The powers-that-be are going to install a Nazi government in Germany.  Nazis hate Jews and therefore should leave Germany and the surrounding European nations before they come to power, certainly once they see that the German Nazi party does take Merkel's office.  Below I shall present evidence why that is the case.

The National Democratic Party is Nazi.  A German court recently ruled against outlawing the DPN, despite overwhelming evidence it is Nazi, their political platform is based upon Nazi ideology.  On the basis that the NPD is a political party that promotes Nazism, a court ruling outlawing the party was sought, and denied by the court.  No surprise there, given the German government revived Hitler's Mein Kempf in 2016.  Banned from public sale in Germany since the end of WW2, made legal for public sale in Germany in 2016.

The DPN is anti-immigration into Germany and the two other top German political parties are pro-immigration into Germany.  This set up of coming candidates for Merkel's office that the German voters shall have to choose from is by design so that the German voters will, unwittingly or not, install a Nazi in the office currently held by Merkel in the coming German election.   The Germans are fed up with Merkel's immigration stance.  Eleven million or so immigrants into Germany under Merkel.  Immigration for what purpose, the purpose is sinister. So that Germans, whose number one candidate issue will be immigration, will be compelled to choose the anti-immigration candidate from Nazi DPN.  That is the sinister purpose behind the 11 million plus immigrants into Germany under Merkel.  That witch is always making the pyramid hand sign.

Freemasonry is centered around Solomon's Temple and all things Egypt.  How clever of the Pharisees to send the Gentiles into all things Egypt, because they know God declared Egypt will never again reign over the nations and shall be the basest of kingdoms.  The Pharisees do not want their Gentile prey to rise above them.  The Pharisees' Talmudic magic, how they see their god as being, which is not the God of Israel as made known in the Torah, the Tanakh and Matthew and John's writings.  The pyramid is the symbol of Egypt.  The pyramid symbol is well-adopted by the Vatican, being on the clothing of their religious officials and on their stained-glass windows and painted/carved on buildings.   For the Vatican, the pyramid symbolizes their enslavement of Gentiles within their church they created for Gentiles.  The pyramid capstone is the 'holy see', which is the official diplomatic title of the Vatican.  The Vatican is the false light for Gentiles that Pharisees would create, and it is that conquering that Jacob prophesied would occur (Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5).

One of the powers-that-be, which are fighting each other (Freemasons versus the Vatican, with Freemasons seeking non-subordination to China and Vatican seeking the west to become subordinate to China), they did ensure a yes to Brexit because they flooded UK with immigrants and then, by Brexit, offered the voters of England a way out from their immigration problem.  Brexit is Vatican's work.  Rothschild is of the Vatican and does own the Bank of England.  Brexit is for the purpose of economically destroying the UK and Europe, and creating chaos in those nations, in order to set the stage for China to be that 'shining city on a hill', or as George Soros, one of  their minions, puts it:   no more Washington consensus, it shall be Beijing consensus.  It is no more viable to keep with the US dollar, the China dollar must become the new world reserve currency because the US dollar is too indebted.   This is Soros' thinking, which is the thinking of the NWO visionaries.  The NWO is Vatican-led.

The western Freemasons socked it to the Vatican by getting Trump elected, and on November 10, 2016, an outraged pope Bergoglio ordered all Freemasons to be expelled from among the Knights of Malta.  

To prove I am correct on Brexit that contrary to the claims Brexit was a populace win, it was actually a win for the Vatican, the following is presented:  Prime Minister May's government came against plaintiffs in court who sought to have Parliament vote on Brexit.  The plaintiffs argued that May cannot trigger Brexit until Parliament votes on the matter.   If truly the powers-that-be did not want Brexit, as it is claimed the populace had a win over the ruling elite with Brexit, then why did they not jump on the opportunity to have Parliament vote on Brexit and thereby have a chance to defeat the so-called 'populace win'.   Because PM May fought a Parliament vote on Brexit that proves the powers-that-be wanted Brexit.  And they set up the flood of immigrants into England and then dangled Brexit before the populace.  The powers-that-be set up the conflict (immigrants), and offered their solution (vote yes to Brexit). They had the opportunity to possibly get an overturn of Brexit, they did not go for it.  That proves the powers-that-be wanted Brexit all along.

Having lost in court, the Vatican-led powers-that-be in England then had to make sure Parliament voted yes on Brexit.  So May immediately, first week Trump is in office, makes a physical visit to the White House, into the arms of America's President Trump.  This was a staged show for the British Parliament conveying the notion that England has a great friend in Trump.  Trump and May holding hands, what a staged show and it did convey to the Parliament the notion that since Trump says he willl rebuild America's economy, then holding hands with May means he will bring England along too with that economic recovery. Therefore, no need for Parliament to worry that Brexit will destroy England (UK's) economy, America will supplant the EU as a great market for England.

