The Golden Dawn is Germany's third largest political party, and it is Nazi!    Not at all surprising that Germany revives Hitler's alleged manifesto (most likely written by Jesuits, not Hitler), as many Germans love Nazism and Nazism is not opposed to Christianity.   Christianity declares Jews are the enemy, and so do Nazis (Romans 11:28).    The Paul converts make excuses for their master Paul's statements, try to convince what exactly Paul meant, but this, for the good people who love truth and not lies, puts in perspective what Pharisee Jew Paul means by saying, Jews are the enemy of salvation:

John 4:22   Salvation is of the Jews

The proper perspective of Pharisee Paul's statement that Jews are the enemy of salvation is to take it as stated.   Christ says salvation is of the Jews.  Pharisee Paul says Jews are the enemy of salvation.    Jews of the Lord are the enemies of Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel, but not the enemies of Christ's gospel.    Christ says to keep God's commandments (Rev. 22:14), and Pharisee Paul says God's commandments were replaced by a new law, the so-called 'law of the spirit in the life of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:2).    The Jews of the Lord do not believe in Paul's gospel, do not believe God's commandments have been done away with and replaced by Paul's alleged new law, and that makes Jews of the Lord the enemy of Christendom.

Silly evil Paul converts, their churches are allegedly Christ's kingdom on earth.  Christ says his kingdom is not of this world.  Therefore, where the world upholds churches, gives churches tax breaks, where politicans call themselves Christian Democrats (Germany), and declare a bible to be all the word of God (USA Congress), and Italy embraces the Vatican, and there is the Church of England, Church of Scotland, National Cathedral of USA (in Washington, D.C.) - all points to churches being of this world and therefore not of Christ for Christ's kingdom is not of this world.   But politicans, the ordinary people of nations, leaders of nations embrace churches.  And Hitler embraced the mother church, the Roman Catholic church, so did Mussolini, Franco and other Nazis.     

Swizterland home of the Knights Templar Vatican pitbulls, home of the central bank of central banks.    Vatican/Switzerland own Christendom nations of Europe and UK and have a tight grip on the USA via the Federal Reserve bank, which answers to Switzerland in that Switzerland is the home of the central bank of central banks (Bank For International Settlements).   Switzerland, the alleged neutral nation, funded Hitler, took in the gold and other jewelry from Hitler's victims, which victims were predominantly Jews.     Jews of Satan hate Jews of the Lord, and are the murderers of God's Jewish prophets (Matthew 23:31-32).   Jews of Satan own the Roman Catholic church (Matthew 23:35, Rev. 18:24).   Pharisee Jew of Satan Paul founded Christianity, with help from fellow Pharisees (Philippians 3:5, Acts 23:6, Matthew 23:15).

Georgia Guidestones, stones weighing tens of thousands of pounds - Nazi Switzerland/Vatican's decree for the world, maintain world population under 500,000,000.   Think nuclear war is impossible for fear of MAD (mutually assured destruction), have a look at current Hiroshima and Nagasaki:



The effects of nuclear fission and fusion bombs wear off, and populations reinhabit and thrive, as seen by the nuclear bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   Of course, Switerland/Vatican want the world reduced to 500,000,000 so they are not interested in having nuclear bombed populations brought back to life, as happened with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and therefore the fallout from nuclear bombs remaining for a century or more is not a deterrant to the use of nuclear weapons, but a welcome thing by Switzerland/Vatican as they want a drastic reduction in the numbers of mankind on earth.

A Swiss General stands guard at the Korea DMZ, along with four other Swiss military and five Swedish military.   Switzerland, that funded Hitler, brought war to the world, intends to bring war to the world via North Korea nuclear weapon strikes against western nations, which will begin world war three.   USA, UK and Europe will conscript men and women into the military.

But before world war three happens, Switzerland shall crash the currencies of Europe, USA and UK, but the Swiss Franc will remain, as they unpegged their franc from the Euro about ten days ahead of the Syriza government taking power in Greece.    Socialists Syriza government shall be the downfall of Germany through default on debts they owe to Germany (and others).  Not just default on Greece's debt to Germany and others, but also a refusal to turn over national assets that have been pledged by prior Greece governments as collateral for loans from Germany and the IMF.  Fascists hate Socialists.  Fascism declares privatization of all assets, and Socialism is a sharing of assets for the common good.    Former Communist Russia is not an example of Socialism.  Socialism was attempted in South America and the Vatican (through the USA Pentagon, CIA and other military) quashed Socialism in South America by use of force (Shining Path, Contras, etc).   

Vatican/Switzerland, they got world war three well-planned out.  Just when Germany goes into economic chaos, (because the Euro will fail), Hitler's Mein Kampf will be available in Germany, to be widely distributed by the Golden Dawn Nazi party in Germany and the Germans will bring their third largest political party, the Nazis, to power.     The Nazis rose to power in Germany ahead of world war two on the back of Germany's economic collapse, and the same will happen again.

This is the time of Daniel 11:14, the robbers of God's people (Vatican, Christendom) seek to establish their vision but fall.    New World Order, the vision of the robbers of God's people.   The Jews of the Lord do have the right worship of God, which is follow God's commandments.  Christendom robs the Jews of the Lord claiming Christians have the right worship of God (church altars, Pharisee Paul's gospel).     

When the NWO Switzerland/Vatican fall, not destroyed, but just fail to establish their Nazi NWO,  they are disabled for a time and that is when the Jews of the Lord shall build the new Jersualem Temple.    Later, Switzerland/Vatican invade the Middle East through their proxy, the king of fierce countenance (aka the vile king), and it is then that Jews of the Lord do exploits, but yet many shall be captured and others die.     

An exploit is  a striking or notable deed.  A feat.  A spirited or heroic act.   The Lord does not forbid self-defense, Peter carried a sword.  The Jews of the  Lord will be defending themselves from the attack of Vatican/Switzerland's king of fierce countenance and his army:

Daniel 11:32   And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he [the vile king] corrupt by flatteries, but the people who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits

Peter was forbidden by Christ to rescue him from the Pharisees and chief priests for one reason only:  do you think that I shall not drink from the cup my Father has given me.   But if it were not that Christ had to surrender himself to the Jews of Satan Pharisees and chief priests, then his servants would fight for him.     

The evil gospel of Christianity, (Pharisee Paul's gospel), states that the church altars are to be spread in the world at the point of a sword, if the people do not voluntarily submit (Ephesians 2:2-3, 2 Cor. 10:6, 6:15).    But as to Christ's followers, harmless as doves in respect of people rejecting Christ's doctrine, they are left alone by Christ's people (Matthew 10:16).  The most Christ's people do in retribution against those who refuse to accept the doctrine of Christ is to brush the dust off of shoes as testimony against them (Matthew 10:14-15).

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