temple, when he should have been the one sitting in Moses' seat.    John did not have the swift victory on earth in his time, as did Elijah, against people of Satan among Israel, the victory for Israel to be free of sons and daughters of Satan from among Jews and non-Jews comes from God, and not any armies of godly men, and is everlasting (Isaiah 9:3, 42:3, Matthew 12:20, Zechariah 3:10).

The Sodomite Benjamite wolves came to rule over non-Jews, and those non-Jews call themselves the true Jews (Romans 2:28-29, Rev. 2:9).    They dare butt into the affairs of the descendants of chosen princes of Israel; they tell the Jews of the Lord that their God has left them for good, trashed their law, their altar.  Some of them claim current Israel is God's blessings upon the Jews, when in fact it is still the Benjamite wolf Pharisees in charge until God comes back to destroy them  (Matthew 21:33-46).   Some Christians worship the 1948-Pharisee founded state of Israel as it if had come down from God out of heaven, yet the leaders of that nation, including current president Netanyahu, demand Pharisee doctrine be the law of the land, as Netanyahu seeks to have the Pharisees' Talmud recognized as the authoritative basis for Israel's legal system.   And Israel kills innocent people.   It has yet to be that God rids all iniquity from Israel, and when the victory comes,  it shall be judgment executed in truth that holds forever that day God restores Israel, and it shall be for them as if God never cast them aside (Zechariah 10:6).   

Jacob's prophecy concerning Benjamin:

Genesis 49:1, 49:27  ... in the last days ... Benjamin is as a wolf who devours his prey by day and divides the spoils at night

From Benjamin came men of Satan who founded Christianity:

Philippians 3:5  ... I am a Pharisee from the tribe of Benjamin ....

Saul the first king of Israel became the enemy of God and God turned away from Saul and let an evil spirit come upon him.  Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin (1 Samuel 9:1-2).   Saul's last night was spent with a woman necromancer, and learning from Samuel the prophet during his visit that night with the necromancer that God has become his enemy, and that he would die the next day,  Saul nevertheless took himself a last big meal, at the urging of the necromancer and his servants:

1 Samuel 28:16   [Samuel said to Saul] why do you ask of me, seeing that the Lord has departed from you and has become your enemy?

1 Samuel 28:19  ... tomorrow you and your sons shall be with me ....

Benjamite wolf Saul hears from the deceased prophet Samuel.  Samuel tells him God is his enemy and that tomorrow, he and his sons will be dead.  And what does Saul, a wolf from the tribe of Benjamin, do:

1 Samuel 28:22-23  [The woman necromancer says to Saul] that so you may have strength .... Saul refused.  But his servants, together with the woman, compelled him ....

1 Samuel 28:25  She brought the food before Saul and his servants and they did eat

The height of evil, they have no thought of God whatsoever, they love darkness.   The evil woman says, eat so you have strength - after just hearing Saul will be dead the next day, and God is his enemy, they think they can muster up strength.  Blind evil people sit down to their last meal so that they have strength.  Might as well continue in his loving a lie, and be damned the truth he just heard, as his works are as if there is strength yet to be exercised, a win to be had so he eats to muster that strength.  And Saul and his sons were dead the next day, as Samuel told him so (1 Samuel 31:2, 31:6).  And that blindness continues with the Benjamite Pharisees  to the very end.  During God's judgment unto victory, the Benjamite wolf Pharisees are saying to themselves (despite full well knowing what is written in John's Book of Revelation):

Revelation 18:7-8   ... here I sit a queen and am no widow and shall see no sorrow.  Her plagues shall come in one day, death ... she shall be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord God that judges her ...

The Beast is the eighth pope king of the Catholics (Rev. 17:10-11).  The Beast is in spirit form among seven kings, and Bergoglio is the fifth pope king of the sovereign nation, The City State of Vatican.  Popes became as kings in 1964 when the United Nations declared Vatican is a sovereign nation, and being that the office of pope is the highest office in that nation, popes became as kings.   A king over a nation.   Many scholars take a grim view of the said UN declaration because they do not think Vatican qualifies as being what they consider defines a nation as a being a nation.   The Beast comes out of the bottomless pit, (Rev. 11:7), to rule on earth for 42 months in physical form as the final pope of the Catholics.    

The Benjamite wolves put up Paul's word as the beacon to follow for the non-Jews, and Jew Paul does encourage Jews to also fall in line with his lie (Romans 11:14), and the money came flowing in - later by force when they had their military men to carry out raids for them and force populations to pay tribute.   Their current military men include the Knights Templar that founded Switzerland in 1291.    They currently have the USA on their side (Daniel 11:14), but not the second time around in their attempt to establish their vision (Daniel 11:25-26).  

There is a special relations between the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners and her Knights Templar, not only muscle, but also banking and service in other ways, such as being granted the title - perpetual neutral nation, thereby a Trojan horse, also to carry out the geopolitical aims of the Vatican.    Switzerland is squarely on the side of the Vatican,  and the Vatican is a sovereign nation, therefore, it is a ridiculously obvious lie for the western world to pretend Swissy is neutral, but then the western world is aligned with Christendom.  

God cast off the Jews for a time for their evil deeds, and the good Jews suffered for it. But he comes back to the deliver the good Jews and good non-Jews, and it will be as if he never cast them off the Jews (Zechariah 10:6).   That return of God to the good Jews forever comes in the one day, the harvest (Isaiah 9:3, 42:3, Matthew 12:20, Rev. 22:11, 6:9-11).  Evil is vanquished from the face of the earth.   When evil is allowed one last time to roam on earth, Mr. Gog and those who join in him carrying out Satan's seed, (his lies), do make an attempt to carry out their conspiracy to kill and steal (Ezekiel Ch. 38).   Mr. Gog will think a thought, the Son of God reveals who gives him that thought - Satan.   Released from his one thousand year imprisonment for a while, Satan knows who will listen to his lie - Mr. Gog.  Satan gives Gog an evil idea:    Go kill and make a spoil out of the Jewish people, the descendants of the twelve princes of Israel.    But God destroys Mr. Gog and all who were on his side in  attempting to carry out Satan's seed.   

Then God brings about a new earth, a new heaven (Rev. Ch. 21):

Isaiah 9:7    There will be no end to the increase of his government, upon the throne of David,  to order it and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth and forever.  The zeal of the Lord of hosts shall perform this

There is a good God and he brings down the heathen, but not until the harvest (Rev. 22:11, Matthew 12:20, Isaiah 42:3).
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