May did not want Parliament to have a vote on Brexit, she fought against it in court and lost.  Jacob Rothschild and George Soros together loudly warned against voting yes on Brexit declaring Brexit would destroy the UK economy.   Rothschild does control puppet May, so if Rothschild wanted to 'rescue' England and rest of UK from Brexit, then he would not have permitted May to contest the court lawsuit that sought to allow a Parliament vote on Brexit.  So Brexit is part of Vatican's plan to economically destroy the UK, and Europe and bring about chaos there.   Jacob Rothschild and George Soros publicly declaring UK's economic doom if Brexit passes was just their gloating before the public what they know they are orchestrating, the demise of UK and Europe economy because China must be permitted to rise to power over Europe, UK and America and can only do so on the back of economic rescue of the world, so that the world accepts China as the new power, the new world reserve currency.

The Vatican was on course to bring about irreversible economic damage to America -- if -- Hillary Clinton had won.   Under Trump, Vatican risks loss of their Federal Reserve, by nationalization of the institution or abolition or other means, if the Vatican uses its FR tool to undermine Trump's goal of revitalizing the American middle class economy and Trump's adminsitration recognizes FR's role in that way and does something about it to break that power.  Rothschilds have been hammering away at the American middle class because they know small to mid-sized businesses, which are owned by the middle class,  are the backbone of America and they want that backbone smashed in order to bring about a shift in world power from America to China.   Soros is one of the Vatican's mouthpieces though the connection is publicly denied, and he said America must become the caboose and China become the engine, but not just the engine of economic activity in the world, but that Beijing becomes the new imperial power.   Soros is speaking the NWO vision of the Vatican.  No more Washington consensus, it shall be Beijing consensus if Vatican gets its way.

But Catholic Freemason Knights of Malta that saw to it that Trump would win the American election did so because they do not want to be subjected to rule by China.   They do not want America to be the caboose to engine China, nor lose their 'Washington consensus' seat of power to Beijing.   Supreme ruler, Caesar-like George Washington bow down to China?  Not these Freemasons who bucked against the Vatican.   Those Catholic Freemason Knights of Malta were key in thwarting the Vatican's geopolitical aims by seeing to it that Vatican's candidate, Hillary Clinton, was defeated by Trump, who is pro-Freemason, if not a Freemason himself.

The world is soon to fulfill, if not on the verge of fulfilling, Daniel 11:14-19.   The king of the south is America, the king of the north is Russia and the robbers of Daniel's people (and Daniel's people are Jews of God) have a vision to establish but they shall fall.   Russia conquers new territory and China occupies the Middle East for a time.  It is under Chinese occupation of the Middle East that the Jewish people shall built the Jerusalem Temple.

The Chinese have to this day largely rejected the Christian doctrine (Paul's gospel, Mark, Luke, Book of Acts, Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter, James and Jude).   Virtually none of them have been taught the gospel of the Son of God, which excludes forever and never incorporates the doctrine of liar Pharisee Paul and the other aforementioned lying writings.  Only a very small percentage of China's populace is Christian.  The predominate doctrinal belief in China is the doctrine of Confucius.

In 2017, the Freemasons have their 300th anniversary of the arrival of the Freemason doctrine and London is where the first Masonic lodge was founded.   When high level men of England, who had migrated to America and were the rulers in America, did decide to make a complete break from the king of England so that no money tribute would be paid to the king, no rule of the king over America, then the Vatican had to interject itself among the new nobility in America, to make a way for the Vatican to influence the rulers of this 'new' land America.  And they did it with their Freemasonry doctrine.

The Freemason doctrine centers around Solomon's Temple.  Why a doctrine started 300 years ago that centers around Solomon's Temple?  That Freemason doctrine was adopted by the nobility of the 'new' land America, including Freemason George Washington, first president of America.  Many of the nobility of America have a great desire for re-establishment of the Jewish Temple because of the Freemason doctrine.   The Vatican has always sought to conquer Jerusalem for the papacy.   The Vatican wants Jerusalem because the owners of the Vatican want another Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.   

Three hundred years ago, a doctrine comes on the world scene called Freemasonry, the first lodge of Freemasons established in London, and the Freemason doctrine teaches its members that they should seek the re-establishment of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.   Other follow-on doctrines arise to get the populations of Europe, UK and America that are of British and of certain European descent to think of themselves as being the so-called 'lost ten tribes of Israel'.  British Israelite doctrine..  America is taught they are a second Israel. The term 'Judeo-Christianity' is coined in the 1950's.  The Freemason doctrine came out of the Vatican.  Through Freemason doctrine, the Vatican stealthily enlists the new world American noblemen and women in the long sought after goal of the Vatican, which is papal control over Jerusalem, by giving them a love for Solomon's Temple and a desire to have the Temple exist again.    

The Vatican has used Nazism in the past, and intends to use it in the future.  The fact that Mein Kempf became legal in Germany in 2016 is overwhelming proof that Nazism is the power that is sought to be risen again by the powers-that-be.  Those powers are the Vatican and those in league with the Vatican.   Their method to bring about a Nazi government Germany is flooding Germany with immigrants to the breaking point of the tolerance of the Germans, and like Brexit was dangled before the British populace as a way out of their immigration dilemma, the DPN Nazi anti-immigration candidate will be dangled before the Germany people as the means to escape their immigration nightmare.   The Nazi DPN candidate is the only one running for Merkel's office who vows to remedy the Germans' immigration dilemma, while the other two major party candidates pledge to continue permitting immigration into Germany, which now is about 11 million immigrants under Merkel.  

Rise of Nazis in power in German government coupled with coming economic collapse, the same routine used before (world wars 1 and 2) and on course to be successfully used by the Vatican again.  Bring Nazis to power in Germany, then smash the German economy which is guaranteed to unleash the Nazi fervor within the Nazi-controlled German government that will rampage throughout Europe.  Italy, Spain, Greece among the EU nations the German Nazis will have all the justification they will need to take over those nations by military occupation/conquest because those insolvent nations will not be able to repay the billions of dollars that they owe to German banks when the inevitable global economic collapse occurs soon.  The Nazis will seize control of those nations as repayment for debt owed.

However, Russia may quash all that and take over Germany and become EU ruler.  God's prophet Daniel foretells that Russia will conquer territory and the arms of America will not be able to stop it (Daniel 11:15).    Vatican's NWO vision is prophesied to fail.

The Vatican has a number of rods in the fire, not just one.  All their hopes cannot be pinned on China doing their will because China may not do their will, and so they are raising up a potential counter to China to be an enemy they can use against China if China does not bow to their demand.  The demand being made upon China is to permit Vatican's agents to control China's currency.   The Vatican's agents control the currency of America through the privately owned central bank, the Federal Reserve.  They own the European Central Bank and they own the Bank of England and central banks in other nations.   They own the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.   They hope to hop from being nation-centered central banks to being a supranational operation.   Because if supranational, they are no more subject to populace voting in officials who might claw back the powers of, or abolish, the nation-centered central bank that rules over them.  

That is the vision sought to be established by the robbers of Daniel's people, to control the currencies of all the world.  It is called the New World Order and to succeed, the visionaries that rob God's people need only have China agree to their scheme to allow them to be as the Federal Reserve is to America, their monetary rulers.   Perhaps China sees or may see a benefit to them from allowing what their would-be monetary rulers want.  However, the outcome in that is known because Daniel says the NWO visionaries shall fall; that China shall occupy the Middle East for a time.  

Because Nazis are going to be in power in Germany starting in 2017 and will go on the march throughout Europe to crack heads in the insolvent nations indebted to Germany when the EU economy implodes upon UK exit from the EU, and because Nazis hate Jewish people, it is best for common Jewish men and common Jewish women to leave Europe if they can.   The German Nazi government that is coming soon will not be the reigning power in Europe, it will be Russia (Daniel 11:15).    A Putin-led Russia is not to be feared by the common Jewish man and woman.   From all the evidence I have seen, Putin is not unfriendly toward the Jewish people, in general.    It is unknowable how much murdering and other violence and thefts that the coming Nazi German government will do before they are defeated by Russia.

Why this particular Christian church, the Roman Catholic church, has such a fervor to conquer Jerusalem for itself?  To physically take possession of Jerusalem for the Vatican?    There is the Ethiopian church that arose in the 4th century and it never engaged in wars to capture Jerusalem.  Next church is the church of England founded in the 5th century and was a vassal church of the Vatican when it was founded.  Subsequently there were break-aways from the Vatican, but as of today, and has been at least since Rothschild became owner of the Bank of England, England is united with the Vatican.   The Church of England and the Vatican are united.

In 988 AD came the Russian Orthodox church, they never tried to capture Jerusalem.

The last church to arise is the Protestant church in the 15th century and it came about through a schism within the Vatican's church.  A Catholic church that split apart in two, the departing faction calling themselves the Protestants.  Catholic priest Martin Luther is the founder of the Protestant church.    The Lutheran church is the first Protestant church, and then came multitudes of Protestant sects, each one having their own particular religious system, their peculiar tweaks they place on their master's doctrine.  The Protestant churches never joined in a papal crusade, until the 19th century.  Some, like Kenneth Copeland, are trying to unite American Protestant churches with the Roman Catholic church.  The master of believers in Paul's gospel is Jew Pharisee Paul, the founder of Christianity:   

Philippians 3:5   Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin.  A Hebrew of the Hebrews, as touching the law, a Pharisee.

Acts 23:6   I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee.

Among all the world's churches, (Catholic, Ethiopian, Orthodox and Protestant), the reason why only the Vatican's Roman Catholic church pursues ownership of Jerusalem is because the Vatican is owned by the Pharisees who started the church altar through their gospel of Pharisee Paul and only they have a fervent desire to have their Temple seat again (Matthew 23:2).  The Temple is central to their Talmudic worship.   The Pharisees sat in Moses' seat and from that position did extort, steal and murder to satisfy their excesses.  They want that Temple back,  and the Temple will be again, but the Pharisees will not get to do with God's Temple as they desire, except to desecrate the Temple -- that they will get to do, and it shall be the final transgression that God permits Gentiles to do.   Pharisees are the instigators of the process that begins the abomination that makes desolate, but it is Gentiles that carry out the deed for the Pharisees.  Shortly after the abomination is placed in God's Jerusalem Temple the judgment unto victory begins (Daniel 11:31-45, 12:1).   God says Jerusalem will be damaged, but the streets rebuilt and the Temple rebuilt and this in tumultuous times.  The Jews of God will be observing the Torah Temple ordinances, and into that comes the Vatican to disrupt and the Vatican's chosen king, that king's army places an abomination in God's Temple.  The Dome of the Rock will be destroyed in the coming Daniel 11-14-19 war making way for God's Temple.

God called Jew Pharisee Paul a swine:

Isaiah 66:17  They who sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree [Pharisee Paul] in the midst, eating swine's flesh [Swine Paul's gospel] and the abomination and the mouse shall all together be consumed.

Isaiah 42:3   Smoking flax [evil people] he shall not quench and a bruised reed [evil people] he shall not crush until he sends forth judgment unto truth [victory].

The evil people on earth are not cut down by God, as in the era of the prophets prophesying 'repent or wrath' , until God sends judgment unto victory.  The entire world will be ruled by God, and in that world to come is only good people because the angels of God take away all the evil people (Isaiah 66:17):

Isaiah 9:3   You have multiplied the nation and not increased the joy.  They shall joy before you according to the joy in harvest, and as men rejoice when they divide the spoils.

Isaiah states the Jewish people of God do not have all of their oppressors killed by God until he sends forth judgment unto truth.  The world will not be permitted to swear by Satan any more (Jeremiah 12:16) when God's judgment unto victory is concluded.  God's judgment of the world ends with truth reigning in the world.  The father of lies and his people are who reign in the world ever since God said he will no more cut down the wicked until he sends forth judgment unto truth.  They are the ones who are given the rule of nations and kingdoms until God comes back to unseat them, to break the rod of the oppressors of his people.  John the Baptist said God's ax is laid at all the bad trees, just waiting for the one blow from God to take them all away.    The Son of God said the angels of God are the ones who take all evil people off of the earth (Matthew 13:41).    Liar Pharisee Paul says the Lord takes good people off the earth, and leaves evil people on the earth to be burned up with the earth (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).    Pharisee Paul is anti the teachings of the Son of God.  Another anti-Christ Paul's lies against the Son of God is that the Son of God says that salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22).  Pharisee Paul says that salvation is of the Gentiles and Jews are the enemy of salvation (1 Timothy 3:16, Romans 11:28).    

The world that God and the Son of God, (Numbers 23:19, Psalm 110:1), inherit for themselves and for all the good people is ridden of all evil people.  Justice and peace is forever more established in the world once that occurs.  No harm will ever come to any Jewish person again, and the Jewish people will never depart from God again (Jeremiah Ch. 31).   Some of the Gentiles do depart from God.  This departure from God by some Gentiles is in Ezekiel Ch. 38, and also in Revelation Ch. 20.  However, in Revelation, the 325 AD Council of Nicaea altered that writing somewhat.    Among the changes to deceive is that in Revelation Ch. 20, all the Gentiles are within two nations, Gog and Magog, but truth is in Ezekiel that it is a 'Mr. Gog' and the men who join in with him are from nations Egypt, Libya and others. There i no nation of Gog, there is the 'land of Magog and Mr. Gog is of the land (nation) of Magog.  Only Gog and Magog are the two nations of the Gentiles in altered Revelation Ch. 20, but Ezekiel says there shall be Sheba and Dedan, Persia, Ethiopia, Libya and other nations of Gentiles.   The altered Revelation version is the Pharisees' fantasy that all the Gentiles are eventually killed by God, as he groups all Gentiles within Gog and Magog and says God destroys all of Gog and Magog.

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